17 Cool Stunts Every Daredevil Needs To See

As soon as mankind creates something, especially when that something is fast and loud, we find a way to satisfy our adrenaline needs with it.

As soon as mankind creates something, especially when that something is fast and loud,  we find a way to satisfy our adrenaline needs with it. I mean, the Wright Brothers invented airplanes for travel and shipping, and now, people fly them through hoops. Henry Ford is responsible for the mass production of cars, and now, we see how fast we can go and how long we can keep them sideways. Take this article, for example, where we'll show you twenty of the craziest stunts ever performed. These people are pioneers in the world of voiding warranties and insurance policies, and we can't help but watch their death-defying feats. For some people, death is this force to avoid at all costs, but for others, life is all about seeing how close you can push that limit and still walk away on the other side. Of course, some people just like to drive fast and put way too much power in their daily drivers, not that that guy down the street with the 500 hp Cadillac isn't awesome. So, let's take a look at some of these crazy folks with what I can guess are guts made of steel.  We'll be covering everything from world-record-breaking stunts to stuff that just makes you wonder how much money they must be getting paid. So, sit back and remember that these stunts, at least some of them, were performed by professionals and aren't to be tried at home. And don't take that as a challenge either.

17 Two-Wheeling

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Okay, so if you haven't seen people doing this yet, then I suggest looking into it. Two-wheeling cars is a huge trend over in the Middle East. Japan has drifting, and the U.S. cornered the market on drag racing, so the Middle East got a little creative. Basically, they get the car up to a high speed and almost flip it, the key word there being "almost."

Since this trend caught footing, it's appeared in movies and stunt runs, and even the Hoonigans have done it.

Driving on two wheels is crazy but apparently not crazy enough for these pros, as they take it further and stand on top of the car, sometimes for a breeze, sometimes just to clean the rims.

16 58 Men On A Motorcycle

via Mendoza Post

Ever wondered, "How many people can I fit on my bike?" Well, they did over in India, and they got answers. What makes this even better is that they set a world record while doing this for the most people on a moving motorcycle. But wait... there's more. They also set 4 other motorcycle world records. Apparently, they don't play around over in India. Well, okay... so maybe this is playing around a bit, but at least we're getting answers to the hard-hitting questions. All joking aside, this little trick could've come in handy in college, and I'm just impressed that suspension is holding up.

15 F1 Car Vs. Big Rig

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Sometimes, we run out of stuff to jump over, so these guys decided they would go under. The stunt was simple but very elegant. Jump a big rig off a ramp, and drive an F1 car under it. Now, I can't tell you exactly what's so satisfying about watching this, but something makes me hit replay over and over again.

It's so fast that if you blink, you'll miss the whole stunt, but for that driver, I'm sure it felt like an eternity under that truck.

I mean, could you imagine looking straight up at a multi-ton truck that's defying gravity right above your head? I know... it sounds amazingly exciting.

14 Fastest Pontoon Boat Ever

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Remember going to the lake with your family as a kid, maybe fishing on some old pontoon you rented from a shack? Well, this isn't one of the boats you'd find there. This pontoon boat isn't your ordinary-day fishing boat. No, no... this particular pontoon boat can hit 114 mph. Most of these six-figure speedboats you see at the lake couldn't get close to that, even on the calmest water. Now, why is this necessary? Well, it's not exactly, but I'm sure no one beats this guy to his fishing spot, although he just might scare away the fish.

13 World's Fastest Drift

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When it comes to drifting and new world records, it's hard to keep up with everyone and everything. But this is one name you should know: Kawabata Masato. If you don't know the name, you're about to. He holds the world record for the fastest drift, as well as many trophies. Masato is a professional drifter from Japan who drifted a Nissan GT-R at 189 mph. That's right — he held a 30-degree angle at those breakneck speeds long enough to set his record and make his mark. I guess, as long as a world record is on the line and you have enough money and tenacity, anything is possible.

12 Helicopter Vs. Car

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This race seems like something out of a video game, but Redbull once again made some crazy stunt a new crazy reality. If you've ever ridden in a helicopter, you know that they're not so easy to control and that they don't have the most smooth ride ever.

So, you know this pilot has to be pretty skilled to keep up with this drift car.

I can only imagine what the driver is thinking. I mean, look how close that helicopter is. This just makes me really wonder, what's next? We've raced cars against other cars, boats, planes, and now even helicopters. What could be next?

11 360 Drift

via speedhunters.com

Matt Powers, another big name in the competitive drifting world, got bored of driving in a straight line and started drifting. Then, he got bored with drifting and decided to do a freaking 360 mid-drift. As you can tell from the picture, Matt reached some crazy drift angles. The video is really worth a watch. Since this video was posted, there have been numerous videos of others trying this as well, even some other competitive drifters. Some of them were successful, some not so much. If you do watch the video, turn the sound up; the tire screech is like music.

