19 People Who Modded Their Cars With Fur

If you're flat broke, have a car and want it to stand out, this is what you shouldn’t do! While fake fur looks great on reed-thin models strutting their stuff on catwalks and even manages to turn your fireplace into one cozy nook, putting it on your car is a big NO. But if you want to turn your car into a bestial version of Boogie Nights, so be it. But why would you desecrate the paint of a perfectly beautiful car with the strangest kind of fur available? Anybody who puts fur on his car has to know that the removal would definitely ruin the paint job of the car. Plus, can you imagine the pain you’d have to take to clean that fur?

Taking it to a car wash might mean that the fur wrap could come off, and a drive wouldn't dry it off well at all. You’d probably have to vacuum the exterior a lot more than you’d do the interior, and never before would your grooming skills be called to perfect order. Many of these cars may have been dressed up to take part in car parades and art car contests, but removing the fur would still be hell to pay. Yet, others probably belong to furries–people who are such fans of animal characters that they like to dress up in fur and ride fur-covered plush wheels. To each his own, we suppose, for it's one free world we live in. Being tolerant is always a good thing, so we needn’t look at these cars with a jaundiced eye. Smile if you can, and remember that this too shall pass. It’s a road, so either you’ll go by or the furry wheels will–smile, laugh, and share the furry fun!

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19 Presenting The Fiat 500 4-Door-Labrador!

Via autoevolution.com

According to Auto Evolution, this fur-clad Fiat 500 was clicked in the multistory car park of a rather pricey Argentinean mall. Now, we understand that wearing fur is bad, but putting fake fur on your car is probably alright—even though you killed the paint job in the worst way possible! The Fiat 500 isn’t a cheap car in Argentina. It cost some 197,300 pesos about the time the picture was clicked, which is a cool $22,000. Obviously, the person who bought the car is loaded but also loves dogs, thus the attempt to turn the Fiat 500 into an automobile-sized, engine-powered Labrador you could coo too while driving like a maniac. As Autoblog stated, this fur-covered little pooch is hardly the girliest car around, considering that now, you can put flirty eyelashes on your ride, too. And in case fur wasn’t all that elite for you, how about taking Russian student Daria Radionova as your inspiration? She covered her Mercedes CLS in Swarovski crystals, making it the most expensive Merc in its class–unless someone has covered her ride with gold or diamonds! There's no accounting for taste, and this is one of the tamer fur mods on the list in any case…

18 The Original Shag-Mobile Was A Shaggy-Mobile

Via hooniverse.com

Now seriously, we don't know what's up with the car or the person behind making it a monstrosity. But it looks like the person behind this joke of an Audi loved his shaggy carpet very, very much, so much so that he made some poor car mod guy cut up his shag rug and paste it onto a till-now-beautiful Audi convertible. And in doing so, he converted the car into a sorry excuse on wheels no one would ever want to be caught dead in, let alone drive. Why would you do this to a car? And that to such a lovely Audi, such an expensive car? Frankly, we're at a loss for words.

The carpet covering the car looks not only shaggy to the extreme but also matted and somewhat worse for the wear!

This is the kind of car that could give you rug burn simply by looking at it. Obviously, this car has been dressed up for some sort of a fur-based car show, but what's the owner trying to show here. The car-pet car? Is it supposed to be a mutt or simply a very comfortable rug on wheels? The answer probably still lies in New Hampshire…

17 Rodeo On Wheels, Or Is It A Bullfight?

Via pinterest.com

This dude clearly has ranching on his mind, considering he's dressed up what looks like a Ford truck into a muscled bison or bull. The truck seems to be wrapped in some kind of shiny shorthair fur, much like what a beautifully bred American bison looks like. And of course, to really rub the bison effect in, the man adorned his truck with horns and ears as well. We cannot see the front of the truck, but if we could, we're pretty sure we’d see some sort of a modded nose and a nose ring as well. Clearly, the man may have left rodeo and ranch life behind, but apparently, you can take a man out of the rodeo, but you cannot take the rodeo out of a man. At least in America, most rodeos only hurt the rider in question, never the bull. Unlike the matador bullfight in Spain, which is nothing but animal cruelty disguised as tradition. That said, dressing up your vehicle to look like a bison may be funny, weird, or even wacky by some standards, but there's nothing cruel about it. Plus, it’s the cowboy’s ride, and he's free to dress up his truck as he likes…

