17 Cars Regular People Turned Into Limos (And Don't Regret It)

Turning cars into things that they weren't originally is something that takes a lot of crafting skill and an eye for professionalism.

Turning cars into things that they weren't originally is something that takes a lot of crafting skill and an eye for professionalism. Whether it's turning a car into a pickup truck, making a hard top car a convertible, or stretching a car to lengthen it, making additions to your car isn't exactly like making additions to your home or building a shelf for your living room. It's a bit more complicated than that, and that's why most people, if they want to make some kind of addition to their car, have it professionally done. It just makes sense. It takes the guesswork out of it, reassures you that your car is being changed in a proper way, and ensures that the end result is professional, clean, and looks like the changed car has actually come straight from the factory.

This is especially true for companies that convert cars into limos. There's a right way to do it and a wrong way. There's the professional way, or there's the 'done at home with carpenter's tools and not a lot of ingenuity' way. Sometimes, the limos done at home are great (most often not), and there are even professionally fabricated limos that should never have been made or thought of being made. This article is going to take a look at limos from both sides, but they all have one thing in common, and that's these 25 cars should've never been made into limos.

17 Hyundai Centipede

via nylimocoach.com

Okay, now we're flying to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with this one. We've got some elbow grease, a very limited knowledge of fabrication, and about 100 bucks of mismatched Kia Sorento Accord Toyota Corolla Elantra doors of endless colors. And that's about it for this build. Hopefully, there are at least a few seats in the length of that thing. I think it'd be asking a bit much for it to even have a floor. Instead, there are probably just a half-soldered rebar, a wooden dowel drive shaft, and a couple more doors laid out to perch on.

16 Please, Let The Clock Strike Midnight

via reddit.com

This is probably one of the most atrocious things I've seen in a really long time. What is it, you ask? Well, I don't really know. I know it's an eyesore, and I know it was created from a PT Cruiser. I also know it offends everything I've ever liked about cars. Speculation tells me that someone got a little too carried away with creating a modern, Cinderella-style limo (Bridezilla, anyone?). Technically, from that standpoint, they succeeded. But from every other standpoint in the world, they took an already horribly ugly and impractical car and made it even uglier and hopelessly impractical. No fairy tales here.

15 A Drivable Resort (Well, Kind Of)

via motor1.com

What do you get when you cross a king-sized bed, a jacuzzi, a diving board, 26 wheels, six flags, and a helicopter landing pad? The answer is this limo, which should never have been made. Theoretically, I imagine it would be quite fun to ride down the freeway while marinating in a jacuzzi.

But this limo is a whopping 100 feet long and can't feasibly be driven on the road, so let's scratch that idea.

According to motor1.com, there's even an extra driver's cabin to control the rear axles. Just imagine how many people could fit inside. So basically, it's a vacation resort that can drive. Cool. Except it's illegal to drive on the road.

14 Please Don't Mess With A Ferrari

via americancoachlimousine.com

It's just the principle of it, you know? Decades of raw talent from a company that's set the bar for racing and been a part of racing since its genesis, along with the knowledge and art and understanding of how to make the perfect supercar—that's what makes a Ferrari special. So much engineering and science goes into the performance of a supercar like this Ferrari, and not so much engineering or really any science has gone into butchering it, disgracing it with such a horrible idea as turning it into a U.S. limousine. Shameful.

13 Really Truly Preposterous

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The underside of this thing between the wheelbases is such a funny sight. It looks like construction scaffolding, and this behemoth is tall enough for it to be mistaken as that, especially perched upon that pile of dirt, majestically in the sunset.

The tires on this monster truck limo are supremely massive, probably the biggest tires I've ever seen on a normal-sized vehicle.

I can honestly say I would never really be interested in riding in one of these, but I would love to say that I drove it. My question is, where is it supposed to be able to go? Is it road legal? Does it fit on the road?

12 Someone Should Be Having A Cow

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I don't really know what to think about this picture. There's literally too much going on to comprehend it all. The first thing I see is that golden cow pie, which really just grabs my attention the whole time. That and the picket fence bumper. I see spots, black, white, a green fence, and it's so in your face that it doesn't even register that there's a giant flying cow on the roof. Not just a cow, but also a pig, and I think a chicken? What's truly strange, though, is that the only words I can read are "Fund Raising Events"—probably one of the more eclectic limos I've ever seen.

11 At Least It Hangs On To Its Refinement

via The Knot

So, it's fair to say that this Maserati Limo looks pretty sleek, with black wheels and blacked-out windows contrasting a very nice coat of white paint. Plus, that mean front end always looks good. But, I mean, we still have the issue of length, practicality, waste of a great-performing car, and many other violations of simple vehicular principles, but at least they did a nice job transforming it, and at least they didn't ruin a rare car. Just an expensive performance car.

10 The Greatest Tragedy Of All

via viplimoride.com

If there's anything that should be outlawed in every country with capital punishment as the result, it would be turning a Rolls-Royce into a limo.

It's a travesty in itself to try to modify any element of a Rolls-Royce, especially when you know how many endless hours go into crafting every detail, down to every hand-stitched accessory and seat.

