20 Car Brands People Used To Name Their Kid

Do you ever wonder where that name of yours comes from? If it’s something common in the name category, you might already know that its Latin or Greek or Hispanic, etc. But what if your parents got a little creative and named you after something unusual—a car, for instance? When you name a baby, it reflects more of your thought process and your mental activities than the kid's.

It may sound crazy, but naming a child after a car is nothing new. There was one blogger whose petrolhead husband used to watch Gone in 60 Seconds and wait eagerly for the scene with Shelby GT500 to appear. He became fixated on the name “Eleanor” since then and named his newborn daughter after the car. Yet, that’s nothing. Some couples have named their kids after the car they were conceived in. So Pontiac and Civic are doing fine, and they said “hello” to you. Now that’s a true car enthusiast.

So, we decided to look at some of the cars that share names with humans. Of course, some cars are presumably named after historical figures or names. Thus, it becomes difficult to say that you were named after a car. But most of the other times, it’s quite reasonable to argue that the car probably influenced your name if it’s on this list. These are real numbers (in parenthesis, next to each car) from names registered in 2014. Only the majority side's (either girl or boy) numbers were listed.

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20 Nissan - 5 Names Registered in 2014

via wikipedia.org

This one is a boy's name. Say it: “Nee-sawn.” With global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the Japanese car manufacturer has been in existence since 1933. As you'll see down in the list, we also have the luxury counterpart of Nissan, the Infiniti, which would be a girl's name. Nissan is another company from Japan, much like Toyota, although Toyota is making more cars and more profit.

But Nissan has undeniably changed the world with the invention of the Godzilla, which is basically the high-performance car that's been in production for some time now.

While the GT-R holds that title now, it used to be the Skyline lineup that held the label. The GT-R from 2018 is exciting and tantalizing. While someone is bound to have the "Godzilla" nameplate, you still see so many others carrying a variant nameplate.

19 244 People Are Named Ford

via mulpix.com

Contrary to Lexus, females are generally not called "Ford"—at all—because that name evokes an image of a rugged human or car. Ford is known for various types of vehicles. Whatever you need, the American manufacturer has it. And despite the issues with the Ford Focus transmission back in the early years of the 2010s, the company has done well overall in all types of vehicles. However, anyone would agree that the pickup market is where they dominate. When you’ve beasts like the Ford Raptor, you’re bound to dominate the pickup market. Additionally, Ford provides its customers with a wide array of selections in the pickup lineup. The big, bulky, extremely powerful and strong Raptor isn't your cup of tea? No worries. Ford has some simpler things to offer also.

18 23 Kids Named Kia

via kiamotors.com

If your name is "Kia," you know that the brand name associated with that name isn't the best in the market. Your name might be good, but the car, not so much. And you probably know that by now.

These are cheap cars, with mediocre interior and exterior design.

Its safety is so-so and its reliability, no-no. I mean, it’s not a bad car… If you need to buy a car, you might as well grab this, and there wouldn’t be anything wrong with it, per se. In fact, in 2015, LeBron James appeared in an ad endorsing Kia. And then, there was a video of him coming out of his own Kia after a game. Yes, that’s right—the player who's worth $450 M also owns and drives this car.

17 Infinity - 5 Names Registered In 2014

via autoinfo.com

This is a girly name. Hey, Infinity... where you at? Your brother needs his diaper changed. Unlike parent company Nissan, which has been in production for years, the luxury-vehicle division, Infinity, only emerged roughly 30 years ago, in 1989. This was the same time when Toyota got the ball rolling for the development of Lexus and Honda for Acura. Everyone at that time was trying to beat the BMW 3-Series, which was a famous entry-level luxury car. This lineup of BMW completely dominated the entry-level luxury market. The newer Infinity cars look absolutely stunning. Moreover, the sales of this luxury lineup have been only increased over the last few years. Besides the sloppy numbers from the rough years of 2008-2011, the number of units sold has been climbing the ladder steadily and will continue to do so.

16 Tesla - 9 People Named Tesla

via pinterest.com

Although "Tesla" also stands for as a unit of magnetic flux density, I highly doubt anyone named their kid after that—unless, of course, the parents happened to be mad scientists and loved (really loved) doing what they did. But take solace from the fact that there's a reputable car manufacturer out there that shares a name with you, my boy. (Although, I’m hoping only the first moiety, Tesla, is shared. Imagine being named and called Tesla Model S!)

Talking about the Model S, it’s a great car with a phenomenal powertrain. The P100D, for instance, has the fastest acceleration in a production vehicle with its ludicrous mode activated.

So, if you’re named "Tesla," you’re named after one of the best electric cars—unless something changes in the future.

15 Jaguar - 5 Names

This one's a good name, but I don’t know how feasible it would be to call someone by that name. Hey, Jaguar? You there, Jaguar? Are you asleep, man? I just wanted to eat a slice of your pizza. It’s a manly name, sure—no doubt about it. But it just sounds weird having to call someone "Jaguar." I’m just trying to imagine this, but it’s not going so well in my head. You could have a pet named "Jaguar," and that would work. It doesn’t even need to be a Jaguar to be named "Jaguar." Your fat cat can be called "Jaguar," though, you would shorten it to Jag, presumably.

