19 People Who Tried Modifying Their SUVs, But Probably Regret It Now

SUVs are incredibly useful vehicles that just about every driver should have in his garage.

SUVs are incredibly useful vehicles that just about every driver should have in his garage. They serve many purposes–for some, they're used for hauling kids around to school and soccer practices. For others, they're adventure vehicles, ready to carry you and your gear up dirt roads to escape civilization. They can also be commuter cars, with compact and fuel-efficient models becoming more prevalent in the market. With luxury and sports car manufacturers edging into the SUV market, some SUVs have become so comfortable and quick that they provide adequate alternatives to traditional sports car options for those with large wallets.

Just about every car manufacturer offers an SUV option, and this breadth of choice lends itself to spitting these cars all over America’s roads. With the prevalence of these vehicles, many owners turn to modifications to make their rides stand out from the crowd. These modifications can come in many forms: engine modifications, exhaust work, new rims, bigger and chunkier tires, paint jobs, lift kits, and body molding. While these mods, when done right, can vastly improve the look of most SUVs, they can go very wrong and cause your ride to look ugly.

These drivers have tried modifying their SUVs with a combination of approaches listed above but have failed miserably and have created nothing but eyesores as a result. Oftentimes, a little bit of restraint would've saved these rides, but unfortunately, the owners seem to lack that. Luckily, now, you all can laugh at these failures.

19 Donk Culture And Jeep Wrangler = Big Mistake

via AutoEvolution

Jeep Wranglers—except for this one, that is—are arguably the best or at least one of the best road-going off-roaders. In this one, the massive wheels ruin the poor Jeep. While they provide extra ground clearance, they look tacky and fragile, easily splintering under stress.

The thin tires attached to these monstrosities provide absolutely no traction off-road, and the Jeep would struggle to get over the smallest of obstacles.

These tires also provide little traction in rain and snow, handicapping the Jeep and keeping you stuck at home and unable to adventure or explore at all.

18 Someone Please Burn This

via Car Throttle

This atrocity of a Cadillac SRX burns our eyes and makes us want to run away screaming. The ugly, oversized wheels look awful and are incredibly disproportionate to the body of the SUV. They look like they cause the Cadillac to sway in the wind, as they're blocks of metal and have no openings for air to pass through.

The chrome grille covers look awful and should be left off, as grille designs that are flush with the front of any car make for a blocky and clumsy-looking ride.

Lastly, the ugliness of the SUV is easily seen by just about everyone in the vicinity due to the ugly loud pink-chrome coloring.

17 Lambo Doors On A Hummer

via Pinterest

There's only one more ruined Hummer to view after this one—you're almost at the end. The obviously ugly rims are just part of what ruins this SUV. They look too thin and don't match the rugged and beefy design of the rest of this ride, ruining cohesiveness. This Hummer, ignoring the wheels, looks relatively decent, at least until the idiotic driver opens the doors. These style of doors belong on only one type of car: Lamborghinis. They don't belong on your modded Honda, FRS, and certainly not on an SUV. They look seriously awful and often cost over $1,000 to install—far too pricey.

16 OK...This Is Kinda Funny

via Motoring Research

This Mercedes, while originally a sedan, has basically been modified and turned into an SUV. The elevated seating position likely places you above some of the lowered Range Rovers and Hummers on this list. Perhaps, this modification could've been carried out gracefully, but this Mercedes was completely ruined. The huge grille and oddly-placed fenders make this ride look like the Batmobile got pushed off the top of the Empire State Building. As a sedan, this Mercedes was likely classy and comfortable. As an SUV, it looks nearly impossible to see out of, wildly useless off-road, and just plain ugly.

15 The Modification That Makes No Sense

via Pikabu

You'd think that modified Hummers couldn't get worse than what you've already seen, but you'd be wrong. This atrocity baffles us and most likely does the same to everyone who lays eyes upon this... thing. For starters, the rims are ugly and tacky.

The excessive amounts of chrome don't look good on this SUV—it looks over-glammed and ritzy and certainly not at all fancy.

