19 Celebs You Didn't Know Drive A Tesla

A fully loaded Model S would easily cost you over $120k, but that's chump change for these celebrities.

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to disrupt the status quo of the electric-vehicle market. The innovative car company has been steadily growing in the last decade and completely repaid the government for the loan it got earlier during the economic downturn. Tesla manufactures vehicles alongside its other innovative products at the main factory in California, USA.

The first Tesla car was launched in 2008. It was the Roadster. The world's first premium all-electric sedan was soon to follow; the Model S was introduced in 2014. After some testing with the Motor Trend team, Tesla's new sedan posted a 0-60 time of 2.28 seconds—that's faster than many Ferrari and Porsche vehicles. The CEO and visionary of Tesla, Elon Musk, is leading the innovation and pushing the progress of the company. He seems to be insatiable when it comes to revolutionizing the way we travel. (Besides making great electric cars, Musk also oversees the SpaceX rocket production.) In 2015, Tesla's vehicle line expanded to include the Model X. The X is quickest sport utility vehicle in history. The new Tesla SUV model holds 5-star safety ratings across all categories from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Safety and innovation—you wouldn't want it any other way!

A fully loaded Model S would easily cost you over $120k, and the Model X is even pricier at around $160k.

But don't you worry—the more affordable Model 3 is already in production, and Tesla is currently taking orders. The Model 3 will start at $35k, a way more affordable option for the rest of us peasants.

19 Cameron Diaz 

via trend-chaser

Thank goodness for paparazzi; otherwise, how would we know when a celebrity took a drive to the gym or to get some coffee? Just joking! TMZ isn't a bookmarked site around here... But back to the cars, check out Cameron Diaz about to hop into her Tesla Model S. She has the basic black Model S with the stock rims and interior—a bit bland for a rich movie star like Ms. Diaz, but to each his own. Kind of weird that she didn't even opt for the glass panoramic roof.

Cameron Diaz has been spotted multiple times driving her Tesla around LA while running errands and just living that Hollywood life.

(You know... hikes, brunches, and shopping.) The environmentally conscious celebrity is a common phenomenon around tinsel town, hence her place on this list.

18 will.i.am

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The musician and producer from the Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am, is also a Tesla owner. He bought himself a white Model S, but unlike Cameron Diaz, he went ahead and customized the hell out of his. The creation was done by his charitable IAmAuto customization brand. The resulting vehicle hardly resembled a Tesla, but it definitely looked like a car owned by will.i.am.

His customized Model S has a wide body kit, suicide doors, and the biggest fake air intake ever made.

All the extras make the Tesla look more like a racing car, while in reality, all of the additions have actually hindered performance. He should've just blacked out the badges, thrown some nice rims on the Model S, and called it a day. But when you're a creative genius, basic is not an option—extravagance is the motive.

17 Brad Pitt

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Here we have Brad and Angelina in their Tesla Model S. As mentioned before, this isn't a tabloid, so we have no idea whose name the car is registered under. For the sake of this list, let's give this Tesla to Brad and just mention that, at the time, he was married to the one and only Tomb Raider. The pair that starred in Mr. and Mrs. Smith look like real-life assassins in this picture—low key as they step out of the Model S. According to a quick Google search, they're no longer romantically involved; however, they're apparently still making wine together. Random Tesla fact time! T

he Model S has more cargo room than any other sedan in its class.

Apparently, you can stuff a 55-inch T.V., a surfboard, and a bike inside the Tesla all at once. They probably have wine in there—a lot of wine.

16 George R. R. Martin

via livejournal.com

Here's the writer and creator of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones standing next to his very unique purple-colored Tesla Model S. He's a huge fan of Tesla Motors and happens to be a member of the Tesla Motor Club. The meeting for the club took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. George said he chose the unique purple color for his Model S's paint job because it matches his personality.

"She’s gorgeous, she’s comfortable, and she goes like a bat out of hell" is how he described his beloved Tesla when asked about it.

George recently checked out the Model X and expressed interest in purchasing the new Tesla SUV in addition to his Tesla sedan. All that's left to figure out is who's John Snow. Super late... right?

15 Steve Wozniak

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Here's Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak enjoying his Tesla while also smiling ear to ear. Wozniak's net worth is estimated at around $100 million, so he's no Steve Jobs. But still, getting a Model S is like buying a cup of coffee to him. Apple's co-founder has been a bigtime fan of Tesla and Elon Musk in the past. But recently, Steve has been documented as saying he can no longer trust Tesla or anything that Elon Musk says. He still loves his Model S and thinks it's "a beautiful car," but as far as the company and its CEO, he's no longer a fan. Steve was recently quoted during an interview in Sweden: "Now, I don't believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says." Rich people drama?

14 Alyson Hannigan

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Alyson Hannigan is a long time removed from telling naughty band-camp stories (American Pie reference). Remember the"flute scene"? Classic! Well, now she's a grownup Hollywood actress with a beautiful family.

