19 Rims These Pickup Owners Should Be Ashamed Of

A good set of rims can be an amazing addition to any car owner's baby. There is possibly nothing, other than a paint job, that adds character to any vehicle like giving it a tasteful and well fitting set of shoes.

On the contrary, rims that don't fit the overall theme or style of your vehicle can throw everything off and turn your once glorious chariot into a sloppy piece of garbage that nobody wants to look at.

So where do we draw the line? It's always hard to tell what looks best on your car, and with ever increasing prices, a set of rims can set you back thousands of dollars, leaving you stuck with an eyesore and an empty bank account.

Pickups are no different, and there are tons of different styles within this segment for owners to choose from. These could include mud monsters, gravel travelers, CenCal trophy trucks, or even closer to stock for the more modest pickup owner.

Along with these comes an almost endless supply of different styled rims to choose from. Choosing the right set of shoes for your truck can be a daunting task and many are not up to the challenge. In this article we will go over 19 of the most ill-fitting and objectively ugly rims we could find.

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19 The Green Machine

via mhtwheels.com

I'm starting to get really sick and tired of these absurd rims. Those monsters are way too big to only have five spokes, and I'm worried they're not sturdy enough to hold the weight of the truck.

Do you think it cost more to paint the rims or the rest of the truck? They're both about the same size, so maybe the owner got a two for one deal.

I like the black accents on the truck though, but that's about the only part, seeing as the rest of the truck reminds me of something that comes out of one's nose. Even the grill and headlights match! Also, here we go again with the insanely thin rubber. Why, people? What purpose could that possibly serve except to make it look like there's no tire there? It's 2018, let's start saving our money.

18 Tennis Colors and Pumpkins

via YouTube

Let's make something clear: green and orange very rarely actually go together well on anything, especially a paint job. These rims may be the ugliest color scheme I've ever seen on a vehicle, anywhere. The matching splatter-patterned decals and stepping bars certainly aren't doing the truck any favors.

Buy an old Cutlass if you really want to do something like this. All around, this pickup just screams of the owner being desperate for attention, although he likely isn't receiving the kind of attention he was hoping for. I just pray that if I ever see anything this hideous in the streets it won't be right after lunch. Otherwise, I may end up losing that lunch.

17 The Biggest Loser

via AutoGuide.com

Simply put, this truck is most definitely trying to make up for something the owner is lacking in elsewhere. The grey color on the truck looks phenomenal, but the pink accents just bring it down a whole lot of levels.

In terms of the actual wheels, undersized rims with undersized tires create a huge strain on a vehicle's suspension. Couple that with the outward stance that this guy has applied and you have a bill for new rubber once a month!

The huge lips on these rims aren't doing anybody any favors either. Just think about how hard it must be to maintain that shine on those puppies. Unless you're trying to blind everyone you pass on the highway, maybe don't invest in such shiny rims on a pickup.

16 Orange Accents for a Real Georgia Peach

via Pinterest

More deep dish pizza rims with color matched accents and too much chrome. These rims honestly encapsulate what this whole article is about. Honestly, I like the rest of the truck. I think the orange and grey look really nice, especially because the orange isn't over-accented.

The rims and tires throw all of that out the window though. Too much lift for these undersized wheels makes the owner look like his truck skipped leg day, and the color accent is so far into the tunnels of those rims that you can just barely make out how grossly they reflect on the overly polished chrome. The super expensive suspension system looks great underneath, but he wouldn't need it with some normal wheels.

15 Pretty Not Fly For a White Guy

via 355Nation

White rims. Why? Dear Lord above, why? White rims are simply unacceptable on any vehicle, I don't care how good you think they look. They're ugly. White rims give the immediate appearance of being spray painted, and thus being cheap and nasty.

Also, how in the world do you expect to keep those things clean? If you really need colored rims, just get gloss black like everybody else. They'll look better with your blacked out headlights anyway.

Also, just a side note, this shade of blue should be off limits as well. You don't need that much attention. Overall, with the paint job, white rims, and lowering kit, this guy should have opted to just stay home.

14 Blacked Out With Shiners

via YouTube

I'll give this guy some credit, the blacked out paint job does look pretty sick. There's only one huge, glaring problem; if you want to properly black out a truck, make sure you don't miss the rims!

