20 Badly-Wrapped Cars We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole

Here are 20 Car Wraps We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole

The concept of wrapping cars is a relatively new one. With the introduction of this new method of styling cars, there's been a huge influx of designs and cars, whether they're a cheaper way to repaint your car, a way to make a bold statement, or a means of making an outlandish mod, car wraps have opened a whole new world of car modifications. The primary application for car wraps, at least at first, was for businesses and advertising. Almost every company has made use of a car wrap for their marketing and branding. More often than not, it's a go-to and primary choice for advertising. It makes sense, too. Just think about how many people drive on the roads. And think about how many cars you've seen wrapped, promoting a business. There's the other side of the equation as well, which has seen a big boom in more recent years: that of wrapping your car for personal use to customize your car. There are plenty of pretty slickwraps out there to make your entire car look chrome or rusted or to make it color-shifting. Wrapping your car is much cheaper than modifying or painting your car to look like any of those options, which is why it's gaining in popularity so much. But for every good wrap out there, there are at least a few bad ones, the kinds that make you do a double take in disbelief. Here are 20 ridiculous wrapped cars that'll have you shaking your head.

20 Pineapple Under The Sea

via complex.com

Talk about setting things off with a bang... This salty Dodge Charger comes wrapped straight from Bikini Bottom. It's even got some insane chrome sand dollars to boot. I'm not sure what would inspire someone to wrap his entire car with all the characters from Spongebob, but this owner did it, and he isn't a young teenage girl either. At least it's fair to say that he did quite the professional job at it, even putting in scissor doors and coloring the interior. Again, as to why someone would do that, who knows?

19 Chef Boyardee's Daily Driver

via thedrive.com

I think the common cliche "Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should" definitely applies in this scenario. These days, car wrapping has become pretty advanced, which means if you can dream it, it's more than likely that it's possible to have it. Someone had a dream for their little BMW i3, and that dream involves a lot of spaghetti, apparently. Maybe it's his favorite dish? Or maybe it's some really unique branding for his company, which, if that's so, is called "toiletpaper." Maybe he lost a bet. This wrap has got me intrigued—very intrigued indeed.

18 A Suit-And-Tie Occasion

via pinterest.com

I really don't know what compels people to unapologetically ruin Ferraris. It happens way more often than it ever should, from butchering the bodywork to adding aftermarket products to lowering them to this, whatever this is. To be fair, it's not the prettiest Ferrari in the world, but that ugly plaid wrap isn't making anything better; in fact, it's making it so much worse. Don't even get me started on the clashing, also plaid but bright purple, tie and lapels sullying the hood of this Italian supercar. It really is a shame to see. Goes to show that having money isn't everything. You need taste, too.

17 Hello Kitty 2

via notimemommy.com

This fanatic for all things Kitty comes from New York, and apparently, this one's car number two of at least two Hello Kitty lovers' cars in the entire state of New York, at least according to the license plate. This car is completely decked out, too. I think this one—with a full body car wrap, hot pink wheels, a fuzzy pink dashboard and steering wheel, Hello Kitty seats, and, no doubt, countless themed accessories just like it—should have the number one license plate. That little girl actually isn't the owner of the car, although I could believe it.

16 Talk About Trendy

via thrillist.com

I don't know if I've seen a more trendy and easily dateable wrap on a car before. This will lose relevance in a few short years if not even sooner. And there's the fact that, once again, we have this need to ruin a Ferrari by wrapping it with something ugly. It must just be something people who have too much money and time do to their cars because it's not really something that any actual car lover or gearhead would think about doing to their finely tuned and beautiful supercar. I actually like the pink brake calipers, though.

15 Tropical Punch High Rider

via reddit.com

I wonder if this person works for Kool-Aid and gets paid to advertise the company by using a branded car wrap. Or maybe, he just really, really, really likes Kool-Aid Tropical Punch because I can't think of any other rational reason why you'd wrap your car like this. Of course, the fact that it also has preposterously big rims with the tiniest strips of rubber wrapped around them and a hydraulic suspension system that's way lifted makes it all that much more outrageous. They spent quite a bit of time on this build, actually, because even the hardware underneath is color coordinated.

14 It Must Be From The Future

via autoguide.com

With that much chrome, it has to be from the future. If so, I have so many questions. Did Hummer go back into business? Are they still terrible? Does the chrome make it go faster? Do all cars have spinners in the future? Is everything covered in chrome in the future? My mind is racing with so many questions. This Hummer, one of the bulkiest cars ever made, has been covered, head to toe, with a chrome wrap, and every single accessory on it likewise. Those spinners make me laugh every single time. The only thing needed to complete the look is chrome tires.

13 Time For Breakfast

via reddit.com

A real-life Cinnamon Toast Crunch-mobile. I guess dreams really do come true. Don't get me wrong—I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch more than a lot of people do. It may very well be my favorite cereal. But there's one thing that I don't have the desire to do no matter how much I love it, and that's wrapping my car with Cinnamon Toast Crunch branding. It's not something I want to do. This person did, though, and he completed the look with some absolutely massive blue and white rims. Pretty ridiculous.

12 Interpretive Designs

via incognitowraps.com

This is one loud car wrap. It's all primary colors, crazy designs, and patterns, and it covers every inch of the car. I don't know if it's supposed to look cool or not or if it's just supposed to be artsy and different. Or maybe an artist is trying to spread hubbub about his work—it could be anything really. I don't hate the way this looks actually, although I don't think I'd ever drive a car that looks like this. Don't really know why more cars don't look like this, honestly. Cultural norms, I guess.

