20 Bad Drivers Who Totally Destroyed Their Sports Car

Sports cars are obviously very fast vehicles, so when they're involved in crashes, the results are often devastating. First, the sports car itself, which is expectedly more expensive than regular cars, is damaged if not totally wrecked. Secondly, the driver of the sports car and the driver's passengers may be injured - sometimes even lethally. Thirdly, other people within the vicinity of the accident may be hurt or even killed, their property also possibly bearing the brunt of a sports car crash.

The obvious bottom line is that drivers of sports cars ought to exercise a fair amount of caution when operating their vehicles - but that's easier said than done. When a sports-car driver hears the purring of his vehicle's engine reaching higher and higher pitches, it seems to have the effect of an addictive drug, urging the driver to go faster and faster, the level of danger rising as the speedometer ticks up. And a driver's judgment is even worse in the unfortunate chance that he's under the influence of a substance prohibited for those behind the wheel.

Here are 20 sports car crashes that will hopefully serve as reminders to all sports car drivers:

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20 Test-Drives Honda NSX And Crashes It

via: www.thecourier.co.uk

Have you ever test-driven a car just for kicks? You know... when you really have no plans of buying the car and don't have the means to pay for it, but you test-drive it anyway just to imagine you own it? Fun, isn't it? But what if as you're testing-driving the car, you damage it or, even worse, total it? Well, that's what happened to this driver in Perth, Scotland when he borrowed a Honda NSX from a Honda showroom in January of 2018. He, along with a companion, was test-driving the sports car worth around $160,000 when he ended up crashing it, ironically, through the fence of a Kia showroom. Both the driver and his companion escaped unhurt.

19 Posts Facebook Live Video Then Crashes Maserati

via: www.mirror.co.uk

The wreckage may hardly provide any indication, but it's of a Maserati costing around $73,000 to $184,000. 24-year-old Brandon Gionapoulos, a car salesman employed at a Maserati dealership in Douglas County, Colorado was driving the vehicle around a mile away from his workplace when he crashed the vehicle in January of 2017. Before the crash occurred, Gionapoulos had posted a Facebook Live video of him driving the Maserati at speeds of up to 111 mph. Sadly, the young man died in the crash, the police attributing the accident to driving at "reckless speeds."

18 Car Salesman Crashes Aston Martin on Test Drive

via: www.thesun.co.uk

In November of 2017, Ben Simpson, a 35-year-old property developer, was on the verge of buying a V12 Vantage S Aston Martin. All he wanted was a test drive to ensure that he would be fully satisfied with his purchase, but that ride didn't go as planned. The car salesman from the dealership was driving the $170,000 sports car and ended up crashing it into a fence. Fortunately, both the salesman and Simpson weren't hurt. Afterward, the salesman even wrote Simpson an apology note in which he joked, "I'll be in touch as soon as I find a suitable car, and when we next go for [a] spin... you're driving!"

17 Brags About Buying Another Lambo After Crashing One

via: www.dailymail.co.uk

In April of 2015, a young man in Leicestershire, the United Kingdom crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo into a tree, which caused the vehicle to crush a concrete bollard. A wheel of the Lambo flew off and nearly hit a 9-year-old girl and her grandfather on a nearby sidewalk. While a normal person would be emotionally crushed if he wrecked his $300,000 sports car, the young driver who escaped unharmed even bragged that he would just buy another Lambo the next day. The police didn't end up arresting anyone after the accident.

16 16-Year-Old Crashes Dodge Challenger Into House

via: www.moparconnectionmagazine.com

In December of 2016, worried parents in Ontario, Canada called the police after they saw their 2016 Dodge Challenger being driven away from their home at around 2:30 AM. It wasn't clear whether they knew, but it was their 16-year-old son who had taken the $40,000 car for a spin. Police chased after the vehicle but gave up when the Dodger was going too fast to be pursued safely. Later, the teen crashed the vehicle into the front of a home. Fortunately, no one was at the residence at the time, and the boy wasn't seriously hurt. He was, however, charged with theft, fleeing from police, and dangerous driving.

15 Drunk Driver Crashes Maserati Into Isuzu Trooper

via: www.kutv.com

In January of 2018, shortly after midnight on a Saturday, Gary Shook, 44 years old, got into his Maserati while intoxicated and ended up driving south in a northbound lane in Weber County, Utah. He then crashed his vehicle, worth at least $100,000, into an Isuzu Trooper, which then flipped over a cable barrier. The female driver of the Trooper suffered a shattered pelvis and deep cuts on her head but was declared out of danger. Later, Shook, who also suffered cuts to his head, was booked for DUI charges. Needless to say, his Maserati ended up completely wrecked.

