18 Cheap ATVs That Let Even The Biggest Dorks Conquer The Wild

If you are looking for something cool, fun, and sturdy, then go through this list of 18 ATVs that are all very affordable.

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are special kinds of vehicles built for both racing and off-roading. They are mostly for a single passenger. Apart from racing and off-roading, you can also use an ATV to tow or haul a heavy load across any terrain.

2016 marked a new era for these all-terrain vehicles as automakers introduced new lines of features that were aimed at improving their performance in every aspect; power and speed being a top priority. Some of these new features translate to increased prices, but what you get is so powerful and pleasant that you will not even remember to think about it being expensive.

It is, however, a difficult task to vote on which of the many ATVs in the market is the best. The competition is quite tight, and no one stays at the top for two consecutive years. But, if you are looking for something cool and fun, and sturdy, then go through this list of 18 ATVs that are all very affordable.

These rides, other than being very pretty and beautifully designed, are also enjoyable to cruise on. They're genuinely all-terrain vehicles that will best serve you if you want to go out to the field, or you want to show your racing prowess at the racing tracks. They are also quite ideal for camping and adventure as they can go through right about any environment.

18 Can-Am Outlander 1000 Xmr Camouflage - $14,799

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The Can-Am Outlander 1000 Xmr Camo is among the best and the strongest of all ATVs from Can-Am. It is powered by a 976cc, V-twin 8-valve engine that cranks out a maximum power of 82 horsepower.

It has a 5.54 gallon fuel tank mated with a continuously variable transmission with neutral, low, high, park and reverse gears.

This machine was built with a purpose to conquer and subdue every mud hole or a raised rock it meets on its way. It's surrounding spar technology G2 chassis enhances the ATVs comfort and its performance as well. It has a dynamic power steering that makes it easy to handle even at its top speed irrespective of the terrain.

17 Can-AM Outlander MAX 1000 Limited - $15,349

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This is an excellent All-Terrain Vehicle that comes with a great selection of features including air-control suspension. It also comes with a digital and analog gauge, a beautiful top of painted plastics, robust bumpers for both rear and front, and a Garmin Montana 650T GPS.

The vehicle receives power from the most powerful ATV engine there is – BRP Rotax 1000R V-twin engine producing 89 horsepower. It also has premium cast aluminum 14-inch wheels and 26-inch tires with a machined finish for a premium look. With these features, you can confidently acquire one for yourself without complaining about the price. It is not only the most powerful but also among the costly ATVs in the world.

16 Yamaha Grizzly 700 - $10,299

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We could say that Yamaha created this one out of guesswork of whether its customers would prefer a power steering or the ordinary. The base Yamaha Grizzly 700 is among the first few base ATVs to come with standard EPS (electric power steering).

It is an all-terrain vehicle that has built itself a reputation of being one of the most potent ATV you can rely on over the years.

It comes with a lovely graphite color. There is also a white or blue brand that comes with an additional price of roughly $200 which also comes with cast aluminum wheels.

15 Polaris Sportsman 500 - $6,199

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Originally Polaris built their ATVs with a set of two things; one of them was the first generation of continuously variable transmissions, and then the rear suspension that was introduced on the Polaris Sportsman 500. It was powerfully built for general chores as well as heavy-duty tasks like ripping down the trail. Later on, Polaris introduced some quite impressive features like onboard storage.

It is propelled by a 4-stroke 498cc, single-cylinder engine with an electric starter. It also comes with a 4.1 gallons fuel tank, steel wheels, and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that provides the stopping power. The Polaris Sportsman 500 is one of the best ATVs with a reasonably affordable price.

14 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 - $10,599

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You love green; you love Kawasaki. The Brute Force 750 has built itself a reputation of being reliable and excellent at what it does, receiving its power from a powerful v-twin engine. It's a vehicle built to dominate every kind of terrain including muddy race tracks to rocky county side roads.

Its resistance from quitting is backed by the automakers long years of engineering prowess, and knowledge of the industry.

Among the special and outstanding features on this ATVs are the digital fuel injection, sealed wet rear brake, and a rigid tubular steel frame. The Brute Force has a 2-speed automatic transmission with reverse gear and a selectable four-wheel-drive.

