20 Cars No One Expected To Be Around In 2018… But They Are

Here are 20 examples of cars that no one expected to be around in 2018… but they are.

In this day and age, there are so many options when it comes to vehicles one could buy that it seems ridiculous that car manufacturers are still producing models that aren’t up to par by the consumers' standards, especially since we as consumers have so many ways to do our homework on a vehicle before deciding if it may be right for us.

Most people dread buying a new vehicle because of the amount of work that goes into the process. Luckily, we have credible sources like Consumer Reports that gives honest opinions based on feedback they've received from actual consumers, and these opinions are based on a controlled sample size. In addition, the internet makes it easy for forums to be formed and common issues to be discovered when consumers band together to discuss similar issues they may have been experiencing.

When a new vehicle is designed, it's almost expected that there will be some initial issues as far as design and execution. However, when the vehicle seems to be having the same issues for consecutive years, one has to assume there's a flaw in the actual design. Here are 20 examples of cars that no one expected to be around in 2018… but they are.

20 Ford Taurus SHO

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When the first SHO made its debut back in the '80s most people didn’t really get it. What was the point of having a snotty basic sedan? The average person doesn’t understand a sleeper; nor do they want to buy one. So, it’s no surprise that Consumer Reports has less than nice things to say about the SHO and even refers to it as outdated. According to this year’s report, the SHO already has a recall on file in regards to its transmission.

19 Ford Focus

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The Ford Focus made its debut to the world back in 2000, so you'd think that Ford had plenty of time to figure out its flaws and how to make them right. Instead, here we are 18 years later, and the Focus is still being featured on Consumer Reports' “Least Reliable Cars” list.

According to Car and Driver, Ford was found guilty after a class-action suit was filed against them and has since had to make payouts to Focus owners.

This was due to findings that their dual-shift transmission was defective.

18 Jeep Compass

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Recently, Jeep has been branching out, making more affordable options for their consumers. According to Consumer Reports, the Jeep Compass seemed to miss a lot of the marks on this year's report, as the Compass did less than average on the road test, the predictability scale, and in terms of owners' satisfaction. The report notes that the Compass lacks power, agility, and comfort. In addition, the Compass has four recalls on file just this year, all that could result in a fire, a crash, or both.  It's safe to assume one could find a safer vehicle with fewer issues to deal with.

17 Smart Car

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The Smart Car isn’t as smart as it seems, considering it's only appealing to city drivers due to its small size. While finding a parking spot may be easier, that’s really the only advantage of this pint-sized car.

Consumer Reports mentions how uncomfortable the ride is and notes that the whole car vibrates from the turbocharged engine.

You'd think the Smart Car would blow the fuel economy category out of the water due to its small three-cylinder engine and ridiculously small size, but you'd be sadly mistaken. According to Car and Driver, the newest generation is supposed to be rated for 35 mpg in the city and 38 on the highway, yet just 27 mpg was observed in actuality.

16 GMC Acadia

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The Acadia made its debut to the world back in 2007 and has since been mentioned on the Consumer Reports' “Least Reliable Cars” list numerous times since. Throughout the years, the Acadia hasn’t improved much on the overall reliability scale. According to this year’s report, the Acadia has two recalls on file, an issue with the fuel pump, and a separate issue with the driveshaft that both could result in a fire. With so many other SUVs on the market, it makes you wonder why the Acadia even exists.

15 Ford Fiesta

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The Ford Fiesta was designed to be a compact, affordable car, and while it's just that, it also comes with a laundry list of issues. The Fiesta, like many others on this list, was featured on Consumer Reports' “Least Reliable Cars” list.

The Fiesta, like its sister, the Focus, shared the same defective “Powershift” dual transmission that owners will be receiving a payout from based on a class-action suit that found Ford guilty.

It really makes you wonder why these cars are still being made.

14 Cadillac Escalade

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The Cadillac Escalade made its debut to the world back in 1999 and has seemed to have had issues from the start. The massive luxury SUV has been mentioned on Consumer Reports' “Least Reliable Cars” list more than once. According to this year’s report, despite the size of this huge rig, the interior felt cramped, and numerous complaints about comfort were noted as well. Considering the luxury SUV cost over 80k, comfort should be a given. In addition, Consumer Reports notes issues with the information system and the transmission.

13 Land Rover Discovery

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The Land Rover Discovery has been known to be unreliable since the discovery of its numerous problems. To make matters worse, the Discovery is expensive, the base model starting at over 50k. The Discovery may not have made the dreaded Consumer Reports “Least Reliable Cars” list last year, but that doesn’t mean it did well either.

Consumer Reports is already predicting a 1 out 5 in reliability, and considering this was a redesign year, things aren’t looking good.

Maybe Land Rover should move on and try to discover something else.

12 Chevy Cruze

Via caranddriver.com

The Chevy Cruze was first debuted to the world back in 2008, and considering it was less than impressive back then, it makes you wonder why it's made it long as it has. According to The Drive, the Cruze even got put on a sales freeze after a recall on over 100k Cruzes has to be put out because the gas tank could rupture easily in a rear-end collision. According to Consumer Reports, the Cruze already has another serious recall on file for this year, in regards to the fuel system that could result in a fire. I think it's safe to say the Cruze should be retired after having this many issues throughout the years.

