17 Pics Of Bulletproof Off-Roaders Tougher Than A Hummer

Here's a list of 17 ATVs and off-roaders that surpass Hummers in any and all types of situations.

Much as the name suggests, an all-terrain vehicle is a type of vehicle made for driving on (and through) any and all terrains. A good ATV can take you anywhere, making it the most efficient kind of vehicle for any weather or situation. There are many kinds of ATVs and off-roaders. They could be the quad cycle type, four-wheeled vehicles or monster trucks that have monstrous wheels. ATVs today are used for off-road trips and competitions as well as carrying military equipment. ATVs can also be modified with lots of upgrades, armor, advanced technology and so on. What’s more exciting about these vehicles is that they surpass almost all the luxury and lavish cars on the market today in terms of performance, looks, and features.

Armored cars are being modified for the purpose of running on any terrain where it could be useful for operations or rescue duties. Thus, ATVs are very important. Most people nowadays look for old, rugged cars which can be modified into another form and are not heavy in the pocket. While the rich ones prefer newer models that have better features and advanced tech. Here is a checklist of SUVs, ATVs, and armored cars that have been used on any terrain and in all kinds of situations. These cars surpass the Hummer and any other AT vehicles.

17 Sherp ATV

Via Design Boom

First up is the Sherp ATV designed in collaboration with Alexei Garagashyan. It has an incredible look which can be described as nothing short of monstrous. With huge wheels, it can do more than any other car models. It is capable of running on all kinds of roads and even icy lakes.

This tank-like ATV can swim in water without a hitch due to the help of its tires.

What is best about this car is the price. You can personally buy it right now for below $50,000. No need for other brands when you've got this baby to play around with.

16 Renault Sherpa

Via YouTube

The Renault Sherpa is a type of modified Humvee that's perfect for any occasion. This army vehicle car is available for purchase but by special order and in certain countries only. What you get with this hot rod is its fully armored body powered by a 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed automatic transmission running 215 horsepower.

It can even outrun some luxury sports cars in the old and modern era of vehicles.

The Renault Sherpa can be modified into a plain pickup truck or wagon by removing its armor, but doing so would depend on the taste of the driver.

15 GAZ Tigr

via getty images

The GAZ Tigr growls with its look, size, and body while maintaining the Humvee design and ATV purpose. The GAZ was manufactured in the land of Russia, much like the Sherpa ATV. The vehicle serves as an army vehicle for the government of Russia.

Purchasing this type of ATV can be either expensive or require a lot of paperwork due to some government restrictions. On the other hand, having a GAZ Tigr as a civilian ATV can be an awesome ride without its armor but replaced with leather seats and a loud bass sound system.

14 Mobius II SUV

via hiconsumption

The Mobius II SUV is a Kenyan vehicle trekking around the lands of Eastern Africa. The Mobius is the only leading company and car manufacturer in Kenya. Having its compact design it can compete with other vehicles on the road wherein this sports ATV can be used without a hitch.

The 4x4 build of the Mobius II was based on Jeep Wrangler, and Land Rovers where they have been identical in the looks but not in performance and features. The Mobius II is now available for buying in selected countries, the United States included, so it's a good idea to look for this one.

13 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4x4

Via AutocarSpec.com

Everybody knows that the Jeep Wrangler is a 4x4 off-road vehicle taking different kinds of unparalleled terrain anytime and anywhere. This ATV machine may be old in its age but still good and performing hard with the engine.

Having a modern release in 2007, it can still compete with some ATVs in the market having the same performance and power.

The sporty utility vehicle has been modified and customized through its years on the spotlight. Others equipped it with bigger tires rather than the usual size but still maintained its body. With the power of its AMC S-6 engine and 6-speed manual transmission, it will never disappoint you on the road.

12 Can-Am Maverick 1000R

via youtube

The Can-Am Maverick 1000R is an all-terrain vehicle providing comfort, control, and adjustability on all roads. Powered with its Rotax 1000r it can produce up to 121 horsepower with an additional 10 percent to help its engine performance. With the use of its ergonomic wheels and suspension the Can-Am Maverick can run almost all bumpy roads.

Having its encapsulated cockpit cage body, the driver and passenger can feel the vehicle's every move while driving. Its lightweight body can be upgraded with several modifications and colors to choose from to best suit anyone's taste. The Can-Am Maverick really proves itself to be a true companion of an adventurist.

11 Conquest Knight XV

Via Madwhips

The Conquest Knight XV is defined as ultra-luxurious full body armored SUV while having the looks of a military vehicle and a badass black matte paint job. Powered by a massive V10 turbo engine and 5-speed torque shift automatic transmission this beast can produce 326 horsepower.

With a luxurious interior and exterior to boot, there isn't much more you could ask for

Featuring its security technology and a fully armored body, it is way more advanced than any other SUVs in the market today. With only 100 units being manufactured word wide this baby is sure to become a rare collectors' item for car lovers.

10 Lada Niva

via lada

The Lada Niva is a rugged 4x4 off-road sporty vehicle identical to the famous Wrangler Jeep. This old style vehicle has been tested over time with its current use as an ambulance, army vehicle, and even a police car. Though its production days have ended, some second-hand units are still available for purchase.

