20 Cars Over $1 Million That You Didn't Know Existed

The cars on this list are nothing short of breathtaking, and we can only sit back and enjoy their beauty.

The cars listed below are some of the most coveted and desired cars among car enthusiasts. Not only are these cars extremely expensive, but they're also rare, and only few will ever be privileged to drive them. While some of the car companies are ones that we're all familiar hearing and reading about such as Ferrari or Lamborghini, the model types listed below are ones that are exclusive and specially made for the elite.

When it comes to making an amazing supercar, these companies below pulled out all the stops. These cars are beautiful and timeless, and all of them can drive fast. With none of the cars on this list being cheaper than $1 million, you can bet that you most likely won't ever see these driving down the street. If you owned a car that cost over a million, would you risk ruining it by driving it out and around? The cars on this list are nothing short of breathtaking, and we can only sit back and enjoy their beauty.

20 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita ($4.8 Million)

via koenigsegg.com

While this beauty looks grey, the term "trevita" actually refers to its color "three whites." Koenigsegg created the unique color of this beast so that when the sun hits it just right, it looks like sparkling diamonds.

Besides the gorgeous outside, the interior of the car comes with an Inconel exhaust system, carbon cream brakes, and a hydraulic lifting system (just to name a few.)

Due to the incredibly time-consuming and costly manufacturing of this car, it's extremely limited. While Koenigsegg was going to originally limit the production to 3, it was later decided that only 2 of this car would be made. The Trevita can go from 0-62 mph in just under 3 seconds and has a top speed of over 254 mph with a braking distance of 32 m.

19 W Motors Lykan Hypersport ($3.4 Million)

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When W Motors designed this car, they wanted it to be what they considered a new lineage of luxury. The word "lycan" stands for "werewolf," and the car has werewolf logos and symbols all over the car in various places. Everything from the engine to the interior cloth was designed with werewolves in mind.

What makes the Lykan Hypersport so rare is that there are only 7 of them in the world.

All 7 of them are customized and unique in their own way. If you're fortunate enough to own one of these cars, then, as the owner, you're also gifted a Franck Muller Geneve timepiece. The Lykan is encrusted with 220 diamonds or special stones of your choice; it has a holographic mid-air display system, and the interior is perfectly fitted with carbon fiber and leather.

18 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio ($3 Million)

via motorauthority.com

The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio was designed to honor Sergio Pininfarina, a man who has dedicated over 40 years of his life to creating amazing cars. The details and intricacies of the car are based on the research that Pininfarina did himself and are just as revolutionary and innovative as he was. Pininfarina was always looking to the future for design inspiration and loved the sleek, futuristic car look.

The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio comes with two helmets for both the passenger and the driver's safety as they make the most of its roaring engine. Ferrari intended for this car to be a limited edition, and it's only available in limited quantities. The Pininfarina goes from 0 to 100 mph in 3.4 seconds and tops its maximum speed out at over 320 km/h.

17 Ferrari F60 America ($2.5 Million)

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This gorgeous Ferrari is only one of 10 produced and manufactured by the company. The car was designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari in America and was made to embody everything great about the driving energy in the States. Since it was made for and delivered to the US, if you live outside of the States and want to get your hands on one, it will be extremely pricey and difficult.

The V-12 engine is nothing short of what you'd expect from the Ferrari brand, and it'll deliver on the road as the car was based on Ferrari's most powerful GT car, the F12 Berlinetta. The F60 can go from 0-60 in an estimated 3.1 seconds, and it tops speeds at over 210 mph.

16 Koenigsegg Regera ($2 Million)

via automobilemagazine.com

"Regera" is Swedish for "reign," and Koenigsegg designed this mega car to be the fastest-accelerating power production car on the road. The Koenigsegg Regera was designed to be an alternative to Koenigsegg's traditional lightweight racing cars.

The Regera has a V8 combustion engine with three electric motors and goes from 0 to 400 km/h in under 20 seconds.

You'll most likely never get to see one, as under 100 of these cars were put in production. The interior of this car features 8-way adjustable memory-foam seats, the Koenigsegg 9" infotainment system, ambient lighting, and more. Under the hood, the Regera contains the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), which is the dry-sump twin-turbo DOHC 5.0-liter V8 engine that only the Koenigsegg brand can offer.

15 Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero ($8 Million)

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The Maybach Exelero combines everything we love about luxury cars with everything we love about sports cars. Mercedes set out to get the best of both worlds when they designed this beauty. The Exelero originally started out as the Maybach 57 and was optimized to become a sports machine. Fulda Reifen, the designer of the Exelero, spent decades before the idea for the car came to fruition and was ready for production.

On the road, the Exelero has over 700 hp and has a top speed over 210 mph.

If that isn't impressive enough, the car can go from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and has a displacement of 5908 L. Since this was a special project car, the chances of it being mass produced for the public are very slim, and given its price tag of over $8 million, even if it was a car that we saw on the road often, the chances of being able to afford it are just as slim.

