20 Apocalypse-Proof Beasts You'll Need For The End Of The World

Back in 2000, by the turn of the new millennium, a lot of us got scared of the impending end of the world that did not happen. There were conspiracy theories that the turn of the new millennium will result in a crash in the economy known as "The Millennium Bug." Moreover, there were many speculations that the world was going to end that day so many people prepared for it. Some people who had the money invested in apocalypse-proof vehicles to keep them safe. We were all fortunate that the world didn't end back in 2000.

Then, in 2012, a new rumor emerged that world will end again. There was even a movie, 2012, that detailed how the apocalypse will happen. Apparently, the poles will shift causing a lot of fatal changes on the surface of the earth. It was some scary thing that went around for a while until we went past 2012. Again, the good thing, the end didn't happen.

Still, the end of the world seems to be around the corner and a lot of people are preparing for it. Some are building their own bomb shelters where they can take refuge when it happens. Some are getting tough vehicles that they can use to the end of the world. Whether it is the poles shifting or a zombie uprising, it doesn't hurt to invest in these apocalypse-proof vehicles.

To know what are the apocalypse-proof vehicles that you should consider, read on. Some of these vehicles are custom-built to make them even tougher. You may want to consider doing that too in case you buy any of these vehicles.

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20 Humvee

Via: military.com

The military won't be using the Humvee if it weren't tough enough to bring in combat. So, if you want a car that is apocalypse-proof, you can go for the Humvee. You might think it's impossible to get your hands on one of these but there are actually stores that sell surplus units and then you can get it customized in shops that deal with military vehicles. You might also think that it costs a fortune to get a Humvee but actually, there are old units that you can get below $10,000.

Originally, the Humvee has the looks of the Jeep but just made more durable. It has been present in many wars since the 1990s, which make it a reliable combat vehicle. As mentioned, you can get it customized to make it tougher with added armor.

19 Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure

Via: youtube.com

You might wonder what can an RV do to help you escape the apocalypse but the Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure is from a different league. The maker of this vehicle is popular for converting vans into RV homes but the Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure is designed to serve as that and more. It is way tougher compared to the regular RVs but it offers a spacious interior to fit your entire clan when escaping the apocalypse.

So, if you want to save your whole family from the end of the world, the Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure is a great choice. It is tough and quick compared to other RVs but it can cater to the needs of your whole family.

18 Paramount Marauder

Via: paramountgroup.com

A muscular Hummer-like vehicle but way bigger than the Hummer is the Paramount Marauder. If you want a vehicle that is dependable and apocalypse-proof, prepare to spend half a million dollars for it. Although it is expensive, you can be sure that you are getting a mobile fortress that won't easily get demolished during the apocalypse because this vehicle is armored to survive impacts from bombs and landmines. As a proof, there was a Paramount Marauder that lived to tell the story after a C4 exploded in its undercarriage.

So, if you are preparing to survive any attack, the Paramount Marauder is the best vehicle of choice. For added protection, you can install a turret on top of this car if the need for it arises.

17 Conquest Knight IV

Via: madwhips.com

Conquest is a popular manufacturer of armored vehicles. So, if you want a car that is durable enough to get you out of danger, you may want to look at its lineup of vehicles. One of their most popular vehicles is the Knight IV. This vehicle is not only rough and tough, but it is also elegantly designed. Inside the car, it comes with a luxurious interior that can wow you. It is a car that you would want to be driving during the apocalypse and later on.

To get this car, you may need to spend a little bit because it costs at around $600,000+. Don't worry, for that amount, you're also getting its armored body, bulletproof glass, and run flat tires.

16 Icon BR

Via: silodrome.com

A stylish but durable car that you can rely on for the end of the world is the Icon BR. Apparently, this car is custom-built with a Bronco base. It is a project of Jonathan Ward, the CEO and Lead Designer of Icon. With just one look, he can instantly assess that a car can be transformed into an Icon.

So, if you want to survive the end of the world in style, the Icon BR is something worth taking a look at. However, make sure that you have the cash to spend on it because one can cost you around $200,000+. For this price, you can have peace of mind because they made Icon BR cars to be as tough as possible.


Via: topspeed.com

Another line of tough cars from ICON is the FJ series. In addition to its BR series, which is also a good choice for apocalypse-proof vehicles, the FJ series touts a rougher and tougher look. Although the ICON FJ appears more barebones than the BR series, it doesn't mean that it performs less. Actually, in some cases, it seems a little lighter so it can help you run away faster. Also, although barebones, the FJ is built with the toughest materials around that it will not easily bend or break even if you drive it in rough environments.