Yes, everything is done by hand with a Rolls. So, to mess with that by extending it and adding horrific aftermarket rims is really just inexcusable. Mind you, the irony here is that Rolls-Royce makes their cars to appeal to VIP people who want to be chauffeured anyway. So, there really isn't a reason to modify it at all.

9 Off To College!

via casualdeveloper.blogspot.com

This "limo" is really just amusing more than anything else. We've got a group of kids who decided to cut and paste the back end of a Fiat onto another Fiat and call it a "limo." It's simple, still small, not trashily done, and not over the top. So, it's mostly just funny, really. Silly and pointless, but we live in a world of "why-nots" so, why not? Go for it! The best part is definitely seeing how much fun they're having because every one of them seems to be quite amused and simultaneously proud.

8 So, Does This One Have To Hit 888,888 Miles Per Hour?

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This is a Delorean. It's the car from Back To The Future, although, in that movie, it wasn't quite this long... So, does that mean if this one is supposed to travel through time that it has to go not just 88, but 888,888 miles per hour because it's three of them put together? Who knows? But in any case, my biggest concern—, well, not concern but idle wondering—is as to how this car could've possibly gotten indoors like this. Was it built inside? Or is there a car door somewhere we can't see? And why is the carpet so tacky?

7 Barbie Town, USA

via wtglimo.com

No list of terrible limos could never be complete without a hot, barbie pink, Hummer limo. And this is a pretty great one, with those electric neon lights attached to the underbody, painting the dirty ground in a glow of vibrant magenta.

There's really only one type of person this kind of limo appeals to, and we all know at least a few of them.

I'm honestly not sure why turning Hummers into limos became such a big fad because there were all kinds of them terrorizing the roads for a long time. Probably because Hummers weren't good for anything else.

6 Siamese Vans

via zombdrive.com

This van would be sketchy enough without all of the extra windows and length. But sure enough, someone thought, "Hey, you know what? I've got two of these... Why not turn them into one?" Sure, that fixes everything. The still-visible brake lights are comical to such a huge degree. It looks like they painted some junkyard tin blue and fashioned some way to attach it to the other minivan. I don't know how it's driving down the highway in one piece, honestly. They probably left the brake lights there just in case it did fall apart.

5 Where Was This Picture Even Taken?

via jalopnik.com

I really didn't know such a thing as this could even exist. I have personal doubts as to where this picture was taken, if even on Earth. So many things don't make any sense and are so extreme. First of all, the weather. It's snowing, cold... this looks like the top of a mountain. How could a Limo make it up to the top? It would struggle on a normal day, without a camper, and with dry roads. So, what's it doing up there in a snowstorm? Who owns it? Why don't they have a regular truck to pull that camper? And what's the next step from here? We may never get answers.

4 Police Car or Party Animal?

via ebaumsworld.com

Does riding in this limo automatically guarantee you a ride straight to jail? I guess it's possible, and it'd be a pretty cool way to show up to jail. Either that, or it's the cop party bus that cruises town, takes you to all the best clubs, and dispenses endless donuts from a secret compartment inside. The flashy rims are great, too. They give it a really professional look. This definitely has to be a state-owned vehicle designed for specialized use by the local law enforcement. No matter what this car's actual purpose is, all I know is that I'd definitely want to get pulled over by it.

3 A Fool-Proof Way To Destroy A Viper

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Let me say this loud and clear: this Dodge Viper has been completely murdered. Here we have an iconic U.S. car (and a very special one at that), and someone goes and decides it needs to be transformed into a convertible limo. I'm not saying this is the worst-looking limo I've ever seen. However, the Viper doesn't need any crazy modifications or extensive bodywork to look cool. It's already cool on its own. There are a lot fewer Vipers in the world than other similar cars, so they certainly shouldn't be turned into something else. Like a limo. Or anything.

2 The Motorcycle Equivalent Of A Conga Line

via simplemost.com

Something makes me feel like a bike gang is significantly less intimidating when all of the members are riding on the same motorcycle holding each other's waists. Well, on second thought, that might actually be more intimidating.

Either way, elongating a perfectly innocent motorcycle so it can hold more people than an SUV seems a little bit backward and looks even worse.

It's such a low rider that I doubt it could even make it over speed bumps without high-centering and getting stuck. And I'm not even going to talk about the decal on the side because, honestly, it's ugly.

1 The Grass Isn't Always Greener On The Other Side

via rebrn.com

So... Is this limo eco-conscious because it's growing grass on its sides? Or is it just impractical, pointless, and ugly? I don't know... I guess it's pretty well made, to be perfectly objective. The car is freshly mowed, well fertilized. They spend a lot of time landscaping their car, and it shows. There's even a tee-off point on top of the limo, which is pretty cool. I'd like to get up there and practice my swing for sure. Hopefully, the suspension is firm; otherwise, it might mess up my shot. But it's nice to not only have a golf cart in the form of a limo but also be able to bring the golf course with you wherever you go.

Sources: jalopnik.com, motor1.com, autowise.com

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