• 18 Military Vehicles Any Regular Joe Can Buy

    Who has not dreamed of having a military vehicle one day? Unique and huge cars designed for field battle, able to keep moving during high-risk situations, as we see in the action movies, that make us remember those days of childhood playing with the miniature versions of those cars. But the truth is that having a military vehicle is not a totally impossible dream, we just need to look on eBay, and other websites, where we can find endless options, models, prices, and even colors. So, why settle for the toy version when we can buy a real military car?

    However, before we decide to buy a new vehicle of this magnitude, it is best to inquire about the laws of the country and state where we live. In general, these types of vehicles are not allowed to be on the streets or driven as regular cars due to their size and because they can generate fear among people who do not know that it is a "vehicle for personal use." In addition, the laws to own a military vehicle usually apply to both military and civilians, so before buying a war tank make sure of the regulations to which these vehicles are subject. However, for the most extravagant collectors and lovers of mechanical engineering, having a military vehicle can be a dream come true. Today, we are going to talk about 18 military cars that civilians can buy.

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    2009 Freightliner M916A3

    Many collectors and car enthusiasts enjoy buying used military vehicles because they enjoy adding new toys to their extravagant and historic car collections, especially when we are talking about truck trailers. They are heavy vehicles, full of gears, and with an impressive towing capacity that make their owners feel like kings of the universe handling a powerful monstrosity like this one. Although the most curious enjoy buying this type of vehicle to test their mechanical skills and expand their knowledge in the field, some people enjoy buying this type of vehicle for the simple pleasure of modifying them and adding more modern pieces to take their performance to another level.

    But if we compare it with the new technological advances in automotive engineering, the 2009 Freightliner M916A3 is already an obsolete car in the market, so the Defense Department is trying to get rid of these old models by selling them for affordable prices.

    This truck has a 7-speed automatic Allison transmission, a 12.7-liter Detroit Diesel engine, internal and external storage compartments, as well as the front fender, manual windows, and electric mirrors. This vehicle is on the market at a price of around $18,000, but everything depends on the conditions of the car. If it is in a very good condition, the price may rise.

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    Stevenson M1079 LMTV
    Midwest Military Equipment

    Sometimes people spend up to $500,000 on off-road campers that in the end never fully meet the needs of users. So, why not buy a military truck and modify it? The difference between price, quality, and even space is considerable.

    The Stevenson M1079 Truck can be an ideal purchase option for those who enjoy camping and being outdoors. It has an ergonomic design, spacious and a powerful capacity, the tires are designed to adapt easily to any type of ground, ideal for people who enjoy camping in the mountains or rocky terrains. On the other hand, this type of military vehicles has fewer problems to get permits when it comes to driving them on the road.

    Moreover, among its main features are that it is 4x4, has a 6 cylinder Cat 3116 Turbo Diesel engine, automatic transmission, central tire inflation system, and 395 / 85R20, 24,004 lb GVWR tires. Usually, a truck like the Stevenson M1079 can be found in the market at a price of $13,000 and one could consider investing $7,000 more in modifications and improvements, getting, as a result, a much better price than investing $500,000 on an off-road camper that will never be at the level of the advantages offered by a military truck.

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    1985 Oshkosh AS 32P-19 Fire Truck
    My Little Salesman

    We all went through that phase in childhood where we wanted to be a fireman and we used to imagine what it would be like to have a fire truck for us. Currently, if our budget allows it, we can be the proud owner of one of these, we just need to research it on websites like eBay or Gov Planet.

    And although this type of vehicle is not practical at all, it can be an interesting option for those collectors or car enthusiasts looking to add something different to their garage, especially to show off between our friends, because after all, there is nothing more awesome than having a fire truck. However, other people may just prefer to enjoy the internal engineering of this type of truck and modify it to be even more incredible than when they bought it.