So, if you're looking into a tough car that is straightforward then the ICON FJ is a vehicle that you would want to get.

14 Dartz Prombron

Via: gearheads.org

An armored car you can rely on when the apocalypse happens is from the Latvian car manufacturer Dartz. The Dartz Prombron is one of its high-performance armored cars. The vehicle is reportedly carrying a V12 engine, which is something you want if you are trying to escape destruction. However, if you plan on getting one, you should be prepared to spend at least a million dollars. The Dartz Prombron starts at $1,250,000 for the basic package.

The Dartz Prombron is not only sturdy but it is also has a scary appearance. It is a famous car in pop culture as it was featured in movies including Die Hard 5, The November Man, and The Dictator.

13 Mercedes-Benz G63

Via: youtube.com

One of the biggest cars ever built by luxury brand Mercedes-Benz, the G63 6x6 has six wheels to let you escape fast when the end of the world happens. This luxury car is built for the roughest and toughest environments. Since it has a 536-hp engine, it delivers that much power to let you drive fast even in the most uncomfortable of terrains.

If you plan to get this bad boy, be prepared to spend at $600,000 for it. Not only is this car trustworthy and luxurious, it is also rare. Mercedes-Benz built only a few G63 6x6 so there are only a handful of lucky owners around.

12 Mercedes-Benz LAPV 6.X

Via: motor1.com

Sporty and trustworthy, the Mercedes-Benz LAPV 6.X is a beautiful vehicle to have at the end of the world. This car can easily be driven on the streets as it can be comfortably be taken off-road. It has proven time and again that this car can conquer even the roughest unpaved roads and even go high up rocky mountains if needed. On the outside, the Mercedes-Benz LAPV 6.X looks aggressive, which will scare off any enemy. So, escaping danger can be done in style with the Mercedes-Benz LAPV 6.X.

The Mercedes-Benz LAPV 6.X has been upgraded and improved. New features include a tougher body, better performance, and bigger payload capacities.

11 Wildcat W1

Via: twitter.com

The Wildcat W1 is an apocalypse-proof car for the big boy. This vehicle looks sporty and tough, and it is widely popular as an all-terrain vehicle. Hence, you can drive it with no worries on almost any type of terrain. Moreover, it is powered by a V8 engine so you can be sure that it is a high-performance vehicle.

The Wildcat W1 comes with a manual transmission so you have full control when driving it. In a non-apocalyptic situation, this car is popularly used in high-level rally races such as the Dakar, Tuareg, and Pharaons. In other cases, drivers who want to explore the wild are also big fans of the prancing Wildcat W1.

10 Wildcat QT

Via: youngmanmaster.com

Another Wildcat that you can trust for the end of the world is the QT. We all know that the Wildcat is a trusted builder of durable sports vehicles. So, you can expect its vehicles to be tough and fast, which is what you want for an escape car during the apocalypse. The Wildcat QT is a car you can rely on and it goes from standstill to 60 mph in just 5 seconds or less. Moreover, it tops at 110 mph before you know it. That is the kind of speed you want to get out of danger quick.

Aside from speed and performance, the Wildcat QT can be loaded with firepower in case you need it. In the military scene, they are already using this car with a full weapons system for combat.

To top it all off, starting price for this bad boy is just around $400,000. That is quite practical compared to other escape the apocalypse vehicles we have around.

9 Terra Wind

Via: motor1.com

If you have a huge family that you want to keep safe when the inevitable happens then investing in the Terra Wind is a good move. If you have the money to spend to get this huge and tough bus-like vehicle then do so. Apparently, many people get this vehicle especially the amphibious variant just in case they need to use it to cross any body of water. However, you need some serious cash for it because it starts at $850,000.

The Terra Wind comes with the new features you want from an apocalypse-proof car. Aside from being tough, it has GPS, TV, and other appliances including a refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer. It also has an 8-jet whirlpool tub just for kicks.

8 WaterCar Panther Amphibious Jeep

Via: hiconsumption.com

At the end of the world, it is difficult to predict what scenarios can happen. One thing that you might not expect is that you might need to cross bodies of water. If you're driving a regular jeep, we all know you'd be stuck when the water starts rushing in. Well, not for the WaterCar Panther Amphibious Jeep. This vehicle is designed to be driven on the water without sinking. Moreover, this jeep draws power from a huge engine, which is why it was named as one of the fastest amphibious jeeps.