16 When Your Childhood Dog Dream Comes True

Via examiner.co.uk

Imagine a boy who always wanted a pooch as a pet but somehow never got his wish. It could be because of a germ-obsessed mom, an allergic sibling, or a dad who just hates all four-legged things with a vengeance. The boy grew up to be a man, but that dog dream never died. And now, his girlfriend is allergic to all sorts of animal hair as well. What's that man supposed to do? He could break up with the woman and get a dog instead. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend. But this man here did something completely different. He bought a car instead and turned it into a drivable mutt complete with hanging ears that probably fly in the wind, a modded nose that probably sniffs the road as the car runs, and a little tongue poking out to welcome you with a hypothetical lick. Of course, we're only concocting our own little story here, and the reality may be way off. But when you get a furry-tailed car to write about, the mind wanders beautifully. Frankly, many of these cars have often been modified to appear in parades or events and are often entered into various prize categories or auctioned off for charity. But it's fun to imagine...

15 When Grandma Sends You The Strangest Christmas Present

Via lovethispic.com

We all have that one crocheting aunt or grandma in the family who tends to send the strangest holiday presents. You cannot throw their gifts away because of sentimental value. Or because the woman keeps popping in to check whether you still have her handcrafted-with-love gifts or not and then pretends to be heartbroken in case you cannot find that one cape she knitted you some 15 odd years ago! But you cannot truly use them because they're the butt-ugliest things you've ever seen in life. Think 12-foot long scarves knitted in the most garish of colors or mittens that would probably fit Shrek better than you. Or this strange car cover in crochet that does nothing for the car’s look and nothing for the car’s protection either. Basically, it does nothing but makes the car look garish and stand out for being bedecked with very grandmotherly colors, We do agree on one thing, though: you cannot do anything to a Smart Car to turn it uglier than it already is, to begin with. Maybe this time, grandma’s gift is actually an improvement and can be used to make the car look better than ever. Driving just another Smart Car is boring, but a crocheted Smart Car is way cooler.

14 Another One From The Fandom Of The Furry

Via hahastop.com.jpg

Many of these cars basically belong to the furry subculture. According to Urban Dictionary, “in the simplest sense, furries are fans of anthropomorphic animals. That is, animals with human like features or tendencies (Fox McCloud, Sonic the Hedgehog etc). Pretty much all furries will create their own character or 'fursona' for use as an art model and roleplaying.” Other than dressing up as their favorite furry character, furries also like to dress up their cars in equally furry avatars. The case in point is this Mini dressed in a furry grey avatar that looks a little like Dumbo the elephant, but it has no ears and has fur instead of wrinkly elephant skin.

We feel sorry for the Mini Cooper trapped underneath all that fur, though, for as girlie or lame as the car Americans might consider it to be, it’s actually a beautiful car undeserving of such a cruel fate.

The poor Mini looks like a woolly mammoth in the parking lot, and we all know how the woolly mammoth train went down in history. They all were wiped out, partly because the planet heated up and they couldn’t find a barber fast enough and partly because the humans had to hunt.

13 When You Have No Lawn But Want Turf Badly

Via inhabitat.com

So, we all want to protect the environment, which is at a bad state now, considering the end is nigh et al. In that vein, having eco-friendly cars is always a plus-plus, so car manufacturers are going crazy over trying to make more and more fuel-friendly and zero-emission vehicles. But this, we feel, crosses the realm of the environmentally conscious and goes into the world of the eco-crazies. According to Jalopnik, “It seems that quite a number of people have taken to covering their cars in AstroTurf, sod, and actual grass–but why? And is there any actual environmental benefit to this bizarre practice?" We, too, wonder why. Of course, some of these vehicles are no longer driven and are covered in sod to look like garden statues. But there are actual people driving actual sod-covered cars. It could be because grass gives you great insulation and saves you fuel from not having to power the AC, but it's too tall a tale. We're guessing many of these people simply love grass. In fact, they love it a little too much for comfort.  We do share Jalopnik’s pain and concerns because having sod cars, mod cars, and cars that don’t look like cars anymore is proving to be very confusing for us and the simple four wheelers we own.

