18 People Who Ruined Their Exotics With These Mods

The following is what happens when super rich people take super expensive cars and do something unimaginable.

Exotic cars can sometimes be the stuff dreams are made of. Having an exotic car takes a lot of money, and if you spent so much money on one thing, then why wouldn't you want to personalize it? In today's society, we identify how successful a person is based on what kind of car he or she drives. The chances of picking up a date decrease and increase based on what lights up when we click our keys. Having a tricked-out car means that you have enough money to buy the car in the first place, and it also means that you can afford mods, so double thumbs up to you.

The term "exotic" is used to define cars that have a number of characteristics that make it both rare and/or unique. A lot of cars that we would commonly see labeled as "exotic" can easily fall into other categories such as "supercars" or even "foreign" cars. What makes cars even more exotic is that they're cars that you don't see commonly. So, your everyday common-model foreign cars, such as BMWs or Audis, won't make this list.

Exotic cars force you to stop and stare at them as they drive down the road. They're works of art and are crafted in such a way that you can't help but appreciate the companies that build and manufacture them. While they come with a hefty price tag and can be extremely high maintenance, they're worth every bit of patience and money that they require. Here are 18 people who ruined their exotics with mods.

18 Bug-dipped Alfa Romeo 4C

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Alfa Romeos can be considered the unicorn of vehicles and are rarely seen on the road. This car and its bug-dipped wrap need to be squashed. The yellow-gold wheels are a nice touch to an already nice car. This wrap could have potential, but in this color scheme, it looks like the inside of a fly's eye.

The Alfa Romeo 4C was designed for both the track and for everyday use and driving.

Its base price starts at the lower end of $55,000, so it's more affordable than its exotic counterparts. The engine is an all-aluminum turbocharged 4-cylinder and can top out at 160 mph. With the Alfa Romeo's carbon-fiber architecture, wrapping this car in such an ugly color scheme robs the car of its natural beauty.

17 Rainbow Purrari

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This is one of the worst wraps that you'll ever see, and because of its bright color scheme, you can't miss it. The Ferrari is an Italian-made exotic sports car that has a history dating all the way back to the 1930s. Since the '30s, the car has built a reputation for both speed and appearance. Ferraris don't come cheap either and can easily start at over $180,000.

While this wrap can show the personality of the person driving the car, it also sheds a comical light on an otherwise serious car. Only those packing a lot of money and time can even afford to buy this car, let alone customize it.

16 Camouflage Porsche "Camomera"

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Camouflage rarely looks good on most things, and this Porsche Camomera isn't one of them. This camo car looks like something out of a kid's toy box and not at all like the powerhouse that it is. While driving a Porsche does indicate that you've achieved some measure of success, driving one wrapped in camo just shows that you have too much time and money on your hands.

Porsches' body styles easily give them away while driving, and while they're one of the more commonly seen cars on this list, seeing one like this is hopefully a rare occasion. Porsches are classic exotic cars that date back to 1948, when engineer Ferdinand Porsche wanted to design a car in his own ideal and image. While the car has surpassed all the success he could've imagined, this car definitely has not.

15 Gold-plated Audi R8

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Gold may be man's treasure, but wrapping your Audi in it just screams attention-seeking and tackiness. We all love gold and the attraction that it brings, but this is just overkill.

The Audi R8 already gets enough attention for the beauty of a machine that it is, so plating it in gold is completely overdoing it.

What makes it worse is that this car is extremely reflective as well. The only thing worse than being around a car that you find unattractive is having to see yourself in it as well (literally.) Audi is one of the car brands that we all admire for the unique and cool cars that they create. It's just truly a shame that this one had to be destroyed in the name of gold.

14 Leopard-print Audi R8

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Audi really knows how to make some gorgeous cars. Even their baseline cars are amazing and stunning. While leopard print by itself isn't a bad idea, wrapping your entire Audi R8 in it just downright doesn't look good. The Audi demands respect on the road, and with a base price of over $164,000, messing it up is honestly a hard thing to do. If you decided that you wanted to go with a cat print, then why not at least go with a cheetah?

The R8 can easily reach speeds of over 185 mph, so the exterior should at least match the power of the engine.

