19 Homemade Car Mods That Make No Sense

Here are 19 examples of homemade modifications that no one should've made.

People have been modifying cars long before movies like "The Fast and the Furious" made it popular. Cars are often built to represent the owner’s style and used to express one’s personal style. When it comes to modifying cars, there seems to be a lot of common trends that a lot of enthusiasts tend to follow. A lot of cars are often inspired by what we see in the movies or on TV.

With the help of social media, we're able to tap into different car cultures that are found all over the world that we may not have known about before. In doing so, it seems the mods are getting crazier, more bizarre, and more "anything goes."

Car enthusiasts often take pride in the fact that they themselves have completed all the work that's done on their vehicle, reasons being that they want bragging rights, but oftentimes, it's strictly for budget reasons.

While sometimes, really unique creations are born, oftentimes, the execution seems to be a bit off. Here are 19 examples of homemade modifications that no one should've made.

19 Too Much?

Via Autoevolution.com

As most of you may already know, Japan has always been a few steps ahead of most countries when it comes to technology. The Subaru STI was available in Japan way before it made its way to the States, and it wasn’t until just recently that the GTR made its way over as well. As crazy as this car may look, maybe this is the future for the American JDM scene.

According to The Drive, this style of modifying is called “Boszoku,” which means “violent running gang.”

The style is completely over the top. Cars often possess insane exhaust system and extreme cambered wheels and body kits, which is most likely where the US’s current stance scene got its inspiration from.

18 Do Not Follow

Via flickr.com

The owner of this truck is obviously a brother of MacGyver, given the crafty handiwork he's put out here. From the looks of the truck, the owner may be a bit rough on things, considering the mangled bumper and bed rails. The tailgate seems to be safely secured with a tow strap, which is wrapped around his tow hitch. Lord only knows what kind of rigged mechanism the other end of the tow strap is tied to. At least, if the tailgate comes loose, the tow strap will double as a safety leash for it.

17 Cardboard King

Via superstreetonline.com

Remember when you were a kid and used to love playing in big cardboard boxes? It seems the owner of this Toyota Celica never gave up that love for cardboard and decided to make this own body kit using some.

This custom cardboard kit has custom side skirts, a rear diffuser, and of course, a giant wing.

This technique can be used to mock up projects before cutting and molding actual material, so let’s hope that was the case for this car.

16 El Drifto

Via carthrottle.com

This car has a custom paint job, which appears to be more of a canvas for a graffiti artist. "El Drifto," which is painted across the side of the BMW, doesn't translate to anything in Spanish. In addition to his custom graffiti paint job, the owner has fabricated some sort of scoop on top of the hood of his car. Scoops are often found on hoods of cars to get some extra air under the hood to help cool the engine down, so perhaps, it’s just for some extra air in the cabin to keep the driver's helmet head cool.

15 Pool To Go

Via deviantart.com

When it’s hot out, people will do just about anything to stay cool. Here, we have a homemade pool in the works. All you need is a pickup truck, a tarp, a hose, and no shame! Let’s hope that the driver intends to stay parked in the driveway to enjoy the pool party.

According to the AAA, it's illegal to drive in the bed of a truck unless a person is in a seated area that's enclosed and intended for passengers.

Good luck explaining to a cop why this was a good idea.

14 Homemade Tonneau Cover

Via ecomodder.com

Tonneau covers are commonly found on a pickup truck and come made out of all sorts of material. The cheaper versions are made from some sort of vinyl material that's stretched over the back of the bed. The higher-end ones are made out of fiberglass and can be painted to color-match the vehicle. The owner of this truck decided to take a crack at building his own, securing plastic that appears to be made from garbage bags to the top of the homemade wooden tonneau cover frame. The icing on the cake for this truck is the homemade cover over the wheel. Not really sure the rhyme or reason, but it certainly looks silly.

13 Lamborghini Replica

Via IBTimes.co.uk

Car kits are a common find in the world of car enthusiasts. The owner of this creation was obviously determined to own a Lamborghini even if it meant he had to make one himself. While I applaud his creativity, the design seems to be a bit off.

To start, the wheel well is a disaster; not to mention, the wheels look like they came off an old Honda.

Either way, they’re not Lamborghini. But you have to give this guy credit for making his own dream come true.

12 Lifted Mess

Via NYChoopties.com

Lifted suspensions are often a common modification found on trucks and Jeeps. Here, we have something different. It seems someone has lifted this rusty land yacht. One can only wonder what's being concealed under that green tarp that seems to be secured to the frame. I hope that this car was built to be driven in some sort of demolition derby, but considering it has current New York tags on it, it’s safe to assume this mess is registered and roadworthy.

11 Grand Marquis Coupe

Via oddimotive.com

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This car seems to be a little on the short side. According to Oddimotive, this gem was listed for sale in... where else but the Bronx, NY? The 1988 Grand Marquis was originally a four-door and was customized to be trimmed down to be a coupe. The ad didn’t say if the car was running or not but did mention it needed some work.