The brush guards up front are useless and only there for appearances while reducing the functionality of the otherwise useful Hummer. It becomes difficult to maneuver in close quarters, heavier, less fuel-efficient, and much uglier than in stock form.

14 Wooden Wheels?

via Reddit

This is almost the last ruined Hummer that you have to look at on this list. Luckily, most of this Hummer looks fine. There are no tacky brush guards, chrome step bars, or abnormal lighting features. Instead, this SUV has been ruined by the wheels that the owner decided to put on. While likely donned in jest, these wooden wagon wheels make for an interesting-looking ride. Standing out sorely, they don't match at all with the chrome and black style of the Hummer. They're likely incredibly stiff and uncomfortable, making for a rough ride that would make anyone want to abandon this vehicle. Good luck getting anywhere in snow or rain without tires, too. You're better off just walking.

13 People Seriously Have No Taste

via YouTube

This GMC was once perhaps a sturdy and practical family hauler—but no longer. Now, it's not useful for much beyond scrap metal. The huge rims are ugly and hold thin tires that offer no traction. Come any sort of storm, this SUV will be left spinning its wheels. This may actually be a good thing because it means you won't have to be seen in public behind the wheel. The checkerboard-and-flame paint looks juvenile and tacky and should be left on Hot Wheels rather than on a real vehicle. Hopefully, the owner of this SUV parks it in his garage and never opens the door.

12 Lifted


This is a rather interesting vehicle. It's designed to be on stilts of sorts. When driving, the ride height is that of a normal SUV. In traffic, these legs extend up and widen, allowing for the driver to pass over other cars that have become caught in gridlock. Innovative? Perhaps. Ugly? Definitely. Try taking a turn when the stilts are extended, and you'll likely roll your ride over, which may be a good thing as that means that this dangerous vehicle will be off the road for good. Stay far away from this SUV, and suck it up and sit in traffic like the rest of us do.

11 Gulf Lotus X12

via AutoEvolution

This monstrosity, dubbed the "Gulf Lotus X12," is a twisted combination of an X6 and a Hummer that was designed by the same people who made Fast and Furious. This X6 started off as a perfectly decent, albeit strange-looking, SUV. Now, the rear diffuser piece of the body kit looks as though it'll tear off if this vehicle tries to drive up any sort of incline. The body kit is chunky and bulbous all around, making this SUV look fat and cumbersome. We'd rather walk to our destination than be caught dead within a hundred feet of this thing, and the owner should feel the same way.

10 What In The World Is This?

via Reddit

This is the worst Hummer of them all, and that's saying something because there are some real pieces of garbage on our list that come before this example. In addition to Lamborghini doors that are grossly out of place on this SUV, the Hummer has rear-hinged doors that make this look like the world's ugliest piece of origami. The hood of the vehicle has fallen victim to this design as well. The owner should've invested in a Lamborghini or some sort of sports car where these mods would look somewhat acceptable, rather than on this beefy, off-road focused SUV.

9 Chrome Wrap Mishap

via Pinterest

Keep scrolling on this list, and you'll find even more ruined Hummers, but this is the last ugly Range Rover that you'll have to look at. Again, the lowered suspension looks out of proportion and reduces the functionality of this SUV, which has off-road utility heritage.

The chrome wrap is tacky and far too flashy, with this hot pink mess standing out no matter where it goes.

The ridiculous body cladding makes the Range Rover look bulky and cheap while likely reducing aerodynamic efficiency. If an SUV is going to stand out and look flashy, it better be useful or good-looking, and unfortunately, this poor Range Rover is neither of those.

8 Wrong On So Many Levels

via CarScoops.com

Kia took this SUV to the SEMA auto show, and while it's meant to express both the company and the car's ability to off-road, it does so in an incredibly tacky manner. The undercarriage guard at the front of the Kia makes it look snub-nosed, squashed, and chunky. While that look works for some SUVs, it doesn't work on this one, mostly due to the fact that the rest of the ride's body is sleek rather than blocky and rugged. The paint job is awful. While it does express exploration and nature, cars are canvases in utility only—expression should come through what a car is capable of, rather than by painting a scene on its side.

