17 Filthy Rich Kids Of Insta And Their Cars

The Rich Kids of Instagram, aka RKOIs, aren't just young; they’re also filthy rich, and insta-famous. These kids aren't just young teenagers or millennials who go to a luxury car showroom and take pics next to an expensive supercar. Neither are they scrubs who hang out on the passenger side of their best friends’ rides and pass them off as their own. They either actually own the cars or roll in the hot rides courtesy of their parents’ hard-earned cash (which is usually the case). Their lives have so influenced us that we hardly go a day without reading a story about them, the features sometimes even expanding to double-page spreads. And some even have their own reality TV shows and books! Some are still in their teens, while others are 20-somethings who splurge generously and splash their wealth all over the gram for everyone to see.

While we may question their upbringing, happiness levels, and whether or not they can survive in the ghetto while having to work three or five jobs to survive, that may not be such an issue to them–they probably don’t even think about such stuff. Their lives are summer every day, and although they may be leeching off their folks, they seem to have taken the Instagram Effect to a whole other level because luxury car brands are seeing an increase in the number of new-generation car buyers just from this phenomenon. Here are 17 who drive better cars than yours.

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17 British Kardashian

via instagram

This is Jack Watkin, one of England's richest kids of Instagram. So, here’s why his family is referred to as the British Kardashians—Jack, who got his driver’s license about two years ago, already has a car collection worth a whopping 1.7 million pounds. This swanking collection includes two Bentleys, a Range Rover Vogue, a Porsche, a Rolls-Royce, and two Mercedes-Benzes. He even flies in the family's private jet to holiday resorts where he spends thousands more on shopping sprees—not at thrift stores, obviously, but to buy designer stuff. Before your jealousy escalates, just know that Jack is already used to it; in fact, he says he can ‘handle all the envy’ and that his life is different because he's ‘very blessed’. So blessed is this guy that he doesn’t need to worry about job hunting; he has ‘unlimited funds.’ We’re talking major lanes here–stick to yours, please. Lol!

16 Turkish Trendsetter

via instagram

This kid from Turkey drives a Lamborghini Huracan, a car that replaced the previous Gallardo and has 610 horsepower on a 4-wheel drive. Huracan, which is Spanish for "hurricane," has a 5.2-liter V10 engine positioned in the middle of the car, with a new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and chassis. This car is well mannered, comfortable, and oh-so-pleasant on the road. It's an easy car to get along with, and on the interior, the functions are handled via the main display that sits behind the steering wheel. By the way, this is the same model that Pope Francis, head of the Catholic church, gave to charity after it was given to him as a gift. When it comes to pricing, you'd need a few hundred thousand pounds to get this car, yet this kid already owns one. Such is life.

15 Lambo Lass

via instagram

While summer holidays for you come and go, for the rich kids of Instagram, life is one long, hot beach. These kids are known for posting photos of themselves posing on yachts, quaffing champagne, or gamboling in their bikinis and trunks in the warm waters at some VIP resort someplace away from their expensive homes. This girl chose to post a pic of herself next to a whole fleet of Lamborghinis in different colors. Just by counting each of the cars—they're seven (at least what we see in the photo)—we can tell that she can easily pick one for each day of the week and keep shuffling them when she feels like it. Sometimes, money really can buy some happiness—maybe not every ounce of it, but at least you can tick off pretty much most of the entries on your bucket list with enough money. Who drives a different color Lamborghini car every day? Geez!

14 Russian Babe

via instagram

If they're not flaunting photos of them patting their pet cheetahs, they're probably in some private helicopter trying to take a nap or in a flashy yacht taking a swig of champagne. This rich girl from Russia flaunts a lifestyle that makes most girls jealous, what with her hot body, flawless skin, beautiful hair, and the car to match! While we're checking out the first beater to hit the road with as we work harder to buy a better one, she drives what most chicks (and guys) only dream of or see on television—a Mercedes SLS AMG. This car was designed to be the modern 300SL Gullwing revival, and you can see it from the wing doors that swing open upwards. The Gullwing version of this Mercedes SLS AMG is also an award-winning car. In fact, it's the only one to have won the gold Design Award of The Federal Republic of Germany. No wonder she struts with such swag and confidence—she has a dope machine!

13 Mexican Mireye

via instagram

If you've been to Mexico or even read a bit about their history, culture, and the wealthy class in the country, you'll understand what "Mireye" is. Simply put, they're the rich individuals, often sons and daughters of government officials and very rich businessmen or other individuals in Mexico's high society. They're ostentatious in their spending, are narcissistic, and enjoy exhibitionism. These controversial rich kids of Mexico live large, like princes and princesses, flaunting their riches on Instagram. And according to Pepe Ceballos, who wrote a book about them, these guys use economic wealth as the main marker of class. As you can see from the rich Mexican kid in the photo, he's leaning on a silver drop-top Porsche 911, but even the background of his hood tells you he lives in the suburbs. In Mexico, by the way, it's not about where the money comes from; it's how much purchasing power you have.

