18 Cars That Look 1,000 Times Better Next To Graffiti

Cars and graffiti are like peanut butter and jelly or something similar, why? Because where do you see graffiti most? In the city. And where do you find the most automobiles? In urban areas where trade is rapid and ideas are spread more vastly across the minds of the people. There probably isn’t one big city in the whole world where you won’t find graffiti somewhere, and there would be a dispute on that argument alone. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur”. This is the beautiful part about life; happiness is truly the journey, and not the destination of our existence.

Street art is definitely one of the coolest things about traveling to foreign places, and it blends in with the beauty of most people and goods. It does well to cause enchanting effects on the mind. A good way to know a city is by what is painted on its walls. Graffiti can make you feel certain ways. It can make you feel safe, it can make you feel uncomfortable. When watching a Union Pacific train go by your eyes will be glazed over and your mind overfilled with massive amounts of graffiti painted on most train cars. Some is bad and ugly and some is true, but it is all beautiful when traveling in an automobile.

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18 ’68 Beetle With Nelson Mandela and E.T.

via pinterest

This picture is everything that is good about existence. According to the caption this photo was shot in Brighton, UK. Which explains why the art is so detailed and the shot is so vivid.

The combination of E.T., Nelson Mandela, and the classic Volkswagen Beetle is truly candy for the eyes in this shot.

To break it down even further, let’s mention that Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison before becoming the President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. The Volkswagen Beetle most definitely is the people’s wagon, and yes we are all aliens, just like E.T.

17 Lamborghini Graffiti

via wallpaperup.com

What car is more polished than the Lamborghini, and what art is more slick than graffiti street art? Considering the fact that a new Lamborghini costs anywhere from $200-400k in American dinero, it is very possible that the average street artist cannot afford to drive an automobile, let alone one of the nicest and most reputable objects on the market. Nonetheless, the two pieces of art complement each other in ways similar to cheese and wine. The letters on this wall are classic train car letters that you are likely to see in any big city in the United States, and more probably any big city in the world.

16 Junkyard Volkswagen

via flickr.com

There is something beautiful about a Volkswagen in a junkyard. No? Okay well at least the functional-looking painted Volkswagen in the background has been painted very nonchalantly, and it even makes the junky ones look like they are in their place.

There is something about the beautiful simplicity of the interchangeable chassis that is prone to blow most gearheads' minds, and make life just that much more beautiful.

Volkswagen is a car that makes people question whether or not they are a hippie or a capitalist, and really nobody can say with significance that they don’t like this car or brand, because of it’s universal use throughout the world

15 NYC Graffiti

via Timeout.com

The title of the article this photo came from was "The Top 10 Spots to See Graffiti in NYC" and the author reflects on the Koch Years and how it was the most rambunctious governing of NYC where basically anything could happen and probably would. This particular wall is the building of a tattoo shop on the Lower East Side, where artwork was started in 2007. As wonderful as this wall is apparently there is a subway car in the back of this place that has some amazing, full scale masterpieces as well. With the photo caption being Tuff City, New York City is truly a rough city, having many existing struggles and obvious economical ups and downs.

14 Cadillac Film Stars

via wallup.net

This is probably the best looking photo in this list. The old school swagger of any Cadillac convertible is in equal proportion to the badness of the characters in its background. The obvious Joker and Jason scare the viewer into being astounded at the detail that plasters an industrially built building that probably contains other wonderful art and contraptions on the inside of it. Studies have shown that being around good art in your daily practice makes you a happier and livelier person, when compared to standing next to a dull grey wall all day. So start painting cool stuff on the wall!

13 BMW M3

via besthqwallpapers.com

The abstract and undefined face that stares down this BMW M3 is a perfect reflection of how mean and well performing this automobile is.

In this picture, you are looking at a very powerful 3.0 Twin Turbo Inline 6 motor with 425 horsepower.

What you don’t see is rubber being peeled accidentally when the driver is about to drive away, and the handling of this vehicle which is definitely the best in its class. The artistry and colors used in this wall art completely compliment the cherry red color of the car, and one can only imagine how cool this thing sounds when ripping down cobblestone streets.

12 Cuba Street Art

via pinterest

While driving down a street in Cuba you will see countless antique US automobiles from the 1940s and 1950s. Furthermore, if you are driving down the street in Cuba it is very likely that you are in one of these automobiles. Because of the United States embargo against Cuba which ended importation of cars and their parts, most of these vintage autos have parts scavenged from old soviet cars. Which brings to life the pictures shown of classic heroes to the people of Cuba with the also classic car, solidifying how fascinating the culture is of these people.

11 Osgemeos

via thedustyrebel.com

The Osgemeos is a beautiful story of two identical twin brothers, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, two brothers from Sao Paolo, Brazil who started to paint beautiful graffiti at a young age. This art is a typical style coming from the bros, which usually includes a yellow-skinned character as described from the dreams encountered by the pair.

This particular piece is a great representation of the heart and soul of any metropolitan area.

