1969 Ford F-100 Restored With Chevy Power For Desert Driving

A1969 Ford F-100 has been given a new lease on life with a bit of power from Chevrolet to become a desert monster.

Ford makes the class defining off-road racing truck. It’s called the F-150 Raptor and if you need to get from one side of the Baja peninsula to the other, there is no faster vehicle to do it in.

But what if there is another Ford truck, which is perhaps even better at linking dune fields at speed? This is the question Chris Isenhouer presents with his F-100 Restomod, according to Top Gear. It might have the appearance of Ford’s glory truck dating from the 1960s, but the mechanical bits are all brand new and they harmonize to deliver a phenomenally capable off-roader.

The Isenhouer build started out as a 1969 F-100, before a bunch of Trophy Truck racing technicians were given a budget and freedom to cherry pick components. Custom suspension mechanisms were machined which give Isenhouer’s F-100 an amazing range of travel: 24-inches on the front axle and 29-inches out back.


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Balancing the radical increase in suspension travel are dampers from Californian specialist Sway-A-Way. It’s no use having world-class suspension modifications if you aren’t rolling appropriate tires to make the most of those shock upgrades and the Isenhouer F-100 doesn’t disappoint. Providing traction in the sand and cushioning its landings, this F-100 rolls 39-inch BF Goodrich Baja T/A tires, mounted on bead-lock rims to ensure they remain securely in place, even at low pressures.

To make a truck the size of Ford’s F-100 power up and over towering sand dunes, you need a lot of ponies under the hood and the engine choice for Isenhouer’s Restomod is a touch controversial, if not predictable. It’s not a Ford performance motor, but one from Dearborn’s sworn enemy instead. A General Motor’s LS V8 powers the F-100. The 408-cube motor makes about 700 hp, which is plenty enough to send Chris Isenhouer flying when required.

The one truck that is better than a Ford F-150 Raptor off-road? It’s this Chevrolet powered Ford F-100restoredd.


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