14 Aston Martin Valkyrie ($3 Million)

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With the Valkyrie being the first hypercar that Aston Martin has made, they wanted to make sure they covered all of the bases and did everything right. The entire body of the car is made of carbon and was designed to fully optimize the car so that it always drives and rides at its best. Aston Martin's partnership with Red Bull Racing Advanced Technologies allowed them access to technology normally only reserved for Formula One racing cars.

The Valkyrie has a 6.5-liter V12 engine and is torque-enhanced during acceleration for a power boost at takeoff.

Because the entire car is made from carbon fiber, its power-to-weight ratio is 1:1, which allows it more speed. With only 150 cars being made, it's considered a rare sight.

13 LaFerrari FXX K ($2.7 Million)

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The Ferrari FXX K was designed to be a technologically advanced joyride of a car. Designed with the track in mind, it uses a kinetic energy recovery system to maximize its performance and speed. While you can surely drive this car on the road, its overbearing power will have you thrown back against your seat. Ferrari puts this car within its research and development program and doesn't' stop short of pumping it up with advanced racing technology.

While driving, the FXX K has sensors that track the road and temperatures around it and make adjustments as it drives.

Since the car is constantly being researched and tinkered with, it's always coming out with more improvements to its performance and driving capabilities.

12 McLaren BP23 ($2 Million)

via evo.com

The BP23 is a new powerhouse that isn't scheduled for release until 2019 but has already caused tons of speculation and interest. Speculations about the car include that it'll combine the best parts of the P1 with some improvements, such as a hybrid powertrain and a carbon-fiber tube, making it lighter and faster. The BP23 is also speculated to have 3 seats so that you can take others out to enjoy the ride with you.

Even with a price tag of over $2 million, McLaren has already sold over 100 of them, making it one of the more accessible cars on this list, but it's still really far out of reach for most. The BP23 is expected to have over 800 hp, which will make it almost as fast as McLaren's other model, the P1 (which currently produces 903 hp.)

11 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4 ($1.9 Million)

via thedrive.com

The Centenario was produced as a tribute to the founder of Lamborghini, Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini himself. With only 40 being made in production (20 coupes and 20 roadsters) the car will most likely remain unseen to most of the public eye. Outside of its gorgeous eye-catching Lamborghini body style, it has a 770 CV-aspirated V12 engine under its hood.

The Centenario can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and pushes the envelope when it comes to technology and design.

It maxes out at over 350 km/h (217 mph) and can accelerate from 0-330 km/h (0-186 mph) in 23.5 seconds. The body is carbon fiber, and it has a completely paneled underbody with a rear electronic spoiler that can sit in 3 different positions. When driving, you'll use hydraulic-assisted power steering as well as LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering) and its Lamborghini rear-wheel steering system.

10 Hennessey Venom F5 ($1.6 Million)

via hennesseyperformance.com

When Hennessey designed the Venom F5, they designed the car to be the fastest road car on Earth. Hennessey is known for their work on cars and making them faster, and they put all of their work into creating this car. Partnering with Shell and Pennzoil, Hennessey created a lightweight and advanced powerhouse.

The Venom F5 has a turbo V8 engine and delivers more than 1,600 bhp. It'll also go over 300 mph at its top speed, thanks to its aerodynamic body and style.

What makes this car so rare is that Hennessey rarely makes more than one customized vehicle. John Hennessey prides himself on being able to work with a variety of different vehicles and turning them into something amazing. If you miss your chance of getting this car, just keep an out on Hennessey, as he'll always come out with something new.

9 Zenvo TS1 GT ($1.2 Million)

via drivetribe.com

Zenvo designed this car with the goal of creating a smaller supercharged car to add to their current lineup. Since the car is smaller than others in the lineup, the handling of the car and its center of gravity benefit greatly. "TS1" stands for "Twin Supercharged," and the "1" is next to it because it's the first of its kind. Because it has a brand new interior, it's a Grand Tourer as well, which is where the car gets its name.

Overall, the car's specifications show that it's a lightweight and compact car, which is what Zenvo was going for. The supercar has over 1,000 hp and can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. At its fastest, the TS1 has a limited speed of 233 mph and is considered one of the most exclusive supercars that'll grace the Geneva Motor Show.

8 Lagonda Taraf ($1 Million)

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Aston Martin created the Lagonda Taraf as a new competitor to sedan models, including the Rolls-Royce and the Bentley. Based on some of Aston's previous models, the Taraf's external body panels are pure carbon fiber, and it has an 8-speed transmission. Inside of the vehicle, you'll get to experience Aston Martin's accustomed luxury experience with added cabin space for more room.

Under the hood, the Lagonda Taraf has a 5.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine and comes in at 540 hp.

While the Taraf isn't as expensive as some of its sedan counterparts, it still offers the best of luxury and power. If James Bond was disguised as a sports car, then he would be a Lagonda Taraf.

7 Fittipaldi EF7 ($1 Million)

via carmagazine.com

As a multi-trophy winner, Emerson Fittipaldi wanted to recreate the experiences he felt behind the wheel on the track. His drive to share those feelings with the world is what drove him to create the Fittipaldi EF7. The same designers that created the Pininfarina also had a hand in crafting this rule-breaking speed demon.