13 Honda Rubicon DCT - $9,799

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The Honda Rubicon is a substantial work focused ATV with a few incredible hits. It has an independent rear suspension, electric power steering (EPS), and a single cylinder 475cc engine. It's comfortable to ride, and it can handle any courses' mud tracks with the same ease as cruising over a pile of stones and also piled logs. On the highways, the Honda Rubicon is so superior that it can take on right about any other ATV on the racing track.

This power can only be realized with the manual shift paddles engaged. With the automatic transmission transfers the gears higher to quickly that the vehicle will lose its power and deliver lower than expected.

12 Polaris Sportsman Big Boss 6x6 570 EPS - $10,999

via planete quad magazine

The big boss is a true 6WD all-terrain vehicle that doesn't seem to notice any obstacle no matter the trail. It has an All-Wheel-Drive system that enhances traction. It is powered by a 567cc ProStar, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine producing 44 horsepower. It also comes with a power steering system and the largest cargo area in the ATV industry.

Being the longest ATV in the industry at 295cm, the Polaris Sportsman Big Boss allows for a larger turning radius than that of the ordinary two-axle ATVs.

The Big Boss’ all superior features like the cargo space, and the incredible off-roading prowess places it a notch above other All-Terrain-Vehicles, and supercars.

11 Arctic Cat Wildcat X EPS - $18,799

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The Arctic Cat Wildcat X EPS is the most expensive ATV, so far. However, its price is not just an attachment; it is worth every penny. It's the best, and it can carry up to 300lbs on its rear rack. Many All-Terrain-Vehicles in its class cannot carry any load in the rear.

It is powered by a potent v-twin, 4-stroke, and two-cylinder 951cc engine delivering 90 horsepower. To be able to go about any terrain or race track, the X EPS is equipped with a set of long travel suspensions fitted with front double A-Arms. This off-road machine is 89% better in motion range than any other ATV of its class.

10 Honda Big Red - $11,699

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This one is both a workhorse and a recreational vehicle. It can carry and tow any load of 1000lbs and 1500lbs respectively. It has a potent liquid-cooled fuel injected 675cc engine.

The cargo mover also comes with a four-wheel-drive system to enhance the vehicle traction and stability.

It has three selectable drive modes of two-wheel-drive with open rear differential engaged on sensitive terrains or lawns, four-wheel-drive with rear differential lock, and four-wheel-drive with all differential lock. It’s comfortable and fun to ride on this machine, and the stainless steel material on the exhaust system provides corrosion resistance and reduces noise.

9 Can-Am Renegade 1000 - $15,149

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This one from the Renegade 4x4 ATV family is built to take control of whatever area you’re riding, whether on the racing track, going camping on difficult terrains or just riding for fun (recreational trail rides). It combines incredible engineering work, high-level and an undoubtable performance, excellent handling, and comfort to make the Renegade 1000 your choice if you want to take over the ATV racing and off-roading kingship. The machine receives power from an industry leading 976cc v-twin engine that cranks out a maximum power of 89 horsepower. The 8-valve engine balances acceleration, torque, and speed equally to make sure that the renegade 1000 maintains its position ahead of all the competitors.

8 Can-Am Commander 800R - $12,199

via the vance store

The Can-Am Commander 800R is built with great features and technology that gives you confidence in what you’re paying. Everything a supercar can do, this one can do better. It’s a perfect definition of value for your money.

It comes with a dynamic power steering system that ensures ultimate comfort and control as you ride.

It is designed for tough tasks, or we can say it's built to play as hard as you've ever imagined. Made for versatile performance and backed up with the best in the industry features, the Can-Am Commander 800R is capable of taking up any task on any given terrain or take on any racing challenge.

7 Yamaha Kodiak 700 - $6,999

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Yamaha re-introduced the Kodiak name back to the market in 2015 with the Kodiak 700, one of the best ATV of the year (2015) according to consumer reviews. Three years later this precious gem still stands a position among the most powerful ATVs.

