20 Cars Experts Say You Should Buy... But They're Totally Wrong

There are thousands of expert reviews all over the internet. Reliability and resale value are the most important things they simply cannot tell you.

Buying a new car is never a simple decision. There are many factors you need to consider - from your financial situation to your personal needs to choosing a good dealership. So, you need help, and you decide to read some car-expert reviews. However, there are thousands of expert reviews all over the internet. Most of the so-called experts are very good at their jobs. They try their best to cover a certain car with all its strengths and shortcomings. Still, there's a problem. They own a car for a short period. They can tell you all about its looks and the feel of driving. Yet, there's much more to owning a car than that. Reliability and resale value are the most important things they simply cannot tell you.

The auto industry is one of the fastest-paced markets in the world. Car manufacturers are sending new models to the market exceptionally fast. However, somewhere along the line, quality control has been lost. This shouldn't surprise you. Automotive brands don't want you to keep your car for a long time. The lesser the period is between your two car purchases, the more sales they make. Therefore, it's very important to inform yourself about the quality and reliability of your potential car. Don't believe in certain car models' popularity or reviews.

20 Maserati Ghibli

Maserati is one of the premier car manufacturers. Ghibli is not a new name in the Maserati’s stable. Moreover, it looks fantastic. Apparently, it's also sporty and impressive. It sounds great, too... Yet, the noise of Ferrari’s V6 turbo engine cannot hide its incredible thirst. Also, getting in and out of this car can be difficult.

However, Ghibli 's biggest problem lies in the interior. When you pay eighty-plus thousands of dollars, especially for an Italian sports car, you expect luxury, great styling, and high tech. When it comes to tech, Maserati delivers to a certain extent. For example, Chrysler's Uconnect touchscreen is very nice. But, there are so many cheap switches, and the design is very mundane. Maserati is owned by Fiat, so they put in there everything they usually put in their low-class cars. But this is a Maserati!!!!

19 Mercedes Benz CLA

The Mercedes brand is a synonym for wealth, power, and prestige. When you buy a Mercedes, you buy the premium quality. Besides, the CLA model looks impressive, and it has an exceptional pedigree. Experts are impressed with its behavior on the road. Surprisingly, the price is one of its selling features.

However, a relatively low price is just a teaser. You need to buy many extra options to have a premium version. The engine on the CLA behaves strangely. When you start, you think the engine doesn't have the strength, and then suddenly, the avalanche of force comes toward you. Despite the agility, the ride can be stiff. The interior looks great, but it's a bit tight and crowded. Therefore, with a premium price in mind, there are simply better options on the market.

18 Fiat 500L

Original 500 is a small and simplistic car that always gets good car reviews.This larger version isn't an exception. For a quasi-caravan, it has good steering and cornering grip. In addition, 500L has a lot of cabin space and is very family friendly. Car experts say its only flaws are flat seats and a not so great driver’s position, and it can be uncomfortable at higher speeds. However, its owners have a very different opinion.

Owner surveys are less than flattering. They claim that it has a huge number of technical problems and that reliability is simply poor. Fiat 500L, in general, doesn't have very bad safety ratings. But poor ratings in high-speed front-crash and side-crash tests are more than concerning. Therefore, it turns out that Fiat 500L isn't such a cheap and family-friendly option after all.

17 Toyota Tacoma

Everybody knows Toyota makes fantastic trucks and all-terrain vehicles. They're extremely tough and reliable. Old versions of this model had issues, but they were reliable. The newly updated version didn't change its design much. There is more equipment, and people from Toyota brought digitization to this old model. In addition, Tacoma still has an impressive off-road capability.

Sadly, the driving is very stiff and it's hard to steer. Noise in the cabin can be overwhelming at high speeds. Moreover, the driver’s position is still bad. On top of that, Toyota's reliability is questioned in Tacoma’s first customer reports. Therefore, after a long time, I wouldn't recommend a truck from Toyota.

16 Mitsubishi Mirage

This is another small and super cute car on our list. The Mirage is cheap and you won't spend much on fuel. In addition, Mitsubishi is known for making solid and reliable cars. Moreover, this car got a nice 2017 update. No wonder experts like it.

Sadly, there's a reason for it being so cheap. You get the feeling that everything inside is made out of plastic. In addition, there's not much room in the back. Owners also claim that the Mirage is terrible to drive. The steering is unresponsive and sometimes strange, and acceleration is bad, too. This makes it not very suitable for the long rides. You're better off buying something else in this class, or better yet, a good used car.

