17 Pictures Of Tom Brady And His Cars

So here’s a question for all of you: is Tom Brady, in the history of his sport, the football world’s biggest loser??? No seriously, it’s been almost six months since the dude lost his third Super Bowl - nobody is supposed to lose that many Super Bowls unless their names are John Elway or Fran Tarkenton. Even worse, did you know that Tom Brady has lost the AFC Championship game four times? Wow, it must hurt to get so close to the top of the NFL mountain so many times and come away empty-handed. I guess the guy will just have to take solace in his 14 AFC East division titles, a small consolation I’m sure. And no, of course there’s no sarcasm intended here- unless you count the sarcastic nature of that last statement.

But wait; there are just a few other things Tom Terrific can take solace in. To begin with, he’s worth about $150 million all on his own. He’s also married to Gisele Bundchen, that Brazilian supermodel who is not only unquestionably the hottest mother of two you’ll ever see, but also worth so much herself that the two together are rumored to be worth about $650 million. Yeah, that’s a nice little pile of Benjamins to share with your lady, a lady who also happens to be a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model.

So what do TB12 and Gisele do with all of that scratch when he’s not turning the Super Bowl into his own personal party pretty much every year or trying to get us all to drink way more water than we need to? Well, this is a car mag, isn’t it? That’s right; Brady and Gisele have a serious jones for nice cars. Hey, every five-time Super Bowl winning QB has probably got some sort of vice and it appears that Tommy Boy’s is fast, luxurious cars. Read on to see Tom & Gisele’s 17 best rides. Just one disclaimer: all values are rough estimates based upon MSRP and upgrades.

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17 2009 AUDI R8

via motor1

OK, now we’re starting to talk. Once you pass the $100,000 threshold on a car purchase you are entering the rarified air of the very rich. Hell, I could do some serious damage purchasing cars with $100K in my pocket but not the kind Tom can do. Especially when you already know those very rich people have something along the lines of six other vehicles. I only know that because of aerial views of their Brookline, Ma compound when supposedly only the family is home. Oh, and also from watching all of the different cars Tom drove in that wacky Tom vs. Time Facebook Watch documentary. You see how far I’ll go for you guys?

Anyway, as we know, Tom loves Audis, and the smaller and faster the better. This time it’s the R8, an absolute machine that does zero to 60 in about 3 seconds.

That’s just a little bit faster than my ride… You can see in the documentary I just mentioned that Tom actually got the “Spyder” model. Also, since the R8 is a two-seater coupe I wonder if anyone other than Gisele gets to ride with him. I don’t really care about that myself of course, I’m just asking for a friend.


via twitter

Now we’re deep, deep, deep into Tom’s personal collection of quality cars and it’s getting pretty impressive. We’ve gotten pretty far away from Gisele’s predilection for SUVs, wouldn’t you say? Tom is clearly the performance demon in the family which makes a certain amount of sense if you’ve ever seen the man perform on the football field. This is what Car & Driver said about the first of Tom’s Astons we are going to see in the next few entries: “Gorgeous and supremely athletic, the Vantage is the entry-level Aston Martin, if there’s such a thing.

But there’s nothing basic about this stunning British sports car, with its looks to kill and a 503-hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8. An eight-speed automatic is the sole transmission; a seven-speed manual is coming.

An electronically controlled limited-slip differential and adaptive dampers are standard. The exterior theatrics continue inside with upscale materials and countless custom options.” And this is what Motor Trend said: “the manual-equipped V12 Vantage S offers a more visceral driving experience, making it a true driver’s car. The V-12 engine offers plenty of power and a satisfying exhaust note.” And this is what I say: “entry-level Aston Martin”??? Not in my world friends, not in my world.


via germancarforum

So we are definitely into the ultra-impressive class of car Tom likes. Late last year our guy Tom inked a deal to work with Aston Martin (more on that in a minute). This is a guy who has done very limited commercial endorsements over the years but the ones he has done- Movado, Tag Heuer, BeautyRest Black- have been pretty high-end. Heck, that BeautyRest mattress he shills for costs more than my car. So it’s no surprise he would throw in with an elite auto maker as well. I’m pretty sure the 2017 DB11 that you can see parked in his driveway is the same one that he shot all of those print ads for.