All the while, the cars in the foreground appear to be nonchalantly listening in on what good music is coming out of the stereo. It may also be noted that the Osgemeos brothers were commissioned to paint the airplane of Brazil's national soccer team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

10 Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andrew Warhola by Elisabetta Fantone

via musartboutique.co

The story of Jean-Michel Basquiat (pictured in this piece) is a most beautiful and sad story of a prodigal graffiti artist who began working at the age of 7 when he wrote a book with one of his teachers in school. Basquiat’s street artwork is some of the most beautiful as such that you should go check out more of it. The story of Andrew Warhola, otherwise known as Andy Warhol is quite a contrasting yet inspiring story of a great American artist who made an impact on others around him because of his artistic ability. Elisabetta Fantone (illustrator of the wall art in this photo) is a magnificently talented Italian-Canadian actress, painter, model, and author who lives with us still today

9 Classic San Diego

via ginakirkishstreetart.blogspot.com

San Diego is probably the most laid back area on the planet. The article in which this picture came from is an outline of the impact the Volkswagen had on the Western United States, being perceived as a machine of the counterculture, often being called a hippie van or bus because of its ability to transport liberals across the land with their climbing and camping equipment. San Diego is filled with light-hearted street art, with a no tolerance policy against graffiti, or vandalism type painting. If you want to have a good time, take a road trip to San Diego!

8 New Orleans

via nola.com

New Orleans is a city that is worth mentioning to any aspiring musician or artist when enquiring about where to find good art and music. From nola.com the caption reads "The project came about because of a marketing campaign by the American Express credit card company, designed to draw attention to small businesses that are sometimes overlooked in the holiday gift-buying season."

Pictured is a smiling child who is either giving or taking a book titled Ujamaa from the hand of another. Ujamaa, which means ‘familyhood’ in Swahili, is a sort of influential concept coming about with intent to push an African type of socialism.

7 Miss Van

via whatson.is

In the city of Reykjavik stands this lovely picture of a girl playing the Cello with birds flying off of her shirt and into the sky.

Reykjavik is a popular tourist town in Iceland, where you can find a collection of street murals that are a big attraction of the capital city.

The commuter cars in the foreground suggest efficiency and intelligence in the Icelandic people. Imagine traveling to Iceland only to find the most wonderful art that you have ever seen in your life! Reykjavik would definitely be a good choice, so you should rent a car out there and just drive around and look at all the art.

6 Jef Aerosol

via pinterest

This is a 2014 painting called Joe Strummer, painted by Jef Aerosol. You can find this photo on Pinterest if you search the names listed above. Pictured here is an apparently overused small commercial van with the face of the famous British musician Joe Strummer painted on the side, and the words "LONDON’S BURNING WITH BOREDOM NOW LONDON’S BURNING DIAL 99999." Jean-Francois Perroy, otherwise known as Jef Aerosol, was a French stencil artist who is said to have been a main proponent of the first generation of street artists, according to jefaerosol.com. The red arrow shows up in all of Aerosols paintings, as you can see in the photo of this ugly junkyard van and beautiful portrait.

5 Banksy Swat Van

via hemmings.com

The famous Banksy has painted up a former police van in a very real and controversial fashion, as graffiti artists are, and let’s not fail to notice the great detail of this auto painting, which depicts a small boy hiding behind a group of militant men holding guns.

On the opposite side of the van there is painted Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and numerous traditional style graffiti characters and signs.

The epitome of Banksy’s absent style and bold statement, this went up for sale in London. Must be nice to be a very famous anonymous painter in this crazy world!

4 Villa Crespo Argentina

via pinterest

Villa Crespo is a middle class neighborhood in the center of Buenos Aires that contains an enormous amount of awesome graffiti.

When traveling in South America it is very common to see some of the best street art that is out there, and it goes without doubt that the continent has a whole contains some of the best artistry and culture of the world.

This painting of Mao Zedong is a collaboration between artists Mr. Kern and Ever. Below, is a self-portrait by Ever of himself painting Mao, which is to say that self-portraits make up an extremely small amount of street art compared to artists only writing characters.

3 Burning Rubber

via wallhere.com

This Nissan is burning some serious rubber inside of what looks to be a tunnel where some very intricate symbols are painted on the wall in what seems to be an illegal fashion. There is nothing badder than burning out in a tunnel, especially when you are looking at some of the hardest to paint and very colorful paintings done by a criminal who is probably ethically a very good person other than the fact that they like to spend time on the detailed painting of symbols inside of transit tunnels. The owner of this car can at least save a good photograph, if not the tread on his or her rear tires.

2 Mustangin'

via wallhere.com

Let’s just get really USA here and talk about how cool vintage Mustangs can be! The wall paint, specifically the painting of the woman dancing directly behind the Mustang, is as good of a paint job than what was done to the muscular looking two door beauty that is parked in the foreground.

And notice the woman’s left arm that spans across two different walls to perfectly fit proportionally to the angle from where the photograph was taken.

Cruising the streets in an old Mustang just to scope out beautiful art has got to be an amazing life to have, and the owner of this car is lucky!

1 Bristol

via londoncallingblog.net

Certain cities in England have always been a Mecca for good art, good music, and free thought. This abstract piece is a take on ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai according to londoncallingblog.net. The artist on this photo goes by the name Phlegm, and the wall is located near Hillgrove Street in the city of Bristol. Bristol contains some of the best graffiti in England, where artists like Pad work during the day to better their trade of painting beautiful objects of artwork for others to gaze their eyes upon with love and effection. The art of of graffiti is one of the gods, where we put impressions of our finite selves onto other finite objects, to be appreciative of existence.

Sources: londoncallingblog.net, nola.com, smallcarbigcity.com, thedustyrebel.com

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