17 Ridiculous Pics Of Beached Cars

Something that we all share is that feeling of pure joy and happiness in the summer. There is nothing better than being in the sunshine and having fun, providing of course it is not too hot!

One of the most pleasurable things you can do is go to the beach, be it with family or friends. It can be quite a relaxing pass time, soaking up the sun and just being outside, and listening to the waves as they crash against the sand. Usually you have to take your car, unless you have a beachfront house!

Some people like to do things slightly differently. By that I mean they take their car to the beach and then literally take it onto the beach. This can be convenient as it can save a bit of walking, especially if there is no nearby place to park your car safely and securely. But it also means you can get stuck.

Well what we have here a few funny examples of cars getting stuck on beaches, be it via ignorance or just bad lu, of course,f course are funnier than others, but it is still funny seeing people get stuck like this, especially as usually there are a lot of warnings around to tell you to not take your car to the beach. But hey, sometimes we just didn't read the signs...

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17 Long Beach, New York

via dvidshub.net

Long Beach in New York is, quite amusingly, not a particularly "long beach" and certainly not as famous as Long Beach, California, where IndyCar races. But it is, of course, a beach, and therefore you can guarantee cars get stuck at it. In this image, these unlucky folks have not been caught out by any rising tides. Quite the contrary, they have merely underestimated how easily you can be stuck in the sand, and well, got stuck in the sand. I’m not sure what is worse really; being caught out by the tide, or just getting your car stuck. I feel the latter, because the tide can catch you out. The sand really shouldn’t.

16 Southampton Village Beach

via danspapers.com

This is not Southampton Beach UK, but Southampton Village Beach New York. The beach itself is rather picturesque and is situated in a very nice neighborhood, but nice neighborhoods can’t stop you getting caught in the sand.

A few years ago (2013 to be precise) these chaps, unfortunately, got their BMW stuck in the sand, and they can be forgiven as cars regularly go down this part of the beach.

Fortunately some helpful people in a Jeep were on hand to tow them out and bring them back to the road.

15 Pavilion Beach, Gloucester

via boston globe

Now this one is quite funny, because you must wonder what on earth this vehicle was doing anywhere near a beach in the first place. Of course, you must wonder why some people do take their cars to the beach, but a Pepsi truck? Well it happened in Gloucester. Somehow. The story is that the driver of the truck took a wrong turning, and somehow ended up on the beach. This could be forgivable if it happened at night, but it reportedly happened at 10:30am, when of course there is plenty of daylight. Perhaps he thought he would be absolutely fine. Well, he wasn’t.

14 Rainbow Beach, Queensland

via rainbow beach towing

Now we take a little trip all the way to sunny, and very warm Australia. Rainbow Beach is certainly a nice name, but the sand here can be quite murky. The sand changes over time and can catch some people out, appearing to be firmer than it actually is. This Jeep (I think) is just one of around 10 cars a year which get damaged trying to navigate their way across Rainbow Beach. The worst bit of the beach is Mudlo Rocks, where it can become particularly hazadarous. It does make you wonder though, why risk getting stuck at all when you could park further away and just walk a little bit extra?

13 Brean Down, Somerset, UK

via dailymail

There are several beaches from the UK in this list. Not necessarily because they are particularly treacherous, but just because there are lots of them.

A couple in their Nissan got stuck on this Somerset beach as the tide came in, but the tide REALLY came in and the car was in effect part of the ocean.

They had to ring emergency services to bring a hovercraft to help tow them out of their predicament. Well, their car anyway. They weren’t alone though. Three cars had to be dragged out by the emergency services on that particular day.

12 Western Australia Sand Dunes

via 4wheeldriveaustralia

Not quite on a beach per say, but close enough. As you can see we have a Jeep trying it’s best to get up a hill, somewhere in Western Australia, but it’s not having the best time of it. It is fairly obvious the poor car is stuck, and one has to wonder if the big beast behind it has arrived to rescue it from its troubles. It is surprising to see a comparatively light Jeep Wrangler get stuck in the sand, but I guess it can happen to the best of us. It can of course also happen to the worst of us, so maybe that’s what has happened here.

11 Penzance, Cornwall

via dailymail

Another day, another car stuck in a beach somewhere in England. This one might make you cringe slightly. This beautiful Bentley has gotten itself very stuck indeed in Penzance Cornwall, and it makes my blood boil that someone thought taking a Bentley onto a beach was a good idea. You can see the state of the and so there has obviously been some frantic efforts to get the car out of the beach. Perhaps the tide had only recently gone out? Either way, I would not drag my Bentley down to the beach, oh no sir.

10 Brean Down Beach, Somerset

via dailymail

I would apologise for the abundance of British beaches, but there are so many it’s hard to not include a good number.

Brean Down Beach is in what is usually a very sunny Somerset, but the sun wasn’t shining on the owners of this BMW on this day.