Think about this too- Tom Brady shot those ads in his own driveway. First of all, that means the man is powerful enough to tell the Aston Martin people “just send a crew to my house and we’ll go from there.” Second of all, that also means his house (excuse me, “compound”) is so nice everybody thought that was a perfectly reasonable request. Why take the photo shoot to the beach or the mountains or the open road when you can just do it in Tom’s driveway.


via astonmartin

When you’re Tom Brady and you love cars as much as you do you get to do things normal people would never even dream of doing. For instance, as I already mentioned, you get to sign a contract with Aston Martin to be their pitchman. That move made sense for Brady, as we have already discussed his love of Aston Martins in the previous entry. But where this story jumps the shark is in what happened next. Last October the car maker and Brady announced that he would be designing a limited edition (only 12 are being sold- get it?) car based on the famed Vanquish S Volante.

How exclusive will this club be? Well, the car’s MSRP (if there is such a thing as an MSRP for a car like this) is $359,950, although I’m sure one can sink even more money into the vehicle.

My real question though, is whether Brady himself gets one of the 12, has to pay for one himself, or did they just build a 13th for him? Would that be unlucky? Maybe that’s why he lost the Super Bowl against the Eagles this past February. Or maybe the Patriot’s defense just sucked hardcore.

13 2015 Chevy Colorado SUV 

via businessinsider.com.au

OK, so we are going to start off with something that is too cool not to share, even (especially???) if you are not a fan of Tom Brady. I have to include this “Brady” car, even though he never drove it because I would be remiss to not share a fun TB12 car story. So I would think that pretty much everyone in the civilized world knows that Brady won his 3rd Super Bowl MVP in 2015 when his Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks.

That game featured one of the greatest defensive plays of all time when a rookie cornerback named Malcolm Butler intercepted a ball at the goal line in the final seconds.

So Brady got all the accolades- deservedly so, for the future Hall of Famer as he did throw three second-half TD passes, but Butler saved his bacon. What happened next was pretty cool. A few days after the game, Brady tossed the keys to this MVP Winner's 2015 Chevy Colorado to Butler (pictured above) and said: “It’s all yours, man.” At the time Butler was driving a junker worth about $8,000. The Colorado Butler received from Brady was worth about $35K so we are talking a serious step up for the Rook.

12 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 

via ridingirls

Tom & Gisele have had a lot of really pricey, really fancy cars over the years but this one surely isn’t one of them. As you’re about to see, however, Gisele in particular really seems to like your plain old SUV offerings. I mean, after all, Jeep makes really solid cars (well, most of the time they do) but you’re not looking at a maker that’s going to dominate the luxury market or price itself out of normal people’s range.

Be that as it may, though, this was the car that our power couple tooled around in while Gisele was pregnant with their second child, now five-year-old Vivian Lake. It looks like your basic classic black Grand Cherokee- good for getting around town when you have lots of errands to run (like monthly OB/GYN checkups), an older kid to cart around, and a need to fill up your space with the junk families accrue, even famous families- that’s what it means to have kids after all. It also looks like a lot like the Overland Summit model, which was right around $44,000 MSRP. I wonder what the two did as far as upgrades- they had to have done something, right???

11 2009 Lexus RX Hybrid 

via northerncoloradogazette

So it would appear that, at least in the Brady-Bundchen household, the lady likes the tough (or at least big) cars and the guy likes the speed demons. Does that mean she’s the one who wears the pants? I mean, if I had to wear football pants all of the time I would definitely let my wife wear the pants when I wasn’t working…but I digress.

In any case, Gisele has sure thrown a lot of their money at various SUVs over the years. And she doesn’t go after that BS subcompact SUV category either.

Nope, Gisele goes after the real deals. She also seems to have an environmental consciousness about her as more than one SUV on this list is a hybrid. In any case, she was seen driving around back at the beginning of their marriage in 2009 in the Lexus RX hybrid, which first came out that same year. Is it just me or does Gisele trade out her SUV every single freaking year? It must be nice to have money… Although, I must say, if I could swap out my cars every year, I would go TB12’s route and get more speed, not more cargo space. But more on that one later.

10 2013 BMW X5 

via carmagazine

As I mentioned before, Gisele really likes her SUVs, like a lot. I guess after her experiment with the Jeep Grand Cherokee she decided to upgrade a bit though, as we see here. I mean c’mon, I’m pretty sure she’s able to afford it, aren’t you? But Gisele’s’ BMW X5 is only about $20,000 more than her Jeep was which is chump change for her and TB12. That’s the sticker price and we listed her Jeep as high as it possibly could have been sold for with all of the bells and whistles so my guess is that her BMW was closer to $70K. Hey, what’s a few dollars here and there for a little extra bit of form and function?

Not that Gisele seems to care too much for style, which is kind of weird of her. You would think a supermodel would spend a little bit more time getting fancied up before hitting the streets for some errands but maybe that’s silly of me. You would also think she would go a little bit more exotic in her car tastes but she is the mother of two young children, after all, and that’s probably all that needs to be said in that particular department.