7 From India With Love

via YouTube

This modified SUV comes from India, which is why the brand isn't at all recognizable. First of all, the two-tone paint job on this SUV looks tacky and cheapens the look of the apparently expensive ride, making it look like a glorified Ford Flex.

The hood scoop, being at home only on WRXs and Evos, is ugly and doesn't match the luxurious feel of the ride.

This SUV had skimpy tires as well, making it useless for off-roading and confining it to the pavement. The owner would be better off importing a luxury SUV that's slicker and better suited to off-road travel than this atrocity—anything would be better than this.

6 Lowering An SUV? Um, No

via WallpaperUP.com

This is the first of many lowered SUVs on this list. Perhaps the most irksome modification of all time that morons do to their SUVs is lower them. It negates all benefits of SUVs—ground clearance, comfort, and ability to tow or haul. Taken anywhere but smooth pavement, this Range Rover will scrape or simply ground itself. Try to tow anything or stow heavy loads of cargo, and the already-strained suspension will have the SUV dragging its haunches on the road. To make matters worse, the red accents on the rims and on the grille cheapen the appearance of the Range Rover, making it look tacky and unpleasant.

5 RIP Land Cruiser

via TheDrive.com

This Toyota Land Cruiser is a failure of modification and an atrocity to the eyes. Keeping in the vein of lowered SUVs, this one never sits quite right. The Land Cruiser looks aggressive and impressive with lift kits, chunky tires, and other adventure-focused additions. It doesn't look at home when it's been lowered more so than some sports cars. As with the first Nissan on this list, this Toyota has been heavily modified for speed, producing about 2,000 horsepower.

4 Cheap Rims

via Wikimedia.org

Perhaps even worse than the two lowered Range Rovers is this lowered Hummer H2. It looks disgusting, particularly with the cheap rims. They look thin and brittle and don't look at all capable of taking on any sort of obstacle on the road, be it a trail or light snow. The skinny tires will make for a harsh and bumpy ride and won't provide good traction on dirt or snow, where the Hummer can excel. Unfortunately, this capable vehicle has been turned from a military-inspired bruiser into a weak pavement princess. This SUV had lots of potential, but its owner clearly dropped the ball.

3 Tacky Hummer

via FivePrime.com

Here, we have another mess of a modified Hummer, and it's no better to look at than the previous one. Black on black at least looks slick and intimidating, but this white beast looks ugly and not at all appealing.

The lowered suspension cripples the SUV for off-road use, as do the thin tires that provide no traction or comfort.

The rims are tacky and cheap, not at home on the Hummer. Instead, the owner should've gone with some stocky and rugged rims that would be more at home with chunky tires. Lastly, the lowered grille makes you even more likely to scrape on driveways than the Audi riding behind the Hummer.

2 Don't Ever Do This On An X5

via Flickr

What's up with this continued stream of morons lowering their SUVs? Just stop! This X5 has been ruined just like they Hummers and Range Rovers you saw before it. The widebody kit admittedly looks good, but the lower stance doesn't belong on the X5. The X5 is a speedy, comfortable, and surprisingly capable SUV, but the lowered suspension takes away its capability. Lowered suspension and thin tires both make for a bumpy ride, which is the antithesis of all BMWs. Taking a luxury SUV, making it ugly, uncomfortable, and weak in the face of snow and rocks is a completely awful decision that the owner should've avoided making.

1 Tacky Green Rims

via FormaCar

This Jeep is even worse than the previous one on massive rims. These rims are tacky with the green accents and way too big for the Jeep, and these are just the start of its problems. The tires, while equipped with decent tread, are super thin and will make for an uncomfortable and bumpy ride. The green headlights and foglights are tacky and make this Jeep look like its owner is a child. Green is a great color, but it rarely looks good on cars in any fashion, especially on such prominent features such as rims and lights.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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