18 Reasons Why Car Buyers Should Avoid Buying A Ford

Originally founded by Henry Ford in 1903, the Ford Motor Company is one of the most successful companies, as well as the most innovative, in the world. Known for its early methods of large-scale manufacturing, Ford was the first motor vehicle company to introduce mass production. In the beginning, the company would produce three or four cars each day while at its factory in Detroit, Michigan. The cars would be worked on by just two or three men and assembled from parts mostly supplied by companies contracting for Ford. The business was extremely successful, and within ten years, it was the leading company of the assembly-line concept. The world of business had most definitely changed.

However, things soon changed, and during the beginning of the 21st century, the financial crisis nearly pushed the company into bankruptcy. By 2005, Ford was a shadow of its former self due to high healthcare costs for an aging workforce, huge gas prices, and a large decrease in profit margins. Something needed to be done, so "The Way Forward" was announced, a concept which included remodeling the company to match market realities, getting rid of unprofitable and inefficient models, closing 14 factories, and cutting a whopping 30,000 jobs. The plan worked, and Ford found itself back up there with the best. But did it really work that easily? No, not really. Here are 20 reasons why you shouldn't buy a Ford.

18 Ugliest Things Ever Invented

The Ford Scorpio was produced by Ford from 1985 to 1998 and is one of the most notorious of the Ford canon. A big hit with businessmen and women alike, the Scorpio was sold as an executive car and was regenerated a whopping two times. Why? Who knows? But it was the second generation of the model that created the most controversy and was immediately mocked for the way it looked. Famed for its bulbous headlights and narrow tail lights, the car was pitched as being "ahead of its time", "quirky", and "different in a good way." The media disagreed and labeled the car as having, "a stupid grin" and a "droopy nose." Strangely, Ford never released the name of the Scorpio's designer and still, to this day, maintain that the unknown designer was "very proud" of his or her work. Yeah right...

17 The Ford Pinto Exploded

The Ford Pinto was a car manufactured by Ford during the early '70s and the early '80s.

Extremely popular on its release, a massive three million Pintos were produced over its ten-year run.

However, things soon turned sour when the safety reputation of the Pinto was called into question after a number of faults were discovered. It was the fuel tank, in particular, that attracted the most attention after several deadly and lethal fires were related to the faulty function. Ford was accused of already knowing that the cars held unsafe tanks but refused to change the fuel tank due to high costs. The fuel-tank issues eventually led to a recall in the cars as well as lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and public controversy.

16 They're Unreliable Cars

Everyone knows Ford vehicles aren't the most reliable cars in the world, especially when you look at the company's history. W

hen looking for a new car, it's important that you look at the reliability, and Ford has been consistently low on reliability surveys.

But why? Several of the company's standout cars, such as the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta, have often scored low on the reliability scale, citing problems with cooling fans, car leaks, and in-car entertainment as major issues. Yes, these problems may not apply to all of the cars that Ford produces, but they might be something to question or look out for if you're buying a second-hand model or even interested in the company itself. Reliability is key, remember!

15 The Ford Edsel 

The Ford Edsel is now known as the biggest commercial failure in car history, with the name "Edsel" a popular symbol for when something goes very wrong. Developed and manufactured by Ford during the years 1958 and 1960, the Edsel was expected to be extremely successful. In fact, Ford had so much faith in the model that they invested in a yearlong teaser campaign that led customers to believe that the Edsel was the car of the future. It wasn't, and the Edsel was immediately labeled ugly, overpriced, and overhyped. Sadly, due to how unpopular the car was, Ford lost a whopping $250 million on the Edsel's development, manufacturing, and marketing. Do you really want to do business with a car company that doesn't know its customers?

14 They Make The Worst Sound

There are only two kinds of people who like to drive noisy cars: those who like to draw attention to themselves and those who... like to draw attention to themselves. There's nothing worse than being unable to hear yourself think while cruising the highway, serenaded by what sounds like a bag of hammers coming from your engine.

The Ford Focus has had its fair share of problems over the years, especially with regard to noise.

That's right—with the engine said to sound like a broken airplane, several customers have complained that the noise is on the verge of unbearable. But that's not all—Ford’s diesel engines are also reported to be extremely ear-shattering, too, due to the unique way in which they're built. The engines have more power, which not only increases the noise but also the vibration and irritation. We prefer the quiet life, thanks.

13 They're Rust Buckets 

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The cancer of cars, rust is an absolute nightmare to get rid of and an even bigger nightmare to prevent.