She's been photographed on multiple occasions using her Tesla Model S in her daily life, taking the kids to school and going to the stores.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is currently living in Encino, CA with her co-star from the show and now-husband Alexis Denisof. She seems like a big fan of her Tesla, and she was also on that show How I Met Your Mother—random knowledge for you. By the way, starting now, there'll be Tesla facts sprinkled into these descriptions—because this isn't a tabloid, and there's just not enough interesting celebrity information. So, as promised, the Model S has one of the smallest sedan engines ever made. Boom. You learned a lot here.

13 Marc Gasol

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Marc Gasol is a 3-time NBA All-Star who was born in Spain. He's the brother of another NBA All-Star named Pau Gasol (only mentioned because Pau helped Kobe get a couple of rings). Last year, the Memphis Grizzlies big man (Mark) made the All-Star Game for the third time in his career. So naturally, instead of flying to the game in a private jet like most NBA stars, he decided to drive to the game in his Tesla Model S. As an alternative to the 95-minute charter flight that was paid for by the team, Mark cruised from Memphis to New Orleans in the electric car. Because he needed to stop at a charging station, the whole trip took 9 hours instead of the usual 6. What can you say—the Spaniard must really love driving his Tesla.

12 Jay Leno 

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Jay Leno is a big fan of the Tesla motor company and wants Americans to support the company as well. Here are Jay's thoughts on Musk and Tesla: "A guy [Elon Musk] building an American car in America using American labor and paying them a union wage—the whole bit." Leno can pretty much be on any automotive list because this guy's garage is massive, and it's filled with every car you can imagine. But either way, Jay is fond of his Tesla Model S. Seems like he kept it fully stock—pretty boring. It also looks like he doesn't drive it much. Is it parked in his living room? According to Google, Jay Leno owns approximately 169 automobiles in total. There's no way he drives 50% of them in a year. What a life! Random Tesla fact straight from the grill for you: the Model S has the largest display interface of any production car.

11 Jay-Z 

via greencarreports.com

Finally, a celebrity that did something to his Tesla after it came off the production line! Jay-Z, the Jigga Man—of course, this guy has a dope-looking Model S! He's the coolest 48-year-old in the world. He blacked out the tints and made sure the rims match— disappointing, though, that all the badges and decals weren't blacked out as well. This isn't relevant, but Jay-Z is married to Beyonce, and she's just worth mentioning. Out of most people on this list, the two Jays—Jay-Z and Jay Leno—probably drive their Teslas the least because they have so many other choices and daily chauffeur money. Another sizzling Tesla fact is on deck—the Model S was the first electric car to win Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year award. The panel of judges who oversaw the process was unanimous in its decision.

10 Zedd

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Who? Well, this is Zedd. I'm not super familiar with his work, but Google says he's a "Russian-German record producer, DJ, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter." Neat! His real name is "Anton Zaslavski," and since he spins records, his stage name is "Zedd." It looks like he's pretty relevant in the EDM-festival scene and is also environmentally conscious. Zedd got himself a Tesla Model S straight from the showroom. The experience alone must be pretty epic—walk into a small boutique retail space with a few Teslas and drive out of the storefront in a shiny Model S. Ahh... What a way to spend approximately $140k! Random Tesla facts—because you know you have a thirst for knowledge!

The Model S doesn't have a start button; you just have to get in and close the door.

The car will automatically turn on. The opposite for it to turn off—just walk out and shut the door. Those precious seconds of life will add up!

9 Zooey Deschanel

via pluginmotorwerks

For the chick-flick enthusiasts and comedy buffs, here's Zooey with her Model S. Zooey Deschanel—yes it is spelled with two o's, we checked—is an actress, singer, and songwriter who just looks like a true Disney star but isn't. So let's not start rumors. Moving on to the more important stuff—the Tesla. Everyone knows the Model S is like a mini tech hub with wheels. There's a lot of programming that goes into the main onboard computer.  You can even "hack" the main panel and turn on the fake ‘underwater mode.’ You can pretend you're James Bond and are evading assassins while you sit in traffic. The custom "hacked" screen can be accessed by going into the main control panel and logging in the access code "007."

8 Harrison Ford

via irishmirror.ie

Although this guy has "Ford" as his last name, you won't catch him in an F150. The original Han Solo sticks true to his sci-fi roots by driving his futuristic Model S. Harrison Ford has been known to crash private planes, but his Tesla looks clean and without a scratch. He must be a better driver than a pilot. Either way, here he is at the Santa Monica airport, limping onto another private plane. Safe journey to you, Han Solo—for your safety and others', we hope you're not the one flying the plane. Fun fact: Harrison called himself a "schmuck" after the unfortunate crash-landing shortly after takeoff in Los Angeles. And in general Tesla Model S-related news from J.D. Power: "Two new choices of interior trim have been added: Dark Ash Wood Décor and Figured Ash Wood Décor" Cheers!