9 2012 AUDI Q7 

via zimbio

Well look, it’s another of Gisele’s SUVs! I’m sure you are all quite surprised by that, aren’t you? Man that woman seems to have a fetish for the things- it ain’t natural! This time it’s the mid-size luxury Audi SUV that our Brazilian bombshell likes to tool around in with the kids and her "kept" hubby (remember, she’s worth a lot more than TB12…). Car & Driver said of this ride “In this class, we expect ample room and comfort, but the Q7 adds agility, earning it a 2018 10Best award.

The base engine is a 252-hp 2.0-liter turbo four; a 333-hp 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 is optional.

Both engines pair with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive; available four-wheel steering, adaptive dampers, and an air suspension help the Q7 remain composed.” So it’s not only another attempt by Gisele to find the “perfect” SUV but could also double as a getaway car from the paparazzi if she needed to. Not that I think Gisele would ever try to outrace those guys with her kids in the car. Nah, she’d just send Tom out with a couple of footballs and let him deflate their “egos” with a few well-timed throws. Yes, I really did just go there. So suspend me.

8 2010 LEXUS GS 450H 

via justjared

Gosh, who knew that Gisele and Tom have had so many different luxury cars over the years? But that’s the beauty of having money I suppose- you can switch out your ride whenever you want. But let’s think about this for a second. Actually, so far nothing that they drive has been stratospherically out-of-this-world in terms of cost or availability. Although, I’ve got to be perfectly honest, you may just want to wait and see where this article goes with that whole idea as we’ve been seeing a few more Gisele models right off the bat than Tom choices.

Things could change further down the list- “wink wink, nudge nudge.” But the two seem to be perfectly happy buying your “average” luxury automobile that your neighbor who’s a dentist drives. That’s certainly proven by this shot of them standing by their Lexus sedan. Yeah the GS 450H is a nice car to have but it’s certainly not an outrageous one to have. Everyone has seen plenty of Lexii (by the way, is that even a word? I actually certainly hope not…) driving around their hometown, it’s not like they are all that exotic. For two people worth well over half a billion dollars combined none of these cars so far seem to scream “money.”


via justjared

Now let’s get back to Cadillac. Cadillac is a different story than some of the Gisele SUVs we’ve seen so far from our power couple. Cadillac owners do want to be seen showing off their money. If they didn’t there would be no Cadillacs, it’s just that simple. The whole point of these cars is to be ostentatious. It used to be that Cadillacs were the purview of retirees in Florida who wanted to show off their 401K’s growth. But when Cadillac got into the SUV market with the Escalade that all changed. Suddenly Cadillacs weren’t just for old guys named Mort who wore gold chains around their necks anymore. They were also for a hip class of young professional couples.

Hmm, perhaps a young professional couple like Tom and Gisele, yes? Gisele must have influenced this BB purchase (“Brady/Bundchen”) since one, it’s an SUV, and two, it’s a hybrid. It’s also a definite leap up from the BMW X5, at least in price tag if not performance. I’m not quite sure what Tom is doing in this pick but it looks like he’s hanging out with some fans. Maybe they’re discussing the performance of his car. Or maybe they’re discussing how much electrolyte-laden water really is too much.


via altervista

It appears that our power couple sure does like to have both capacity and power for their “get around town cars.” Yeah, I’m classifying a near $100,000 vehicle as a “get around town car.” Remember who we’re talking about here. Anyway, here we see Tom and Gisele leaving their Range Rover HSE LUX (well, it could be the SC, it’s a bit hard to see the lines and Tom didn’t tell me) in a downtown Boston lot. This particular model is a classic Range Rover, with a supercharged V8 and the best city gas mileage anyone could ever want. Alright, maybe not, but at almost 20mpg it sure did put Tom’s old Super Bowl MVP Escalade to shame. It’s also got a price point almost double the base package of the Grand Cherokee they would purchase in 2012.

Hmm, did Tom & Gisele have a brief scare with money??? Seriously, I can’t believe that they could have, given that they turned the Beverly Hills mansion they bought for about $11 million into a $40 million piece of real estate (that’s how much Dr. Dre bought it for from them). Rather, I think they buy “regular” cars for when they need to go out and keep the fancy ones locked up in their Brookline, MA compound.


via zimbio

Is there any self-respecting half a billionaire power couple out there who don’t have at least one Rolls? If there are I want to hear about because I don’t think that particular couple understands what they are missing out on. Look, if you had to pick only one car in the history of automobiles to represent luxury and decadence wouldn’t it have to be this car? Rolls Royce has been synonymous with the rich and powerful for a very long time now so it’s no surprise that Tom & Gisele cruise around in one.