As we can deduce from the continental Europe number plate, the owners of this BMW were probably not UK residents so can be forgiven for not knowing the beach’s condition. This car was in fact abandoned completely for a good while, before it was eventually take away from the beach.

9 Ramatuelle, French Riviera

via gtspirit

We stay in Europe for another beach, and another expensive car stuck in the sand. Ramatuelle is near Saint-Tropez, and the owner of this Porsche 911, a very black 911, thought it would be a great idea to drag his car down to the beach.

Sadly for them, they got caught by the good old tide again and got their car stuck on the Beach.

It certainly caused a commotion and turned several heads when it happened. Wooden pellets had been used to try and get the car out, but unfortunately for them they failed. Perhaps next time they won’t take their car down to the beach!

8 South Walney Nature Reserve, Cumbria

via the drive

Cumbria is probably one of the most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom, but if you don’t know the area things can be tricky, as the owners of this Range Rover found out to their detriment. They decided to drive onto a protected Nature Reserve, which in this case was illegal, and then promptly got stuck. What’s worse, they simply abandoned their car to be destroyed and consumed by the high tides. This did not go down well with the local wildlife trust, and rightly so. Nature reserves are not meant for Range Rovers.

7 Roebuck Bay, Broome, Australia

via abc australia

We are back in good old Australia again, and we can see quite a predicament is occurring here. A fair few people are attempting to rescue a pickup truck from being swallowed up by the sand and the impending tides. In the town of Broome, this had become a major problem. Quite a number of cars had reportedly been lost this way, and various rescue attempts for these vehicles had taken place. Quite a lot of the time, the cars had been left to accept their fate, and an expensive one at that. If the car becomes bogged down too much, there is simply nothing anyone can do to prevent it from vanishing for good.

6 Felixstowe Beach, Suffolk UK

via eadt

Back in England, here we have another Range Rover attempting to escape its fate. This one though is being towed out, so thankfully will not be lost for good. This Range Rover had got stuck on Felixstowe beach in Suffolk, East Anglia.

It took two tow trucks to attempt to retrieve the stranded SUV from the beach.

What’s worse, a few recovery vehicles themselves apparently got stuck trying to rescue the car, which a woman had reported to be having difficulties with at a shop on the beach. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the car was eventually rescued.

5 Padre Island National Seashore

via national park service

Padre Island, in Texas, features a national seashore in which you are perfectly entitled to drive your car down should you wish to do so. However, there are a few things they do not encourage. They do encourage you to have a high-wheel clearance, four wheel drive vehicle in order to take a safe and easy path along the beach. Sadly, the owners of this sedan did not heed that advice. It was of course not a high-wheel clearance vehicle, and nor was it a 4x4. Perhaps they didn’t pay enough attention to the signs? What’s more, the National Park Service will not provide a towing service for non-Government vehicles. So whoever owned this car, is going to have to fork out a lot of money…

4 Burnham Beach, Somerset

via dailymail

There is a funny tale to this photo. It was taken in 2015, when a supermoon over Britain meant that a huge number of people wanted the opportunity to see it much closer than they had done before. So what did they do? Drive their cars down the beach to have a look at it, of course it’s natural! A VW transporter got stuck, so someone in a Mitsubishi Slogan, a very robust pickup truck, waded in to help out. Unfortunately for them, they also got stuck in the sand! The supermoon is all well and good, but is it worth almost losing your car? I doubt it somehow…

3 Talacare Beach

via youtube

A common reason for cars being stuck on the beach is of course when the tide comes in, and most of the photos in this list feature cars that have gone through that predicament.

Talacare Beach, in Hollywell, UK saw this rather worrying scene back in May 2016, and as you can imagine a lot of motorists were extremely worried about their cars, although a lot did manage to get free of their predicament.

And as we can see in the image, a lot of cars did get rather stuck as the tide rolled in. People perhaps do need to be a bit more careful about these things.

2 Polihale Beach

via flikr

Polihale Beach is situated on the Western side of the Hawaiian island of Kauai and naturally is also situated amongst beautiful surroundings. Now, I was a bit confused when looking at this picture as I was not sure if this car was actually stuck in the sand. But I was able to assure myself that this car is indeed stuck in the sand. Whoever the owner of this Jeep is has done a commendable job of getting it stuck in the sand. But still, there is some consolation to it. There’s some wonderful weather and scenery to admire as you wait to be rescued. Just watch that tide.

1 Sinking Celica

via dailymail

This is an image that pains me, seeing as the Toyota Celica is a rather good JDM car. Whilst it was on Berrow Beach in Somerset, England, the car got stuck in the mud as the driver attempted to drive through it.

As he tried to get it out, the tide rolled in and it sealed the poor Celica’s fate.

What was amazing was that there were a huge number of warning signs around the beach, which of course were warning anyone trying to drive a car over the mud to not go through the mud.

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