20 Car Maintenance Rules That Shouldn't Be Ignored

Here's a list of 20 car maintenance rules you need to follow to maintain your vehicle's health.

Have you ever wished for the happiest car ownership experience ever? You can’t deny your car all it requires for it to give you the longest and most efficient performance. Everyone wants their car to be the best definition of a smooth operator. Most of you would agree that it is wise to treat your car like your own baby; it needs tender care and the best move would be aimed at mitigating the undesirable mechanical breakdowns as much as possible. Having to deal with a car that always lets you down every time you’re hitting the road would nearly result to a mental shut down and make you feel like you need to cut off the negative vibe from your life.

All you need to do is to take baby steps in getting to understand how you can actually make things work out when it comes to maintaining your car. It gets easier if you make this your routine. You should know your car better by giving it the undivided attention and if possible make it your top priority to give it a top-notch maintenance game. Whatever the problem is, just fight it and to make things easier try to solve issues that you can actually foresee as early as you possible. If you are in a position to follow these maintenance rules then you don’t need to worry about getting to face nasty experiences from your car. Below is a list of what you need to observe.

20 Wheel alignment

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Let’s take a closer look at why and when you need to align your wheels. It would be more prudent if you took your car to a mechanic after an accident, or a massive pothole and one of the services you’ll need from your mechanic is a proper wheel alignment.

If you end up ignoring this, then you risk the expense of buying a new set of tires very soon since they’ll begin to wear out unevenly.

You might be wondering why the mechanic might insist on doing the same even after a tire replacement; the logic is more or less similar.

19 Shock absorbers

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It will make more sense if you’ve ever encountered an issue related to shocks; before you dig deep into the aspect of your vehicle’s suspension, you ought to know all the benefits of having good and durable shock absorbers.

The main job these parts are designed to do is to give you a very smooth ride and to be more precise, it will sort out the reactions on bumpy and rough roads. If you experience some vibration from your steering wheel or squeaking sounds while driving then need to solve this by first checking if you need to replace the shocks.

18 Engine coolants and oil

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If you don’t take care of this, the trouble that will follow and run through your mind will be endless. Just like when you get thirsty especially in very hot weather, it's obvious that you’ll fetch some cold drink to cool off the heat.

An engine coolant is surprisingly a hybrid that caters to both extreme weather conditions; it’s a jack of all trades that is meant to prevent your engine from overheating or freezing.

You need to change the coolant when it’s due to avoid any form of corrosion in your car's systems. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

17 Brake pads

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Getting involved in a grisly accident because of a brake failure can be something that can be easily avoided. If you’re at least knowledgeable about cars, you definitely know that you really need those brakes in your entire driving experience.

Well, the only thing that should stick at the back of your mind is that the brake pads are not meant to serve you for the rest of your vehicle’s lifespan. It is as easy as that folks and as soon as you see signs of wear then do not hesitate to replace them. It’s estimated that the brake pads need to be replaced after 50,000 miles.

16 Checking the Engine light

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The good news about the engine light is that things have been made easier for you. It’s a warning sign that alerts you on a number of areas which you probably need to check.

It could be emission control issues, a faulty vent valve or holes in the vacuum lines that run through the engine. Just relax; you don’t have to worry so much about such issues since they can easily be fixed.

However, the worst mistake you could ever do is ignoring the engine light; this could have terrible consequences and you might be doing more harm to your car.

15 Air filters

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Well, this will be a no-brainer for you since you don’t need a mechanic to actually know if your air filter needs to be fixed. It won’t even cost you that much to give your car a better breathing experience.

A good air filter is always resilient and will prevent dust particles from penetrating the engine. It will boost the performance and increase the longevity of your engine. Your car will hardly survive without good airflow. To make the replacement of air filters more enticing for you, your car will consume less fuel if your engine comes into contact with clean air.

14 Spark plugs

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You could have doubts about this tiny part on the basis of whether it needs to be replaced after a span of time. Don’t be so quick to judge; it’s one of those parts in your engine that you can’t do without. It prevents harmful emissions and gives a smooth combustion process.

There is one spark plug per cylinder, along with the coils. It could serve you so many miles without the need of having to make a replacement but it all depends on the make.

Next time your car is having trouble to start and you’ve checked the usual suspects, don’t forget to check one of these parts.

13 Tire replacements

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If you happen to be that impulsive driver who likes screeching on the brakes and accelerating unnecessarily, then chances are you are likely to replace the tires even before the recommended replacement mileage. Besides that, the most important thing would be to observe safety by doing a replacement once the tires wear out.

You need to keep checking the tire pressure on a regular basis so as to experience an efficient and smooth ride.

Wouldn’t it be annoying for you to get hitches every now since your tires are in bad shape?

12 Cleaning the Interior

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Suppose you intend to keep your car in a mint condition since you want it to fetch a decent resale value at some point when you’ll decide to do away with it.

Any potential buyer would be so keen while inspecting its interior; if it still looks clean then it will definitely look so appealing and attractive to the eyes of anyone. It’s so simple to vacuum your car; this is not rocket science. Your car will not depreciate at a very huge margin if the interior is well maintained and doesn’t have visible stains/wear.

