17 Cheap Celebs Who Surprisingly Drive Expensive Cars

Celebrities and showing off go hand in hand. They're never far apart. As a matter of fact, we can say that if a celebrity doesn’t start showing off immediately he or she sees the cameras rolling, something is awfully wrong.

Yes, sometimes the expensive life celebrities show to their fans is just a matter of PR, but the problem is, many of them continue to show off even when they have financial problems or have lost their fortunes.

Many actors, artists, and athletes become celebrities due to a sudden boost in their careers. This can happen as a consequence of a great movie or TV show for the actors, a fantastic season for the athletes or an outstanding collection for the artists.

As a result, the quick success and recognition come with big purses of money that make their fortune grow very fast.

But is it easy come easy go?

Although this saying is not always true, it's very much valid for some celebrities who end up engaging in purchases of expensive articles, houses or cars, or investing in risky projects. Eventually, they mismanage their quickly gotten fortune. Then there are those who on purpose or due to poor assistance, end up in large tax debts.

So, here we have prepared a list of celebrities who currently drive cars they can't or at least couldn't afford in their current financial situation. Some of them are now financially sound, after shaking their bank accounts to the core, while others have simply never recovered.

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17 Lindsay Lohan - Porsche 911 Carrera

via Celebrity Cars Blog

A New Yorker born in 1986, Lindsay is an actress, singer, fashion designer, and businesswoman. Of course, all of those activities have kept her very busy and yielded her some good amount of cash. Good enough to buy her a Porsche.

At the peak of her career, Lindsay was estimated to be worth $30 million dollars. Now that is worth not just one Porsche, but a couple of 911 Porsches. Probably even a 918.

However busy she might have been, Lindsay found time for trouble. She has a history of drug abuse and driving under the influence of alcohol. She has served times in jail and spent much time in rehabilitation facilities in different periods. Lindsay has also had house arrest and worn a tracking device on her ankle.

On the personal side, she has had different relationships, including a lesbian stint with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov, her former fiancée, accused her of stealing 24,000 British Pounds in goods that belonged to him after they broke up.

It has been reported that she's in deep financial problems with her friend Charlie Sheen having signed a check for $100,000 to support her.

Despite all that, she loves Porsche, and she can be seen driving around in her 911 Carrera.

16 Kate Gosselin - Audi TT

via YouTube

Kate Gosselin became a television celebrity with the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. The live show featured her own family with her husband Jon Gosselin and their children.

Incredible how life works its way. She started her professional life as a nurse in the Reading Medical Center in Pennsylvania. And like a true mother, she worked in the maternity section helping women during the labor process and delivery.

Kate Kreider met Jon Gosselin in a company outing and became Kate Gosselin in 1999, at the age of 24. She gave birth to twins in the year 2000 and, due to fertility treatments, she had sextuplets four years later. Jon and Kate made a lot of money in each episode of their reality show, working together. Then, they spent a lot of money fighting each other. Apart from the tons of cash used in bringing up the twins and sextuplets, Kate spent millions in plastic surgeries and paying the attorneys for their disputed divorce and custody.

So where did the rest of the money go to?

For such kind of problems, we’d not expect a Ferrari, a Bentley, or at the very least, an Audi.

She lives with the eight children who she drives around in a large minivan. At her own time, she drives an expensive black Audi TT coupé with only two seats and very little room in the back. Though honestly speaking, the Audi TT coupe might be her best bet at remaining financially stable at the moment.

15 Warren Sapp - Rolls Royce

via Autofluence

Defensive tackle Warren Carlos Sapp had an extremely successful football career, including one Super Bowl championship in early 2003.

Although, he had several controversial situations in his football career due to his personality, which was evident in the aggressive way he played. Because of this unsportsmanlike behavior, he got ejected from a professional game in 2007.

Sapp made a fortune during his NFL years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and with the Oakland Raiders. He also voted into the Hall of Fame and the Buccaneers retired his 99 jersey in honor of him.

Big bucks come with big spending. Sapp spent all his money and had to file for bankruptcy in 2012. Among his eccentric purchases, his shoe collection was auctioned to pay for his debts. During the legal bankruptcy proceeds, Sapp declared he had no cars.

