This Insane 1930 Model A Hot Rod Hits Auction

This Insane 1930 Model A Hot Rod Hits Auction

A custom made 1930 Ford Model A hotrod is hitting the auction block in Arizona.

You might have already seen this incredible machine if you’ve been watching Speed Is The New Black on the Velocity Channel. Commissioned by Seether bass player Dale Stewert, this custom one-off was made to spec by St. Louis’ Classic Car Studio, and they did an absolutely amazing job.

The frame is an old 1930 Ford Model A that has been stripped of its original paint job and made to look like it’s only been recently welded together. Under the hood is a Chrysler 331-cubic inch (5.4-L) Hemi V8 producing 500 horsepower thanks to a 6-71 blower. Power is routed through a TCI 700R4 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission to the rear wheels, which are 20-inches compared to the front’s 18-inches.

To get this thing stopped, Classic Car Studio took the brakes out of an old Lincoln. They didn’t say which Lincoln.

via Barrett-Jackson

Front suspension is a five-inch I-beam drop axle with split wishbones, while the rear is a 4-link suspension with adjustable coilovers. Which sounds nice, but the video below seems to indicate that this ride is still a little uncomfortable.

Comfort doesn’t seem to be on the agenda much, as the interior of this Model A is entirely bare steel with just a few riveted strips of leather to protect delicate bottoms and elbows. There’s more padding on the wheels than anywhere inside the car, which must make this thing a death trap if it were to ever get into a crash.


Much of this car was entirely hand-made, including the seats, door panels, transmission tunnel, engine firewall, and what little upholstery there is. The dials are all made to look as old and analog as this hotrod feels.

Model A Interior
via Barrett-Jackson

And it can all be yours at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. The lucky winner will even get a signed bass guitar from Stewert for their trouble. It doesn’t say why Stewert wants to get rid of it so soon after taking delivery last year, but we bet it has something to do with the ride comfort.

(Source: Motor Authority)


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