The "R" in "R8" stands for "racing," which is what this car is good at. Audi designed this vehicle to be unlike any of their other models. Not only is it unique in their lineup, but it can also hold a naturally aspirated V-10 engine that lets it go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.

13 Dragon-eyed Corvette

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There are so many questions as to why this gorgeous classic of a car is subjected to this paint job. The Corvette is a timeless and popular choice of car, and to defile it in this way is disrespectful. Dragons are a mythical and intriguing creature that, at some point, we all wanted to believe in, but this wasn't the way to pay homage to them.

Dragon-inspired art isn't an uncommon thing. People have placed dragons on their clothing, television, and bodies for centuries. Corvettes can be considered some of the most recognizable cars on this list. Without the dragon decal, this paint job could've passed as okay, but adding pieces of a poorly put together dragon on the hood is where the car went downhill.

12 "I Painted It Myself" Rust Corvette

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Doing DIY jobs on your car is definitely a go, but doing a horrible paint job like this on your Corvette is a definite no. Not only is the color bad and sloppy, but it also clearly isn't done professionally at all. There's no top coat or any protective barrier, and one scratch can easily ruin this paint job (as if you would even notice.) Unfortunately, another Corvette in this list bites the dust, and this time, it's death by DIY paint.

The Corvette itself is still in impeccable condition. Corvettes have won resale awards for their ability to hold value over time, so the choice of car here isn't the issue. Corvettes are some of the earliest everyday exotic cars that are accessible to the public because of their modest entry-price levels. Hopefully, this owner is able to sell this car, and the new owner will be able to regain some of the car's original pride back.

11 Paint-streak Dodge Viper

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This Dodge Viper looks like someone took various cans of paint and walked from one end of this car to the other. The colors are pastel and have no rhyme or reason and do nothing but ruin a beautiful car. The Dodge Viper came onto the car scene in 1989 during the Detroit International Auto Show. At the time, the Viper was considered unusual for its 8.0-liter V10 engine, which was unheard of. Now, it's still considered an incredible concept that's withstood the test of time.

Dodge Vipers have maintained their body style, and their maker only continues to make improvements with every model that comes out.

Viper owners know that they own a piece of art and muscle and have everything to be proud of. Maybe the car's 0-60-miles-per-hour-in-3.3-seconds timing will knock some sense into the painter of this car.

10 Gold-plated Porsche 911


Can we all agree that gold-plated cars are something that just shouldn't happen? What could've been a perfectly normal and attractive car has now been made into something that looks like a shiny eyesore. Porsche designs their cars so that you can look amazing without having to modify your car too much. Nothing screams "look at me" more than a loud car, and this car is yelling at the top of its lungs.

This Porsche 911 is a 2-door German-made convertible that starts at over $103,000.

Ever since being introduced in 1963, the car hasn't changed much in style and body. On the track, the 911 goes from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, and if that isn't impressive, then the 370 hp that it carries under the hood should be.

9 "Groovy '70s" Ferrari F430

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While the owner of this car may think he's paying homage to a revolutionary time in history, what he's really doing is making this car look horrible. This car doesn't have any pattern, and it doesn't make any sense. The colors are bright and loud, ruining a normally cool car. What makes the F430 so cool is that it's a car that was only manufactured from 2004-2009.

There are only 499 of these cars made, making them the definition of exotic and rare.

Most people will never see one of these cars in the wild because of their limited number in the world. Even today, this car pre-owned can still run over $100,000—almost the cost of a brand-new Ferrari.

8 "Snake Eyes And Scales" Bronze Mercedes-Benz AMG

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If the goal is to scare away everyone from looking at or going near your car, then this car has won the grand prize. Not only is it a repulsive rusty-orange, but it's also covered with "scales," and the headlights have been modified to resemble snake eyes. This car is an absolute disaster and is completely unnecessary.

What makes the Mercedes-Benz AMG different from other Mercedes models is its high-performance engine. The car has up to 577 hp, and the base cost is over $112,000. This car exudes luxury and is steps above its model counterparts.