But the truth of the matter is, he had a Rolls – with a slight twist.

In the picture, you see him standing beside a Rolls Royce Wraith. It was in a RR event in Palm Beach just two years after Sapp finished a course on personal financial management ordered by the court. This is not his car and he has not driven it off the lot.

However, Rolls Royce of Palm Beach invited Warren Sapp to the event because, they said, he is a past client.

14 Nicolas Cage - Ferrari Enzo

via TN

Is Nicolas Cage a great actor? No doubt about it! He comes from a family in the showbiz, with great director Francis Ford Coppola being his uncle. Nicolas has become one of the best-paid actors in the whole industry. Forbes magazine estimated that in 2009 alone, he had a $40 million income. With a big bag of cash in his hands, Nicolas went out on a shopping spree that possibly made a Middle East Sultan envious.

He bought islands in the Caribbean and, of course, some yachts to take him and his loved ones there. He became the owner of castles in Europe and some mansions around the world so that he could feel at home in his preferred places. Expensive cars were also part of the shopping list along with eccentric items such as real dinosaur skulls.

To make a long story short, Nicolas Cage blew over $150 million in an insane shopping fever and ended up with millions in tax debts. However, he is still driving the Ferrari Enzo he owns. Yes, an Enzo – if you were wondering how the $150 million dollars was quickly arrived at.

The Enzo is a special model of the Italian manufacturer named after the founder. Only 400 units of the Enzo have ever been produced. This car is so expensive, that one of the units, owned by Floyd Mayweather, cost the boxer $3.2 million dollars.

13 Tyga - Bentley Bentayga

via Us Weekly

Tyga is an American hip hop artist whose real name is Michael Ray Stevenson. He is originally from California, with a Jamaican and Vietnamese descent. He prefers to use his artistic name Tyga, which stands for Thank You God Always. Creative, isn't it?

Well, Tyga has been creative enough to develop a ten-year hip-hop career that has yielded him lots of money – which he blows hard, just like all rappers do.

So, immediately after his fat paychecks started coming in, he bought real estate, cars, drew on himself a lot of tattoos and purchased expensive jewelry, among other items in his shopping list. Tyga also bought a mansion to live with his girlfriend and son in California. But that is when problems started trickling in.

After purchasing the mansion, Tyga broke up with his girlfriend. He has also had several legal issues ranging from not paying debts to sexual discrimination and fraud. He has been convicted to pay huge sums in several cases. For example, a woman who worked in one of his videos has sued him for releasing an unedited version in which her chest was uncovered. In short, the rich man sort of went broke. But the Bentayga he drives was not bought by his previous fortunes.

After splitting apart from his girlfriend and mother of his son, Tyga had a romantic relationship with Kylie Jenner, who gifted him with this incredible Bentley Bentayga SUV when the justice repossessed his own car.

So, despite his financial woes, he can drive to the courthouse sessions in a Bentley.

12 Lil Wayne - Bugatti Veyron

via Motor1

Let’s get one thing straight. Lil Wayne is currently nowhere near broke but that doesn’t mean he had a bank account big enough to sustain this purchase.

President Obama mentioned his name three times in public speeches as an example of a successful career. A rapper since the early age of nine, Lil Wayne made tons of money with his music. Born in 1982 as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr in a poor neighborhood of New Orleans, Lil Wayne has had a solo career after starting up as a band singer.

He was the first black rapper to buy a Bugatti. It only cost him $2.7 million. Here’s the problem with all Bugattis, not just the Chiron – they drain your bank account as fast as they empty their tank.

Amid music albums and concerts, Wayne has had much trouble in his life. He has already suggested that he's going to early retirement in order to spend more time with his four children. Each one of the four has a different mother. Alimony? You bet!

Lil Wayne has served prison time for weapon and drug possession. In fact, one of his albums was released while he was in jail. He also has been targeted in legal disputes for music royalties, copyright infringement, and cancellation of concerts he had already been paid for.