15 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Discovery is an exclusive luxury off-roader. When it comes to the rough terrain, like every Land Rover, it's very capable. Actually, thanks to its new Terrain Response System, Discovery is probably offering the best off-road driving feel in the class. The problem starts when it finds itself on the road. There's nothing sporty about it. It feels very stiff to drive, and the transmission isn't smooth or responsive. For its huge asking price, it doesn't deliver the expected luxury. Cabin space is simply not very appealing. Consumer reports aren't very kind to the Discovery as well. This is Land Rover's first entry in the luxury compact SUV category, and it isn't a bad one. However, there are simply better alternatives on the market.

14 Ford Fiesta

Fiesta is one of Ford's most well-known models. It regularly gets a lot of praise from expert car reviewers. For a relatively low price, Fiesta does everything well. Fiesta is comfortable for the passengers, has a great agility on the road, and is pretty fuel efficient. You also get a good equipment package.

However, the new model does not have good Customer Reports. Apparently, it has many technical issues and engine and power equipment failures. In addition, the dual-clutch auto transmission doesn't make many customers happy with its performance. You should also have in mind that the Fiesta is becoming a very old model. This is still a good car to buy, though. Nevertheless, the subcompact car market is competitive, and you have many better options than the Fiesta.

13 Dodge Journey

A Journey is an interesting midsize SUV. It has a lot of space and a well-built interior. This model is known for its good offer of infotainment tech. Dodge is also trying to be competitive with a surprisingly low price.

The design of the Journey has stayed the same since 2009. In the meantime, competitors worked hard to improve their cars. Competitors now offer more comfort and better tech. Also, Journey has an unimpressive engine that's among the thirstiest in the class. Dodge's automatic transmission can be unresponsive when downshifting. Consumer Reports aren't great either, and recent crash tests showed some problems. The front-impact test results are especially concerning. Therefore, Dodge Journey gives you poor value, despite the discounts that Dodge is regularly offering.

12 Cadillac Escalade

Here's another luxury SUV on our list. Unlike the Discovery, the Escalade is made only for driving on the road. Again, it should deliver high luxury that justifies the tremendous price tag. Unfortunately, like the Discovery, it doesn't deliver. The biggest problem here is the comfort. Despite looking as if it's wide and spacious from the outside, inside, you'll find that the second seat row is too low, and the third row feels narrow and tight. Another big problem with the Escalade is its reliability. This SUV has issues with equipment, the electrical system, the engine, the transmission, and even the brakes. Consumer Reports say it's actually the least reliable car in its class, and you should stay away from it, especially since the resale value is bad as well.

11 Mini Countryman

If you love the original Mini, you probably hate the Countryman. However, car buyers, in general, love it. The new version is more spacious inside, with more equipment and high tech. But interior quality still doesn't justify the pretty high price that the British firm is asking. Also, time has shown that the Countryman isn't that reliable. Customers say the Countryman isn't good to drive, and it can be noisy at high speeds. Even the hybrid model doesn't deliver a smooth ride. The automatic transmission is very slow and sometimes unresponsive. You feel every bump on the road thanks to Mini's unnecessarily firm suspension. Another big complaint is that you have to buy the safety system separately. Mini Countryman may be a good purchase, but it's expensive to maintain.

10 Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 doesn't have a great personality, but experts say it's smooth and refined to drive. This year, we got the second version of the i10. The look of the car is improved, and the engine is more efficient and quieter. The Hyundai i10 also offers a lot of comfort and enough equipment.

Then, the Customer Report comes to spoil the party. Despite the claims from Hyundai about low fuel consumption, customers have a different experience. They also complain that steering is stiff and hard, which can be very problematic at high speeds. In addition, reliability isn't that great as well. So, the i10 isn't recommended for long rides. Another big problem and a definite reason to avoid buying this car is its low resale value.

9 Dacia Duster

Dacia made the cheapest SUV on the market. And this year, we got its second version. Surprisingly, it looks fantastic - even more than the original one. It seems that everyone can now fulfill a dream of owning a new SUV. However, wait... if it sounds too good to be true... you know the rest.

For the start, you won't get climate control in the basic version. The manual gearbox is standard, and you can get an automatic only on the diesel version. In addition, the Duster lacks quality, and there's plastic everywhere. It also has a hard clutch and bad electronics. At high speeds, the Duster is unstable, and noise in the car is incredibly loud. The Duster is still cheap as hell, but I still won't recommend that you buy it.

8 Tesla Model X

Tesla is the most well-known electric car manufacturer in the world. Their Model X is a luxury car with a high price. You don't need to worry about its performance. Even the most basic version can outrun most hot hatches. In addition, there's an upgrade called "Ludicrous Speed," and with it, only supercars are untouchable.

