19 People Who Tried Fixing Their Cars With Cheap Household Objects

There’s absolutely no place in this world that can guarantee our cars will always be in mint condition, without all the irritants that slow us down – this would only happen in a utopic environment, where there’s no traffic, and every day would be a breeze. Cars can present a less halcyon experience sometimes, with a myriad of challenges like a little scratch here, or a mirror that’s not in place, a little crack on the windscreen which if left unattended could cause the entire glass to shutter.

As much as we take our cars to the garage and carry out regular checks and servicing, there’s no telling when it will either be a complete wreck, or just shut down on us. However, being human, we always find little fixes that can temporarily deal with the matter at hand, at least before we decide on what to do, or even get the money to do the proper fix where it is required. The cars you see on this list represent those who took shortcuts, most of which are totally off because they just picked things from their homes and affixed them to the broken car part – you’ve got to keep moving, right?

From hairbrushes, to compact discs, earphones, and mirrors, these fixes seem to sort of fit right into the space, but they don’t quite do the trick, especially for those who replaced broken headlamps with little hand-held torches. Check these 19 quick-fixes people tried on their cars, and failed.

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19 Wing mirror flop

via pinterest

There are various ways you could have damaged your wing mirror, or you parked it somewhere and it was yanked off by some vandal, or an irresponsible bicycle driver rammed into it and it cracked, finally falling off.

Whatever the case, a broken mirror (or no wing mirror at all) is as inconveniencing as it is costly to replace, not forgetting the legal implications it comes with. What’s worse is if you get flagged down by cops and that is the first thing they notice, woe unto you. For this guy, however, replacing it was not a big deal. I mean, what are CDs for?

It's not for being a mirror, that's for sure.

18 Door knob disaster

via pinterest

Is this some kind of lame joke or what? As far as the eye can see, the car’s original door handle looks just fine, no damage, no scratches to show that there was some kind of vandalism or whatever other issues that may have caused it not to work as it should.

This is one of those jokes that went too far.

Or maybe the owner figured it could work as some kind of two-factor security gimmick, by playing reverse psychology on anyone who would want to break into his car. He stuck a golden door knob (probably from an old door) right next to the car’s actual door handle. How else would this car’s doors be opened? He would have had to redo all the door locks so he can open the driver’s door using the knob. What a disaster!

17 Door opener

via taringa.net

Is there a show on what not to do to your car? If not, there definitely should be one, because of such fixes. You may argue this comes in handy when you need to pop open a nice, cold bottle of soda while driving in the hot sun on a road trip, but this isn’t what made the owner of this car bolt the bottle opener to the door handle of his car.

What might have happened here is the door handle got broken, leaving a part of it still attached to its housing, so the owner used two little screws and drilled the opener onto the remaining part of the handle which actually makes for an easier, temporary fix. This works if you don’t have time or money to replace the broken part, plus it isn’t illegal anyway. But it won’t hold for too long.

16 Fuel door remedy

via brainjet.com

A car without a fuel door is fine, as long as the gas cap is intact. Leaving your car’s gas cap off or not having one at all can interfere with some sensors, plus there’s a chance of rain or water getting into the gas.

That said, leaving the fuel door open- whether you’re driving or not- can be dangerous especially in a public place, as the gas cap can be stolen.

But that doesn’t mean that you should replace the fuel door with a compact disc – for one it looks hideous, and it is never a temporary replacement, and won’t ever be a permanent one either. If your fuel door had a loose cable, or broken latch and hinge before it fell off, you could’ve gotten that fixed.

15 Duct tape wing mirror

via pinterest.com

What’s with all the wing mirror quick fixes? At least this car owner used an actual mirror, designed to do just that. However, wing mirrors are meant for cars, and the kind of mirror on this car is meant to stay within the confines of your home, specifically your bedroom, and more precisely inside the dressing table drawer. If you happen to lose or break your wing mirror, and you really must use your grooming mirror, the least you can do is remove the actual mirror from the handle and use duct tape to stick that on your car as a temporary replacement. But the best thing is to get an actual wing mirror, one that’s meant for cars. That'll save you a lot of hassles and anxieties.