11 Fiat 500

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Who knew such a small car could cause so many headaches? You guessed it—another vehicle to make Consumer Reports' “Least Reliable Cars” list. The Fiat 500 wowed the world in 2012 with its ridiculously small size.

However, according to Consumer Reports, the Fiat 500 has done worse on the reliability scale since making its debut.

The 2014 model was one of its worst, as it didn’t improve on any of the issues mentioned in the previous year’s report. Would anyone even be upset if they discontinued the Fiat 500? Okay, maybe Stewart Little.

10 Dodge Journey

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The Dodge Journey is an odd-looking vehicle, as it’s hard to tell if it’s an SUV or a minivan. According to Consumer Reports, the Journey did the worst it could possibly do as far as owner satisfaction, scoring just 1 out of 5. The report also gives the Journey 1 out of 5 as far as fuel economy, getting just 11 mpg in the city! In addition, there's a recall on file for this year’s model with regard to the Journey's cruise control system, causing the feature to not be able to disengage and possibly result in a crash.

9 Mitsubishi Mirage

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Consumer Reports could only come up with two good things to say about the poor Mirage: the fact that it's so easy to park and its amazing fuel economy, as it can get up to 47 mpg on the highway! On the other hand, Consumer Reports didn’t have a hard time coming up with negative things to say about the Mirage.

They noted that it's underpowered, loud, and doesn’t handle well despite its small size.

Consumer Reports even mentions that you'd be better off buying a used car over the Mirage, and they wouldn’t be lying.

8 Buick Envision

Via caranddriver.com

Buick really tried to make a series comeback, even hiring pro golfer Tiger Woods to promote Buick. Consumer Reports, on the other hand, didn’t have the nicest things to say about the Envision. They had a strong opinion on how they felt the Envision was highly overpriced, even putting a figure on it by saying it’s overpriced by 10k. This year’s report also mentions they feel that the Envision is underdeveloped and even notes that a Ford Escape would be a wiser choice for someone looking into the Envision. Ouch, Consumer Reports!

7 Cadillac ATS

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The ATS really didn’t get a fair chance to shine, considering it's constantly outshined by its big sister, the CTS. According to Consumer Reports, the ATS did poorly on the owner satisfaction scale, scoring just 2 out of 5, with comfort being the main factor for satisfaction. This year’s report also already has a recall on file, with issues with the fuel lines that could result in a fire. According to a report put together by USA Today, the ATS's sales have dropped every year since being produced in 2013, last year, selling just over 13k total.

6 Jeep Renegade

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The Jeep Renegade just looks like the black sheep on the Jeep family, as it looks like it has more Fiat DNA in it rather than a Jeep's.

According to Consumer Reports, the Renegade isn’t necessarily meant to be taken off-road like its big sister, the Wrangler. 

However, it does offer a Trailhawk package that would make it a bit more trail-worthy. Considering the Renegade is considered a subcompact, one would expect to get better than an average of 24 mpg, but sadly, you won't.

5 Toyota Yaris

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There aren’t a whole lot of good things you can say about the Toyota Yaris. It’s not that it’s a bad car; there just isn’t anything mentionable about it. According to Consumer Reports, the Yaris is all-around outdated. Specifically, the report notes noisy riding conditions and an extremely uncomfortable driving position in addition to poor acceleration. It's had a mediocre performance on the owner satisfaction scale year after year, which makes us wonder, if the people that own it aren’t even satisfied with it, why is it even still being produced?

4 Dodge Caravan

Via Dodge.com

In this day and age, it seems odd that anyone would opt to own a minivan. SUVs and crossovers have taken over the soccer mom market, leaving the minivan market without many consumers.

Considering it did less than average on the Consumer Reports by receiving a poor score in the crash test, it really makes you wonder why they haven’t retired this minivan.

This year’s report also mentions the Grand Caravan came in dead last for fuel economy among minivans, as it was found to manage just 17 mpg.

3 Volkswagen Jetta

Via Motor1.com

The Volkswagen reputation has taken a bit of a beating recently after they were found to be using cheat devices for emissions and making their diesels seem to be running cleaner than they actually were. But besides all that, Volkswagens haven’t necessarily been known to be reliable. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, the Jetta hasn’t moved up on the reliability scale since 2000, and that’s only because that’s the earliest data they had on file. Last year’s report notes issues with the transmission, the clutch, and the torque converters. In some cases, customers had to have their entire transmission replaced or rebuilt.

2 Honda Ridgeline

via caranddriver.com

While the Honda Ridgeline did improve tremendously from the previous years, it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense why they’re still being made in the first place.

Specifically, according to Consumer Reports, the one thing they didn’t improve on concerns a basic feature of a pickup truck: the Ridgeline's bed is shallow and only has a 5k towing capacity.

While the Ridgeline may do well on the highway as far as fuel economy, as it goes up to 29 mpg, in the city, on the other hand, it takes a drastic hit, getting just 13 mpg.

1 BMW i8

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BMW wowed the world when they introduced the i8, as it was something new for BMW. According to Road and Track, the i8 is a plug-in hybrid that has only a 1.5-liter engine. The combined engines can deliver 367 hp, and the electric motors provide instant torque, which may have been impressive for a hybrid just a few short years ago. But considering the improvements in electric vehicles in recent years, the I8 seems irrelevant these days. And with a price tag that's well over 150K, people quickly lost interest in the i8.

Sources: Consumerreports.org, Thedrive.com, Roadandtrack.com, Carnanddriver.com

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