11 Exhaust system

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Without a doubt, this is the last thing you would think about on a discussion topic related to car maintenance.

If your engine light gives you that red alert, then there could be a possibility that the oxygen sensors are faulty.

It could be one of the reasons why your car’s performance has slightly deteriorated. The other issue that is linked to the exhaust pipes is leaking which is caused by the unbearable heat and pressure thus causing the weak parts on the surface to rupture. You need to check your exhaust anytime you visit a garage.

10 Waxing

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If you want to feel that positive energy about your car then this is one of the routine tips you ought to embrace; it leaves your car looking sleek and desirable. There is nothing that could go wrong if you accord a car this special treatment and make it one of your top priorities by taking good care of it.

Your car could really speak a lot about you. To all the gentlemen out there you need to know that a well-waxed car is always a chick magnet and a valuable piece of asset. Now go out there and give it that shining glow.

9 Fixing the dull headlamps

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Sometimes your headlights might get foggy; this is something that is inevitable but that doesn’t leave you in a position of not exploring the remedies available.

You need more clarity at night and so as to avoid the expense of purchasing a new set of headlights, then you can use sandpaper or toothpaste to scrub off the decay formed by the exposure to the UV rays.

It’s a simple car hack that you can do in the comfort of your home garage. Not to forget that it is cheap too, you will most probably spend less than five dollars.

8 Car battery

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Having a faulty car battery is one of the problems that would strain your brain till you end up wanting to give up on your vehicle especially if you don’t have the means to jump start it. Want to know what usually causes this? In most cases, the battery might be having a leak thus making it drain quickly. Other it short-circuits or there is corrosion on the negative and positive terminals.

To avoid all this you can check your battery’s acid level each month or two, clean the terminals and inspect the voltage of your battery. Another thing, don’t leave your car keys on the ignition with the engine running and go to sleep or else you risk draining your battery.

7 Replacing the windshield wipers

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To begin with, you can’t deny the fact that it rarely crosses your mind that your windshield wiper might experience some problems at some point in future. It’s actually difficult to contemplate as to when you need to make a replacement.

What you need to foresee is how helpful these dormant and tiny parts are when there is heavy rain and snow.

All you need to do is inspect them regularly to know if they are either reducing the visibility on your windshield or they’re skipping motion while switched on. If they’re producing a squeaking sound while in use, then that’s a red flag too.

6 Keeping all service records

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The only favor you can do to yourself is improving your record keeping game. How many times have you asked for receipts from your mechanic after a service checkup? If you have but you’ve always been misplacing all the records then this tip is actually meant for you.

You need to drop the habit and learn how to keep a well-informed paper trail of records showing the history of all the service checkups including when you made replacements of the various parts on your car. Anyone who would be interested in buying your car will not resist going by your asking price after getting impressed by how organized you were with servicing your car.

5 Changing the brake fluids

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Well, you must have a rough idea of why you need to buy some brake fluid for your car. Besides that, the lubricant needs to be replaced after a while.

The simple reason is that its efficiency decreases gradually when exposed to high temperatures. You need to keep in mind that changing your brake fluid goes hand in hand with experiencing an efficient braking process.

You need the fluid to prevent corrosion while using the brakes. Still not convinced? Go ask your mechanic and he/she will tell you that changing your brake fluid will give more longevity to your brake system.

4 Lubricating the wheel bolts

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You could be asking yourself if this is really necessary or is it just being too cautious and paranoid for no apparent reason. There is too much debate about this since there is a crowd out there that thinks using grease on the bolts could be dangerous.

The general notion here is that if your studs stay lubricated, it will make it easier any moment you have a flat tire and you want to fix it with a spare. You don’t need to use so much lube on the nuts and studs. It could prevent the bolts from rusting too.

3 Replacing the timing belts

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You could unanimously agree that this is undoubtedly one of the most expensive replacement parts in a car, right? The simple reason could be that it controls the internal timing in the combustion process of your engine.

Without this simple piece of rubber-like part working well, the valves in your engine might collide and you might risk having to make a very expensive repair in the long run.

The funny yet disturbing thing about the timing belts is that you can’t really tell when you need to replace them. Alternatively, you can use the directions in your car’s manual.

2 Checking the radiator

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If your car didn’t come with a radiator, it would overheat overwhelmingly each time after you’ve covered several miles. It knows how to work under pressure; a radiator cools off your engine and nothing else could do better.

If your engine is experiencing an overheating related issue, then there are high chances that your radiator is faulty. To avoid your radiator from breaking down very soon, you need to keep checking the condition of your coolant and replace it after the specified mileage. If the problem persists, then you need to change the radiator completely.

1 Changing the power steering fluids

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Sometimes your mechanic will advise you to do a power steering flush and this will leave you thinking that he/she is trying to scam you to get an invoice for extra service charges. Your instincts could be wrong. If your vehicle has a hydraulic power-steering system then it would make practical sense to change the power steering; there is no other way around it.

If the power steering keeps producing a weird sound, it’s a strong sign that you need to change the fluid.

If this is ignored, then the fluid might corrode the pump and the gear resulting in expensive damage.

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