17 Pictures Of David Beckham's Sickest Rides

The only English footballer to have league titles in four countries—England, Spain, the US, and France—soccer star David Beckham rose in prominence during his career. And that career didn’t begin late. He started as a trainee with the Manchester United when he was 16, and just two years after that, he signed as a professional. The guy took things to a new level with his skills on the field, winning several crucial games and scoring several game-changing goals. He was being paid a decent amount in soccer.

But it wasn’t exactly his soccer talent that made him what he is today. He’s good, but I don’t think he accumulated a net worth of $450M just from that. Things like his demeanor, successful ads with Adidas, and then marriage with another celebrity helped him get to the next level. For instance, he signed a lifetime contract with Adidas for $160M in 2003. That’s just an insane amount of money even now, let alone 15 years ago. On top of that, he married a model, singer, and fashion designer at once. Wife Victoria Beckham does her own things and has a net worth of $300M herself.

While Beckham has been retired for a while, he continues to be heavily involved in his children’s lives in terms of sports and still does a lot of advertisements for big companies. He continues to be a British cultural icon.

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17 2011 Chevrolet Camaro

via zimbio.com

The Camaro is the life for some people. Released to compete with the Mustang in 1966, the Camaro has carved a place for itself in the hearts of Americans. Sure, the Mustang also exists, but the fact that Beckham owns a Camaro on top of owning these high-end cars says something about his penchant for the Camaro. He could've gone for the Mustang, too, as money isn't a problem. But the Mustang looks a lot like some of the conventional cars, whereas the Camaro has a wider body and a nicer look, subjectively speaking. His car is from 2011, and he had some matte paintwork done on it. If you look at the new ones, you’ll definitely see the curvatures of the classic Camaro, just that the grilles have become ridiculously awesome.

16 Audi Q7

via was-audio.de

First of all, if you ever saw what he looked like when he was younger, you’d find it difficult to recognize him. He looks all tattoo-less and beardless, which he was when he was younger. He got this car around 2006, and I mean “got” in the sense that his club gave him one for free. That’s one of the perks of becoming a soccer player for team Real Madrid. Audi is a sponsor of Real Madrid, and all the players get one car. Cristiano Ronaldo has gotten several, too. The Q7, a tad bit bigger than the Q5, is a nice SUV to haul around. The car isn't expensive at all (at his level), as even the most recent one costs only around $50K. But it’s a solid SUV to have with the badge of Audi.

15 Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible

via flatsixes.com

The star bought a $139K convertible and paid another $139K to have it customized. Beckham and his wife, Victoria, own a lot of cars, and here’s one. The Porsche looks heavily customized with its matte-black finish. I think that looks good, but I’m, personally, not the biggest fan of the blacked-out headlights. But hey, it’s his car, and he thought it would look nice.

Added to this car was his favorite number, number 23.

He had worn number 7 for a while with the Real Madrid, but when number 23 became available, he grabbed the opportunity. Apparently, he was a big fan of Michael Jordan, whose jersey number was also “23,” so Beckham was ecstatic to have that number as a player and even as a car enthusiast.

14 RR Ghost

via boldride.com

When you have cars like the RR Ghost, you’re probably being catered to for every one of your needs. This is the baby brother of the Phantom, produced for people who want a luxurious car but just not one as heavy as the phantom. While, of course, the Ghost, at 5,490 pounds, is heavier than your average car, it’s not sluggish at all.

The power and the torque are both above 500 in HP and lb-ft, respectively, meaning the car can do 0-60 in about five seconds.

So, not once should you let your guard down just because you’re next to a Ghost. And then, we come to the luxurious rear seats. The back is equipped with seat massage, cup holders, an ashtray (hopefully, you don’t smoke in a Ghost), and a panel capable of controlling infotainment in the front.

13 Ferrari 360 Spider

via dailymail.co.uk

He had this car way, way back—and also sold it back then. The 2001 Ferrari was a solid car that he bought for $166K. On top of the base model, there were some hints of “Beckham” on it—it had an F1-style gearbox, carbon-fiber racing seats, tinted windows, and custom bodywork. You can see him pumping gas in the car. He had this back when he used to play games, and after he signed a near-$35M contract with the Real Madrid, he sold it. Thirty-five million dollars is a lot of money, people, so he made the right decision. He also had the license plate customized to “D7 DVB.”