In addition to the personal and legal issues, Lil Wayne also has health problems. He suffers seizures allegedly due to epilepsy but could also be as a consequence of substance consumption. With all those woes that certainly cause earthquakes in his bank accounts, he is still seen driving around in a black Bugatti. Let’s just say he’s reaching a point where buying a couple more of those won’t be a pain in his recently $10-million-dollar richer bank account after the feud with Birdman was settled.

11 Pamela Anderson - Bentley Continental

via myclipta

If you have never seen her in the red swimsuit in Baywatch, you should.

Canadian-born Pamela Anderson started out her career as a model and became an actress in series like Baywatch, Home Improvement, and VIP, as well as some movies. She has got so much success that she is in the Canadian walk of fame.

Pam has made a lot of money with her acting and looks. She has also spent a lot with her superstar lifestyle. In addition, she supports several causes such as animal protection, cannabis sale, AIDS treatment, sea conservation, and others.

She has had relationships, divorces and even re-marriage. She also had legal issues with sex tapes that went public without her consent. With all those troubles plus unpaid taxes, she is under a pile of debt. As a matter of fact, selling her Malibu house for $7.75 million was not enough to get her out of debt.

However, she is now a very attractive 50-year-old woman driving a Bentley Continental. It is a car in the high luxury segment that has a powerful engine and a very smooth ride.

However, most financial advisors would tell you that owning such an expensive car with such high debt isn't a very wise thing to do.

10 Chris Tucker - Aston Martin ONE-77

via zimbio

There are two places where Chris Tucker has been a real comedian. The first was his character when he co-starred in the movies Rush Hour with Jackie Chan. The second, was when he decided to buy an Aston Martin One-77.

Born and raised in Georgia, Chris decided to live in Los Angeles after he finished high school. Acting as a comedian was already his main professional objective and he had already started building a career in comedy.

It has been reported that Chris made $25 million only for his work in Rush Hour 3, plus what he had already made in the first two movies of the sequel. He has also profited from his movies with Charlie Sheen, Money Talks, Bruce Willis, The Fifth Element, among several others.

Chris divorced his wife, with whom he had his only son. The mother and son live in Atlanta while Chris spends his time flying between Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Now,  onto the comedian’s financial problems.

Allegedly, he had a tax debt of $14 million but this number has been denied by his manager. He stated that he has settled an agreement with the tax authority to pay $2.5 million in late taxes.

However, all this debt did not prevent him from driving one of the most exclusive and expensive sports cars in the world – the Aston Martin ONE-77. Only 77 units of this powerful beauty have ever been produced.

9 Abby Lee Miller - Porsche Cayenne SUV

via Pinterest

Abby Lee Miller became a celebrity thanks to her reality TV series “Dance Moms”, that aired in Lifetime channel in 2011.

Since her mother was a dance instructor in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Abby started very early to learn how to dance and how to teach people to dance. She got a certification from the Dance Masters of America and succeed her mother in the dance studio, renaming it Reign Dance Productions.

The reality series got very popular, showing the training of children who pursued a career in dance and show business. The series lasted for seven seasons, that is from 2011 to 2017. However, in 2014, dancers of the reality series complained heavily about the aggressive atmosphere she created in the show to attract viewers. A dancer sued her for assault and the Dance Masters of America revoked her certification on the basis that the content of the series was a misinterpretation of actual dance training.

Her financial problems piled up with tax issues as she had already filed for bankruptcy in 2010 before the reality series debuted on television.

With all these problems shrinking the size of her bank account, she still bought a Porsche. Specifically, a Cayenne SUV. In 2015, Abby Lee Miller got herself a Porsche Cayenne, decorated with red ribbon.

However, she didn’t manage to enjoy it for so long. In 2017, she was sentenced to jail for fraud in the bankruptcy process.

8 50 Cent - Lamborghini Murcielago

via YouTube

Before you question how cheap this guy was before, let us backtrack a little bit to the first few years of 50’s career. If you look closely at the McLaren 50 Cent drives into the video of Candy Shop, you’ll notice one thing – it is CGI, not real. That’s how cheap he used to be. Although, this great rapper has come a long way.