14 iPod car music system

via sagilca.info

There’s got to be a better way to replace your broken car music system or radio if it isn’t working. One of the best ways is to listen to music from your own iPod via earphones, but not sticking the actual iPod to the dashboard, and expecting it to deliver what your car radio would have.

Granted, your iPod has a lot of your favorite tunes, and possibly much clearer sound, but what happens when everything breaks down, which it will eventually?

Your iPod won’t hold that long, so either listen directly from the iPod through earphones, or find a cheaper alternative for a car radio- at least until you can actually afford to replace the whole music system. But if you really believe the iPod will do, get a sound system expert’s opinion on how to make it work.

13 Screwdriver Ignition

via lifebuzz

This guy uses a screwdriver to start his car. This must have taken a lot of work to make sure the length and cut of the screwdriver matched that of the actual key to the car in order to start the ignition. However, luckily or unluckily for him, only this screwdriver will start the ignition as it uses the key lock.

What happened here is the screwdriver was altered to act as an extension in place of the actual car keys.

While this may be an aesthetic gesture, the way it hangs off of the steering column looks kinda gnarly. It may be an amazing hack if you lost your spare car key and need a backup, but isn’t the best of fixes. You may as well get a duplicate of the actual car keys.

12 Happy Camper

via mistermotormouth

What do you do when your RV’s door is broken, or cannot close, and you just have to use it? Well, you can choose to get it fixed, or you can use one of the doors from your home, preferably those that are not used regularly.

Take your RV door measurements and see if they match the dimensions on your own doors, then fix it on your camper.

If you’re not good at doing such things, please keep off, because it’ll show once you hit the road, otherwise, if you do a good job at it, your RV will look tasteful and classy, and you’ll be considered a genius. The worst part though is this door isn’t permanent, as much as it looks this good, anyone can break into your RV, so it’s a no-no.

11 Rearview mirror light

via pinsdaddy

Cars usually have a light located just above the rear view mirror, or next to the sun visors used to prevent the sun’s rays from directly affecting your eyes and sight as you drive, especially when the sun is up or setting in the evening. The light comes in handy when you need to find something in your car especially at night, and you don’t have a torch.

So what do you do when that light goes out or the bulb doesn’t work? You get a proper bulb and replace it , or ask a good car expert to have a look at it for you. What this guy did is get a bulb from his living room and tried to use it in place of the proper one, we’re not sure if this hack works though.

10 Gear Lock

via emgn.com

A gear lock is a safety device with two components: the stand, and the lock. The stand is bolted onto the floor of your car and can be swung around, while the lock is detachable so as to accommodate the gear stick and reattach it to the stand. While the gear lock can be opened using a key only, your handbrake can be disengaged by anyone who can enter the car.

Gear locks though, are great ways to protect your car. They take a lot of effort to break, so the thief would have to be really smart to unlock them. Now, what this car owner did was just place a regular padlock, which anyone can easily break or even have a key to, probably even pick with a hairpin if possible. This isn’t a gear lock!

9 Headlamp and indicator light

via odometer.com

You’ve got to hand it to this car owner at least for knowing how to match the household objects to the missing parts. For the indicator (or blinker if you like), he took an empty medicine bottle, with the amber color, and in place of a headlamp, he placed an empty plastic container, so the bulbs for both lights are probably intact.

What more can we say? Don’t cars have insurance covered? Aren’t accidents of any nature covered by your insurance company?

These days, by the way, headlamps and blinkers don’t come cheap, especially if you want the original parts that came for your car’s model, but there’s definitely another way to get a proper fix done and restore your car’s dignity.

8 Wing brush mirror

via kickvick.com

This is one of those "honey I fixed it" photos. There’s just something about wing mirrors that car owners don’t take too seriously when it comes to either fixing or replacing. As mentioned earlier, there is a huge difference between the mirror on your hairbrush (or the one you use by your dressing table at home) and an actual car wing mirror, used to help you see what’s at the back, like oncoming cars or anything else back there.

If your wing mirror gets broken, or damaged, or some vandal just yanked it off of your car and disappeared with it, you can do something about it, like go to your mechanics and ask for a spare one you can use while looking for a good one for your car. Hairbrushes and hand held mirrors are unacceptable.