According to a new study, the Ford Fiesta is the car that's most likely to rust, with the largest number of models in the used-car market damaged by the pesky disease.

In fact, the Fiesta wasn't the only Ford model on the list, with the Ford StreetKa also placing in the top ten. And yes, sometimes a little bit of rust may seem like just a cosmetic issue, but that tiny bit of orange speck is actually pretty dangerous. Rust on a car can eat away at its most vital components as well as compromise the structure and the safety of the vehicle. So, if you do have rust in or on your car, the best way to handle it is with proper treatment and to basically just avoid Ford altogether.

12 Dangerous Cars On The Road

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Ford has had its fair share of dangerous and terrifying cars, from the Model T Ford and its zero front brakes to the Ford Pinto and its rupturing gas tank. But it was the Ford Bronco II that really takes the top spot for the most dangerous car ever. Based on the Ford Ranger pickup, the Bronco was one of the most popular cars of the '90s as well as being instrumental in the SUV craze at the time. However, although it was popular, the car had its faults, highlighted when it was discovered that over 70 people a year were killed due to their Broncos rolling over and killing all those inside. The car had the highest rollover fatality rate of any vehicle tested at the time, so the vehicle was rapidly replaced by the longer and sturdier wheelbase Ford Explorer.

11 They're Uncomfortable Rides 

These days, we spend more time behind the wheel than ever before, so it's important to feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible when driving. Traffic is also much worse than it was in the past, so the chances of sitting in the same seat for hours and hours is high. Sadly, Ford seems to have forgotten that our cars are basically our second homes and have some of the most uncomfortable features ever.

From tiny interiors to even smaller seats, it's the headrests that have generated the most anger, with customers complaining that they're consistently jammed forward.

In fact, some reports have claimed that they've been unable to roll them forward or backward and that they're only height adjustable, leading to an uncomfortable ride for the majority of Ford's customers.

10 Lack Of Speed

When we think of speed, we automatically think of flying down the highway, breaking speed limits and feeling the wind in our hair. However, driving slow can just be as dangerous, with some slow drivers often accused of causing as many accidents as those who drive fast. But what about slow cars? Ford motor vehicles have often been the target of cruel jabs with regard to their speed, especially when it comes to its famed and beloved Ford Fiesta. Known for its sluggish gears and limp acceleration, Ford's signature car is also its slowest as well as its most tedious. And if that wasn't bad enough, Ford Fiesta sales are also slow, with records indicating the face of Ford may well be on its way out. Good riddance!

9 Breaking Down

When it comes to buying a car, drivers want to be safe in the knowledge that they're choosing a reliable and durable vehicle. However, Ford seems unable to produce such quality cars and, year after year, finds itself languishing on the "Least Reliable List." That's right—even Ford's crowning achievement, the Ford Focus, has its faults and was revealed to be one of the least reliable cars of 2017. Reported to have a number of problems such as low speeds, a wonky transmission, uncomfortable seating, and an underpowered 123-horsepower 1.0-liter engine, the Ford Focus is surprisingly still regarded as one of Ford's best. And one of the worst? The Ford Explorer, of course, which is sixteen times more likely to kill the occupants of another motor vehicle in a car crash than a standard family car. Yikes.

8 They're Boring 

Ford may be the most famous car brand in the world, it's far from the most exciting. Not exactly hitting the number one spot in design, Ford has a talent for producing boring cars. Take the Ford Festiva/Aspire, for example, a car first designed by Mazda only to end up in the hands of Ford and labeled "ugly" with "unimpressive features" and "performance specs."

The Ford Fiesta is still the same old small unattractive and boring little car today as it was upon its release, and the Ford Escort just keeps receiving makeover after makeover without any real change at all.

Yes, Ford may be one of the innovators of car design, but it's never really been one for blowing our minds with ample vehicle bodywork and classy sleek appearance. Basic.

7 Money

Henry Ford is often referred to as a pioneer of the car industry, a man who changed the world, an innovator, a businessman, and an inventor. However, was Ford really all he claimed to be? Yes, he may have been extremely business savvy, but Ford was also a bit of a scumbag. The inventor of the assembly line, Ford lived for cheap materials, so much so that the cars he made during the beginning of his reign were notorious for being death traps as well as broken pieces of metal. Exceptionally influential among his peers in the industrial world of motor vehicles, Ford was also outspoken politically. In fact, Ford often caused controversy with regard to his anti-Semitic views and writing, something that earned him and the company an enormous amount of criticism throughout his life.