10 Going Back Home

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Levi Lavallee revisited his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota in style. Levi tore around his old stomping grounds on his new toy, his snowmobile. This picture was just one of the many stunts he did throughout his hometown. Levi really did his town proud, and when they thought it couldn't get any better, he tore through the city like a gymkhana video. Okay, not to that extent, but it was really cool. Of course, local authorities were informed of this, but the picture is a lot cooler if you assume they weren't. Either way, Levi made it on to our list.

9 Monster Truck Jumps 237 Feet

via roadandtrack.com

Monster truck drivers are all about being the biggest and baddest, but most of all, they want to show off their skills. These aren't normal trucks, and they don't drive like normal trucks either. Jumping a monster truck is very unpredictable, especially when you launch it 237 feet and 6 inches, to be exact. That's just what Joe Sylvester did in his truck "Bad Habit." Anyone who watches monster trucks loves a good crash, and while Joe did stick the landing, it was a pretty scary landing. It's worth a watch; it sure had me on the edge of my seat.

8 Hanging By The Teeth Over Niagara Falls

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This one still has me speechless, which is bad when you're a writer. Erendira Wallenda is an aerialist and clearly a fearless one. Her husband walked a tightrope over Niagara Falls five years before she pulled off this amazing stunt. I think it's safe to say those two are a pretty good match. She's seen hanging about 300 feet above the water, by nothing but her teeth. This one has nothing to do with extreme sports brands or crazy drifts and top speeds, but anyone willing to do this deserves to be on any list of amazing stunts.

7 Wheelchair Backflip

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If you haven't seen the insane stunts they pull over at Nitro Circus, they're definitely something to look into. Wheels — and I'm not being mean; that's his nickname — doesn't simply sit on the sidelines just because he's in a wheelchair. And one day, in that spirit, he decided he was going to do a backflip in his wheelchair in front of a giant, very nervous crowd. He stuck the landing beautifully, and it became one of their most talked about stunts to this day — not too bad for a stunt they thought of on the fly. But if it has wheels, eventually, these guys are gonna jump it off a ramp.

6 Monster Truck Front Flip

via motor1.com

Liam O'Donnell pulled off what's being called "the greatest stunt in monster truck history." In 2017, at the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship, O'Donnell performed the first-ever successful front flip. On top of that ground-shattering achievement, he pulled off a number of backflips and had some great airtime.

Ironically enough, right after he stunned everyone with the frontflip, he tried a backflip and flipped the truck over.

Other than that, it was a clean run, and clearly, he had enough of the judge's love and support to come away with that W and go down in monster truck history.

5 Mast Walk

via marinamag.com

Alex Thomson is our next brave soul. In case you missed it, this stunt was brought to you by Hugo Boss. But our main star here is Alex, who's a professional sailor. He flipped the boat to its side, something that's hard enough to do without worrying about posing for admittedly amazing pictures. He climbed the mast, looked off over the horizon, and managed to keep that Boss logo in view the whole time. Realistically, this is a terrifying stunt. At any time, the boat could flip back over and basically catapult him into the water, which, assuming he didn't get hurt, would be kind of cool to see.

4 Triple Backflip On Dirtbike

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Josh Sheehan is yet another case of someone with a groundbreaking achievement. He managed the first-ever triple backflip, and in a practice run, no less. I remember, as a kid, watching the first-ever double backflip, and I thought, surely, they can't pull off three backflips. Well in 2015, the crew over at Nitro Circus did it, and it's amazing to see. Oh, by the way, they have a POV shot of the whole thing on video. Everyone watching was so silent, and you could tell they were worried. I mean, a stunt like this, if done wrong, could do permanent damage. But what good is a stunt without the chance of a debilitating accident?

3 The Jetman

via cntraveler.com

The Jetman, otherwise known as "Yves Rossy," is on a whole other level, literally.

You probably didn't know that jetpacks are even real yet, but here's a picture of a guy flying over 4,000 feet over Dubai while flying around this giant Emirates airliner.

You're probably thinking you've seen that logo before, and that's because anyone who's done stunts in Dubai puts it all over their stuff. It's X Dubai, one of the world's premier stunt groups, up there with Hoonigan and even the Redbull team. Well, after this stunt, they definitely gained some publicity, and they're on my radar now for sure.

2 Real-Life Hot Wheels

via adweek.com

It's like something from a childhood dream, and for two lucky, drivers I'm sure that's exactly what this was. Standing 66 feet tall, this double loop was designed, very specifically, with a little bit of math and a lot of insanity. The drivers pulled a whopping 7 Gs on the loop and had to hit it at a very specific speed and angle to avoid falling off the track or running into each other. That's a lot of stress, but aside from all of that, I'm sure this was one of the coolest days for these two brave drivers.

1 Gymkhana

via topgear.com

Of course, he had to be on the list somewhere. Ken Block is one of the biggest names in drifting, and rightfully so. Look at the precision on this drift — on all of his drifts actually. Block is an artist, and even though this wasn't ranked, I still had to put this as number one. His cars are ferocious, the drifts are precise, and he always makes them look great. This drift, in particular, though, I saw as one of his best, an underrated gem. And if you watch the video, this bad little Focus — or what used to be a Focus anyway — sounds like a dream. It kind of sounds like a fly buzzing — but with 600 hp.

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