    Among its main features are that it is 4x4, has a Cummins 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine, automatic transmission, 17.5R25 tires, A / C, 1000 gallon water tank, 130-gallon foam tank, hose reel, and 34,000 lb GVWR. On the other hand, a fire truck like the Oshkosh AS 32P-19 of 1985 can be found on the market at a cost of $4,000 or a little more, it depends on the condition of the vehicle.

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    Polaris MV850
    American Special Ops

    For those who are looking for a more compact vehicle that makes them feel the same adrenaline as if they were on a special mission, there is the Polaris MV850. The charm of this vehicle lies in its tires, which have an innovative design capable of adapting to different types of ground and are also capable of absorbing shots of caliber 50. This type of vehicle is very fun if we have the necessary space to drive it. However, if the person wishes to handle it on the street, they must first research the type of permit required to do it, according to the country or state where they live.

    The Polaris MV850 is a car designed for the battlefield and to carry full loads to its destination, while facing different types of inconveniences on the road. This vehicle is equipped with total traction and a two-cylinder engine that can generate 77 horsepower.

    In addition, this vehicle is capable of transporting up to 400 pounds of cargo in the rear, while its maximum load capacity is 200 pounds in the front. Another key feature is the 3,000-pound fixed winch. The TerrainArmor edition of this military ATV offers vehicles that have power, capacity of action and an incredible speed, but in the case of civilians wishing to buy this car it's a good option to use outdoors, whether we have a ranch or a land wide enough to drive it freely, or even if we want to go camping.

    Regarding its price, the Polaris MV850 can be found on the market at prices around $15,000.

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    1970s Volvo C303

    The Volvo C303 was manufactured in the late 60s and was available in two versions, the first one a 4x4, and the second one a 6x6. On the other hand, about 8,718 vehicles were manufactured and 75% were used for military service, while the rest were sold to civilians at the beginning of 1980. Between 1970 and 1990, this vehicle was used by the Malaysian army.

    Nowadays with technological advances - especially in the automotive field -this Volvo is considered a relic and has been replaced by more advanced models in accordance with current demands. Although for lovers of history, automotive engineering, and cars in general, the Volvo C303 can be an interesting option to add to the collection.

    Regarding its main features, it stands out that it has petrol engine (B30), 4-speed gearbox + high/low, portal axes with locking differentials that allow a high ground clearance, as well as an outstanding performance when it's driving off-road. In addition, its body tends to have a narrow design because its structure was created under the concept of being able to navigate between trees and narrow forest roads without problems.

    This car can be found in the market at a price of around $18,000.

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    Chieftain MK10

    For true lovers of the militia and its vehicles, the Mk10 can become one of their best acquisitions. The Chieftain is known to have been the main battle tank of the United Kingdom between the 1960s to the 1980s. In fact, nowadays, the Chieftain is still found to be in use and fully functional, just like models with cannons in the army.

    Regarding its main features, they include its Leyland L60 engine, 750 hp (560 kW) 6 Cyl, 19 liters, have a power of 11.1 hp and a TN 12 transmission and can reach a speed of 48 km / h on the road, while off the road they reach up to 30 km / h. These types of vehicle, especially ones that serve to launch missiles, are for the specific use of collection, and maybe to show off between some friends; this is because mobilizing them can be complicated due to size. In addition, most of these models are in England, so you have to consider the cost of shipping.

    Currently this vehicle has a price around $80,000, although most enthusiasts will want to make restorations and modifications, for which it would be necessary to add another $50,000 to its original price, and finally the shipment that would be for a price of around $10,000 for those who live on the other side of the continent.

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    Patton M47

    Among the advantages of having your own tank are that feeling of power that gives us this type of vehicle. They are large, powerful and even fun. For lovers of history and everything related to the militia world, having the opportunity to drive a tank is a unique experience, especially for those who enjoy collecting iconic cars from different dates and with different purposes. In addition, for lovers of mechanical engineering, there is always the opportunity to modify this type of vehicle and customize them according to needs or expectations.

    The Patton M47 was launched in 1952 as a replacement for the M46. This 50 ton medium battle tank only remained in service for about 10 years because it was replaced by an improved version with a longer life.