Powered by a fuel injected 708cc single-cylinder engine, the Yamaha Kodiak 700 is limitless in its performance. Its low-slung bars and seat is another plus as it makes it very comfortable to ride on. And just to make it more fun, this powerplant can be remodeled by swapping some of its crucial parts with more comfortable ones. You can create a monster out of it.

6 Yamaha Raptor 700 - $8,499

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The Yamaha Raptor is the only remaining manual transmission ATV in the market, and a perfect description of the saying “legends never die.” This Raptor has passed the test of time and has proved that it is here to stay.

Despite low sales that discouraged Honda and Kawasaki during the peak of ATVs in the ‘90s, Yamaha kept mass producing the Raptor 700 for the public.

It’s an open class sports All-Terrain-Vehicle that comes in several varieties, one of them being the incredible base model. It has a long travel suspension, a robust manual transmission, and a proved reputation of dominating both rough terrains, and on the desert. These features make the Yamaha Raptor 700 as powerful today as it was back in the ‘90s.

5 Honda Rancher 420 - $8,099

via extreme recreation

This is one of Honda’s brands that has kept customers coming for every new model. Its comfort and incredible reliability make it one of the best and quite friendly trails riding machines and keeps every ATV enthusiast excited. One of the outstanding and a rare feature among ATVs is the freedom to control the gearbox however and whenever you want. It has a manual transmission that makes it affordable and also gives the rider control over the gears in whatever situation.

Honda has many leading off-road machines, and the Rancher 420 is one of them. It will not only take you wherever you want irrespective of the terrain but also make your racing experience fun and smooth.

4 Can-Am DS 450 X mx - $9,699

via dick lane's of grand lake

This is an incredible All-Terrain-Vehicle that will give you unparalleled performance whenever you need it. It will offer the best; whether on the roughest of woods race courses and motocross racing tracks or the open desert. The DS 450 X mx features an ultra-light chassis and a powerful Rotex engine.

This ATV has the highest ratio of power to weight in its caliber.

While the DS 450 X mx engine features a highly rated V999 DNA that propels the Aprilia RSV 1000R sporting motorcycle, its clutch, crankcase and transmission are designed specifically for off-road riding purposes. It’s a perfect choice for both off-road needs and ATV racing.

3 Polaris RZR XP 900 H.O. Jagged X Edition - $13,999

via atv on demand

We can simply say this is a two-seat desert racing machine. The RZR XP 900 H.O. based its design on the four-seater XP 4 chassis. Polaris removed the rear seats and increased the foot space by creating an adjustable driver seat and a permanent passenger seat. At the rear are two big storage boxes that you can remove and return as you please.

Polaris built the XP 900 H.O. to be not only the best performing ATV but also the most elegantly looking from all RZRs. It has Beadlock wheels and Maxxis Big Horn tires. Finally, this racing high output ATV is propelled by a potent engine that produces a maximum power of 94 horsepower.

2 Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 1000 - $19,599

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This is yet another mighty four-passenger side-by-side ATV. It is built on a robust exoskeleton frame that sits on an independent suspension featuring five-link rear set up. It also has a sway bar and aluminum bumpers that improve on stability and safety. The seats also have a three-point safety belt for enhanced safety.

The Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 1000 is propelled by a 951cc v-twin engine with electronic fuel injection for enhanced power delivery and efficiency.

The SOHC 4-stroke engine also comes with four valves on each cylinder. It comes in three color options; Team Arctic Green Metallic Paint, Vibrant Red, and Viper Blue Metallic.

1 Polaris RZR XP 4 900 LE - $19,599

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This All-Terrain-Vehicle features a potent engine that delivers 88 horsepower. The machine is specifically designed to perform in extremely bad terrains, and it does it with ease. It has two overhead DOHC camshafts, and four large valves in each cylinder for high RPM power production. It also features two throttle bodies placed next to the intake valves.

The Polaris RZR XP 4 900 LE produces a fast throttle response, revolutionary acceleration and a groundbreaking power capable of carrying up to four people on any power robbing terrains. It features the first LED lights in the industry that shine far beyond conventional ATV headlights, changing the night into day.

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