20 Boss Military Vehicles Every Car Junkie Wants To Drive

The vehicles mentioned in this article were chosen based on how exciting it would be to drive them.

I think it's safe to say that everyone at some point in their lives has either seen a tank or any military vehicle, whether in a movie or in person, and thought to themselves, “Hey, it would be awesome if I could drive this thing.” I assure you all that you guys aren't alone on this one. There's something fascinating about vehicles that are used in the military. They're huge and powerful, and there's that ever-present sense of danger in them which makes them exciting.

The vehicles mentioned below were chosen based on how exciting it would be to drive them. With that in mind, the vehicles are based on land, but some of them are operated in water or both land and water. Even though we petrolheads would love to drive any of the vehicles mentioned below, I'm pretty sure none of us would volunteer to drive any vehicle in the heat of battle. After all, the lives of soldiers on the battlefield are in constant danger. So, I pay my respect to all the soldiers all over the world for putting their lives at risk for the protection of their people and their country. So, enjoy this list of 20 boss military vehicles every car junkie wants to drive.

20 DPV Fast Attack Vehicle

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Currently, warfare is modernized to the point that conflict is avoided rather than pushing on into the fight. For this reason, current militaries around the world are looking for ways to make sure that soldiers are out of harm's way but will still be effective on the battlefield. Anyways, what we're more excited about are the fast vehicles that are manufactured as a result of this requirement. In comes the DPV Fast Attack Vehicle. The car can reach a maximum speed of 80 mph, which is significant since the battlefield is over rough terrain. With that, the vehicle is fixed with an automatic grenade launcher, which makes it even more exciting. The DPV is fitted with a 200 hp engine that's fuel efficient enough to be able to drive for long distances. The maximum range of this vehicle is nearly 1,000 miles, which is insane!

19 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

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I want you to ask yourself, "If I were asked by the military to choose any vehicle in their arsenal and take it out for a spin, what would I do?" I think I know pretty much what's going on inside your head. You’d most probably pick the biggest and the most badass tank you can find. We have one such tank in mind that might be a good choice for a drive. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is a fast, agile, fighting vehicle that's fast enough to keep up with most of the faster fighting vehicles that are available to the military. The armament of the Bradley is a 25 mm gun that can pierce armor at a range of 1 km. You can also go for a swim with the Bradley since it's capable of amphibious operations. I’d take this vehicle in a heartbeat if I was given a choice.


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If you're on the battlefield with incoming fire from all sides, you might have to put your trust in a vehicle that's proven itself in combat. The HUMVEE is a standard vehicle used by soldiers in the American military, as it has a perfect track record of being fast, protective, and extremely reliable in sticky situations. The actual name of the HUMVEE is "HMMWV," which stands for "High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle," which has enough description in the name to understand the car's potential. The vehicle saw extensive action in the Middle East, and it's still used by the military today. The HUMVEE has all-wheel drive and disc brakes for each tire to provide the appropriate stopping distance. It also has independent suspension for the wheels so that the HUMVEE can undertake rough terrain on the battlefield.

17 Willys MB Jeep

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The Willy Jeep was inducted into the army during the Second World War. As the Americans were in a rush to compete in the war, a requirement of a light, versatile, and reliable vehicle arose. Multiple companies came up with different vehicles in all shapes and sizes, but the Willy Jeep was chosen because it was cheap, robust, and reliable—ideal for the rough European terrain. You might have seen this vehicle in the movies due to the distinct features that set it apart. The long slotted grille in the front, the VW beetle-like bumper in the front, and the round bug-eyed headlights make it stand out. The only drawback is the stiff suspension that made it extremely uncomfortable to drive. Would you drive this thing if you had the chance?

16 M1 Abrams

To be honest, I would drive anything that has an engine in it, so driving a tank is probably the most awesome thing I could do. Imagine driving a 60-ton vehicle with a jet-powered engine. Yes, the M1 Abrams is what I'm talking about. This fighting vehicle is equipped to take on any enemy it faces, and the 1,200 hp gas-turbine engine ensures that it can roll around on any type of terrain it finds itself in. The 1,200 hp engine can bring this 60-ton vehicle to a top speed of 45 mph. Even though the engine is fun to have while driving around, even more fun is the 120 mm main gun that's attached to the turret. It would be a dream come true if I ever get to drive one, and I'm pretty sure it sure would be a dream come true for you as well.

15 Sherman Tank

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Even though World War II was the most tragic thing that could happen to the human race, It was also a beneficial one since it brought about improvement in nearly all aspects of technology. The tank was the most useful and powerful weapon at that time, and every country was trying to improve it. The Sherman tank is one such example of this technology. The Sherman tank was commissioned in the military in World War II when the need for a small, agile, and powerful tank was needed to fight the Germans. The M4 Sherman was the answer, as it checked all the boxes. The Sherman was lighter and cheaper to produce than its counterparts, so it was much faster and much agiler. The Sherman was a capable tank on rough terrain, and it would be an honor to drive such a magnificent piece of machinery.