    This tank is of American origin and was named in honor of General George S. Patton, commander of the Third US Army during World War II and one of the first American defenders of tanks in battle. The Patton M47 has a petrol engine with dual turbo 810 hp, a power of 17.6 hp and is capable of reaching a speed of 48 km / h. It comes with one cannon and two machine guns. This type of vehicle is impregnated with a history, which is why they are very sought after by collectors, although they can usually be found on the market at a price of around $135,000.

    The only negative point about this battle tank is that it usually requires certain repairs to get it to work 100% again.

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    Tucker SnoCat
    via barnfinds.com

    If we are looking for something different equipped for any type of terrain, the Tucker SnoCat is the ideal choice because it is capable of traversing cracks eight feet wide and can be used in various situations such as search and rescue. This monster of mechanical engineering has four articulated tracks to provide exceptional traction in rugged terrain and difficult conditions, as well as the ability to traverse wide cracks. Its structure and function were designed to deal with the most difficult weather and grounds on earth, especially with snow, which is why it was created in order to facilitate the mobilization of soldiers in certain areas and to be able to navigate between snow or other terrains.

    On the other hand, the cabin is also optimized for use in adverse conditions and below zero temperatures, taking care of the driver's well-being and allowing him to continue driving without difficulties. This all-terrain vehicle can be equipped with one of three different tracks depending on the environment in which we want to use it. In addition, among its features are that the tracks can be tilted up or down to provide an inclined ramp, either to make their way in turmoil in the field or for rescue charges. In general, collectors look for this type of vehicle because of the challenge they imply regarding mechanical engineering and because if they have the necessary hectares on their farms, ranches or land they can make their way in the Tucker SnoCat with style.

    Regarding the prices of a Tucker like this one, look for around $15,000 to $20,000. Everything depends on if the vehicle is in good conditions.

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    Scarab Missile Launcher

    Yes, the use of missiles is very illegal among civilians, but that does not prevent us from buying vehicles that were previously used to launch missiles during the war. The Scarab Missile Launcher is a vehicle of Russian origin that has 6 wheels and a launcher of 300 horsepower. Back in the 50s, it was considered a very powerful monster with a 96kN solid fuel rocket engine, with a speed of 1.8 km / s (1.1 mi). In addition, this vehicle has dimensions such as a length of 6.4 m (21 ft), and diameter of 0.65 m (2 ft 2 in), its long structure allows it to take the missiles and launch them at the enemy without losing the stability in the vehicle.

    These types of vehicles are usually purchased by extravagant collectors looking to add something different to their garages, but who have no aspiration to drive them.

    Because technology has advanced with respect to national security, this type of vehicle is already obsolete, which is why national defense departments begin to sell the old models to collectors or people interested in giving them a positive use. The Scarab Missile Launcher is currently on the market at a price of around $150,000, without adding the shipping cost in case we want to move it to another side of the continent.

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    Scud Missile Launcher

    Like the previous model, the Scud Missile Launcher was designed to launch missiles and move them to the battle point where they needed to face the enemy. This baby of Soviet origin was born in 1970 and was in service until 1990. It also has 4 variations that added more advanced modifications over the years.

    Among its most important characteristics which stand out are its length of 11.25 m (36.9 feet) with a diameter of 0.88 m (2 feet 11 in), and a single-stage liquid fuel engine. But like the Scarab Missile Launcher, these types of war vehicles have been discarded for their use because the type of technology with which they were manufactured is already very old and not adapted to current needs, that's why the government has put these war vehicles at the disposal of people who want to invest a few dollars in these classics of mechanical engineering.

    Currently, this vehicle has quite diverse market prices, because in the end it never reached its $300,000 reserve price so buyers can find it for much less than that, plus if we are lucky we can get one of these vehicles that include a Scud missile, real, though non-operational, captured by US military forces after the invasion of Kuwait.