7 Deadmau5

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Yes, finally! Another custom Model S with some uniqueness and diversity to it. This Ninja Turtle-looking Tesla belongs to one of the more famous DJs named "Deadmau5." Ghosts-n-Stuff took over the radio at one point. This bright green Model S looks sick, and the blacked-out rims add a nice touch to the overall color scheme. It looks like this is the Tesla S P85D, which has over 600 horsepower and revs up without a peep. Mr. Deadmau5's net worth is around $12 million, so he can have a few different toys that are all stacked with over 600 hp, but only this one is quiet—kind of the opposite of his music. 0-60 in under 2.8 seconds with an advanced autopilot feature—not sure how safe that is yet, but it must be pretty chill to lay back and have your car drive you places.

6 Jaden Smith

via justjared.com

No, it's not Will Smith, but still, it's someone who's related to the Fresh Prince. Here's Jaden, the Freshest Prince of the Will Smith household. Looks like he's got a brand-new Model X and is showing off in a random parking-lot photo shoot. Can't hate on it because the car is super dope and unique. Just check out those doors going up, but it does kind of have a minivan look to the grille portion.

In line with other Tesla cars, the Model X is the quickest SUV on the market with a 0-60 speed of 6 seconds.

Its top speed is 130 mph, and the fully loaded model will set you back around $140k. It's still fairly rare to see on the road compared to the Model S, but it seems like the Model S is just the sportier, more powerful choice.

5 Verne Troyer 

via teslarati

This is like a happy bonus / good vibes entry on the list. Verne is one of the nice guys in Hollywood, a true man of the people. He's active online and personally interacts with his fans daily via various social media channels. Here's a snapshot of him from a video he shared un-boxing and test-driving the awesome miniature Model S. Yes, it's true—this isn't the "0-60 in 2.8 seconds" Model S, but still, the toy version is very detailed and has a lot of similarities to the real thing. The Radio Flyer company that builds and distributes these "toys" has a direct partnership with Tesla, so you know it's real. According to Tesla, “Every Tesla Model S for Kids is a battery-powered ride-on that comes equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience.” Verne got his money's worth— that's for sure!

4 Ben Affleck 

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We can't hold it against him forever that he sucked as Batman. Ben Affleck is a famous Hollywood actor who, from what it looks like in the picture above, is very puzzled by the on-board Tesla computer. He was good in the Gone Girl movie, right? Well, moving on, Ben owns a Model S, and according to Google, he's a strong supporter of Tesla. He's owned a Model S for a while now and has been photographed on many occasions riding around Los Angeles. In Hollywood circles, it seems like the Model S is a status symbol and a sign that you care about the Earth. Kudos, if you have the money and decide to drive an electric car instead of a Lambo every day.

3 Tony Hawk

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Ladies and gentlemen, (a shoutout to the female readers—we hope you're out there), but probably mostly gentlemen, here's the one and only Tony Hawk. The legend—do you remember the video game, fakie ollie into a 50-50 rail grind? Ahh, good old days of racking up points instead of trying to pay bills. Tony is a pretty darn cool 49-year-old. He didn't keep his Model S stock by any means. Here he is showing off the customized car after the outer chrome was wrapped in 3M black satin material and the audiophile system was upgraded with a dozen speakers and 1,200 watts of power—all this, according to Al & Ed's Autosound, who did the work. They also added an ant-ticket system by Escort that lets you know in advance if you're being tracked via radar—Tony still likes to ride fast.

2 Blake Griffin

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Most NBA stars have multiple nice rides, and the former Clipper, Blake Griffin, is no exception. Here he is getting back into his Model S. No more sunny California days for Mr. Griffin—he's now a member of the Detroit Pistons, The Motor City.

In line with the Detroit theme, J.D. Power recently noted that "the standard onboard charger’s capacity has been increased from 40 amps to 48 amps for a faster recharge."

That's great news for Blake. Maybe he won't need as many charges to drive back to his Los Angeles mansion. Since knowledge is power, here's more information: the Tesla Model S Autopilot feature can find a parking space, parallel park on command, and has a summon feature to “call" the Model S so it can pull up to a driver’s location. It's like a super smart dog without the love.

1 Lionel Richie

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Don't let his daughter mess up your opinion of Lionel. Mr. Richie is a master of funk and soul. He's put up some great lovemaking hits. We're talking about baby-making music, so add him to the Spotify playlist for your Friday night. He sold over 100 million records worldwide for a reason! It looks like he set up an Instagram photo shoot for his Model S and his beautiful pit bull. Looks like a blue nose—ohh, and the car, yeah? It has black rims—if you're into that. Bonus randomness: google his name and find the story of how, apparently, his wife caught him in bed with another woman then proceeded to whoop both their butts. (Mrs. Richie was a karate master) Super rare bonus fact: according to Business Insider—fresh from the press—"Musk wants Tesla's car line to be the definition of sexy—literally. The Model S, Model X, and upcoming Model 3 are all part of a quest for the car line to spell SEXY or S3XY upon the release of Tesla's eventual Model Y SUV." Mind-blowing stuff right there!

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