18 Sad Pictures Of People Who Tried Building Their Own 4x4s

A four-wheel drive, also known as a 4x4, refers to a vehicle that has a two-axled drivetrain capable of supplying torque to all its wheels simultaneously. The supply may be permanent or on demand and is usually linked to a transfer case that provides an additional output driveshaft, as well as gear ranges, in most cases. When the vehicle supplies torque to both axles, drivers experience a more powerful drive, as well as support for getting out of sticky situations when the vehicle is trapped in mud or exposed to inhospitable terrains. A four-wheel drive also serves as a safety feature while on the road, as the vehicle has more traction than a vehicle that supplies torque to only one axle. Although a four-wheel drive has its perks, it works best on large vehicles such as SUVs and pickups that prominent car manufacturers built. When some people decide to build a 4x4 in the garage, the end product is usually bad. Building a 4x4 is a skill that requires years of practice, which the 4x4 do-it-yourselfers on our list lack. To find out how difficult it is to build a 4x4, we ventured into the garages of homeowners who thought they had the necessary skills. We discovered 18 do-it-yourselfers who built such bad 4x4s that they shouldn't have permission to call their vehicles as such.

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18 Golden Era

via Rire En Boite

The Opel GT is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive, and two-seat sports car that Opel made for two generations, separated by a 34-year hiatus. The owner of this vehicle was unsatisfied with the rear-wheel drive and wanted the vehicle to power all four wheels. He installed the body of the Opel GT on monster truck tires and supplied torque to all four wheels. Apart from the design of the Opel GT not suiting the big tires, the owner chose a 1978 engine to power this massive vehicle. The four-wheel drive may help the driver in mud, but this car is slow on the road.

17 Copycat

via Youtube

Ruining a car is easy, and maintaining its value is difficult. Some vehicle owners aren't content with the standard model and try to modify it to suit their needs. The owner of this vehicle wanted to make a vehicle that resembled a Jeep Cherokee. Although he got most of the design correct, he's missing doors and back seats. The car has limited safety features, so the ride off-road will be extra bumpy. No safety belts mean that you can fall out of the vehicle anytime, especially as the vehicle doesn't have any doors. Stay away from the vehicle for your good.

16 Batcart

via Movies.com

The Dark Knight drives a Tumbler, which is the coolest vehicle I've seen. This fan of the movie is also a golf enthusiast who wanted to drive a cart on the golf track but also wanted it to resemble Batman's vehicle. The result of his efforts is the Batcart, which resembles the Tumbler and is a four-wheel drive.

Although a 4x4 and a Tumbler lookalike, the Batcart doesn't provide the performance of the Tumbler and won't intimidate The Joker.

The effort is noble, but the product is laughable. This do-it-yourselfer should've tried to make a Tumbler instead.

15 Overproportioned

via Pinterest

Many Corvette enthusiasts state the car is underrated. While many people may agree, the one thing they wouldn't try to do is enhance the vehicle, literally. The American manufacturer made the Corvette as a performance vehicle intended for the race track. The owner of this vehicle wanted to add more muscle to the Corvette by fitting big tires and feeding both axles with torque. The car looks like a tractor with a cramped cabin. By building the vehicle as an oversized 4x4, the owner has given Corvette a bad name. Corvettes belong on the race track, not plowing in the field.

14 Back To The Drawing Board

via Dorkly

If you watched Back To The Future, you're forgiven for thinking that the DeLorean is a performance vehicle. The car has a bigger bark than its bite, as this so-called speed demon is slow.

The owner of the vehicle realized that the car couldn't deliver speed and thought that installing a four-wheel drive would make the vehicle faster.

The only thing that this do-it-yourselfer got right is converting a bad vehicle into an terrible one. If you want to make the DeLorean slower, fit big tires on the vehicle, and make it a 4x4.

13 Old Fashioned

via Rat Rod

When some do-it-yourselfers decide to build a 4x4, their creativity produces a vehicle that looks like a Beetle on steroids and with tractor wheels. Although this do-it-yourselfer made a vehicle that's a four-wheel drive, he has nothing to be proud of, as the car looks ugly. The wheels are too big for the car's body, and driving it on the road is almost impossible, as the car doesn't fit into a lane. Finding parking for the vehicle is a nightmare. Perhaps, the owner intends to use it only on the ranch, as he has attached two massive towing hooks.

12 Strap On

via Pinterest

Building a 4x4 to make it the ultimate off-road vehicle is difficult. The builder needs to consider numerous aspects of the vehicle while designing it to be practical and comfortable. This invention may be able to handle the dirt road but isn't the most comfortable or the safest vehicle. If you get behind the wheel, make sure you have your helmet on and the door locked, as the cramped interior can send you flying out of the vehicle. Fitting two people into the vehicle will be challenging. At least, the front of the vehicle is padded to protect engine damage from rocks.

11 The Terminator

via People.ru

The people of Russia are known for building some of the most extravagant and powerful weapons. This do-it-yourselfer wanted to ensure that he was well protected in case anybody invaded his turf, so he decided to build a vehicle suitable for conditions that the Terminator would endure. The vehicle is the ultimate fighting machine, which can handle just about any terrain, can protect against most weapons, and is fun to drive. To ensure that the driver is protected, the do-it-yourselfer built a long front panel in case anybody smashed into the vehicle. The car is impractical for the road and looks strange.