The Lada Niva is popular for its rugged looks and is perfect for trekking and rallying. The Lada Niva is also compared to Renault vehicles due to its engine performance and other features. This vehicle is a great fit on muddy roads and bumpy terrains.

9 Yamaha Wolverine X4 SE

Via Dirtywheelsmag

Yamaha Motors is famous for its motorcycle brands and other models, but when something like this four-wheel vehicle capable of running dirt tracks and muddy terrains comes out, they prove that they aren't just a one trick pony. The Yamaha Wolverine X4 SE is a small size ATV useful in many kinds of situations and tight conditions.

It is a combination of off-road riding style along with the comfort and capability for taking on all kinds of roads.

Matched with perfect paint jobs that can be chosen in different colors combinations, it is also packed with lots of modifications and upgrades and is fully customizable for any needs.

8 Avtoros Shaman

Via Motor1

The Avtoros Shaman is one of the biggest armored cars being manufactured and is insanely designed due to its attached 8 wheels. This Russian made vehicle is capable of taking any conditions like snow, ice, swamps, deep rivers and other kinds of terrain roads. This beast is a bear in the woods having a 9 feet tall build and able to carry 12 passengers at a time.

This might not be your ordinary ATV but it's a monster for every situation you come across. Its fully armored body and interior are also extremely awesome. There is nothing that can compare to this 8-wheeled monster truck.

7 The Huron

Via YouTube

The Huron is an armored vehicle also in line with other ATV capable of taking all kinds of roads and conditions. This is an armored vehicle that offers full protection to both the driver and passengers and is perfect for any dangerous situations.

This huge vehicle is mostly used for convoy protection and law enforcement duty.

The Huron can be almost compared to the Hummer Limousine release but it is more striking and angrier in looks and features. It can endure high level attacks. The most exciting part about it is that clients can put up a roof mounted turret for special needs.

6 Conquest Evade

Via Cardekho

The Conquest Evade is the definition of luxury, elegance, armor, and just plain coolness. It was based on the Ford F550 but modified its body with a tank-like design, though the armor is not really a typical armored body but aluminum steel blended with a military design.

The Conquest Evade is the cousin to the Knight XV. Featuring its high technology equipment and spacious cabin makes this beast all purpose on any road it takes. In Addition to the technology, the Evade offers the driver and passenger full touchscreen displays.

5 Terradyne Gurkha

Via Diesel Army

The Terradyne Gurkha a Humvee-like military vehicle built also on Ford F550 just like the Conquest Evade but the most exciting thing about the Gurkha is the fact that it comes with four variants to choose from. The first variant is the LAPV which is only exclusive for government uses, law enforcement duties and/or medical vehicle. The second option is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle which can be used for operational jobs like SWAT and rescue. Third on the list is the RPV used for military operations and carrying military equipment. And lastly, the RPV Civilian Edition which individuals like you can use for off-road driving.

4 Range Rover

Via Truck Trends

The Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most popular SUVs in the automotive market today and its evolution has been a trademark of the iconic luxury SUV. It is powered with a V8 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission and this baby has undergone lots of modifications.

The Range Rover has a coupe version wherein the design has a sportier style making it more classy and luxurious.

The Range Rover may have undergone many struggles (including critics that say it is a complicated too costly vehicle) but it is still worth the price when driven compared to any Hummer.

3 Plasan Yagu

Via Design Listicle

The Plasan Yagu is an armored car equipped with artillery and manufactured for army combat and operations. The body was based on the Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 but has lighter body weight and a more compact cabin.

This all-terrain vehicle fully equipped with a firearm can replace a tank that is bigger and slower for operations.

The Plasan Yagu features full body armor that can penetrate smaller weapon attacks. In addition to that, it has remote controlled roof-mounted artillery and a drone for tracking. With a lighter weight, it has a cheaper price than a Humvee but better precision and control while driving. Want a Batmobile? Why not get a Plasan Yagu?

2 Karlmann King

Via Karlmann King

The Karlmann King is an armored SUV with a unique look and design. It's powered by a V10 engine making 360 horsepower and a 6-speed automatic transmission. With its diamond cut style, this could be a perfect collectors' item for the car enthusiast.

The Karlmann is an armored SUV with sporty style painted in matte-black, which makes it one of the coolest SUVs money can buy.

The asking price is $1 million which is too expensive for most people but worth every penny considering the experience, luxury, comfort, and protection it can give.

1 GMC Sierra All Terrain X

via cardinale gmc

Pickup trucks can be added to the list as long as the all-terrain purpose is present while having a sporty design. Pumping with its V8 engine it can produce 365 horsepower taking down other modern performance cars.

With the help of its 18 inch wheels and off-road suspension, it can take any kinds of terrain anytime.

Matching with a contemporary and sporty look it is perfect for any trips and roads. This can outmatch the Hummer H2 in all aspects with the same (or lesser price) and better features. The GMC Sierra should be added to the options when looking for an ATV.

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