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    Armstrong MT500

    Not all the vehicles used the war have been huge tanks that launch missiles or move hundreds of soldiers, there were also beauties like the Armstrong MT500. This motorcycle was manufactured by the British militia forces for use during the Falklands War in 1982, due to its power and the freedom of movement that it offered while the driver was behind the wheel. Subsequently, the production rights of the MT500 were sold to Harley Davidson.

    The MT500 is a collector's vehicle ideal for adrenaline lovers, comes equipped with a Rotax engine of 481.3 cc, is capable of reaching up to 32 horsepower and has a maximum speed of about 90 mph.

    This motorcycle has an ergonomic and even seductive design, and it moves well on and off the road. The MT500 comes in various models and although most are kickstart, we can still find models of electric start, equal to those that were used by the Canadian and Jordanian armies.

    However, the reality is that these motorcycles are difficult to find on the market, which is why they have become a treasure sought after by collectors. If we are lucky enough to find an MT500, the price is probably around $15,000 or more.

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    Chenowth Buggy

    For those who seek more power and are lovers of driving between the dunes, the Chenowth may be what they are looking for. The Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle is specially designed to move at high speeds between the dunes and was designed primarily for use during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to being equipped with Mk19 grenade launchers and an M2 Browning machine gun.

    This buggy offers a light structure according to military standards. The Chenowth is ideal for navigating between the dunes without being noticeable, allowing unimaginable speeds. It has a total weight of 3,500 pounds.

    The Chenowth has an engine of the German company Porsche gasoline or diesel of 160 hp and also has 4-wheel drive. While in terms of dimensions this buggy is approximately 13 feet long and 7 wide and allows up to 4 passengers inside the vehicle.

    If you enjoy being outdoors and driving at high speeds, this buggy can be an interesting option, besides the advantage of owning this type of vehicle is that although it is already considered obsolete by military standards, for collectors and lovers of automotive engineering there is always the possibility of modifying these vehicles and achieve maximize their potential with new parts. Currently, the prices of these vehicles on the market (without the grenades or missiles of the machine gun) are ranging from $10,000 to $30,000, depending on whether the vehicle is in excellent condition or not.

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    Alvis Stalwart

    There are too many things we can do with an Alvis Stalwart, this vehicle was manufactured primarily for military use between 1966 to 1980 by the British army. This vehicle is also known as "Stolly" and served as a vehicle to transport full-loads and soldiers in exercise. Besides, it was designed to face different types of terrain, although driving it on firm surfaces can damage the vehicle in the long term due to its conical gears.

    "Stolly" is an amphibious military vehicle that has 6 driving wheels, a hydraulic crane of 5 tons and a winch. On the other hand, it has deployable sides to facilitate placing the load inside the vehicle, it has an 8-cylinder Rolls Royce engine and is capable of towing up to 10 tons. In addition, it is capable of traveling at about 6 knots in the water thanks to its propulsion units, so it can become a very interesting acquisition especially for those who enjoy camping and being outdoors because it can be modified and adapted according to our needs.

    Generally, this type of amphibious vehicles are very sought after so we can expect to find them at prices around $30,000 dollars depending on the conditions of the vehicles.

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    The Gurkha offered the military market a different perspective between functionality, design, and performance. In addition, this war vehicle stole the attention of the audience when it made an appearance in the movie Fast 5, making many people wonder what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a vehicle of that level.

    This monster of Canadian origin was built by Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc. It has a lightly armored body with a rigid appearance that can be adapted to a gun turret if it's desired.

    The Gurkha, is a dream come true for lovers of motor engineering and cars for military use. Among its main features are its 6.7L Ford V8 turbo diesel engine, the Gurkha can reach speeds of up to 93 miles per hour. It weighs about 19,000 pounds and has a capacity to carry up to 8 people. To have a vehicle of this type we must pay around $300,000 minimum, because if we find vehicles with modifications or in better condition it may happen that their price would be higher. Nevertheless, if our pocket allows it, having a Gurkha in our garage can fill that whole that is missing in our collection.