The 2001 Ferrari 360 had just come out and was a success with the lighter design and the all-aluminum chassis.

12 Range Rover Sport

via justjared.com

He bought this car around 2007, but of course, it was going to be customized to his taste. So what does his SUV have? Leather seats—not just any kind of leather seats as that’s not a “true luxury” at his level—but hand-stitched quilted leather seats. There’s also a customized sound system and a customized infotainment system for his kids in the back. The interior looks all nice with the customizations. All these, of course, didn’t come cheap. The $139K spent on custom is twice the amount of money the car itself cost. While all of his other cars have been quite the ride for him, this one is definitely more family-friendly, considering the huge interior the SUV boasts. Notable is the fact that this car is up for sale right now.

11 Range Rover Evoque

via topgear.com

Since we're talking about the Range Rover, let’s go ahead and discuss the Evoque as well. I think these cars have evolved into a powerful beauty. The new Evoque has that high seat, yet the top looks a bit cropped, giving it a very unique and likable look. While the Beckham family doesn’t directly have anything to do with the new Evoque, wife Victoria Beckham—whose name is tattooed on David’s left forearm in Sanskrit—actually designed the 2013 Range Rover Evoque Special Edition. There you have it. Not only is she one of the best fashion designers in the world and a former singer, but she also holds influence in the design of a car. While Victoria owned the car, David also drove it around. Here you can see Victoria posing in front of an Evoque.

10 Bentley Continental GT

via justjared.com

Here we are with another of his luxury cars—the Bentley Continental GT. The context of this picture is in the air. He just woke up one morning and walked to his car, looking for something, as surmised by the rest of the pictures. Who knows what he was looking for? Anyways, the Continental GT looks pretty sick. From the rear three-quarter view, it always reminds me of a jaguar—the animal. It has that slow-sloping look, which looks fitting. The front of the car looks like a Mercedes. Although the Bentley was founded before Mercedes, I always perceive as if the Bentleys were copied from Mercedes, rather than the other way around. Nonetheless, the Continental GT looks nice from the outside. If you dive inside, you’ll find it has all the associated luxuries also.

9 Audi RS6 Avant

via biser3a.com

Ah, the Avant. That’s what you do when you become a successful car manufacturer. You start naming a wagon to your liking. I can’t blame Audi because the name doesn’t sound bad at all, and if anything, through all the association with the Audi, it's become “cool” in much of Europe.

Audi started this lineup of cars in 2002 and has done a good job overall in keeping pace with the market.

The RS6 Avant has been doing magic in Europe, but despite all that, America never really got the taste of it. I’m generally not a big fan of wagons, but the RS6 Avant does look nice, which I appreciate. Don’t be fooled by its look, though—equip it with some performance package, and you’ll have power and torque in the 550 range.

He crashed his at one point, though.

8 Porsche 993 S (C2S)

via twitter.com

Here’s another one of his Porsches. He doesn’t drive the car anymore, as he sold it back in 2008, but you can see here the young Beckham getting into the car. There was another picture of this car, which showed it being cleaned by his security guard Tom Cartwright, and from that, we learn more about the car. It’s a 993 S, meaning it was produced between 1994 and 1998. The discontinuation of this lineup marked the end of air-cooled Porsches. Purists loved the air-cooled Porsche, as it signified everything that the Porsche 911 had stood for. It had the conventional design, conventional headlamps, and a conventional engine. The new one with its liquid-cooled engine brought an identity crisis amongst 911 fans. It’s only now that we realize both cars are a fine piece of art.

7 Confederate F131 Hellcat

via anewyorkeratheart.wordpress.com

Here's Beckham on a motorcycle. I guess he's a big fan of driving motorcycles, as this isn't his first motorcycle ride. He bought this beast in 2010 and has driven a lot of it. I remember that my math teacher in high school used to drive a bike to work. His was one of those that allowed you to sit straight and go on for hours. This bike doesn’t have much back support, which might hurt his back, but it looks all sporty—though, he could still go for hours on this one, just with a sore back. Sporting that sporty look is the huge rear tire on the F131 Hellcat. Pretty sick ride! He also does some racing with this ride.