So, if you need to escape but there's a body of water that you need to pass through, the WaterCar Panther Amphibious Jeep is your best bet.

7 Gibbs ACC-E

Via: wallpapers.ae

Gibbs is popular as a maker of amphibious vehicles. Hence, if you are foreseeing the end of the world to be filled with water, you may want to consider the Gibbs ACC-E. This amphibious vehicle looks like a military truck but with a capability to run on top of any body of water. Not only does it look like a military truck, but apparently, it operates like one. You can get a Gibbs ACC-E that comes with the defenses similar to a military vehicle for added protection during the apocalypse. However, it might be tough to get your hands on one since most of the units of this vehicle are classified and out of the public's knowledge.

6 Chevrolet Silverado - Black Ops

Via: youtube.com

Chevrolet has a car designed for the apocalypse and this is the Black Ops variant of the Silverado. The sturdy pickup truck was launched in 2013 and since then, it has gotten a lot of demands from all over the world. It was unveiled in Texas and word spread out quickly such that orders started pouring in from coast to coast.

The Chevrolet Silverado - Black Ops is a car that will help you survive. It comes with gas masks, solar pack, and a generator on board. You can also find a military-grade first-aid kit inside the car. Under the hood, the vehicle is powered by a massive V8 engine. You can be sure that this car can take on even the roughest road condition if needed.

5 Land Rover LR2

Via: radkamaric.com

The Land Rover LR2 is a lovely luxury car but more than that, it is a car that you may want to consider getting in preparation for the apocalypse. Aside from its looks, which is perfect for an everyday work car, this vehicle can easily go off-road. Although it isn't the same as the other armored cars on the list, this one is pretty reliable for off-road driving without dismissing the fact that you can also drive it to work.

Inside the car, you can enjoy the luxury it offers, which will make all your drives enjoyable. Additionally, this car is available for as low as $40,000, which is a steal for an apocalypse-proof vehicle.

4 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Via: youtube.com

Keeping up with its name, this tough car is a true fighter. The Local Motors Rally Fighter is the car you want to be driving when the apocalypse happens. This sturdy car is fast and furious. It is guaranteed to drive you out of danger quickly. Since it has an adjustable suspension, it can drive without any problems even on the roughest of roads. Moreover, it is designed to let you drive with ease even in the forest.

Another great thing about the Local Motors Rally Fighter is that the manufacturer can help you out in customizing it if you decide to buy one. The rear of this car offers a spacious cabin where you can put all your stuff for survival. If needed, you can also put there your fighting gears and ammo.

3 PAL-V One

Via: hswstatic.com

During the apocalypse, it might be inevitable to have the need to fly in order to escape doom. The PAL-V One is a great escape vehicle for that then. Aside from flying, this hybrid vehicle can drive on the road with no problems and on water as well. The PAL-V One can simply fold up its blades when driving on the road or water.

Since it can drive on almost any type of terrain, the PAL-V One can also land anywhere. So, during the apocalypse, if the safe place to land in the water, you can use your PAL-V One to do so.

2 Ghe-O Predator

Via: youtube.com

For solo escapes during the apocalypse, the Ghe-O Predator is a great vehicle to have in your garage. This vehicle looks mean and aggressive, and it looks like it can save you from any type of danger. It is fast and it can be driven even on rough roads without any hitches. Its body looks durable that it appears like it can survive even the harshest weather conditions in the middle of nowhere.

Although it doesn't offer a lot of cabin space, it can be an advantage since it is small enough to fit into any roadblock. So, if you're escaping the apocalypse on your own and don't need a huge vehicle, the Ghe-O Predator might be enough.

1 Ghe-O Rescue

Via: youtube.com

A product of the genius of engineering and a result of preparing for the end of the world, the Ghe-O Rescue is one of the toughest vehicles ever built. This car is huge and it can cater driving on all types of terrain. Even from just looking at it, you can say that it is durable and that it can survive some of the harshest conditions on earth.

The Ghe-O Rescue runs on a 500-hp gasoline engine, which means that it can draw huge power to help you escape any danger. It is also available in a diesel engine variant. As the name suggests, it can also be the vehicle that can be used to rescue survivors in case the apocalypse happens.

Sources: conceptcarz.com; popularmechanics.com; businessinsider.com

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