I'm not saying that I hate silver rims, I'm just saying that it looks off when someone dedicates their whole truck to a particular scheme but doesn't follow through, opting to make one section stand out in the weirdest way possible.

To make matters worse, these rims are grossly oversized for the amount of lift, if any, that he has on. If you want to rock huge rims, make sure you have the height to pull them off, otherwise your truck just looks chubby. But yeah, that paint job is definitely very sweet.

13 You Ruined Your Truck, Bro.

via Nissan Titan XD Forum

Man, how do you sleep at night knowing you disrespected such a perfectly fine truck? The truck above with the grey and pink paint job was one thing, because that was fully custom. This is just a brand new stock Titan with some rims thrown on! Is that some stance I see as well? Nothing annoys me more than stance on a pickup, especially if that pickup is stock.

This guy could have had a perfectly solid new truck that would have lasted him years and many miles, but instead he squandered his money and spent it all on a pair of rims that just do not fit the profile of the truck at all. From a custom paint job to new headlights to even a new bumper, there were a ton of other options for this guy to have spent his money on and all of them would have been more practical than this.

12 Rollin' on Dubs

via youtube

Let's start from the top on this one and work our way down. The box Chevy? That's awesome. I love it, it looks like it's in great condition and has a great paint job to boot. Uh-oh, I see a huge sticker on the windshield. That's never good.

Moving down further, we see the monstrosities that some might mistakenly call rims. these rims are so tall they look like they could play in the NBA. Take a second to really examine the rubber on them. That CANNOT be economical or practical. Why have such a beautiful truck if you can't even take it cruising? Overall, this thing just screams insecurity, not to mention an excess of money to blow. I really can't say that I'd be proud to have this thing in my garage.

11 There's Always One..

via YouTube

As the title suggests, there is always one guy in a group of car enthusiasts that thinks his lowered box chevy is the coolest thing on planet. That sounds super specific, I know, but there is never a shortage of trucks that look exactly like this one at any car show or gathering.

What makes this particular model so insulting is the spoke rims. Spoke rims shouldn't even be something people consider for a truck. It's disrespectful to the truck community, the lowrider community, and the vintage community.

That's three communities you're insulting, bud! On a side note, if you ever want to paint your own vehicle instead of paying a professional, please do a better job than this guy. Leave the spokes on the old Impalas and get yourself some American Racers.

10 Shiny New Blades

via Reddit

Okay folks, let's all agree to just look past this insulting spoiler, overdone fake chrome, and awful taillight covers, okay? Just get a load of of those three bladed rims. It's becoming rarer to see these hideous creatures in the wild as more and more car owners are realizing how disgusting and cheap they are. This guy obviously just hasn't caught on yet.

Blade rims became popular after they were released in Germany on old Mercedes-Benz models, which you can tell by looking at the Mercedes logo. The car company quickly realized they were too ugly to continue, and that's when they started being manufactured by third party companies in America. They can usually be seen on donks or old Caprices, but thankfully they are no longer being made. Someone should probably let this guy know, though.

9 The Winter Warriors

via SilveradoSS.com

Look, I completely get it. People put old and ugly rims on their pickups in the winter so they don't mess up their shiny new summer rims. It makes total sense, and anybody with a brain would consider doing the same. The problem is when people don't take their winter rims off.

Chalk it up to laziness or not actually having summer rims. Whatever the reason, it's insulting to your own pickup when you do this.

Everybody wants to look good when they roll by the ladies in a drop top Mustang, right? Of course. Well, it's impossible to do that when the defining part of your pickup is chipped, rusty, and overall just ugly. Spend a Saturday changing them. It will be worth it, you have my word.

8 Stay Gold, Ponyboy

via equiptmentworld.com

I've said it before and I'll say it again, colored rims almost always look awful. In case you're one of the few people who seemingly haven't gotten the message, gold rims only look good on exotic cars.

Have you ever seen a Lamborghini or Ferrari with golden rims? They look stunning. On a GMC, not so much.

Also, it may just be the picture, but it looks like whoever built this rig was completely off when it came to color matching the rims and some other key features of the truck, like the emblem on the grill. Some of the main parts of this truck look more orange than gold, which makes the rims themselves look even worse.