10 Limousine

via xedoisong.vn

Sometimes, bigger is better. Producing a standard 4x4 isn't good enough for some do-it-yourselfers who want to show off their creativity. The owner of this homemade 4x4 wanted to drive in style, so he decided to build a limousine by attaching a bed to a prolonged cabin. The owner intended to make a luxurious vehicle but ended up with a tacky product that most people would be embarrassed to use. If the do-it-yourselfer had opted to build a pickup truck, the result would've fared better.

9 Miniature Version

via Pinterest

In most instances, when people build a 4x4, they use a large body, as they plan to drive the vehicle on unpleasant roads and want the torque feeding into both axles to make the vehicle more powerful.

The owner of this homemade 4x4 made his vehicle small and fitted only one seat into the cabin—probably a good idea, considering the risk of driving this vehicle.

The builder fitted basic parts into the vehicle but ensured that the torque fed into both axles to make this miniature vehicle powerful.

8 Tractor

via Yandex

Sometimes, a project doesn't go according to plan. When do-it-yourselfers embark on a project that involves making a vehicle with all the standard parts, they may realize that the job is too big for them. This do-it-yourselfer intended to build a perfect tractor but failed to include the key parts. Surprisingly, the tractor is a 4x4 but is missing a steering wheel and numerous safety features. The tractor is mobile, but we wouldn't dare sit on the desk chair to maneuver this vehicle. We cannot think of a use for this vehicle. Perhaps, kids can use it on weekends as a toy to use for fun.

7 Tent

via Yesterday's Tractors

The only way to describe this vehicle is to dub it 'The Tent on Wheels.' If you want to go away for a weekend trip to the forest and need a sleeping spot, this vehicle could be useful. When the do-it-yourselfer built the vehicle, he wanted to keep things simple and not overcomplicate the building process. He succeeded in producing a vehicle that's simple yet bad. Besides exposing himself to risk when he drives in the vehicle, he'll also get mud on himself and experience an uncomfortable ride from the low seats.

6 Good Ol' Gramps

via Youtube

Providing a good life for your family is important, and their safety is of the utmost importance. Grandpa wanted to provide a thrilling ride for the grandchildren. The result of the efforts to satisfy one's family, in this instance, is a vehicle that's a combination of a tractor and a cart. While the kids may think that the ride is cool, their lives are in danger by sitting in the cart. Grandpa may have the best intentions at heart by providing a fun ride but should be careful that the kids don't fall out of the cart. Maybe the invention would be better if the back was a cabin.

5 Monster Of A Truck

via Star Car Central

We've already featured the Batcart, but the madness doesn't end there, as one do-it-yourselfer wanted to show Batman what he was missing out on by not driving a Bat Monster Truck. Although Batman would be impressed by the size and the power of the vehicle, the design of the vehicle would appall him. Considering the vehicle is tough and will intimidate criminals, maybe a police force can incorporate the vehicle in its fleet, but Batman needs a vehicle that'll allow him to keep a low key.

4 Road Hazard

via Kamoka

When do-it-yourselfers lack knowledge and creativity in building a 4x4, they produce a vehicle that's a hazard. This do-it-yourselfer wanted to install as many features on the small vehicle while making it reliable and practical. He wanted to fit an air con in the vehicle as well as use it to do manual labor. The vehicle doesn't look roadworthy, and the do-it-yourselfer should keep it in his yard if he wants to avoid getting a ticket. Some owners should stick to their day job and not try to build a 4x4 that doesn't have any use.

3 The Roadster

via Daily Mail

A designer in Russia has revealed a mini monster truck that can handle any terrain and will intimidate your enemies. Although the mini monster truck has an ugly design, it isn't cheap. If you want to buy the vehicle, be prepared to part with $65,000. The vehicle plows through water, snow, and ice, is eleven feet long, and climbs over obstacles that are up to 27 inches high. The diesel engine pumps out 44 horsepower and allows the vehicle to reach a top speed of 27.9 mph on land and 3.7 mph in water. Although it has many uses, this roadster costs far too much for its ugly design.

2 Snowmobile

via Popular Science

Shoveling the snow with a spade is old school. Snowmobiles have helped us avoid the arduous task of clearing snowy roads. Some people are discontent with using a bulldozer to shovel the snow and want to do it in style. This builder had the right idea of building a unique snowmobile but forgot to focus on the most important aspect: shoveling the snow. The way he designed the vehicle prohibits him from seeing the snow, and the shovel is too small to get the job done properly. The rims on the vehicle look terrible, and so does the cabin.

1 Skinned To The Bone

via Panda Restaurant

The point of building a vehicle that has torque powered into both axles is to make it stronger. This do-it-yourselfer got creative and built a vehicle that looks like it cannot move from its spot. Although the car has a smashed cabin, flat tires, and not much else, it's still a 4x4. But what use is the four-wheel drive when the tires are flat? Driving this vehicle is a serious risk, as the car doesn't have seatbelts and looks so fragile that a Smart car could cause damage to it. Don't accept a ride in this vehicle.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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