7 Blue Bathing Ape Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

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Bathing Ape is a very recognizable brand that stands out because of its cool designs. The very thing that makes Bathing Ape great is the also the thing that makes this Mercedes-Benz G Class AMG ugly. What makes this car special is that it maintains Mercedes's luxury status but also includes a roaring engine that sets it apart from other Mercedes vehicles.

This Mercedes model is more expensive than other cars on this list with an entry price point of $180,000.

If you can afford this car, then you can afford to modify it, but this time, the modification could've been a lot better.

6 Purple 'N Gold Mercedes-Benz G Class AMG

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This G Wagon is nothing short of ugly and attention-seeking. Bright purple with gold trim is an incredibly tacky combination and can easily become hideous. G Wagons can be considered an accustomed taste themselves, as they have a body style unlike that of any other exotic car on this list, and this custom paint-job mod is not one that enhances the car's already unusual style.

The G-Wagon starts off at $123,000, making it a car that's out of the reach of most people. Included in that price tag is a vehicle that has a V8 bi-turbo engine that kicks out 416 hp. Mercedes has been working on the G-Wagon for the past 38 years, and every year, the models become more technologically advanced with features such as permanent AWD and handcrafted interior stitching.

5 "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" Mercedes-Benz G Class AMG

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This poor Mercedes looks like Christmas threw up and wrapped itself all over every inch of visible space on this car. This car could easily be perfectly fine if Santa was just left at the North Pole and not put on the car. G-Wagons are easily identifiable exotics that don't just look cool on the outside but also look amazing on the inside.

Mercedes pulled out all the stops when making this powerhouse of an SUV. The inside of the vehicle is lined with Nappa leather and carbon-fiber details that are all completed with hand-finished trims. All newer-model G-Wagons come equipped with AMG Speedshift 7-Speed Transmission, and you can choose between a V8 or a V12 engine.

4 "I'm Ready For My Tea" Plaid Maserati

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Unless you're inviting over the entire British fleet for an afternoon tea, then this car wrap is totally heinous. Not only does it take away from the Maserati, but it also just makes the car look cheap (which it's not!). The Maserati is nothing to turn your nose up to and the car doesn't disappoint.

The starting price of this car is over $70,000. and you can easily rack on more money with all the customizations that you can add on.

The trident on the front of the Maserati is actually a trident that's a symbol of Bologna. where the company was founded in 1914. The engines of Maserati are comparable to another exotic car on this list—the Ferrari—but come at a fraction of the cost.

3 "Hey There!" Reflective Maserati Quattroporte GTS

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If you wanted to constantly see yourself, then a mirror might've been more appropriate than wrapping your Maserati in a reflective mess. This mirror wrap is extremely distracting and can easily blind others on the road on a sunny day. The Maserati ranks high as a luxury vehicle, and when you're a total package, it's really easy to impress.

The starting price for the Maserati is $105,600, and it can have up to 523 hp.

The Quattroporte comes with either a twin-turbocharged V6 or V8 engine, and each car is complete with advanced driver assistance to ensure a safe cruise.

2 "Goodbye Kitty" Ferrari Fail

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Truly one of the ugliest cars on this list is this Hello Kitty-inspired Ferrari. The hot-pink and large big-headed cat cartoons plastered all around the car are wrong with another side of wrong. Ferraris are regarded as a car that maintains a good resale value throughout the life of the car, so there's still hope for this car to be resold and have a chance at a normal existence.

Driving a Ferrari is comparable to driving a Picasso on wheels. The car is absolutely gorgeous and has gone through decades of readjusting to make it the best that it can be. Whether on the track or on the street, the Ferrari melts hearts wherever it goes.

1 "I'm Gonna Eat You Alive" Shark Ferrari

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Making it as #1 on this list is the most ruined Ferrari found on the web: this gold-plated shark-detail Ferrari. Adding gold plating to your car makes it obnoxious, but then, to add smiling shark teeth to top it off? Complete catastrophe. To spend over a hundred thousand on a car and completely ruin it with a horrible paint job is insanity.

This Ferrari deserved a lot better. Ferraris make the exotic car world go round, and no exotic car collection would be complete without adding one to your garage. Just make sure to not ruin yours with a horrible paint job and modifications that make the rest of us on the road want to scream.

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