This Is A Mildly Insane 1,800-HP Volkswagen Lupo With Two Turbocharged Engines

This city car has been extensively modified by replacing the old 1.6-L engine with two whole 2.0-L turbo engines for a combined 1,800 hp.

Twin Engine Lupo

This car has two engines, 1,800 combined horsepower, and is absolutely insane to watch.

Typically, cars only have one engine. This is because it’s very difficult to link up engines to work in tandem without one getting a little faster or slower than the other engine, causing a potentially catastrophic disconnect if they’re both driving the same shaft. Electric vehicles get around this problem by having a computer take control of all the coordination and by having a separate motor run on each axle, but electric motors are small. Internal combustion engines are large.

DOP Motorsport seems to have gotten around this problem in a very unique way. Instead of two gas engines running a single axle, each engine is driving its own axle. It has two engines, two transmissions, and is an absolutely terrifying thing to watch in action.

What you're witnessing is a heavily modified Volkswagen Lupo. The Lupo was a city car built between 1998 and 2005 that was later replaced by the VW Fox. In its most powerful form, it had a 1.6-L inline 4-cylinder engine with 123 horsepower and 152 lb-ft of torque.

This thing has two 2.0-L turbocharged TFSI engines with a combined 1,800 horsepower. One engine is in the front where you'd expect and is driving the front axle, while the other is in the back where the car would normally have a trunk. One exhaust goes out the hood, while the other goes out the back.

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As previously mentioned, the car has two transmissions, which means that there are actually two gear levers in the cockpit which the driver has to control. This can lead to some serious issues as the driver has a lot more to coordinate than on a regular single-engined car.

You can see in the first drag race at Santa Pod Raceway that the driver loses steering control and veers into the opposite lane. On subsequent races, the driver waits for the other car to pass first and then starts his motors running in order to avoid the possibility of crashing into them.

However, when the driver is able to maintain a relatively straight line, he’s been able to achieve a personal best quarter-mile time of 8.788 seconds at 169.92 mph--impressive for such a ludicrous car.

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