Anyways, the car is beautiful. I was trailing behind a new Jaguar on the road, and it was simply beautiful.

14 McLaren (5)

via pinterest.com

I can totally see how you could be named "McLaren." It’s a cool name, and we’re used to the pronunciation. In fact, "MacLaren" is a Scottish and Irish surname. The name “McLaren MacLaren” might be even more interesting. And then, imagine if that person happens to drive a McLaren…

McLaren is an interesting car, with most of their cars being built for the F1 racing track and, with the formation of McLaren Automotive, regular roads in 2010.

The cars they build for the public roads are still not your average cars; they're all sports and luxury cars with a hefty price tag. Most notable of these was the legendary McLaren F1, which set the record for being the fasted production car in the late 1990s. Only a little over 100 units of the F1 were produced.

13 Mercury (6)

via autoweek.com

This one is a bit iffy, as there are various other things named "Mercury." Besides the car, there exists a planet Mercury, the Roman god Mercury and the deceased singer Freddie Mercury. Nonetheless, if you’re named "Mercury," it’s very likely that Ford’s Mercury division had something to do with it. While now defunct, the division lasted for 70 years, with most of the Mercury cars being rebadged by Ford to save on production costs. You might be familiar with the famous waterfall-style grille that was present in all but two Mercury vehicles, the Capri and the Comet. It had average sales throughout its existence, although when the recession took a toll on the economy, the Mercury was also hit, which led to far fewer than the usual number of units being sold. Roughly 2.18 million units were sold from 2000-2010.

12 Audi (12)

via pinterest.com

Audi, Audi, Audi. One of the best car makers in the modern world, Audi has established itself as the car for rich, young professionals. Chrysler had Eminem and Fiat Jennifer Lopez, so Audi brought someone young—Justin Timberlake—as its flagship endorser. The 37-year-old celebrity is ten years younger than the endorsers for Chrysler and Fiat, making the Audi more appealing to the rich youngsters. Audi is essentially the Mercedes of younger, high-end people. The numbers also speak for themselves. Just in 2010, Audi saw a near tenfold growth since the last 20 years.

Audi provides status, luxury, and comfort. Coming up with the slick LED lights, Audi isn't unfamiliar with innovation either, which is why the younger folks seem to like this brand also.

11 236 People Are Named Chevy

via pinterest.com

Who doesn’t know Chevy? I have a family friend who's named "Chevy," presumably after the famous Chevrolet. You don’t see that many "Corvettes" or even "Vettes," but "Chevy" is a run-of-the-mill type of name. He's a guy; girls being named "Chevy" is slightly ludicrous, although not unheard of. Although it’s debatable as to which one is THE American car manufacturer, Chevy also ranks up there with Ford, despite the latter being founded a few years earlier. Both companies have had success in the market. Both produce all types of vehicles, from compacts to sedans to sports cars, although some individuals prefer one over another due to disposition, this and that, and what have you. Either way, it’s a solid name that you've got there, Chevy.

10 Dodge (30)

via moparblog.com

"Dodge" is a boy's name, as one would be hard-pressed to find a girl named "Dodge." Dodge currently features low-priced badge variants of Chrysler. However, back in the day, it used to represent Chrysler’s mid-priced marque.

It’s has a diverse history. Dodge started as the Dodge Brothers Company, which was just a machine shop, supplying parts and materials in the Detroit region. It was only a few years after that the brothers decided to build complete automobiles; they produced trucks and full-size passenger cars. When the two brothers built the Dodge Brothers Company, Chrysler was non-existent. It was only until later that the remaining family members of the two brothers eventually sold the company to Chrysler at some point after the death of the two brothers.

9 Ram (38)

via trucks.com

Besides referring to the Hindu deity, "Ram" is a name adapted from the pickup truck Ram, which itself used to be called "Dodge Ram." As you might've guessed it, "Ram" is a male name. The vehicle Ram is currently owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, after Italian automaker Fiat acquired Chrysler. Chrysler didn’t want the Ram Trucks to be producing trucks for just anyone. Instead, they wanted to focus on the real truck customers.

Thinking of the authentic truck customers, Fiat Chrysler launched and produced the Ram Rebel, a full-size pickup that has all types of features going for it.

The Ram Rebel is no joke, as it’s one of the finest trucks in the history of pickups. Adding on to its looks, the widgets and gadgets make it a worthy off-road vehicle also.

8 Lexus (73)

via guideautoweb.com

Lexus. That’s a nice girl's name, much like the car itself. Launched as the luxury marque of Toyota in 1989, the Lexus has become a worldwide phenomenon by now. The prototype was designed secretively and required hundreds of engineers and other personnel. Now, the car isn't secret at all.

Marketed in more than 70 countries, it's become not only Toyota’s but also Japan’s largest-selling car in the luxury category.