14 Bridge Closed After Dodge Viper Crash


In August of 2017, a bridge in Lee County, Florida was closed after a driver crashed his red Dodge Viper worth around $85,000. The driver reportedly lost control after a white car had crossed his path, causing the Viper's driver to sharply veer away. This then resulted in him losing control of his vehicle and crashing into a light pole. The light pole fell, causing several power-line poles to fall like dominoes along with it. The bridge was closed because authorities were concerned about the risk of electrocution since most of the power lines remained live even after crashing down. The driver of the Viper was brought to a hospital, but his condition wasn't reported.

13 Bee Sting Causes Man to Wreck His Acura NSX

via: www.motorauthority.com

The accident in the photo may not look too bad, but this story is absolutely worth telling. It took place in late 2016, and it involves a vehicle in Taiwan, an Acura NSX badged as a Honda. (Apparently, the 2016 Acura NSX was released with Honda badges in Europe and other markets.) A journalist was driving the $150,000 vehicle when a bee entered the window of his car and stung him right on the neck. The pain from the sting then caused him to scrape his expensive vehicle on a barrier divider, which predictably resulted in significant damage to the left side of his car. Fortunately, the driver wasn't seriously injured.

12 Bugatti Chiron Falls Into Ditch

via: www.thedrive.com

The photo above is an incredibly sad one. It's of a $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron being towed away after falling into a ditch. The incident took place in Wolfsburg, Germany sometime in 2016. In an official statement about the accident, Bugatti spokesperson Manuela Hohne stated, "The driver was unfortunately a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch." What makes the photo an even sadder one is that strangely, instead of an actual towing vehicle transporting the wreckage, a construction vehicle was used to tow it, causing parts of the Chiron's bodywork to be dragged on the street.

11 Collector's Pagani Zonda Crashes On Way To A Track Day

via: www.thedrive.com

Peter Saywell is a well-known car collector in the UK, and sadly, the vehicle in the photo is his one-of-a-kind $2 million Pagani Zonda. The crash occurred sometime in late 2017 in Tangmere, England. The car was traveling to a track day with a group of other supercars when its driver lost control and forcefully hit a guardrail. The Zonda's whole front bumper was ripped off, while a significant portion of the car's back was crumpled. The vehicle was said to be originally white with yellow highlights, but it was eventually painted bright blue and fitted with expensive modifications, including a new exhaust system, spoiler, roof scoop, and spoiler set.

10 Koenigsegg Agera RS Crashes on Test Track

via: www.motorauthority.com

Manny Khoshbin is an American collector of supercars, and he commissioned a Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon to be built especially for him. Unfortunately, the close to $2 million vehicle crashed while it was being tested on a track in Trollhattan, Sweden sometime in mid-2017 after its driver lost control of it due to wet conditions. There's some good news, though. First, the driver was unhurt. Second, Khoshbin announced that his Gryphon would be repaired and that it would come out better than ever. It really does pay to be rich, doesn't it?

9 McLaren Rented For Wedding Crashes

via: www.drivespark.com

Weddings are, of course, special, and it's common practice for couples to rent a bridal car for the event. In 2017, a couple in the United Kingdom had this in mind when they rented a McLaren 650S to use as their bridal car. Before the wedding, though, someone wanted to find out just how powerful the vehicle was, and he did. Unfortunately, he did so by crashing the $265,000 McLaren into a tree in a carpark. The McLaren's airbags deployed from the impact, and the front of the McLaren ended up a crumpled mess. But fortunately, nobody was hurt in the accident.

8 Ferrari 458 Spider Crashes Into Garden

via: www.telegraph.co.uk

Can the accelerator pedal of a Ferrari get stuck, making its driver unable to stop the car? Well, if a driver from Bath, Somerset is to be believed, yes, it can. The driver claimed that his $245,000 Ferrari 458 Spider's gas pedal suddenly refused to spring back up, causing him to cross the pavement at a roundabout, knock down a couple of bollards, and crash into a garden of a nearby home. The female homeowner, whose garden was ruined, narrated, "My husband and son were awake and heard the crash. It woke me up, and I ran straight down checked [if] the driver was OK, phoned police, and made [the] driver a cup of tea." How nice of her!