7 Air-con

via dailymail

Clearly the air con in this car isn’t working or isn’t powerful enough to deal with the heat the driver is experiencing.

The fact that he could take a whole box of ice cubes, put it in a cooler box, and then affix an actual fan to the car means there’s something completely off.

Maybe all the windows aren’t working as they should, because all we see rolled down is the driver’s window, but did he really have to do all this? I mean this guy went overboard with this amateur hack. Does it even work? Someone should definitely try this out and let us know if it actually does what it should, because we highly doubt the cold air would be evenly distributed all over the car.

6 Earphone exhaust

via justsomething.co

Earphones are meant for two things: listening to music and answering phone calls (hands-free) when you’re not able to use your phone – drivers should know this. This guy took his earphones, which we assume aren’t working, and used them to hold his car’s exhaust system together, but how long will this last?

The easiest thing to do, and surely it won’t cost you much, is to go to the nearest garage and ask for a welder to fix the exhaust using his welding machine so you can continue with your journey. There’s nothing as horrible as driving a car whose exhaust system is loose or has been damaged, the noise is just too much, and so embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing when you have both the annoying sound and a pair of earphones stuck under your car’s exhaust pipe.

5 Foldaway Jeep seat

via dailymail

Does this driver even care about the safety of his co-driver or passenger? He took a foldaway chair and uses it as a passenger seat in his Jeep. It would be interesting to follow this car around and see how the passenger gets shoved around the car, especially when the driver steps on the brake or at a bump, because how is it even fastened to the car?

For him to put a foldaway seat in the car, the main passenger seat probably got worn out or something, and the closest thing was this foldaway chair. Well, we can’t quite figure out what happened here, but this is clearly throwing caution to the wind. Get a proper passenger seat.

4 DIY sponge wiper

via pinterest

How much does a pair of wipers cost? I think this is perhaps the cheapest part of a car that anyone can buy, you can even stop by your local supermarket and get a pair. It’s strange that one would take a sponge, meant for cleaning the dishes, and use that in place of a proper wiper.

This definitely won’t hold when it rains heavily, or even if it's light showers over a longer distance. This contraption is not even built to withstand the pressure with which a proper set of wipers would clean the windscreen.

What happens if something heavier than water is splashed on the screen, like say mud or something else? That sponge wouldn’t be able to handle it. Get proper wipers or take the bus.

3 Car window

via pinterest

Oh no he didn’t! This is a whole window from a house, which is probably much heavier than getting the actual window that fits the void space on this car. What makes this window heavy is the glass itself, plus other things like the putty used to hold it together, and then that substance he’s used to stick it around the car’s window frame. (What is that eve?)

What many drivers do, especially those whose car windows got broken or sometimes dropped because of a faulty cable, is to another car window to hold the space, or use a Polythene paper and stick it with duct tape neatly, around the window frame. This is taking car hacks too far.

2 Soft brush wiper

via funnyton.com

This is a BMW X5, a German luxury midsize SUV that has been humiliated by its owner. BMW is one of the top automotive brands, and whether you believe that those who drive BMW models are rude or arrogant is up to you.

However, this is one driver who has taken car hacks too far. If you own such a vehicle, surely you must have some spare cash to get a wiper for your rear window. I mean, its not even a set, it’s just one wiper. Taking a dust broom from the house and attaching it to your rear window to act as a wiper is an embarrassment to yourself that will dent your own reputation more than it'll help your car.

1 Prosthetic gear

via dailymail

Prosthetic hands are artificially made devices meant to replace a missing body part. This is done to restore the normal functions of the missing limbs, and the rehabilitation of the prosthetic amputee is done by a prosthetist alongside other healthcare professionals.

For someone to take a prosthetic body part such as what the driver of this car did in his car, and use it as a gear stick knob, one is left wondering who could be walking around with an amputated hand, because he or she is probably struggling to do stuff. Either that, or this was an extra, but either way, it is not just disgusting, but an atrocity at that.

Sources: pinterest, dailymail.co.uk, lifebuzz.com

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