50 Cent started his career selling crack in the streets of New York when he was twelve years old. Later, he decided to make a career in singing and at the age of 25, when he was about to release his first album, he got shot and had to postpone it. Two years thereafter, he became the world’s most famous rapper with the support of Eminem, who’s also a rap singer and producer.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, has sold over 30 million records around the world and received many awards, including Grammys and Billboard. Moreover, he has made wise investments alongside his singing career, diversifying his assets.

For example, he invested in the development of an enhanced water drink that yielded him over $100 million when his group sold it to Coca-Cola.

Despite the flourishing businesses, 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 protection in 2015, recognizing a debt of over $32 million that he was unable to pay in the original conditions. Among his assets, he listed seven cars, including a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini Murcielago.

Not bad for a rapper who almost got broke.

7 Heidi Montag - Ferrari

via Pinterest

Heidi Montag is an actress, singer, and fashion designer born in Colorado in 1986.

At the age of 20, she and her friend Lauren Conrad were cast to the reality show The Hills, along with three other girls. The show was about their lives, relationships, and professional activities. While shooting episodes of The Hills, she started dating and eventually got married to Spencer Pratt. This move ended her friendship with Lauren Conrad.Heidi and Spencer went along with their careers, appearing in the British Celebrity Big Brother and several other television shows. She has also developed herself as a singer, publishing several albums.

Heidi and Spencer are known to be big spenders. As a matter of fact, one of Heidi’s favorite vehicles is a Ferrari cabriolet. Heidi even underwent several plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures during her career, which have cost her a lot of money. She once claimed to have undergone ten surgeries in a day.

The end result of this spending was a bank account that just couldn’t keep up with the Ferraris. In 2013, the couple faked a divorce to call attention to Heidi's career, but with all those difficulties, she's still driving the Ferrari with the roof open on a sunny day.

6 Scott Storch - Mercedes SLR McLaren

via hybrid stars

Scott Storch has an interesting story.

Born in 1973 in Long Island, New York, Scott was in contact with the music business since his early days. How? His mother was a professional singer.

At the age of 18, he was playing keyboards with hip-hop bands and producing successful records. When he was 31, he was already a top producer in the industry working with 50 Cent, Beyoncé, and Christina Aguilera who were already great names in the industry.

Having created his own production company and a record company, Scott amassed more than $70 million in net worth. Then, he decided to take a break in his career and started to lavishly spend the money he had earned on cocaine, parties in his mansion, luxury cars, and a yacht.

He bought twenty expensive cars including a silver Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

After spending more than $30 million in less than six months, Scott Storch got arrested for not paying alimony, drug possession, and not returning a rented car, which was nothing less than a Bentley. He went through rehab in 2009 but it did not work well for him. In 2015, he filed for bankruptcy.

5 Rick Ross - Maybach 57

via YouTube

Rick Ross is an American rapper who has been recording hit albums for the last ten years. Born as William Leonard Roberts II in 1976, Rick created Maybach Music Group in 2009. Now, there’s nothing broke about this guy at the moment, but when he bought this Maybach, things were not looking so good.

First of all, his has been a successful career making tons of money from rap music production and recording. With this success, Rick Ross has had a downside with drugs, health, and legal issues.

He was arrested in 2008 for marijuana and gun possession. His case got handled by a special corp of the Miami Police which handles gangs, because of his supposed relationships with gangs in the area.

That wasn't the only time he got arrested. He has been taken to jail several other times for marijuana possession and even for assault. At one time, he allegedly kidnapped a person who supposedly owed him money.

Healthwise, Rick Ross has suffered seizures severe enough to have him resuscitated using a CPR and hospitalized for heart conditions.

Rick Ross has also been prosecuted in different cases for copyright infringement, name use, assault, kidnapping, battery, and pointing pistols at other people.

Even with all those problems that cost him fortunes in fines, penalties, and legal fees, Rick Ross bought a Maybach 57 that gave the name to his music group.

4 Joe Francis - Ferrari

via Pinterest

Girls Gone Wild is the entertainment brand created by Joe Francis and yielded him a fortune which enabled him to develop other businesses.