12 Bringing Out The Wildcat In You

Via regic.net

The world basically revolves around humans trying to one-up the other humans in their lives, be it friends, family, peers, and especially the people who are direct competitors. So, you always want to show off the tiger in you by being the boss of everything and everyone around you. Now, you may not be like that, but many, many people are. In the concrete jungle we live in, they want to be the lions and the tigers, basically, the ones who have it good and who are the predators instead of the predated. So, for this car owner, the desire to be the tiger on top or the winning wildcat is very, very obvious in the fur wrap of the car, bold tiger stripes adorning the rather flashy convertible. This car is guaranteed to stop people in their tracks with its neat fur wrap and make them scratch their heads in wonder and, of course, in confusion. To despoil a beautiful convertible like this means you have oodles of money. Of course, even with a vault full of money, there's no accounting for taste. So, a perfectly sporty convertible was sacrificed at the altar of flashy style, though we're thankful for the fake fur, as are most tigers.

11 When You're Tired Of Tires

Via kansastravel.org.jp

With the world getting more and more environmentally conscious by the day, old tires are now under fire. Apparently, some people think that dumping them in the oceans is alright, and there are places under the sea all over the world where the seabed has been overtaken by tires of all sizes and makes—not good for marine or aquatic life at all, and it's even less so for humans, considering we end up eating much of the marine life that's now being brought up on a steady diet of tire-toxic water. So, what do we do with old tires, other than turning them into handy furniture or plant pots, that is?

Apparently, you can also turn your car into Tirezilla by sticking shredded tires onto it.

And remember to stick them in a manner that the car ends up looking like one aggressive monster anybody would be happy to give way to. Now, while the paint of your car may have taken in plenty of stains and strains because of the innumerable pieces of shredded rubber sticking out from it, this car will never get a dent because of its really thick and durable skin. It’s also unlikely to catch fire, and the AC may end up working pretty well considering all the layers of insulation all around it.

10 A Tribute To Dumb And Dumber In The True Sense

Via autoevolution.com

According to Motor 1, this one's not a 1984 Sheep Dog. But the owner of this Audi RS6 Avant has certainly paid the best tribute possible to the Mutt van or the Shaggin’ Wagon from 1990s comedy classic Dumb and Dumber. The pink dog-themed RS6 Avant has a pink furry body all throughout, with that trademark tongue hanging out of the grille, akin to that of a dog sticking his head out of a window and letting his tongue soak in that breeze, petrol fumes and all. The tribute runs deep in this car with the logo for the Mutt Cutts dog grooming service appearing on the side. If you're wondering why this particular guy agreed to deface his really expensive Audi to look like a dog, this RS6 Avant was part of the StreetGasm 2000 Supercar rally that travels from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Spain. And clearly, having this amazing dog car strut down the street put a smile on everyone’s face since it was reminiscent of the cult comedy. Plus, it looked adorable, enough for people to ignore the decal on the window asking them not to touch because many couldn’t help themselves from petting this big pooch.

9 When You Have A Zebra-Induced Identity Crisis

Via rantnow.com

So, whenever anthropomorphic zebras came onto the screen, the funniest point the creators could think of was the very obvious existential crisis that any striped thing could have. Am I black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Now, Michael Jackson clearly stated that it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, but clearly, the zebra didn’t hear that song much. And apparently, neither did this car, or at least, the owner of this car. Of course, the crisis on this fur-modded car has been worsened not just by the black-on-white and white-on-black confusion but also by the presence of both thick stripes and thin stripes. So, the car ends up looking like a conveniently striped cow on the body but a zebra on its ears and legs aka the furry wheel caps. Plus there’s a pink tongue hanging out from the grille as well, which worsens the "Am I a zebra, a cow, or a dog?” confusion this poor vehicle must surely be having. There's a tail at the back, too. There’s not a part of the car that hasn’t been fancily dressed to go to the auto animal ball!

