20 Car Rims That Defy All Logic And Reason

There's definitely a lot of truth behind the statement "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

There's definitely a lot of truth behind the statement "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," but there are limits to that statement. And in the car world, it starts to become clear the further you get into the world of aftermarket modifications. There are endless ways to mod your car, and while that allows for people with all kinds of tastes to make their car exactly how they like it and while that's really awesome, it also allows for some really outlandish mods to surface. And it's here in this fringe area that we find some of the most ugly cars, a lot of times, due to homemade modifications or mods that really just shouldn't be on the market. This is especially true with regard to aftermarket rims. There are some really slick-looking rims out there, and there are such a vast array and assortment that almost everyone can find the rims he wants—those perfect wheels to complete the build, the exact rims that complete the whole car, the rims that are so slick when someone says "nice wheels," it embodies the entire car that's made incredible because of its rims. Then, there are the rims that make you cringe and shudder out of disbelief. They're just so ugly you can't comprehend why anyone would put them on their car; they're the kind of rims that look like someone found them in the trash. Here's a look at 20 rims that look like they came from the dumpster.

20 Star Of The Show

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There really aren't enough words to get this list started, especially with rims like these ones. I'm really not sure what kind of person would ever look at these Acura rims and decide that they looked like a character from a Nickelodeon cartoon—a starfish nonetheless—and then to go even further as to paint each of the four rims (at least I'm hoping they all match) to look like Patrick Star himself. And again, not even as if he was happy. Instead, he's portrayed as being terrified that he had to be stretched out and plastered to a car rim.

19 Did Someone Spill The Paints?

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This tie-dye look for rims on a car doesn't exactly work. I think I'd rather the entire car be tie-dye versus having the rims look like this. They really do look like someone went to the hardware store and bought five different colors of spray paint and painted each of the spokes of these wheels a different color. It doesn't look professional, unique, or cool in any way. It just looks bad, like they simultaneously came out of the trash can or need to be immediately put into the trash can.

18 Are Those Moped Rims?

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I don't think I've ever seen smaller wheels—or at least smaller wheels that look like they might be stock—on an SUV before.

These tiny rims only have two spokes, and they're as ugly as they can get.

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody, too cheap to care about the fact that these rims are at least five inches too small for the car, found them in the dumpster and decided to put them on his car. They're out of place, illogical, and definitely not the kind of rims that belong on this SUV.

17 Christmas Colors

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Purposefully mismatched rims never work for me. I can't deny that some people love them because they think the uniqueness is really cool. They really like it, and that's fine, but it's just not my taste. There's something so excessively tacky about doing it with colors that clash rather than match. It's loud, flashy, garish, and childish. It doesn't work, it makes your car look like it was bought for less than a grand, and it makes it looks like your rims came out of the garbage can and you couldn't be bothered to even paint them the same color. These rims are really just terrible.

16 Actually From The Dumpster

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This picture is pretty funny actually. Someone realized that the rims on this car literally look like they came from the dumpster, not necessarily because they look terrible or jank or anything like that, but rather because of the stunning, almost uncanny resemblance between this VW Golf rim and the plastic wheel that comes equipped on this neighborhood trash can. They're almost identical, and while it can't exactly be denied that the rim looks good on a hot hatchback, there's no denying the humor behind the similarities. So, for all intents and purposes, these rims came from the garbage.

15 They Must Be Professionally Painted...

via fantastic-car-mods-daily.tumbr.com

I'm not sure what's worse on this modded Civic: those god-awful metallic lights or the awful salmon, clearly spray-painted, cheap plastic rim covers. It's a close call, but at least the headlights look like they were professionally made, probably bought online somewhere on an aftermarket website.

The rims are clearly cheap as cheap can come, something you'd find in a dumpster and choose not to take.

They're not only self spray-painted, but they aren't even real alloys, just plastic hubcaps to cover over the steel rims. Why not just own the steelies?

14 Sunny Side Up Times Four

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These rims don't even attempt to match the stock blue paint of this highly impressive Toyota Yaris. They look they came from a thrift store and were made out of matte terracotta, the kind of cheap white paint-yourself clay tiles you can buy at the dollar store—except they're worse because they're made of plastic and don't have any actual use. There's nothing about these rims that doesn't seem like they should go straight to the dumpster or came straight from there. They look like a horrible cross between a sunny-side-up egg and a sunflower.

13 This Equation Isn't Exactly Balanced

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There's clearly a lot going on in this picture, from the garish paneling to the ten seats in the bed of the truck to the extreme lift kit, all the way down to the rims, which you can't really describe without observing them with your own eyes. They genuinely look like they came from the dumpster where someone dropped off their old tractor wheels. And not the kind of tractor with insanely beefy wheels either but the kind of tractor that has tiny, skinny wheels. Put them on this giant truck, and you're in business, apparently. I can't underscore enough how silly this looks.

12 Wagon Wheels Are Still Practical, Right?

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These rims are pretty much the epitome of coming out of the dumpster because there's no way these belong on any car or anywhere except in the dumpster. They're made of wood. It baffles me to think about why anyone would put these on his car and drive it around as if it was cool and swanky. Yes, maybe you could as an experiment to see how a car would drive with steel-bound wood-spoked wagon wheels installed. But not to take out on the roads. It would be so dangerous to take these on the interstate; it's even dangerous within town. I imagine stopping is basically impossible.