Born in 1973, Joe began to make money as a production assistant for a reality television show called Banned, which showed cases and events that remained uncovered by the mainstream TV channels.

In 1997 he created the franchise Girls Gone Wild to publish videos of his own production. Mostly, the videos were about college girls showing their slender bodies to the camera.

In Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis created a contest to search for the hottest girl in America. Abbey Wilson, who won the hottest girl contest in 2013, became Joe's girlfriend and the couple had two twin girls in 2014.

With the videos produced for the Girls Gone Wild show, Joe has had a life full of excitement, so to speak. He has been prosecuted for unauthorized publication of videos. The local authorities of several districts tried to prohibit his show or video recordings. Some girls accused him of imprisoning them in his own house and, on top of it all, Joe Francis has been convicted for tax evasion.

All of those problems, which have been financially draining, have not prevented him from driving his black Ferrari around in Hollywood, California on sunny days.

3 Birdman - Bugatti Veyron

via Top Speed

Cash Money Records is the gold mine that made this man. This record producing company started up in 1991, and to date, has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in profits.

Well, if you have been following the news lately, Mr. Birdman owes Lil Wayne close to $50 million. To date, only $10 million has been remitted to the rapper. So cut that off his paycheck, and you see where we are headed.

Birdman co-founded this company with his brother and made a fortune out of it. To be precise, enough fortune to buy him a Bugatti.

Birdman, whose name is Bryan Christopher Williams, was born in 1969 in New Orleans. His mother passed away when he was five and before the age of 18, he had already been arrested several times for drug trafficking. When he turned 18, he served eighteen months in a correctional facility.

Other legal issues he has had were copyright infringement in his record production company and, again, drug possession. He has also been involved in a case involving an oil company that he created with his brother. He confirmed that the company had been exploring oil for four or five years but authorities had never heard about the company, which somehow suggested a money laundering activity.

However, in the show business, as a rapper himself and as a record producer, Birdman has had a very successful career making his net worth grow tremendously. He is now engaged to singer Toni Braxton to whom he has gifted a Bentley Bentayga SUV.

2 Burt Reynolds - Pontiac Trans AM

via Is2

Burt Reynolds has been an idol of the American filmmaking and movie making industry for many years. Although some analysts say that he holds a record for never having made a good movie, Burt Reynolds has captured the hearts of many people with his characters and his own personality.

All around the world people would say his name every time a picture of him would appear. His face with the mustache would have immediate recognition anywhere.

Born in 1936, he is now at an old age and has had health problems. He lost a lot of weight for not eating due to an accident during a movie production. A metal chair struck his jaw bringing him severe complications.

He has had many financial complications as well. In 2011, his home in Florida went through foreclosure and his ranch was sold to a real estate developer. He had to sell some of the Pontiac Trans AM used in “Smokey and the Bandit”, which is worth a lot of money. Why? It’s a collection piece.

Anyhow, old Burt is still driving around with one of those powerful and very well kept Pontiac Trans AM that he managed to save from selling.

1 Sylvester Stallone - Porsche Panamera

via Flickr

Rocky Balboa and Rambo strike again!

Stallone is famous all over the world for his blockbuster movies. Rocky, The Boxer, Rambo, and The soldier, were sagas that he starred in with astounding success.

Sylvester Stallone has had several injuries in his movie career because he has always wanted to perform most of the dangerous scenes himself, not using stunts. For example, he had to be taken to intensive care because he was hit badly during a Rocky recording.

In his large filmography, he has always played the tough guy who wanted justice. He averaged almost a single movie release per year during his very long career.

Despite all of his earnings, Stallone has reportedly been having problems with money.

Despite his dwindling earning, the aged actor is still trying to live the lush lifestyle. To be specific, he desperately wants to drive a Porsche.

In particular, Sylvester Stallone drives a black Porsche Panamera Turbo, a powerful five-door lift back from Germany. It develops 500hp, which arguably fits the personality of the actor from a petrol head’s perspective because it serves justice to the luxury sedan segment.

Sources: Wikipedia, Complex, CNN, NY Daily News.

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