18 Super Weird Things People Did To Motorcycles

You have most probably come across a few automobile enthusiasts over the years. Some of them like collecting classic cars or motorcycles while others like to go for the more exotic stuff. Whatever their interest might be, there is no denying the fact that there are more than a few communities out there. Another hobby that some of these people tend to enjoy is that of making modifications to their favorite vehicles, be it a car or motorcycle. This not only allows them to create something unique but also express their creativity.

Mods are usually divided into two major categories, appearance mods and performance mods. As it is quite evident from the name, performance mods focus on making your car perform better, while appearance mods are the ones that make your vehicle really stand out. "Ricer" is a term used very commonly for people who usually end up putting ridiculous looking mods on their cars, mostly Hondas but this isn't only limited to cars. In fact, a number of people go through a great deal to modify their motorcycles and just like cars, it either turns out to be good or really weird. Since cars get a lot of coverage, we decided to do some research on the world of motorcycle modifications and came up with a list of 18 weirdest things people actually did to their motorcycles.

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18 LED Overkill

Via youtube.com

The over the top LEDs fitted on the bike seem to only fulfill two purposes: to make people turn their heads and end up blinding themselves, or to end up in the hospital from electrocution instead of broken bones in case of an accident.

They do look kind of good though but only serve their purpose at night time.

Other than helping with the looks, they could actually serve as a safety precaution for other drivers on the road making it safer to ride such bikes. It may be overkill, but the bike sure looks as cool as one of those underground racer bikes used in the movies like Tron.

17 Bike Or Jaguar?

Via drivespark.com

A Jaguar shaped bike, what were they thinking? Yes, the person who did this mod was trying to pay tribute to the Jaguar brand but did they ever bother thinking how awkward the person riding this would look. Not only would the rider look awkward, but the riding position seems to be very uncomfortable and the ground clearance with that engine placement would be awful. The tires seem cool and maybe the only good thing is the paint job which is very well done. All in all, this mod is strange and it could have been better and made more sense if the headlight would have been placed in the eyes instead of the mouth.

16 Bonehead

via wikimedia commons

One major downside of having a bike mod having a skeleton is in case of an accident you would have to pay not only for your own broken bones but even for the body of the motorcycle.

The seat does not seem comfortable especially with the mod coming so close to it.

The forks on the front wheels are really cool though, the skeleton itself looks like it is riding a bike, but instead of handlebars, it is gripping the wheel. The design may seem confusing at first, just like it is for those two kids in the picture, but it is one of the most common mod that bikers go for, and the reason is not really known.

15 The Powerplant

via pinterest

Simon Whitlock created this monstrosity and ended up winning a Guinness World record for it. The bike is a 48 cylinder Kawasaki bike made from a series of engines taken from the Kawasaki S1. It has six inline-eight engines tied together with gears that work using a BMW transmission. In addition, the bike has six Jaguar E type distributors for the spark and a 75cc motor for starting it up. What is more bizarre than all of that is that the bike is road legal. By the looks of it, it must be a pain to ride judging by the distance between the seat and the handle bar, but if it works then it is supposedly good to go.

14 Spikey

Via bskirt.site

Any vehicle owner driving on the road would want to stay away from this bad boy. Get too close and you could end up risking your car’s paint job or have a flat tire. What is funny is the Hulk Hogan lookalike rider got a helmet that matches his bike, overkill much?

Other than that, the spikes on the front wheel seem to be too far away from the body which must for sure affect the handling adversely.

The exhausts might cause burns on the riders’ legs at times and the ground clearance suffers here as well. If the spikes are really hard and not plastic like which bend, the driver could be in trouble in case the bike falls over on him by accident, but that is up to them to decide if the mod or the safety matters more.

13 Boat On The Road

Via wikimedia.org

Not sure if the rider is going places, but it is assured the rider will probably end up at the beach or some river. What would actually be cool for this mod is that the small boat attached would be removable but it does not seem like it would fit more than a single person or it would even be able to float. Another perk is in case the rider falls into a river or a pool he could just use the boat instead of hopping back on the motorcycle. There are countless possibilities with this mod, but it does not look like it would do well to serve the original purpose it is meant for.

12 Is It A Bike, Is It A Plane?

Via vipcycle.com

If you have always wanted to be a pilot but could not pursue your dreams because of student loans or a decent aviation college nearby, this is the chance to fulfill those dreams. Sure it does not really fly, but at least it looks like a jet with actually landing gears.

Of course, every fighter pilot has a helmet with communication devices attached to it; you could do the same as every bike has a helmet too without the device which is not too difficult to add.

The rudder, flaps and wingtips could help reduce some serious drag and along with the pointed nose, which could help you save on some fuel and maybe win a few races although this thing does not seem street legal.

11 Rokon Trailbreaker

Via pinterest.com

This bike is an illusion, if you look at it sideways from a far it looks like a quad bike, but once you get closer and walk around it you realize it is a bike with a design of a quad bike. The Trailbreaker has an automatic transmission and a top speed of 35 miles per hour. One of the benefits which only Rokon achieved was having front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Another unique benefit is that it has the ability to float on water if you lay it sideways on the water, which could save it from drowning.