12 Arabian Knights

via instagram

These are the rich kids of Dubai, the ones who, instead of sending someone to get them some fast food, hop into their luxury supercars and head down to McDonald's, sometimes even carrying along their pet cheetahs, lol. Their obscene display of wealth makes other rich kids from other countries look poor. Their girls dance on piles of money in their expensive stilettos or flaunt their enviable bods as they strut out of private jets. Dubai, by the way, is home to the only 7-star hotel and shopping center in the world, and it boasts a rich and huge gold market, so to these spoilt brats, money ain't a thing! So spoilt are they that there's nothing like taking the bus or using public transport; its either a helicopter or a supercar—period! Their prized car collections have top luxury-car brands like Bentley, Porsche, Land Rover, Lamborghini, and Porsche, and they live in insanely swanky apartments with pool views. Enough said!

11 My Gift, My choice

via instagram

While the rich kids of Russia, aka Vladimir Putin's golden youth, are busy flaunting their wealth on Instagram, the country's President is not amused. In fact, he's infuriated by it. He's enraged by how these wealthy princes and princesses brag about their cars, money, swanky villas, and private jets or yachts and seemingly aren't bothered by what they're doing. Even with the country facing economic issues, they still continue to boast of their rich and lavish lifestyles, some even saying they prefer yachting to driving. If they're not dancing on the roof of a Lamborghini, they're sitting on top of Rolls-Royces and other luxury cars—unashamedly. The girl in the picture posing on her new gift, a yellow Lamborghini, commented on it saying, "Eh thanks, but I wanted a black one." She even has a right to choose the color of gift she should be given, gosh!

10 Black Prince

via dailymail

These are the kinds of pictures that make President Putin squirm in his seat of power because he's totally against the idea of the one percent of Russians flaunting their wealth, while many other citizens struggle to live one day at a time. One time, he even reminded us that in the Soviet days, some would flaunt their riches by implanting gold teeth, especially the front ones, to show the size of their wealth, so in this day and age, the expensive supercars and other toys are likened to those gold teeth. These rich Russian kids seem to worry about the horsepower under their bonnets, just like the kid in this photo seems to be worried. He calls himself the "Black Prince." He shows off his white Rolls-Royce in what is part of a global trend for Insta-envy. If he's truly the son of tycoon Sergei Sarkisov, the insurance mogul, then he was born into major wealth. Sarkisov, 57, is a father of five and the founder of RESO-Garantiya, his own insurance company. He's also an avid fan of auto racing.

9 Sweet Singapore

via instagram

Michelle Liya is her name, and she's a girl who's loved her Audi R8 since she got it. She even blessed the car, like literally! Mandy, the name she gave to her car, has served her well, according to a post she put up on her Instagram account where she commented, "Mandy is coming to an end soon. Bye Mandy. Thank you for serving me. It was nice having you. You’re really sentimental to me. She have been thru so much emotions with me! My countless solo road trip up and down Kuala Lumpur. Endless selfies with my red seats. Engine check-light perpetually on. Smoking engine halfway thru. My love-hate relationship with you comes to an end. [sic]" Poor Mandy... If only someone could fix the engine issue that's usually represented by the check-light and save this relationship. This car, by the way, is a legendary race car to own, with 540 or 610 horsepower on a V10 engine with a mid-engine drivetrain concept. It's sad that she's letting Mandy go, but we'll definitely be on the lookout for her next bae.

8  Arina

via instagram

If President Putin thinks he can let off a sigh, then he ought to realize that he's just getting started because Russia's golden youth ain't going nowhere anytime soon—they have the wealth, and they want to keep telling the world about it. These kids are always partying on the beaches, burning life no more sparingly than the kids of Dubai's Arabian sheiks and the heirs of the billionaire bankers of America or better. The rich kids of Instagram, Russia Chapter has become a hit online with almost 370,000 followers, and summer is one of the most active seasons when these kids of the world's VIPs spend their time on the most fashionable holiday resorts in white yachts and drinking elite champagne like the Armand de Brignac. The nickname of this chick posing on top of the roof of this supercar is 666_arina. She was pictured earlier in a chinchilla coat and fronting the backdrop of her orange Porsche. In this photo, however, she's standing on top of an orange Lamborghini while she's holding two ignition keys, which just goes to show how her life is such a success.

7 Golden Girl

via instagram

We found this girl from the Rich Kids of the UK on Instagram, aka the Rich Kids of London, an account that has amassed 240,000 followers by showcasing the fortunes and enviable lives of rich kids in London, the United Kingdom. From flying in private jets to riding Range Rovers to flaunting millions of pounds in pocket money, these spoilt youngsters not only parade their wealth but also sneer at 'peasants,' mostly folk who shop at Primark. The worst part is they don't even seem to respect the same wealth they brag about. While most teenagers would jump at the thought of receiving any car, the supercars in this Instagram account are beyond impressive. This chick is posing next to a golden Bentley—need we say more? There's yet another account called "The Rich Kids of London," and it's for the exact same purpose; plus, it's already amassed 118,000 followers—either we cannot seem to stop following these rich brats or they can't stop sending in their photos.