14 BvS 10 ‘Viking’


Vikings were a breed of Scandinavian fighters that had only one thing in mind: war. Now, there's no sign of the Viking, but something else more hi-tech has taken that name— introducing the BvS 10 ‘Viking.’ This beast is cool beyond words. Usually, vehicles have only a single chassis in which all the passengers are accommodated, but this beast is on a whole other level with the addition of another chassis that follows it around. The company that's responsible for this beast is the Hagglunds. The beast is 2.2 meters in length, the front car weighs in at 5 tons, and the rear vehicle is 2.1 meters and is a whopping 3.5 tons, which brings us to a total of nearly 8 tons. Due to the tracks, the Viking can go nearly anywhere on this Earth.

13 2011 Paramount Group Marauder

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If you want the closest thing to a tank on wheels that you can roam around the streets in, then the Marauder is your best bet. The 18-ton tank on wheels is the brainchild of the people over at the Paramount Group in South Africa. The Marauder has a maximum speed of 120 km/h, which might not seem that much, but you have to keep in mind the massive weight of it. If you're planning on traveling to a place far away and you worry about the fuel, then the Marauder is your friend since the fuel-tank capacity of this monster is enough to travel 500 km. Also, the vehicle provides a Rolls-Royce level of comfort to the passengers due to the incredible climate-control system, which can regulate the temperature between +55 degrees to -32 degrees. Oh, what I would give to drive one of these...


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GHOST seems like the transport vessel that Darth Vader uses, and it's as futuristic as it gets. Ghost is a transport ship whose main goal is stealth. This craft works by hydroplaning over the water via the side fins that act as a support and lift the rest of the hull out of the water. This lift separates the hull from the water, which allows the Ghost to reduce friction significantly, saving fuel and gaining speed. The engines are located at the bottom of the side fins. These engines are turboshaft engines providing nearly 2,000 horsepower. Nearly all the components that are needed to run the ship are submerged in the water; this provides the critical parts with the natural protection of the water. The top speed achieved by this monster is nearly 50 knots or 90 km/h. The speed of an average ship on water is 20 to 25 knots or 46 km/h.

11 Force Protection Ocelot

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Now we have something that closely resembles a vehicle we might see on the road. This machine is as close to a transformer as you can possibly get. The vehicle has a modular design, meaning that it can be modeled according to the role that the Ocelot is being sent out for. For example, you can convert the Ocelot into an ambulance if there are injured soldiers who need to be evacuated. The main purpose of the Ocelot is for use as a light protected patrol vehicle or, in short, an "LPPV." The Ocelot can withstand explosive impacts from various threats. If somehow, a wheel is destroyed in the process, the other 3 can transport the soldiers to safety. The armor is composed of a different material that makes it light and strong. This weight-saving measure increases fuel efficiency and increases the range it can travel. I just found my vehicle of choice if a zombie apocalypse breaks out.

10 Otokar Cobra

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Each day, we advance in terms of technology, and we get to see some really weird and interesting vehicles. These technological advances are also found in the military where the capabilities of vehicles determine the tide of war. One such marvel of technology and innovation is the Otokar Cobra. This fighting machine is capable of moving on land and on sea, making it a true fighting amphibious vehicle. This kind of vehicle is perfect for an average lazy joe like me to do some fishing without even having to set foot outside. However, the role of this machine is far more important than what I had in mind. The Cobra can switch roles according to the need, just like the Ocelot. The armament on the Cobra is a 12.7 mm machine gun and a cannon that can pierce the armor of just about any other fighting vehicle.

9 FLYPmode

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Usually, the roles of vehicles in the military dictate the shape, size, and looks of the vehicles. The FLYPmode is the only vehicle that can be actually used as a daily driver since it looks like a dune buggy. The FLYPmode shares much of the aspects of a dune buggy because it's light, agile, and versatile. The FLYPmode provides the standard armor protection to the soldiers inside as any other vehicle does. You might be wondering what the name "FLYPmode" means Let me ease your tension. The word "FLYP" means exactly the same thing that comes to your mind when you read its name. The vehicle has the ability to flip with the help of roll bars on the side, so you can be confident that it'll never roll over in a sticky situation.

8 Georgia Tech Institute Ultra AP

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The Georgia Tech Institute Ultra AP looks like an alien spaceship that's arrived to take over the world. This seemingly robotic type of vehicle is supposed to be the replacement of the Humvee. The Humvee seems to be heavier than the AP and seems to be less efficient. It was reported that the AP can achieve efficiency six times greater than that of a Humvee. The frame of the AP is from a Ford F-350 truck, which is currently a production car in the US, so the Ultra AP is very easy to manufacture, taking a fraction of the time it takes to make a Humvee. Unlike the Ford F-350, this car isn't available for sale to the common man, so if you want to taste the drive of this vehicle, you have to join the army.