It's also amusing that the ad mentioned that spare parts of the engine that were removed would be included, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

I can’t imagine the ride of this car would be comfortable with the number of modifications that must've been done to the drivetrain.

10 Poser-Mobile

Via oppositelock.com

It seems the owner of this mess is at least embracing the fact that the car is a bit of a joke. Both the license plate and the hood of the car say, “Poser.” The two-tone paint job on this Toyota AE86 is clearly a DIY project, as is the custom sport hood—if that’s what you want to call it. There's some sort of gauge coming out of the hood. For all we know, it could be there merely for show. Or this could be a serious sleeper. Hey, you never know!

9 Sleeper Truck

Via osmhealthy.com

If you’ve ever driven a mini truck, then one thing you'll most likely remember is how slow it was. That's unless you stuff a massive engine under the hood, which could be very possible with this truck.

The hood compartment appears to be modified not only to look like an old hot rod but also looks to be able to fit a massive engine under its enlarged hood.

At the end of the day, it could all be for show, and the truck could still have a puny engine under the hood, but let's hope that this mini truck is a serious sleeper!

8 Not Structurally Sound

Via PADtinyhouses.com

We really hope that we caught this van in the middle of an unfinished DIY project. This Chevy Van has what appears to be a homemade construction on top of it that's constructed from what appears to be insulation. After doing some further research, we learned that we've caught this van in the middle of a renovation, which, in the end, will be a homemade RV. We hope the owner has made this structurally sound because, by the looks of it now, it doesn’t look safe for anything to be inside, let alone for someone to be taking a nap in.

7 Soap Box Derby

Via paulkern.me

You have to applaud this owner's creativity due to the fact that he's re-constructed the whole front end of this car. The owner was most likely a soap box derby racer as a kid, as the whole front of the car appears to be constructed from plywood. The attention to detail is where this owner really excelled.

While you couldn’t legally drive this car at night, as it doesn’t have headlights, at least the owner went through the trouble of mounting reflectors on the front. 

There's also an old stereo, which is still a bit of a head-scratcher.

6 Fix-It Ticket

Via pinterest.com

Most laws concerning vehicles will vary from state to state, but according to FindLaw, all motor vehicles must have certain equipment like brakes, turn signals, mirrors, and safety belts, to name a few. The website goes on to explain that in some cases, a mechanical violation can be considered a “fix-it” ticket, where the owner of the vehicle will be allowed a certain amount of time to get the violation fixed and signed off on by a cop in order to have the citation dropped. I wonder if this homemade headlight could get signed off as fixed...

5 Too Much?

Via reddit.com

It’s bad enough that this giant wing doesn’t really seem to fit on the back of this Saturn, but it doesn’t appear to be secured to the back of the car very well either. The wing is so crazy that we almost overlooked that fact that this Saturn is also a widebody—well, sort of. This Saturn appears to have widebody fender flares attached to the side of the car, but no other bodywork appears to have been done to the car. Like we do for a lot of the vehicles on the list, let’s hope we just caught the owner in phase one of this build.

4 Not Era-Correct

Via theclever.com

Neon lighting has always been a common modification in the tuner scene. Almost every car that was featured in “The Fast and the Furious” movies was fully equipped with flashy lighting that lit up the engine compartments, the wheel wells, or the undercarriage of the cars.

It seems this street modder got a bit confused as to what party he was going to, as he has all sorts of neon accent lights installed.

The lights actually don’t look that bad on this car; they just aren’t era-correct.

3 Busted!

Via mastmedia.plu.edu

The back of these Subarus appears to have been broken into. It makes you wonder why the Subarus got broken into and not the other vehicles. Did they have better stuff to steal in the back of their cars? Anyway, let’s hope these are just makeshift repairs until the actual windows get replaced. Then again, this was posted on a college website, so chances are, these vehicles are owned by broke college students. Let's just hope their textbooks didn’t get stolen.

2 Cool Window

Via thesamba.com

If you’ve ever been in a vehicle without air conditioning on a hot summer day, then this modification may not seem all that crazy to you. The owner of this van has gone through the trouble of mounting, in the window of this van, this traditional wall unit you use in your house.

This rigged AC seems to be secured to the top of the van using some sort of piece of exercise equipment.

The owner did at least go through the trouble of weather-proofing the seal around the AC. I just hope he doesn’t drive like this. Yikes!

1 Rover Beast

Via funrover.com

Now, that’s a tough-looking Land Rover! This beast appears to be used by the police, and by the looks of it, it appears to be bulletproof as well. While there's no question that this rig looks tough, one can’t help but notice that the metal guards that are over the headlights look like they could've been homemade, as does the custom ground effects kit the owner mounted around the bottom of the Rover. The metal guards are most likely added armor for this beast but take away from the tough look of this rig.

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