19 Sick Pics Of Ford's Secret Warehouse Of Classic Cars

Ford is the corporation that started it all. Ford was the first company to ever make a car that was mass produced and affordable enough for anyone to own. Not only that, Ford was also responsible for revolutionizing the industry with the introduction of the assembly line. This method made cars easier to manufacture and mass produce, making them extremely cheap. In addition to incorporating these revolutionary ideas to their work routine, they have made some really great cars over the length of Ford Motor Corporation's existence. Cars such as the Ford Mustang and the Ford Fiesta are some of the examples.

With all the accomplishments of Ford, you might think they would have a museum for all the cars they've made. They do have a museum, sort of. Their manufacturing plant in Dagenham London has a huge area spanning many square miles, and in one of their old warehouses, they have a collection of all their cars from 113 years of manufacturing. There are hundreds of cars in this warehouse ranging from the first car that Ford has ever produced to the latest models of some of the popular cars today. Ford not only maintains their cars in this warehouse; they also remake their older models such as the Model T etc. Maybe Ford might decide to showcase all their vehicles in a proper museum after all the cars are finished being remodeled.

To reveal some of their cars to the world, we've made a list of 19 of the sickest cars in their collection. So sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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19 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

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Ford has made some of the best cars of its era, and they gained popularity all over the world. Their older cars were state of the art at that time. One such example is this Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, which was in a league of its own.

The engine on this beast was 2.0 liter with 16 valves on the top.

This engine configuration gave this car 204 hp, making it lightning fast for its time. This car could accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 6.2 seconds. With a top speed of 149 mph, this car was no joke, considering it was made in 1986. In terms of body design, the car was futuristic at the time with all the aerodynamic structure. These features helped the car in rally racing, which was quite popular at that time.

18 Ford Escort RS

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In the past, cars were always sent to be raced in special events since all the huge car companies would compete with other car manufacturers. Since Ford was a giant in terms of being a car company, they left no opportunity where they could show off the performance of their cars.

One of Ford's best race cars was this 1992 Ford Escort.

This model was the resurrection of the Cosworth, and it still had that “whale tail” that all the Cosworths were known for. This version was extremely powerful compared to its predecessor because it had a 225 hp engine with 4-wheel drive, the same configuration that's used in Rally cars today. However, this model was replaced with the Ford Focus in the World Rally Championship of 1999.

17 Ford Model T

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First of all, take a look at the rest of the cars alongside this Model T; it's freaking huge. We usually see cars out of context and forget about the actual size of these cars. Anyways, the Ford Model T is the granddaddy of each and every car we own today.

This was the first car that was mass produced by Ford, and it was made for the general public.

This car was affordable for anyone with a job just because it was made on the assembly line, which Ford introduced. With a total of $16.5 million cars sold to the average American, it ranks as the 8th most sold car ever. You have to appreciate Ford for making this happen because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have cars at our home.

16 Ford Mustang Fastback

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This beautiful red Ford Mustang Fastback is one of the first-generation models that are being prepped for the auto show in this image. The Ford Mustang was in a league of its own when it was first launched. It was the first car to split the whole muscle car genre and create another category called the “Pony Car.” These cars were different from the traditional muscle car because they had an extended front hood and a short rear. This gave the car a unique muscle-car look that you and I love. This particular car was being attended to by the Ford technicians so that it would be present at the launch of the new Ford Mustang. The grandad of the muscle car was present there to see the unveiling of its space-age grandson.

15 Ford MK5 Cortina

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Obviously, this Cortina was supposed to be in this warehouse because this was once the most popular car being driven in Britain. The Cortina came into being on 24 August 1979, and it was originally named the "Cortina 80," but journalists and car owners named it the "Mk5," which caught on and became the actual name of the car.

This 1982 version of the car is fitted with a 1.6-liter petrol engine, which produced nearly 90 hp of power and combined with either a 4-speed manual or the 3-speed automatic transmission.

The car was a dream to drive. The car was also exported to other countries, where it gained popularity. Ford takes good care of their cars, and this one looks as if it were driven out of the factory moments ago.

14 Ford Granada

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After going through the list, it's pretty clear that most of the cars are popular in the European region, just like this Ford Granada, a car that's huge and is classified as an executive car with all the goodies that people of influence enjoy. The car was manufactured from 1972 till 1994. A total of three models came into being with some special models that were made under the Korean company Hyundai.