10 Grasshopper

Via duomoto.it

First things first, the bike looks like a preying grasshopper. The green color is too vibrant to be attractive for most. The black accents on the engine, rims, and seat are done well though; they may be the only plus point of this design. The front forks look like they are from a mountain bike taking away the look from the bike once again.

The main issue though is the ground clearance.

The engine and the rear are both too low which could cause so many problems for the rider, and one thing to point out is that the wheelie stunt would be impossible to do unless you want to damage the rear. The extended rear only serves well to offer more trunk space, which you could actually purchase a cruiser for instead. The shape is really impractical and it would probably make life difficult for any rider.

9 Manson Family motorcycle

Via wikimedia.org

This mod is just plain confusing, as it is not understandable if the person who did this mod was going for a tricycle or a quad bike kind of look. The front tires are too thin, and back ones look like they came out of a mini monster truck. The handling on this thing must be confusing for riders too as they are accustomed to turning only one wheel, however, the same handlebars here are used to maneuver two separate wheels in the front. The “Quad-cycle” mod does not really help with anything performance related and so this mod is not of any benefit and just a personal preference.

8 Aquaman's Bike

via twitter

The wheels on the bikes seem really cool and so do the exhaust pipes but the “red lobster” design is something that anyone would want to avoid.

The person who did this mod must really have a soft spot for marine life and specifically lobsters.

The seat looks really uncomfortable and the legs of the lobster must be annoying when the rider wants to rest his legs or even during the ride as they must poke the calf of the rider. The claws seem good in looks but really inconvenient as they just make the body wider and make it tougher for the rider to make it through tight spaces.

7 Look Mom, No Brakes.

Via jalopnik.com

The bike design is really great, it looks really cool as most classic chopper styled bikes do. Bikes are already very unsafe to ride as compared to other road vehicles and every rider should be taking care of this factor by adding parts or using a mod to make it safer. This mod goes exactly the other way and enhances the problem at hand by getting rid of the front brakes. Sure most riders seem like the person who is in for the thrill of the ride or going really fast through jam-packed traffic to look cool, however, this is just another level of being unsafe.

6 Something From Outer Universe

Via gizmodo.com

This mod and its counterpart “Predator” mod are the coolest ones out there. They are the ones to have as they do not really change a lot of the body of the bike, and they still perform a really good job of making the bike look awesome.

The only gripe the rider may have that all this metal on the body designed to make it look like an alien may be uncomfortable and sharp.

The hair on the head of the alien must also block vision in case the rider leans in a little. Apart from that issue, this is one really cool mod that someone came up with and maybe if it was refined a little, it could be made into an actual awesome looking bike design.

5 My Exhaust Goes “Hisss” Not Vroom

Via barnettharleyelpaso.com

The bike looks great after this mod and all thanks to the reptile green color used for the paint and the chrome metal used elsewhere. The bike is sleek, and the mod does not mess around a lot with the ground clearance or any sort of performance related issues.

It is a really unusual design to see however it is a great one.

The seat although, may be uncomfortable for long rides because it is made out of metal and it is not that soft. Although it looks cool, but the backrest will also make it less ideal for longer rides, but who cares as this kind of mod is perfect for bike shows and showing off around the streets instead of taking it on long journeys.

4 Server On A Bike

Via pinterest.com

The rider who did this must have a complicated life or a really unhealthy one. Sure people get important emails or messages nowadays but can they really be so important that you had to fit an internet router in the luggage space of your bike? It does not harm any of the performance of the bike though, but it seems impractical as it is not really needed that much as nowadays you can easily get mobile data on any phone that connects to the internet. In the end, it is all a matter of priorities and how much you are willing to spend on a facility.

3 Because A Metal Body Is Too Mainstream

via youtube

One of the worst looking mods that we have on this list. At least the person who did this could have used some fresh wood and some paint to go with this, but either they ran out of money, which already seems like it was extremely low, or they were just too lazy.

The horn is that of a bicycle, and it does not seem like the wooden body would offer a lot of protection to the engine of the bike or other components.

The bolts and screws are not covered either which makes it more dangerous. In case the bike is parked in a garage infested with termites then the rider could probably wake up with just some wheels and an engine the next day. It looks as if a school kid tried to make something using the remains of a bike and came up with this as a project.

2 Bugs Life

Via designboom.com

It is strange looking and might give some people the creeps, but the design is elegant in its own way, making it really cool. All thanks to the materials used, this design worked out since it could have easily gone wrong. Maybe if the wings had a motor and enough power the bike could be made into something from the future that could fly. The best part is that the bike does not look odd although the idea is odd, instead it looks really amazing, and it is all thanks to the people who implemented the idea in the way they did.

1 Car Trunk

via steemit

Not sure if that is a brilliant idea or an incredibly stupid one, but it sure is a weird one. The trunk attached resembles a Pontiac Fiero, a car beloved by aftermarket enthusiasts.

Something to ponder upon is that did the person who finished the mod on this bike somehow connect brakes for the rider to the rear wheels or not?

If they did then that would be something to check out. The extra trunk space is a great idea though, especially for long trips which from the rider’s position seems pretty comfortable. Although the mod destroys the purpose of owning a bike, the extra trunk space sure does seem tempting.

Sources: caranddriver.com, autoblog.com, thedrive.com

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