7 Pagani Huayra BC's Nose Goes Under A Truck

via: gtspirit.com

Anyone who owns a Pagani Huayra BC would understandably like to find out just what his $2.8 million toy can do, but it isn't likely that someone who owns such a beauty would actually try to fit the vehicle under a truck. Unfortunately, in March of 2017, the owner of one of just 20 Pagani Huayra BCs found out that the unique hypercar's hood could fit under the back end of a lorry - given enough force (up to 750HP and 1,000 Nm of torque, to be exact) and incurring significant damage, of course. The accident took place one evening on the Grande Raccordo Anulare in Rome, Italy.

6 Teen Crashes Nissan GT-R Into Another Car

via: www.zaobao.com.sg

On October 4, 2016, 19-year-old Shi Ximu Herman was attending the Singapore Exotic Car Spotter, a motoring event, and decided to perform a speed trial in his $180,000 Nissan GT-R. Unfortunately, he lost control of his vehicle and ended up crashing into the side of a Toyota Corolla, which 66-year-old Teong Hien Sing was in. Teong fractured two ribs, sustained a spine injury, and suffered from brain swelling as a result. A court sentenced Shi to six weeks in prison and the suspension of his driver's license for a year and a half after his release. Shi also agreed to pay Teong an undisclosed amount as compensation.

5 Mazda MX-5 Ends Up On Its Roof

via: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

This January 2018 wreck of a Mazda MX5 doesn't look good at all. Knowing that a 64-year-old was behind its wheel makes the situation even more dreary, but quite surprisingly, Mark Alpine of Hunts Cross, England walked away from this crash and proceeded to go to work at a plant hire company nearby. The only injury he suffered was a cut on his hand, although he was very worried because he ended up doused with petrol and was scared that he would burn if the vehicle burst into flames. Fortunately, that didn't happen, and the only thing that ended up in ashes was the $25,000 that he had spent on his sports car.

4 Paul Walker - Porsche Carrera GT Crash

via: www.nbcnews.com

In probably the most publicized sports-car crash in recent memory, Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker lost his life in California in November of 2013. A friend of Walker's, Roger Rodas, who was driving Walker's Porsche Carrera GT, also lost his life when the vehicle hit a tree and a lamp post before bursting into flames. Lawsuits claimed that the Carrera GT had had "a history of instability and control issues," but Porsche blamed the accident on driver error and improper maintenance of the vehicle. In October of 2017, the daughter of Paul Walker accepted an undisclosed settlement with Porsche.

3 Audi R8 Crashes As It Leaves Car Show

via: www.youtube.com

In 2017, the May edition of the monthly Preston Supercar Show in the United Kingdom was unfortunately marred by a $145,000 Audi R8 crashing into a lamp post then falling into a ditch as the car zoomed away from the venue. The incident, which was caught on video, was suspected to have been caused by the driver of the Audi turning off the traction control of his vehicle. In the end, the driver and his passenger escaped unharmed, but the car's left back wheel was detached from its axle, and the R8's bodywork seemed badly damaged. Needless to say, it'll probably take a while for this car to take part in another car show.

2 Drag Racing Ford Mustangs

via: www.chron.com

In December of 2017, two Ford Mustangs recklessly - and illegally - drag-raced on Texas Highway 249, and it resulted in the driver of one of the Mustangs and someone in another vehicle losing their lives. The Mustang driver who died, Kevin Strong, forcefully struck a Ford Explorer, which rolled onto its left side, leading to its driver's death. The driver of the Ford Explorer was exiting a driveway at the moment of impact. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez warned, "Street racing is illegal and dangerous. Here, two are dead and two others with injuries." That's a fair warning, but people already know that - some just refuse to heed it.

1 Porsche Boxster S Crashes Into Home

via: cars.usnews.com

They say that one in three vehicular accidents occurs within a mile from the driver's home, but this one occurred just across the driver's residence. In January of 2018, the driver of a red Porsche Boxster S worth around $55,000 was exiting the garage of his home in Countesthorpe, England when his foot apparently got caught on the car's accelerator. This caused the sports car to crash into a home and be embedded into the home's front wall. A woman who was inside the residence, as well as the driver of the Porsche, fortunately escaped unhurt.

Sources: mirror.co.uk; dailymail.co.uk; motorauthority.com

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