11 Techno Camo, But It's Neon

via extra.ie

This takes me back to number 19, where the sky really is the limit as to what you can do with a car wrap. If you can dream it, you can have it. And this guy, for some really unknown reason, dreamed this car up—a techno pixelated camo-patterned ugly Dodge Dart. If you're color blind, the color scheme is neon cherry red and neon lime green, probably the worst color combo I've seen in my life. The wheels are neon green and ugly; it really can't get much worse than this car.

10 That's A Cheetah, Not A Jaguar

via justacarguy.blogspot.com

I take back my statement from the last bullet. This just may be worse. The entire car is wrapped in probably the worst cheetah depiction I've ever seen. It's so abominable, it's almost understated. But just look at the shape of the face; it's so ugly, it'll make you cry, with its giant teeth at the front bumper, a long, distended face, and eyes placed way far back. And then, there are the paws, so preposterously tiny compared to the face, that arch over the front wheels. It's like a T-Rex but worse—so much worse.

9 Steam Junk

via textmah.com

This is a pretty ugly car wrap. The graphics just aren't good, not in any way at all. It's supposed to look steampunk, but it just looks steamjunk.

Those gears on the side just look like used car parts, which isn't really something I'd spend any kind of money on, let alone the kind of money it takes to wrap an entire Volkswagen Jetta.

Even the sunroof is wrapped, and the back windows have some kind of ugly fade. Complete with tinted windows and the worst aftermarket rims you can buy, this truly is a class-F car wrap.

8 Purposefully Rusted

via pinterest.com

I personally am a fan of rusty cars that have been restored to new, in every way except for their bodywork. In fact, I built a road bike that has the entire frame purposefully rusted for aesthetic value alone.

This BMW, though, doesn't just have a wrap that looks rusty—and I've seen a rare few that look good—but instead has some kind of graphic that involves what looks like giant metal ship panels covered in unrealistic rivets and rust.

Not very convincing. It's easy to forget that it's just a sticker, and so, such aggressive textures don't translate well to a flat wrap.

7 Diva Salon Hairstylist's Daily Driver

via pinterest.com

There's no doubt this belongs to a middle-aged salon hairstylist or someone similar. That faux leopard fur print design is so cartoonish and over the top, it's quite ugly. There's really only one kind of person who likes this kind of pattern and, even more specifically, only one kind of person who feels compelled to get his smart car wrapped with the design. It's really unspeakably ugly. To be fair, this car is unspeakably ugly without the wrap, but that's a different story entirely. At least the seats aren't also leopard print.

6 Purple And Chrome

via motortrend.com

Once again, we find ourselves gazing upon a completely ruined supercar. This time, it's an Audi R8, which contrary to what you might think, doesn't have a V8 engine but does two better with an astounding German-engineered V10 engine pumping out insane power from the back.

This mid-engined supercar is one of my absolute favorites, and to see it in such a sorry state, bejeweled with ugly magenta-lit rims and grille and plastered with a godawful chrome wrap, really hurts my heart, especially considering that there are many people like me who'd die to have a stock version of this car.

5 Childish Comics And Too Much Money


Puerility and an excess of time and money equal nothing good. One of the direct results of that is what's pictured above: a very expensive SUV gone childish, wrapped in garish canary yellow, and decorated with comic book graphics, Wolverine to be specific. Now, don't get me wrong—I love Wolverine. He's one of my all-time favorite superheroes, but just like the cereal car at number 13, I don't feel any sort of compulsion to wrap my car with all kinds of comic book graphics. But that's just me, I guess.

4 Doesn't Fit With The Background

via clbxg.com

This is a picture filled with paradoxes, idiosyncrasies, and dissonance. We've got the setting: Paris, France, just below the Eiffel Tower, mid-summer probably, with all the trees green and beautiful. We've got a man—well dressed, in a perfectly normal suit, and looking sharp—leaning on a car. But we can't ignore the car any longer. It's not just a refined BMW like you'd imagine what would complete the photo. No, in fact, it's a gaudily wrapped racing art car, with a preposterous tail fin and some seriously whacky graphic designs. Talk about a sudden change from the rest of the photo...

3 It Doesn't Even Look Like Rust

via gtspirit.com

Here we have another rusted car. No, rather, it's a car wrapped with a decal that's supposed to resemble rust and supposed to give the car a worn, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque look.

The thing is, this car is brand new, and it looks brand new, even with the terrible wrap.

It's also easy to see and tell, as soon as you drive one of these newer cars or read anything about them, that they definitely won't last nearly long enough for the body to look like this. Everything else—including the computer system, the interior and accessories, and any number of cheaply made things inside—will fail first.

2 How To Trash A Lambo

via automobileuploads.com

There's not really anything stock about this Lamborghini anymore. Of course, I'm sure the engine is the same. But they've stripped off the back bumper to "show off" the hardware and jerry-rigged a giant spoiler onto the back which does virtually nothing except add weight and interfere with the finely tuned aerodynamics that comes stock on this six-figure car. They've also swapped out the wheels for those terrible pink aftermarket rims and wrapped the car in some sort of strange blue graphic design. It's actually an impressively efficient way to ruin a Lamborghini.

1 It's A Watermelon

via reddit.com

It's hard to find anything else to say about this car besides "...It's a watermelon..." because it doesn't really make any sense. It's not logical; there's no reason behind it. Someone must really really like watermelons. He must like them enough to wrap his entire Bentley—yes, it's a Bentley—in a cartoonish, over-the-top graphic of a watermelon. I sure hope this is just because he lost a bet. If not, all I can hope is that I never have to meet the person who did this to his car. What a ridiculously wrapped car...

Sources: therpmjournal.com, motortrend.com, thrillist.com, autoguide.com

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