11 Teddy Bears Gone Wrong

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Something about teddy bears makes me never think about car rims. When I imagine a teddy bear, I imagine sleepy time, blankets, bedtime, the moon and stars, and bedtime stories. Maybe even Teddy Roosevelt but nothing further. I don't think about cars or anything car-related from interior to engine block, and I definitely don't think about how I actively wish I could install teddy-bear-shaped rims onto my car. The paint job alone makes these rims look like they came from the garbage. And if they didn't, they definitely belong there, and they should be put back there as soon as possible.

10 One Way To Ruin A Supercar

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There are plenty of ways to ruin a supercar. Don't even get us started on the vast universe of the terrible, useless, ugly, and even dangerous world that is modifying supercars. One of the more innocent (only because it usually isn't that dangerous) but obnoxious ways of ruining a supercar is by installing aftermarket rims. In most cases, a fair amount of engineering goes into the manufacturer's choice of rims, and to slap on the coolest-looking ones isn't always a good idea. Like above, it makes your car look bad, but it may also very quickly interfere with the handling and performance of the car.

9 Are Those Discarded Bronco Wheels?

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I wouldn't be surprised if someone actually retrieved these rims from a dumpster somewhere. Maybe his neighbors threw out their old Bronco rims or their old Jeep wheels, and instead of letting bygones be bygones, this person, for some reason, said, "You know what? These wheels would go great on my 'Vette." So, he took them out of the garbage and modified his Corvette sports car to be equipped with these giant rims and wheels. The trashiness shows, and I can't think of one way this car is even remotely practical. He should put the rims—no, make that the whole car—in the garbage.

8 Trash Can Salvage?

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I don't really understand what would compel someone to put these rims onto their rather mediocre mid-2000s base-model Chevy Avalanche. Maybe they found them in an old garage somewhere, or in the garbage after an estate sale, or something similar because they're genuinely vintage Chevrolet truck tires. Of all the things to do with them, you could put them in your living room, make a really neat coffee table, make wall art, use them in your shop, or sell them for good money. This person decided to put them on his cheap, aggressively depreciating pickup truck. Strange, very strange.

7 I Don't Think That's A Very Good Advertisement

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Something about a company that specializes in rims and tires advertising their company by having a giant, extremely lifted sedan with the most preposterous, impractical, ugly, and ugly spoked rims--without tires, mind you--makes me not want to take my car to get serviced there. Talk about coming from the garbage. Where do you even find rims like that? And what's with the slogan "What's next???" Because if there's anything that should be next, I don't know, maybe it should be tires? Aren't tires what go on rims? Isn't that your business model?

6 Mustang Proud

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I can't tell if these rims are custom made in a super shoddy, ugly fashion by someone who had a metal cast or if they're actually custom ordered by a rim shop. Either way, they look like garbage. The faux chrome paint is peeling already, and the rust brake calipers and completely dirty inner rim are really not conducive for thinking that this rim is cool or impressive in any way, shape, or form. There's nothing tackier than having Mustang-branded paraphernalia anywhere on your Mustang. It's just inane and puerile. You might as well paint mustangs on the tires, too.

5 Stock Is Ugly, Too

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I don't know what it is about this era of Mustang that's just so horrifically bad to me, but everything about their design and performance is truly bad, the last one reinforced in ways that are only emulated in the aftermarket. But pictured above is the completely stock rim that comes equipped on the mid-2000s era of Mustang. It's not just hate for the Mustang. To be honest, it's a general aversion for any rim that only has three spokes. Something about the layout of only three will without fail looks terribly ugly. It never looks cool. Period.

4 Pretending To Be Battle Worn

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There's nothing about this Lexus that's cool, primarily because it's a brand-new, relatively expensive sedan. You just can't pull off a post-apocalypse, battle-scarred look with a brand-new luxury sedan. It just doesn't work. The shiny front lights, the new light bar, the perfectly modern, modest sizing. Not cool. And the rims are just stock rims that they made look really dirty. They belong in the dumpster, truly. Don't even let me get started on those giant chrome stacks sticking out of the sides of this car because you won't be able to stop the tirade.

3 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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There are so many things happening in this picture, so many baffling things that relay so much information. At first glance, this looks like a really weird sedan-pickup conversion, but we learn pretty quickly that this is a Vauxhall, which means we're probably in Australia. The second thing we see is that this person looks pretty young, a flippant youth clearly at a race track. But he's stopped. Did he break down? Is he just texting his buds? Who knows, really? But the worst part about it all is those terrible rims that he rescued from the dumpsters of the '90s. Truly awful.

2 This Really Screams "Classy"

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There's nothing that screams class more than completely mismatched rims, one of which is a rim entirely too big for the sedan, and the other, a dinky, hub-cap-covered stock rim that, when compared with the other one, looks trashier than it. That's a feat, considering how ugly the front one looks alone. Talk about a rim that looks like it came from the dumpster. It doesn't matter which one I'm talking about either because I might as well be talking about the whole car. The least you could do is keep your car looking clean if you care enough about the way the rims look.

1 Is It Supposed To Be Steampunk?

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I suppose the wheel by itself looks really quite steampunk. Alas, the rest of the car, including the low-profile tire, doesn't. So much more than it evokes steampunk vibes, it, first of all, makes you wonder if the owner had old parts from the trash that he stuck inside his rims, and it makes you ask why on Earth he'd do something like that. The shiny chrome teeth around the edge and the inside make things a little better—that's for sure. But at first glance, it still looks like a collection of metal from an old barn out in the boonies.

Sources: team-bhp.com, jalopnik.com, bikeforums.net, hemmings.com

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