7 Chenowth Desert Patrol Buggy

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What I love about dune buggies is that they're fun to drive, as you get to experience your surroundings properly. The same is the case with the Chenowth Desert Patrol Buggy. This vehicle looks like a buggy has injected a serious amount of steroids. The name ‘buggy’ gives away the origins of this vehicle because the Patrol Buggy is based on the Volkswagen Beetle. The engine is placed in the back, and it powers the rear wheels. The 200 hp engine is capable of accelerating this vehicle from 0-30 mph in just 4 seconds, and the top speed is just around 80 mph. The car has an impressive range as well. If somehow, you have to travel to a safe place, which is 210 miles away, you can easily do that since the 21-gallon fuel tank is adequate enough to reach that distance with ease.

6 VEPR Commander

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This 16-foot long, 6-foot tall monster is designed with only one goal in mind: to protect anyone who's inside it. And boy... can this beast hold a lot of people. The Vepr Commander is as cool as its name. This beast weighs over 3 tons and can hold up to 15 passengers. The hull of the Vepr is shaped in a V that deflects the blast to the sides so that the impact isn't transmitted to the passengers. In terms of protection, this vehicle is capable enough of taking on mines and IEDs, so you can be in peace when you're inside this monster. The name "Vepr Commander" sounds like the name you would give to a starship in outer space, and if this vehicle is fixed with two-star engines, it would pass for a spaceship, too.

5 2015 ZiL Punisher

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You might've seen videos on YouTube or any other website about what goes on in Russia. The people over there go the extra mile to make things a little bit interesting. Say hello to Russians' answer to the American Humvee. The Zil Punisher is a massive armored monster truck that's used to protect soldiers from the hazards of battle. This 26-ton monster is capable of achieving speeds of over 90 mph, making it quite possibly the fastest armored personnel carrier in the world. The engine powering this mammoth is a 730 hp V8 engine, which makes sure that if things start to go south, there's a way to bring the soldiers out of harm. Would you want to drive this car if you get the chance? I'd volunteer to drive this vehicle in a heartbeat.

4 M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV)

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The M1117 ASV is a damage-control vehicle, which is useful in a situation where there's some policing to be done by the military or to provide security to a designated area. It can also be used to transport prisoners from the operational area. The ASV crew compartment consists of a gunner from where you can bring hell to the enemy with a 50-caliber machine gun and a grenade launcher. The armor of the ASV is enough to provide protection from ballistic and explosive attacks. The crew of this beast consist of 4 soldiers, and fully loaded, it weighs close to 3,600 pounds. The top speed of the ASV is 63 mph and, with an extended fuel tank, has a range of 400 miles.


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What’s better than getting to drive a motorcycle that has 4 wheels and the wind hitting you right in the face—sounds like a dream come true when you're at the beach. This ATV isn't like any other you've ever seen. This is a military-grade vehicle that provides individual soldiers with mobility on the battlefield. Ordinary ATVs that we're accustomed to aren't like these machines; each ATV has a twin-cylinder 77 hp engine that can run on multiple fuels such as diesel, standard gasoline, and JP8 (whatever that is). The features on this bike with 4 wheels are more than what I have in my car. It has power steering that's electronic in nature and a black-out drive and infrared capabilities, which make the vehicle especially effective on the battlefield.

2 Customs Search-and-Rescue Tactical Vehicle

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What can we say about this awesome vehicle? Well, for starters, just by looking at it, you can get a sense of how badass this vehicle might be, and you'd be right. Imagine going around in this thing at speeds at an excess of 100 mph and being able to handle hills that are so steep that you might just have to pull out your angle scale and take a measurement just because you can’t believe how steep they are. This thing can go over a 3-foot tall obstacle with ease. If you want an idea of how high three feet is, the average divider in between the roads are less than a foot. Being made from lightweight tubes that are fit to be used in an aircraft allows the vehicle to achieve these acrobatic feats. I don’t know much about this vehicle, but I already want one!

1 General Dynamics Flyer

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Believe me when I say this—this beast looks amazingly fun to drive! I had a chance to witness this monster when I was at a party nearby a military area. The Flyer is versatile in nature, meaning that it can handle multiple roles in the battlefield, roles including being a striking vehicle, an ambulance, or a communication center. The armor on this thing is so thick that it can withstand a direct blast from an IED or a mine. In addition, a monster like this is capable of doing 24 miles to the gallon, which is insane! Do you have what it takes to drive this thing around? Honestly, I would do it.

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