8 Meet Herbie’s Four-Wheeled Pet, Ferbie!

Via pinterest.com

So, the other day, I read a Beetle joke that went something like this. A BMW asked a Volkswagen Beetle, “Why are your eyes popping out of your body?” The Volkswagen replied, “Let them put an engine in your behind and see what happens to your eyes.” Hardy har har. But let’s face it—the VW Beetle may have been quite the car in its heydays, but now, it looks like a little joke. Of course, with that statement, we just managed to alienate many Bug and Herbie fans, but the truth remains. The Volkswagen Beetle is more of a relic than an actual car. And guess who’s taking the joke the farthest? This little-customized Beetle that calls itself a “Ferbie.” As far as animals are concerned, it looks like a little rat out on the field to look for a tasty grub or seed, but the name on its plate is actually a dual tribute. One is obviously to Herbie, the love bug of movie fame, and the other is to Ferbie, a robotic toy that seems to have quite the fan following. Ferbie reminds me of gremlins, though, so I tend to stay away from this lovechild between an owl and a guinea pig.

7 Meet The Original Furry That Spawned A Furred Generation

Via gadgetshowprizes.com

One cannot talk about furry vehicles and not mention the first ever fur mod to hit the screen, the very iconic Mutt Cutts van. Driven by Jeff Bridges and Jim Carrey aka Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in the 1994 comedy classic Dumb and Dumber, it made a reappearance in the 2014 sequel Dumb and Dumbest as well. Underneath that very canine appearance is a 1984 Ford Econoline Van. Draped in a fur-like carpet and paired with the customary tail as well as a dog head complete with whiskers, nose, and ears, this van created an instant sensation and soon had plenty of fans all throughout America

. The funniest thing about this van is that when it needs to be filled up, the driver must lift the rear leg and lock it in the upright position, just like a peeing dog!

The inside of the van was equally shaggy, which is why, amongst other unseemly reasons, it's dubbed the "shaggin' wagon." It did have an AC to cool the heated occupants inside, as well as a cassette player to play some shaggin’ tunes as well. According to Motor1, the engine was a base 460 V8, which produces about 225 horsepower, enough to load a decent weight in.

6 The Demand For Fur Cars Is An Old One

Via motor1.com

According to Motor1, Porsche received a rather odd request from a customer in the 1950s. Now, this became the early seeds of what's today the bespoke Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. It may not have had a fancy brand name to go along with it, but Porsche had started taking special orders way back. And this fur-clad monstrosity was one of the very first specially manufactured Porsches to roll out of this automobile specialist’s arena. Of course, Porsche has always excelled in making customized cars. Think of the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series… In 1978, when enough orders began to roll in, Porsche realized that it would be good to make it an official thing and spread the word far and wide. So, in 1986, the personalization program was named the "Porsche Exclusive," and it caught fire like anything.

The fur Porsche, though, was way back when Porsche didn’t know any better and thought they could get away with a monstrosity like this one.

Sadly, at that time, fake fur was looked down upon, so we're pretty sure that the fur covering this car came from many a hunted and killed animal, possibly the winter fur of the stoat or the weasel, known as ermine. We disapprove, strongly!

5 The Perfect Turf Advertisement On Wheels

Via dailypicksandflicks.com

If you really want your artificial-turf business to take off and be unforgettable, you could do this. Buy a small, inexpensive car and get it turf-wrapped, adding a rather leery face to the front of the car in the process. Now, add a banner of your turf brand visible on the car, and wait for the calls to come. We kid you not—no one would even think of going for another turf company. If you could manage to turf wrap your car so well with all its curves and troughs, lawns should be easy as pie. This particular car is a very efficient advertisement on wheels for Easigrass, and we think that the jaw drops it must be getting would make for perfect branding. The next time your friend mumbles something about thinking of covering the roof with turf, you’d remember the car in a jiffy and tell your friend the same. So, what if the car looks not only ugly but also positively monstrous in the way the cat that got the canary did? The car here isn't meant to look good or even decent; it’s simply modded to make you remember the turf brand in question and have total recall.