6 RR Phantom Drophead Coupe

via pinterest.com

You might be chauffeured in the Phantom sedan, but the Drophead Coupe is meant for you to enjoy the experience of driving since it’s the driving that counts with this.

The base price is just a little shy of half a million dollars; add some preferences, and you’ll easily add another $100K.

Needless to say, the car is probably one of the most expensive luxury cars sold. It’s not sold in bulk, but neither is it limited to a piece or two. RR is ready to give you the option to choose from 44,000 colors. And if one doesn’t work for you, go ahead and make up a color. You’d have to be a genius to do that, somewhat. But don’t worry, RR will name it after you.

It looks like Beckham sold the Drophead Coupe a while back.

5 Bentley Mulsanne

via metro.co.uk

You could buy two average American homes for the price that you’ll be paying for this. It’s the same car whose price can get you Netflix for the next 3,900 years. Instead of buying this, you could also buy 14 Camrys and become an Uber driver. $375K—that’s its price. In all seriousness, it has some sharp details that probably make it worth it. For instance, there are three speakers in each rear door in this car. Just to give you some idea, your average car has four speakers in total.

(By the way, the rear rims aren't modified to pink. If you look closely, you’ll realize that his shirt, door panel and metal of the door also look a bit pinkish—it’s the light from the building.)

4 Audi S8

via icdn-6.motor1.com

He was seen in 2013 driving this car after he relocated to Paris for training. With a 520-HP V8, the S8 has some serious power. If you ever had the urge to race next to an S8 at a red traffic light, you better let go of that idea at the moment of inception, as the car can go to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. The beauty derives not just from the gut-wrenching acceleration—it’s the fact that the car is a full-size luxury car. In other words, behind the Audi logo is a car that can accommodate a lot of your needs. In case you weren’t familiar, the S8 is the performance version of the A8, which itself isn't a bad car. Good choice.

3 Jaguar XJ

via complex.com

While the name "Jaguar" doesn’t sell in the US as much as it should, it’s a very likable car. Not sure why, but I always thought these cars could do very well in the market here, but for some reason, they just don’t. My brother and I used to go to the home of one of our uncles over the weekends, and the uncle had a convertible Jaguar. The sporty car was just terrific during the summers. Anyway, the XJ is a full-size car, in production since 1968. The XJ is also the flagship model of Jaguar, so it has a lot of top-notch features and functions. You can see him smiling away as he drives in the Jaguar XJ. In 2014, Beckham also served as the Jaguar brand ambassador.

2 Private Jet

via youtube.com

Here’s another one of his rides. It’s a private jet. It’s a pretty expensive business to own and operate a private jet. Sometimes, you wonder if the cost of operating a private jet is worth the luxury of a private jet. While you might just be thinking of a comfortable sleeping and sitting arrangements inside the jet, people like Beckham still sometimes do work while on a plane—so the luxury doesn’t help much with the work. This is especially true for businessmen. As busy as he is, Beckham did help out a few parents by flying them in his private jet. He was headed to watch his own kid’s game, and the other parents were headed for the same game, so he thought he might bring them along.

1 McLaren MP-12C

via youtube.com

The name sounds as complex as the car itself is, and that’s because it’s only recently that McLaren got into the production world; moreover, the company itself is also fairly young. Consequently, it had a lot of collaborations with Mercedes, which resulted in the production of the famous Mercedes SLR McLaren. Anyway, the McLaren MP-12C was the first production car designed completely by McLaren itself. The end result? It looks sharp from the outside and the inside alike. Here, you can see Beckham with his McLaren.

The car even influenced the Swiss luxury watchmaker company, TAG Heuer, to design some watches after the car. (I looked at the watch and the car but couldn’t find the similarities. Maybe the watch company was looking at it from a different perspective?)

Sources: Complex; YouTube; MSN

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