That’s a huge market base. And if you look at the older cars, they look decent and drivable, especially in light of Toyota’s reliability. But that doesn’t mean progress has stalled. Take a look at the new Lexus LS, and you'll be amazed. The Spindle grille and the lamplight, in particular, are just captivating.

7 Mercedes (268)

via pinterest.com

The good thing is that you rarely see a male being called "Mercedes," as that name is reserved for females. I don’t think the Mercedes needs an introduction. It’s that sleek-looking car that many people lust after. In the common genre of classes at this level, you have the C-, E- and S-Class, none of which are bad choices at all. All represent high-level income and flow of wealth—whether that’s true or not for any one driver of a Mercedes is another matter. Mercedes also has some sports models that are extraordinary. Take the Mercedes SL-Class, for instance. Whether it’s the SL63 or the SL65, the entire SL marque is beautiful. The elongated hood, the shiny bumper, the sides, or whichever angle you look at it from, it’s bound to come across as a beautiful car.

6 Royce - 601 Names

via pinterest.com

While only a true daredevil couple would name their minion after the whole name "Rolls-Royce," the name "Royce" has been given to males. Whether the name is presumptuous or not is debatable, but the car itself is quite something.

The RR Limited not only used to produce cars that were the “best cars in the world” but also produced aircraft engines. Yep, a lot of the jets and planes that you see in the sky carry the engine produced by one of the top-notch companies, RR. Their engines were just superior compared to what rivals were churning out back in 1904, and even now, that statement holds true. At one point, it also owned Bentley, which, of course, isn't associated with RR anymore. So, there you have it, Royce.

5 Bentley - 4722 Names

via honestjohn.co.uk

This one is on the high-end—whether you're high-maintenance or not is a different story. Bentley is an over-the-top luxurious car manufacturer that produces some serious cars. If you were named after Bentley, you're probably a guy, although there have been a number of girls registered under that name.

While most of the newer Bentleys—and any Bentley in general—cost an arm and a leg, the Continentals are cheap.

In the 2000s, these were the first set of cars from Bentley that weren't exactly handmade, being built for the masses instead. So, you can get one of these, while still retaining your limbs. In fact, a car enthusiast and writer, Tavarish, was so set on buying one that he said it’s a matter of time when he would buy it, not if he would buy it.

4 Lincoln (4785)

via web.stagram.com

This one goes either way. You could argue the entire concept of the car was named after the famous president Lincoln (or anyone with the name "Lincoln"), or you could say that the Lincoln car led to parents naming their kids "Lincoln." Either way, it’s a male name, so the next time you introduce yourself as "Lincoln," you wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the Lincoln Motor Company, or what we know as simply "Lincoln," was the culprit. Nonetheless, the car is a good car. It used to be a subsidiary of Ford but became a division later.

This luxury vehicle is mainly sold in North America, although the Middle East and South Korea also get a fair number of units shipped.

The Lincoln has also served as a Presidential state car for several of our presidents, the last one being for George H. W. Bush.

3 Sienna (1255)

via design.com

I didn’t want to dive into models; I want to stay at the manufacturer level, instead; however, three models seem to have influenced the names of a lot of kids, so it’s a good idea to bring them up. In production since 1997, the minivan Sienna shares a lot with the platform of Camry. It's been redesigned a couple of times but remains the only minivan in its class to offer an AWD. A redesign in 2003 brought about increased dimension, and one in 2010 led to a Sienna that was one of the safest minivans. Sales of the minivan were climbing steadily until 2015 but, since then, have started to go in the opposite direction. I guess that’s how you know the competition is fierce. Since the car was in production from 1997, it’s not unlikely to have influenced your name of "Sienna," as that’s relatively old.

2 Genesis (4144)

via wikipedia.org

While Hyundai and Kia aren't the best of the brands in the market in terms of reliability, the Hyundai Genesis defied all expectations and beat all odds. Representing Hyundai’s first endeavor at entering the luxury market segment by naming it "Genesis," I think the car is exceeding expectations. They put in a lot of work into creating this beautiful beast.

The body design itself took three years to build, with the entire program costing over $500 M as it underwent development for 23 months.

Reliability was worked on extensively—800K miles were tested. And once it came out, all that paid off. The car had excellent crash test scores; the look was just mind-blowing, especially of the current ones; and it had exceptional value. "Genesis"—it’s a good name to have. Right, Genesis?

1 Cooper - 4833 Names

via gettinlow.com

Undoubtedly, the name "Cooper" isn't limited to cars, so that’s why you see such a high number here. One of my coworkers is named "Cooper." What’s up, Cooper?! And what’s up, Mini Cooper? Produced by the Brits, the Mini has been in production since 1961. The concept of the Mini was novel, with it saving fuel and trees while providing the comfort of a regular car—unlike some of the Mini-like cars, which just saved money and non-animal lives but didn’t exactly give you a comfortable ride or drive. Of course, it looks a bit truncated and small, which any mini car would look like, but it's rather comfortable and calm. So there you go, Cooper. That’s how you were named—unless you have a unique story of your own.

Source: yahoo.com

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