4 When The Catbus Came To Life In Nevada

Via misterw.com

If you've seen the film My Neighbor Totoro, you’d remember one of the characters in it–the Catbus or the Nekobasu. In the movie, the Catbus is shown to be a large cat with a hollow body, the inside of which is vehicle-like with windows and seats covered in fur and a large, furry tail. This Catbus also has 12 legs, reminiscent of a caterpillar and a grin that reminds you of the Cheshire Cat from the book and movie Alice In Wonderland. If a person needs to go somewhere, the Catbus will appear and enlarge a window to form a door, allowing a person to enter to be taken where he or she wants or needs to be. So popular is this character that someone actually made an art car in its wake, though the grin looks far more terrifying in reality than it does in the movie. It’s a fully functioning minivan, though the window doesn't expand like it does in the movie, which if you think about it, is actually a good thing. Having a cat-like vehicle that tended to swallow you might not be a good ride for the faint-hearted. So, it may be an art car but feels more like a nightmare, IMHO.

3 Another Dumb-Err Tribute To The Mutt Van

Via cyber-breeze.com

So, if a dog-modded van isn’t enough for you, here’s a rodent version of it, complete with the front incisors to chew all sorts of nuts on the road, we assume. With its little pink nose and adorable cheek dents/headlamps, this rodent van demands a petting. It could be a hamster, a beaver, or even a bunny–the animal it's modded after is pretty unclear. But it's cute. If we were to talk about why this very large truck was turned into a furry rodent—and we’d hate to kill your dreams—but it could be because the van is advertising a rodent-control service, which makes this a rodent-killing rodent machine. We're sure the mice won’t get the sick humor, but we do. As far as we can see, even the interior of the car is warm and fuzzy, which is all good for the human who needs rodent-control service. But it sure as hell isn’t comforting for the rodents in question. Of course, we could be wrong, and this may just be one guy terribly in love with his hamster, so much so that he modeled the van after a much-loved dead pet. Otherwise, we just don’t know why you’d want a rodent on wheels!

2 A Shocking-Pink Hello Kitty Car That Stuns

Via pinterest.com

Okay, we've got a Hello Kitty fan here. Or at least some sort of a cat lover. Or just someone who associates vehicles with cats, and no, we don’t know why. We may understand if someone suddenly decided to make his or her vehicle look like a horse, because once upon a time, the only transport humans knew was via horseback. We don’t understand why you’d want to ride on—or in—a cat, though. And a shocking-pink cat at that. It's a very girlie ride, but we don’t think this belongs to a mature woman. It looks more like a college fad thing that a girl just had to do for a few laughs. It could also belong to a furry, a person who's so into anthropomorphic animals such as Hello Kitty, that he or she dresses up his or her rides as the favorite character. There are better characters to dress up as. Think werewolves or even the Easter Bunny, but Hello Kitty seems to be pushing it a bit. It’s too pink, too furry, too cat-like, and just too weird for words. And we wouldn't want to be caught catching a ride in it. Just no, please!

1 A Furry Car Right From Every Animal’s Nightmare

Via autoevolution.com

Till now, we've seen plenty of furry cars that looked cute, funny, or downright strange. But this car is straight from a horror film–like Spielberg’s killer truck from Duel. There seem to be raccoon tails hanging from every which where, be it attached straight to the truck or still attached to the poor animal they were originally part of. Glassy eyes seem to stare at you and ask, "Why, why did you let this happen to us?"

There are skulls and mounted heads, animal behinds, tails, and countless other hides and body parts.

The guy behind the wheel may be a taxidermist by profession, but as we look at the photo, we guess he could also be a sociopath, formerly the kid who used to pull the wings off hapless creatures and drown all the little puppies and kittens he could lay his hands on. By far, this is the most horrific furry vehicle we've ever seen, and the retinal flash of this one is going to last a long, long time. And honestly, cruelty aside, we also cannot understand why you’d want to anoint your truck with so many corpses. Even stuntman Mike’s car wasn't this gruesome to look at, even if it matched the general air of death and decay.

Sources: AutoEvolution.com, Jalopnik.com, Motor1.com, Metro.co.uk

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