6 They Don't Care About The Environment

A green car, otherwise known as a "clean vehicle," is an environmentally friendly car that's less harmful to the environment. Green cars can be powered by alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies and include things such as hybrid electric cars, plug-in hybrid electric cars, and battery cars. However, although Ford has released a number of environmentally friendly automobiles, when compared to their rivals, the number seems extremely limited.

In fact, the industry's least environmentally friendly car is Ford's full-size E-Series van, which has been reported as being extremely bad for air pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions.

And Ford's dirtiest? The F-150 pickup, of course. A car that uses a four-speed transmission and a four-wheel drive to really crush home those pollutants, the pickup also produces emissions through the use of its large tire size and body weight.

5 They Had An Affiliation To Hitler

Henry Ford was known for his pacifism throughout World War I and his reluctance to label Germany the bad guys. Ford also had some extreme anti-Semitic views that have somewhat stuck to his image ever since. Then, in 1922, it was reported that a portrait of Henry Ford hung in the Munich office of Adolf Hitler, who was apparently a huge fan of the car tycoon. Hitler also went on to acknowledge Ford in his book Mein Kampf and was said to be a "great admirer of Ford's and would do his best to put his theories into practice in Germany." After the war, the leader of the Nazi labor organization German Labor Front, Robert Ley, wrote to Henry Ford from his prison cell in Nuremberg, and several Nazi engineers used the Ford brand of business as a template for their own methods of production. It seems the two have a history.

4 They've Had To Recall So Many Cars

In 2018, the Ford Fusion was called into question after it had been revealed that the steering wheel had kept coming off. Ford quickly recalled a whopping 1.4 million vehicles and was left extremely embarrassed. However, this wasn't the first time, with the car company having a history of recalling dodgy models due to lax technology. That's right—between 1976 and 1980, Ford somehow managed to produce the largest recall to date with more than 21 million vehicles recalled due to a safety defect in the transmission system. The issue caused more than 6,000 accidents, 1,700 injuries, and 98 deaths and lost Ford a number of customers as well as advertisers. Then during the late '80s, Ford messed up again by installing dodgy ignition switches that led to overheating and fires. The incident cost the car giant a mighty $200 million.

3 They Treat Their Employees Badly

Henry Ford remains a controversial figurehead to this day, especially with regard to his private life and how he treated his employees. Yes, he doubled the minimum wage and famously paid his staff $5 a day. But at what cost? Ford needed employees, and he needed them fast; his cars were becoming popular, and he needed to replicate an even bigger workforce.

Strangely, Ford managed to hire more than 50,000 people despite having less than 15,000 on the payroll at any one time.

Factory work was boring, long, and extremely dangerous. Sure, it may have paid well at the time, but was it really worth risking your arm for? Plus, only the select few were awarded the famed $5, with the pay rise only available if you acquired certain standards. For example, women weren’t allowed, unless they were single and had to support their children, and men weren’t eligible unless their wives worked at home in the kitchen. Basically, nobody got the extra dollars.

2 They Have A Bad Reputation 

It takes a long time to undo a bad reputation; just ask Chris Brown. Ford has been involved in some bad press for a long time and is now regarded as having one of worst reputations in the car industry. Plus, it doesn't help that Henry Ford was such a jerk. Despite passing away in 1947, Ford still manages to deter people away from his company due to his anti-Semitism and questionable theories on life. And it only gets worse. Not only does Ford recall a number of its cars, but it also regularly admits to several issues with regard to its vehicles' problems. From engine issues to system leaks to headlight problems, Ford recently opened an investigation on the EcoBoost V-6 engines after 95 complaints of stumbling or stalling under acceleration were logged in 2011. Do you really want to buy a car from a company that has a reputation as bad as this one?

1 Ford Stands For (Found On Road Dead)

The Ford Motor Company may be one of the most famous car brands in the entire world, but that doesn't stop it from being made fun of. That's right—generating a number of car acronyms, the letters of F.O.R.D. have been interpreted in many different ways, and none of them are good. In fact, Ford probably has the most negative acronyms of all car brands, with some of them really holding no punches with regard to what people really think. Here are some of our favorites...

  • Freak Only Runs Downhill: "I got a Ford. Let me guess—that freak only runs downhill."
  • Found On Road Dead
  • Fixed Or Repaired Daily
  • Fudged (or another F word that sounds quite similar) On Race Day
  • Factory-Ordered Road Disaster
  • Failure Of Research & Development
  • Flipped-Over Russian Dune Buggy

Now, surely, these are bad omens to buy a Ford, right?

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