7 Fake Chrome Cowboy

via YouTube

For the last time (ok, probably not the last time) stock rims look far better than these cheap, fake chrome ones that are going to end up peeling and revealing the plastic that lays behind the facade. If you have these on your truck right now, please go remove them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

Why do people keep buying these things when they know they're not reliable? I've seen more of these cheap wheels cracked and pitted than I can count, and I can count to at least seven, so I've seen a lot of them. Meaty mud tires like these deserve a little more respect. Throw some American Forces or something else that's more sturdy on there instead and you should be good to go.

6 Elmo's Dream Truck

via FullRedneck

Seriously, color matched rims almost never work. Take that undisputed fact and add the combination of chrome and red (which has also never worked) and you have a set of ugly ass rims. There are so many colors out there folks, why must we continue to push the idea that red and chrome look good together, when we all know they don't? Just go with black!

It's almost as bad a combination as white with chrome, but don't even get me started on that atrocity. Anyway, color matched deep dish rims holding undersized tires on a lifted truck is what we have here, and I hate everything about it. Guys seriously, get nice looking rims or just leave the stock ones on, I promise that nobody will think less of you for not messing up your truck.

5 If Hulk Drove a Truck

via ford-trucks.com

I understand that this truck is on display at SEMA as an advertisement and a conversation piece for a company. I get it, it brings eyes to it. What I don't understand it why somebody thought that making their truck as ugly as possible would attract new clients.

We need to address the elephant in the room, specifically the green one. Were there no other colors that they thought would bring attention aside from a blaring loud electric green? And did they need to fill the rims with it too? It honestly might have looked kindof cool with black or grey rims, but the green on the rims as well is just too much. The huge fender flares, the stance, and the lack of lift also makes it look awkwardly chubby rather than menacing.

4 Is That You, Snoopy?

via mhtwheels.com

Black? That's an awesome choice, black is always a good color for rims or accents. But white? How dare you sir. You could have gone straight black on the whole truck, or at least just on the rims, but no, you had to white out the entire truck. What shade of white is this anyways? It looks chalky. I don't know, it could just be the fact that it's ugly.

Again, for this pickup, how in the world do you expect to keep white deep dish rims and white step bars clean? Every single speck of dust or splatter or mud is going to show on that white until it drives you crazy. If the white on the truck was a different color, like grey, the black accents could have looked really cool.

3 Hippity Hoppity, Silly Truck On This Property

via YouTube

Repeat after me: "spokes are not for pickups." Now, say it to yourself 20 more times - out loud - so you never forget it. The way I see it, this truck is committing three sins.

It has an absurd air ride suspension that belongs on low-riders only, it's rocking spokes which also belong on low-riders, and finally the owner may be the biggest poser I've ever seen.

I've actually always wondered if these things can drive down the road with the back end sticking up like that, or if it's just rendered 100% useless at that point. Either way this truck is already pretty close to useless with only two seats and a bed dedicated to holding huge tanks for the suspension, and all of this on tiny spoke held rubbers.

2 Crusty, Nasty Old Stock Rims

via Curbside Classics

I know, this entire time I've been saying that stock rims look better than overdoing it. But hear me out here; something as simple as scrubbing your old and dirty stock rims can bring gleaming new life to Ol' Reliable.

Cleaning your wheels doesn't cost anything except a little time and effort, and it can honestly make a world of difference to the overall appearance of your truck. Maybe your rims are beyond repair and you don't have enough money to get nice new ones. That's perfectly fine too, not a lot of people have that kind of money laying around. A great solution is to go to your local scrapyard and see if you can pull some nicer looking ones off of a donor truck. If you decide to upgrade your old rims, I promise you'll see the difference immediately and be happy you did.

1 Rims That Just Don't Fit With the Truck

via clubfrontier.com

We probably all know of somebody who is guilty of thinking that a new set of rims raises the value of their vehicle. It seems that's what the owner of this Nissan pickup is guilty of. It is entirely possible that your best option for nice looking rims may be to just leave the stock ones on! Crazy concept, I know.

What makes this Nissan even more insulting is the fact that the owner decided to throw on the most generic and cheap looking chrome rims he could find. We have all seen plenty of vehicles driving around with rims just like these, and here's why: they're cheap. They certainly don't fit on this Nissan, and they don't really don't fit on anything else either.

Sources: reddit.com, jalopnik.com, trucktrend.com, autoguide.com

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