6 Golden Youth

via instagram

Yet another rich kid from Russia! These golden youth just won't let Putin rest. These kids love flying, and they don't do coach; they fly in private jets, and those with teddy bears tag them along and even give the cuddly bears their own seats. The Rich Russian Kids account on Instagram has already amassed a following of 495,000, and these kids just keep dominating the gram as we drool over their fortunes—I'm yet to understand why we're addicted to such lives, yet they seem so empty at the end of the day, but that's just me, lol! These mini-garchs are living the lives we all wish for. When one is getting a burger covered in gold, another is celebrating his birthday on a yacht with his or her gifts from Louis Vuitton. The girl pictured here seems to have received a white Porsche Cayenne, plus a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear, as a gift!

5 Rolls-Choice

via instagram

We found this kid from the Rich Kids of London Instagram page, and we thought to share it because he just shows how spoilt such kids of British oligarchs can be. We're not sure why he's sleeping on the bonnet of the Rolls-Royce, but it's as if he's crying tears of joy, or they could be actual tears of sorrow for getting the wrong car. Arab kids are flamboyant, and they know how to spend, but these rich kids of London, they take it a notch higher and raise the bar, spending their parents' billions as if money is useless. It's unacceptable how they make others feel like poor dirt—so disgraceful and a sheer abuse of money. Some of them drive golden cars; you wish you could just scrape a little bit of the paint, sell it, and probably buy yourself a house someplace. But they have it all, and they can do anything with it, even zip over to another country for lunch if they're bored.

4 Gaming Guru

via instagram

If you know Casey Neistat, the YouTube personality who founded the now-defunct multimedia company Beme, then you probably have heard of Crea Tyler. This 19-year-old is already making big bucks with his YouTube videos, causing a stir on social media. He's a college dropout and calls on others to abandon college and pursue their dreams—college education is important, people, don't just drop it because someone said so. After dropping out, he joined Escape with Wolves, a group of guys in L.A. headed by Adam Horwitz, who's also a successful entrepreneur who made his first million by his 18th birthday. Anyhow, Crea's videos get thousands of views, and his posts on Instagram get even more engagement, but his luxe life is what gets people talking. From mansions to private jets to luxury cars, Crea, who isn't a fan of the rat race or living 'normally' is living crazy large! Here, he's pictured next to his yellow Lamborghini, which he got from just a dream, ideas, and a small room.

3 Lord Aleem

via instagram

Aleem Iqbal, aka Lord Aleem, is a 23-year-old YouTube car presenter, filmmaker, and Instagram millionaire. This is the guy who made headlines after he got pulled over by cops and boasted to them that his shoes were worth more than their average wage, adding that he didn't care what they thought of him. At the time, he was driving his 550 thousand-pound Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, and he claims he keeps being picked on because he drives nice cars. Aleem later apologized for his actions towards the cops, but that was totally uncalled for, really. Currently, he lives in Central London where he has a rental car firm that has clients, some even coming from East Lancashire. Here he is pictured resting on the bonnet of his Rolls-Royce.

2 Singa-Rich

via instagram

We're just one kid away from the last rich kid of Instagram to be featured in this list of the top 17, so if you're already here, you must be really strong willed to have endured all this. Well done! Anyway, this is a rich kid from Singapore, the ones who live like kings and queens. This kid calls himself "Interior Doctor Steve," but he doesn't make it obvious that he's bragging—he's so subtle that by the time you realize it, you're already so deep into his profile. Honestly, why do we do this to ourselves? But like most people, we keep doing the opposite of what's really good for us. These kids' lives are a terrible reminder of how most of us have stagnated. Singapore, by the way, is one of the power players in terms of wealth, and in fact, Forbes says that one in every 20 Singaporeans will be a millionaire by 2017. This kid drives an orange-chrome Lamborghini Gallardo LP560.

1 Money Kicks

via instagram

Rashed Saif Belhasa, aka Money Kicks, is a 15-year-old rich kid from Dubai. Perhaps, what makes the most headlines is his car, especially the one he posted on YouTube on the video ‘My new LV Supreme Ferrari.’ Yes, he has a Ferrari that's been custom wrapped with a Louis Vuitton and Supreme print, and he flaunts it in this video while in a Dubai workshop whose specialty is wrapping luxury cars in different custom designs. With over 661,000 followers on social media, this kid makes you jealous just by you looking at his photos where he poses with pets like tigers and lions, Hollywood celebrities, and high-end cars, though he cannot drive any of them as the age limit in Dubai is 18 years. This photo kinda reminds you of a kid in his bedroom, with a bedding set that matches his schoolbag and his PJs.

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