Most of the European versions of the Granada came with an impressive range of engines, from an I4 configuration to a V8, ranging from 1,700 ccs to 5,000 ccs respectively.

The car was available in 3 body styles: two-door, 4-door, and an estate car. The Granada pictured here is in pristine condition, which is impressive considering it's a fairly old car.

13 Ford Focus RS500

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Now, this might seem strange. This car might seem out of the ordinary because this might be the only one that's a newer model; all of the cars here are quite “ancient.” Nonetheless, this car is equally praiseworthy for its high-performance stats and beautiful looks. This car might not have aged yet, but it's still quite rare, as Ford has produced just close to 500 of them in total, making this one highly desirable. In terms of performance, this Ford Focus is just insane. Powered by a 2.5-liter engine and charged by a huge turbo, it's capable of producing nearly 350 hp and can go from 0-62 mph in just 5.4 seconds. The top speed is even more mind-boggling—it can attain a face-melting top speed of 165 mph!

12 Ford Model A

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This car is equal in status to the legendary Model T, as both of them carved the name of Ford in the history books. After the Model T was being sold by the millions, Ford decided to bring out something new and improved. This idea led to the creation of the Model A, and it was a hit amongst everyone, especially gangsters of that time who called it the ”A-bone.”

The car came into being in 1927, and in a span of just 6 years, a total of nearly 5 million cars were sold.

It was powered by a 2.0-liter engine that churned about 30 hp of power and came in multiple body types. It also came in multiple colors, such as grey-green and black. The success of this car was a stepping stone towards a world where cars became a necessity.

11 Ford Zodiac

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This car was the result of innovative and futuristic designs of cars that came after the Model T and the Model A variants. Originally known as the "Ford Zephyr," the Ford Zodiac was a much more luxurious version of the car. The Zodiac was first produced in Britain from the year 1950 till the 1970s, and the car became quite popular because of multiple features that attracted the owners. The car came fitted with a leather interior and a properly working heater, windscreen washers, and spotlights on the grille. The engine of the car comes with an I6 engine configuration and a 2.2-liter cylinder capacity, producing nearly 71 bhp of power. This power from the engine could take the Zodiac to a top speed of 130km/h and an acceleration from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds.

10 Ford Quadricycle

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This was the first-ever car built by Ford in 1896. It had the basic design of the car like an engine and 4 wheels, but everything else was just up to the imagination of the inventor. Cars at that time were in their early stages, and no one knew how it should look like, so everyone who ever made a car had their own concept. This one was handbuilt, and it was extremely expensive. It was also known as a toy for rich people because no one else could afford it.

This Quadricycle was powered by a 2-cylinder engine and ran on ethanol.

The transmission consisted of two gears that were used to go forward only, and there were no reverse gears. It was called the "Quadricycle" because of having 4 bicycle wheels and the engine powering the rear wheels.

9 Ford Cortina Mk2

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This here, the Cortina, is the best-selling car of 1970 in the United Kingdom. It was sold in multiple shapes and sizes from the year 1962 till 1982. There are a total of 5 generations of this legendary car, starting from the Mark 1 till the Mark 5, although the Mark 5 was just a facelift of the Mark 4.

The name of this vehicle was inspired by the Italian Resort called the “Cortina d’Ampezzo.”

It was popular because this resort was used for ski jumping at the 1956 Winter Olympics. Due to the popularity of the resort, Ford decided it was a great publicity stunt to showcase their car over there. So, Ford sent a few cars to be driven down the bobsled of the resort just for advertisement purposes.

8 Ford Thames 307E

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The Thames 307E is an antique van launched by Ford UK in 1961. It was more or less similar to the Ford Anglia 105E. The car was advertised as the "Thames 5 CWT." The name is weird to understand at first, but the context behind it is that these were the recommended loads the cars were able to carry in imperial units, for example. the Thames 5 CWT had a load capacity of 250 kgs, which is 500 pounds in imperial. The chrome grille on the front of this van in the picture is the heavy-lifter version, rated for a load capacity of 700 pounds, and it was named as the "Thames 7 CWT." The love and the sheer sense of history are enough to showcase the importance of a car in the eyes of the Ford Motor Corporation.