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    via DIY garage

    The Unimog is one of those vehicles designed for military use that can be intimidating even with just seeing it. This vehicle was manufactured by Mercedes-Benz to transport troops from one place to another, such as command centers and ambulances. Besides, this vehicle arrived on the market in 1980 reaching around 2,500 copies in military camps, until it was withdrawn from the market in 1995.

    Among the main characteristics of this type of war truck are its power and the ability to operate in muddy terrain, snow and even deep water, avoiding getting stuck. In addition, it has a diesel engine, although it can vary according to the year. These vehicles are also available in different models with different useful load capacities, although we can also find them in 6x6 versions. For these reasons this vehicle can become an excellent option due to its wide range of commercial uses for transporting merchandise. In the case of wanting to acquire this type of vehicle, it is best to ensure the type of permit in the state in which we live before making the purchase, especially if we seek to use it for commercial purposes and not only as an acquisition of personal use. Regarding their prices, they vary according to the year and condition of the Unimog.

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    Willys Jeep

    The Willys Jeep is a classic of the United States Army, usually were 4-wheel drive vehicles that were manufactured during World War II, from 1941 to 1945, and allowed to mobilize soldiers from one side to another, being the first Army vehicles with a compact and light design, turning them into one of the cars with more diverse and versatile uses in the armed forces, even after the war was over.

    Among the main features of this Jeep are its 4-wheel drive, an inline 4 engine Willys L134 "Go Devil" 60 hp, with a suspension of live axles in leaf springs and a fuel capacity of 15 gals. In addition, this vehicle was the result of a long process of design and manufacture where the mechanical engineers in charge had the contribution of 3 companies, Ford, Willys, and Bantam. This Jeep has been one of the most iconic vehicles within the armed forces, in fact, after its success, it was taken out of commercial form for civilians adapted for regular needs. Although many vehicle hunters always look for the original versions due to their historical value and capabilities, their price can vary from $12,500 to more, it depends on the year, modifications it has and the condition of the vehicle.

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    Kaiser Jeep

    The Kaiser Jeep M715 is an American military vehicle with wheels inspired by the Jeep Gladiator. This vehicle went on the market in 1967 and was in service until 1969, with more than 33,000 copies around the entire United States. It has a 6-cylinder, a Warner T-98 manual transmission with 4 speeds, 132.5 hp horsepower and it's capable of reaching a top speed of 89 km / h. These cars also had a 24-volt electrical system using 2 batteries of 12 volts in series, while the brakes working on a 4-wheel hydraulic drum.

    However, these models presented enough problems to make the long-term durability not the most optimal and the launch of a new model, the Dodge M880, to the market was meant to optimize its performance.

    However, the Kaiser Jeep M715 is still a classic among military vehicles and car collectors enjoy adding them to their garages and trying to improve their long-term performance with more updated parts. This vehicle can be found in the market at a price of $ 24,900 may be a lower or higher price, it all depends on the year and conditions of the vehicle, but if you like old cars and challenges in the field of mechanical engineering, acquire an M715 can be a very interesting experience.

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    AM General Humvee

    The AM General Humvee is a classic military vehicle that came to market in 1984. Despite the fact that the times have changed and technology has advanced, the armed forces have vehicles much more powerful, safer and with more advanced technology than two decades ago, the Department of Defense is trying to replace this old warhorse, placing it on the market, so in that way, collectors or lovers of this type of vehicle would acquire them.

    The AM General Humvee has a 6.5L diesel engine with 185 hp and 330 lb.-ft. of torque, 16 inches of ground clearance and incredibly steep approach angles. This vehicle is also designed to be able to move on any type of terrain in the world and this is due to the fact that it has multi-purpose wheels of high mobility to adapt to any type of operation that the soldiers in exercise need to do. The Humvee is available in several models and types of body, since it was launch on the market at the beginning of 1980 it became one of the favorite models in vehicles by the armed forces due to its performance and practicality when they needed to mobilize. On the other hand, this vehicle is available from $6,000 till $40,000 depending on the year, engine, armor, and presence of bullet holes.

    Sources: americaloveshorsepower.com, thedrive.com, motor1.com, ranker.com

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