Sadly, there are problems. Practicality is the one you would expect with an electric car. However, the real problem lies with technical issues. Owners say that there are problems with locks, the power equipment, the onboard technology, and the climate-control system... Model X is simply too expensive considering that it's so unreliable. There are much better and cheaper electric cars on the market.

7 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Are you really surprised that there's an Alfa Romeo on the list? If you know anything about cars, you should know that Alfas are fantastic to drive but incredibly unreliable. And Giulietta is sadly no exception. I say "sadly" because Giulietta is superb to drive and looks fantastic.

Reliability reports are not as bad as for some other Alfas, but still, prepare for many issues. However, the real problems come with the Giulietta's safety. The Euro NCAP test for 2017 was bad for the Giulietta, scoring just three stars and not having modern safety systems. I personally didn't enjoy riding in it as much as driving it. So, there's a question about the Giulietta 's comfort as well. Still... it's an Alfa... Go for it!

6 Golf GTI

Volkswagen is synonymous with reliability and quality for an affordable price. Therefore, it's sad watching Volkwagen's struggles in recent years. But those problems are more financial and PR. Besides, the Golf is still delivering great value for the money. It's comfortable and has great results from safety tests. Sadly, there are reliability issues. It's important to declare, however, that not all of Golf's models are having reliability problems. Still, past versions of the Golf GTI had very bad Customer Reports. The new version so far seems to have much fewer problems, but there are still many more than expected. The recent problems with lower CO2 emissions that Volkswagen had are concerning. Therefore, at the moment, I would avoid their vehicles, especially for lower markets.

5 Ford Focus

We have another famous Ford model on our list. The Focus is always one of the most praised cars among the experts and one of the best-selling models on the market. But something strange is going on with the third series of Focus. I owned one from the second generation, and it was great to drive and pretty reliable. However, the new ones in recent years, despite offering splendid driving experience and looking cool, are terrible to own. Consumer reports are awful for Focus. There are too many problems to mention - from windscreen wipers to brakes. The Focus also has a very cheap-looking interior, with too much plastic and too many cheap switches. The boot space is worse than similar vehicles in the class. With average fuel economy, there are simply too many problems. However, the RS and the ST versions are much better.

4 Fiat Punto

Punto was always one of the preferred cars in the supermini class for both experts and customers. Punto is still extremely practical and has a lot of space. However, despite this, a new version is unreliable according to the JD Power survey. Performance, especially for the cheapest option (with 1.2 petrol engine), is below expectations. The handling is bad, and the light steering isn't good for higher speeds. The biggest shock is the Euro NCAP result. Fiat Punto becomes the first car in the history of testing that got zero stars. This means that every car that was ever tested is safer than the Punto. It's clear that this model is becoming too old and simply isn't relevant in the car market anymore.

3 Aston Martin DB9 Volante

The Model DB9 is the most well known modern Aston Martin. It's highly praised on the racing track and on the road by experts and everyone who had the pleasure of driving this car. The new Volante has a recognizable look and fantastic performance. The interior also looks exquisite, with only some disappointing materials and finishes here and there. It can match any Italian sports car in style. Safety tests are also excellent. However, problems start surprisingly coming up once you start driving it. The steering is very hard, and you can feel every bump through it. As you can expect, this kind of car it isn't meant to be practical. Judging by the owner's comments, reliability isn't great. But Aston Martin doesn't let its cars get tested, so there's no official data. All in all, this car isn't justified by the incredibly high price or experts' praise.

2 Lamborghini Aventador

We got to have one supercar on this list. Now owned by Audi, they're much more sensible. When it comes to performance, Aventador's V12 engine gives you everything you ever wanted from a car. In addition, handling is impressive, too. What's not impressive is the engine sound. It doesn't sound like a Lamborghini. Unfortunately, you hear a big amount of noise from it as well as from the Aventador’s massive tires. The quality is up from any previous Lamborghinis, and reliability should be good. Still, you can get much better for $350,000.

1 Subaru WRX

Subaru has had an excellent reputation among rally fans since its entry into the WRC at the beginning of the '90s. The WRX should continue this trend into the new era. To my great disappointment, that's not the case. First, new emission laws influenced the price of this car, making it more expensive than most hot hatches. Nevertheless, for your money, you get a true four-wheel drive and plenty of equipment. For my taste, the driving is excellent, but for most, probably not so much because it feels like a rally car from the '90s. Old school is sadly present in the interior as well, with simply and poorly created dashboard and controls. The Subaru WRX isn't practical, and its engine is rather thirsty. I would still buy it, but it's not as good as you're led to believe by expert reviews.

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