The entire body is made of carbon fiber and monocoque to protect the driver as he speeds across tracks. The V8 engine is also naturally aspirated and is also purposely positioned low to perfect the car's center of gravity. Fittipaldi wanted to make sure that even an inexperienced driver can get behind the wheel and drive, so he designed the car to be beginner friendly and customizable.

6 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Kellner Coupe ($10 Million)

via cochesclasicosdehoy.com

Easily one of the rarest and most expensive cars on the list, the Bugatti Type 41 Royale Kellner Coupe earns its spot as a timeless classic. The founder of Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti, created and designed this vehicle decades ago with the intent of making it one of the most amazing luxury cars in history. The body itself was crafted based on 16-cylinder aircraft engines, making it the largest engine of any car to be sold privately. The Kellner is an extremely stocky and massive car as well, with the wheelbase spanning 15 feet.

Because of its hefty price, only 6 of the car were ever produced, with two staying within Bugatti's family and work. Bugatti wanted this car to be a one-of-a-kind showstopper. Since it's such a rare car, it's unlikely that most of us will ever get to appreciate all the hard work that went into its creation and ultimate production.

5 Icona Vulcano Titanium ($3.8 Million)

via motorauthority.com

This supercar's name was inspired by both power and beauty. The Icona Vulcano Titanium is a combination and show of what both man and nature can create. The design of the car was based on the all-titanium Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird as well the image and behavior of flowing lava. The designers of the Vulcano wanted to make a car that contrasted itself in design by adding components such as sharp hard edges and full surfacing to create the ultimate balance.

The entire car is designed with the driver in mind, and in the interior of the car, all of the design is oriented to the driver. At its top speed, the Vulcano can go from 0-100 kph in 2.8 seconds and has 680 horsepower. The Vulcano has a max speed of 350 kph and a torque of 820 Nm but also is built to be fine-tuned to race with up to 1,000 hp.

4 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale ($3 Million)

via silodrome.com

The 33 Stradale can be considered one of Alfa Romeo's first streetcars that were built off of a race car. What makes this car so unique are its flowing lines and body style. It looks unlike any other car in its category, and for millions of dollars, you get every penny's worth of what you pay for the car in both design and performance. With the car having a smaller body and frame compared to its counterparts, Aston Martin doesn't fall flat on the delivery of a quality car.

For starters, the Stradale has a 2.0-liter V8 engine that kicks out 230 horsepower.

The car also comes with the option of driving in "race tune," which, once engaged, will add an additional 40 mph to the car. Alfa Romeo made only 18 of the Stradale, so it's most likely you won't be able to test drive one soon.

3 Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron ($3.4 Million)

via exoticcarlist.com

Like Hennessey, Mansory is a company that builds itself off of fine tuning and beefing up cars so that they perform to their max. With the Veyron, Mansory were able to put their hands on the car to make it a powerhouse both under and over the hood. The outside of the car is covered with lacquered carbon fiber and comes with options to include a shortened hood, larger or smaller side scoops, and more. The inside of the car is lined and dined with carbon fiber and is also customizable to the drivers liking.

Because this car is fine-tuned and decked out by an outside company, it's unlikely that more of them will be produced. With the car costing more than over $3.4 million, it's also highly unlikely to see this car driving down the street or racing on the track. Even with its rarity, it's still both track- and road-ready and includes an 8.0-liter W16 engine that kicks out 1,200 horsepower and has 1,106 pound-feet of torque, so you can beat out almost any car that you roll up next to.

2 Maybach Landaulet ($1.3 Million)

via motor1.com

The Maybach Landaulet is a competitor created by Maybach that was designed to go head-to-head with models like the Bugatti Veyron. The Landaulet is a luxury sports car that comes with a 6.0-liter V-12 engine and a 5-speed transmission and has 620 horsepower. It also comes equipped with rear-wheel drive and abs and driveline traction control to ensure driver safety. On the outside, its 20" silver aluminum wheels will blind anyone looking into them for too long, and its diamond finish sets off the paint of the car just right.

Maybach only produced this car in 2012 and currently have no plans to start reproduction of the model anytime soon. With this car being on the less expensive side of this list, it's one of the more affordable cars that you're able to buy, but it's still out of reach for most.

1 Pagani Zonda Cinque ($1.4 Million)

via wikimediacommons.com

Although this is the last car on the list, the Pagani Zonda Cinque is far from last in almost any category it's placed in. Pagani wanted to create a car that fulfilled the request of a Hong Kong dealership that sold their vehicles. The word "cinque" means "five" in French, and the Pagani team designed this car based on the high demands of five wealthy individuals. One of the things that makes this car unique is it being the first road-legal car to have a carbon-titanium frame with a 6-gear sequential transmission, making it durable and incredibly fast.

The Cinque's engine is the same as the Mercedes-Benz's AMG engine, and it delivers 678 CV. It can go from 0-100 km in 3.4 seconds and can go from 0-200 km in 9.6 seconds. The production of the car was only limited to the 5 individuals who requested the car to be made, so there are only 5 of them in existence.

Sources: paganiautomobiles.com, mercedes.com, ferrari.com, Lamborghini.com

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