7 Ford Transit Supervan 3

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Ford has a very interesting and intelligent way to promote their vehicles. As mentioned, the Cortina was named after a popular ski resort and because they were allowed to be sled down the slopes in that resort. Ford wanted to advertise their vans in a spectacular fashion as well. To do so, Ford did something that was unexpected of their slow and sluggish vans—enter them in a race. These Ford Transits were named "Supervans," as they had the shell of the van but the guts of a super sports car. The Ford Transit Supervan 3 was fitted with a Ford C100 Group C chassis and an improved Ford-Cosworth Pro Sports 3000 V6 engine. The van could reach a top speed of 174 mph, and it could've gone even faster if the body hadn't been shaped like a van.

6 Ford Transit Connect X-Press

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I never knew Ford had an armada of transit cars that were as sporty as any other car on the market. This particular van is the sportier version of the Transit, which has the innards of the Ford Focus RS creating nearly 215 hp of power, and the Bosal sport exhaust gives this van a presence of a lean, mean racing machine.

The X-Press also rides close to the ground due to the sports suspension.

As for the handling, the stiffer chassis provides the van with the handling characteristics of a sports car. The interior is also equipped with Recaro seats, which make sure that the driver is held firmly in place when taking sharp turns. Vans are usually not that good looking, but this one is a bit different—the rims on the van show that it means business.

5 Ford Mustang 

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Who knew that with all those old and antique cars Ford has in this secret warehouse, there would be a car that's brand new and the latest model for that matter. This Mustang is full of all the technological gadgets that latest cars have, such as ABS, TCS, and an extremely powerful V8 engine.

The engine is a 5.0-liter, producing nearly 412 horsepower and can accelerate this stallion from 0-62 mph in just 4.8 seconds.

The new Mustang has an interesting new feature called the "Line Lock." This allows the car to heat up the tires by burnout, gaining traction and making it even faster on the drag strip. A car like this is the reason why muscle cars are loved and desired today.

4 Ford Capri 280

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This car can be considered the unrelated brother of the Ford Mustang because it was designed by the engineer who was also involved in the design of the Ford Mustang. This gave this car the title of being a fastback coupe. The reason why it was considered a fastback was the sloped rear that was similar to that of the Ford Mustang. The Capri was a success for Ford; they sold nearly 1.9 million cars, making it extremely powerful. The Capri 280 was a special car. It was powered by a 2.8-liter V6 engine that produced 160 hp. Sadly, Ford stopped production on this car for good, which made it highly desirable afterward. So, this one in the warehouse might be worth a fortune.

3 Ford Escort XR3I

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The Ford Escort XR3I is one of the most exciting cars that Ford has ever manufactured. It isn’t about the engine or even the drive; it's the nostalgia of the '80s that this car has. The stripes on the side with the color red make it cool and give it that “fast” feeling, and the shape of the car is that of the iconic Volkswagen GTI. It was manufactured from the years 1968 till 2004 with a total of six generations of cars. This kind of long history showcases how well a car is made and how much the drivers love it. This particular car must've been sitting here in this warehouse for quite some time now, but it's still in perfect condition today.

2 Ford Anglia 105E

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Get your magic hats, and take a ride on your broomsticks because we have a car from Harry Potter here. A Ford Anglia 105E like this was used in the Harry Potter movie, and it also appeared on one of the front pages of the book. This car has been a success for Ford, as it was extremely reliable. In 1962, twins Tony and Michael took their Anglia 105E for a trip to Paris covering a distance of 15,000 and 20,000 km for which they won six international Class G world records, and with all that traveling, the only maintenance the car ever required was the tire changes. However, the car’s success was overshadowed by the sales of the Cortina, and the Anglia was quickly forgotten.

1 Ford RS200

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Now for a car that is a little quicker than what we've been discussing in the past few entries. The Ford RS200 is probably the most awesome-looking Ford out there, and it probably is the fastest and most special car of the lot. This car is actually a rally racer under the disguise of a normal daily-drive car. For a car of its time, it's quite advanced. The engine is a 1.8-liter turbocharged one producing nearly 250 hp. It's also mid-mounted, which makes it quite a beast on the turns as well. The body is even more state of the art. Made from fiberglass, it weighs as much as a feather, so to speak. The "200" in the name stands for the number of RS200s that were ever made, so it's quite rare, and we totally get why.

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