What’s funny about this one though is that there are tons of pics out there on the interwebs of them loading and unloading all three of their kids in and out of this beautiful jewel of a car. Please people, stop disseminating those pics, they are hurting my sensibilities! Could you ever imagine putting baby car seats in the back seat of a Rolls Royce? I can’t, not even for a second. How about all of those spilled sippy cups and goldfish being ground into the seats and floor? Man, it gives me the shivers just thinking about what those kids are doing to the interior of that car…


via bestcarmag.com

So I was just complaining about how the Bundchen-Bradys (yeah, I put her first; remember, she wears the pants in the family) treat their amazingly luxurious and expensive Rolls Royce and then I stumbled across this picture. Now I’m feeling a little bit like a heel, I have to admit. After all, if a guy of Tom Brady’s stature has no problem actually driving around his Rolls rather than being chauffeured and then needs to stop at the BP down the street to top of the tank I guess he can do whatever he wants with his car, am I right or am I right? So go ahead rich folks, do whatever you want to your family car.

You know, the family car Car & Driver said of: “for those who desire sybaritic luxury and a spirited driving experience in the same ultra-pricey motorcar, the Ghost Series II is your answer. Under the hood topped by the Spirit of Ecstasy is a twin-turbo 6.6-liter V-12 good for 563 hp paired to a satellite-aided gearbox, which uses GPS data to read the roadscape ahead of you, anticipate your driving needs, and shift the transmission accordingly. The interior boasts sumptuous leather seating and handsomely crafted wood veneers.” And, like I said before, lots of gummy bears between the seats…


via nitrope

And finally, we get to a point where the massively rich prove that they are just a different breed than you and I. Rolls Royce may be the top name in luxury but Bugatti has got everyone beat in the speed world. This, after all, is a production car that hits 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. Are you serious??? It also tops out at 151 mph in the quarter-mile. Where do you drive a thing like that? If I were Tom I would be afraid that the car itself would get tired of carting me around suburban Boston and try to take off.

I mean c’mon- the damn thing has a V16 8.0-liter engine that generates 1,200 hp. That’s only about 1,000 more horses than you need to run to the grocery store and grab some electrolyte water.

I don’t know maybe The BB’s have a secret drag racing strip on that massive property of theirs. Or maybe they have an underground racetrack. Based on their predilection for spending huge sums of money on fancy cars I wouldn’t put anything beyond them. I just hope for safety’s sake Tom keeps all of the tires in his fleet of cars properly inflated. Wait, did I just make fun of the greatest of all time and get away with it? Man, I feel like a five-time Super Bowl champ myself right now, I really do.

2 2004 Cadillac Escalade EXT

via si

I wonder if this is the car that set Brady off on his car addiction. It’s going to become pretty clear pretty soon that Brady has his own ideas about what he really likes from his personal car. But after all, this was five years before he even met Giselle so she wasn’t influencing the couple’s car purchases yet (she does now, however, as we have already seen). So this is the car that good old Tom won for earning his second Super Bowl MVP in the Patriots' win over the Carolina Panthers (and no, you can’t say he didn’t deserve that MVP, you just can’t).

Cadillac was actually the sponsor of the Super Bowl MVP car giveaway for almost a decade.

Brady himself was still on his rookie contract and wasn’t making the big money he does nowadays (alright, he was making plenty, but you get my point). Perhaps this Escalade was the nicest car he had owned at that point. The Escalade EXT was a gas guzzler supreme, clocking in at 13mpg in the city, not a good look for a car to drive around Boston’s congested streets. I’m hoping Cadillac gave him the Platinum Edition which had a price point of just under $75,000.

1 2010 Audi S5

via youtube

Brady likes Audis a lot. He’s owned a handful of them over the years, with each successive purchase upping the Audi ante. In fact, I’m pretty sure Tommy Boy probably has a bunch of secret experimental Audis hiding in his Massachusetts compound- just don’t tell Aston Martin about them. But back in the preseason of 2010 Brady was driving a fairly standard Audi S5. I know it sounds silly to say that a car that started at $50,000 MSRP almost 10 years ago is “standard” but to someone of Brady’s stature it is, even if to you and I it might seem to be the epitome of luxury.

Anyway, he didn’t have the car for very long as he was hit on the way to practice by a guy in a mini-van who ran a red light and slammed into the then-current Brady machine. Brady himself was fine but one passenger in the mini-van had to be taken to the hospital. It turned out the other driver was driving on a suspended license and had been suspended before for DUI, speeding, and more. So I guess we should all be happy that “The GOAT” wasn’t hurt by this dude’s stupid driving.

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