Counting Cars: 20 Sweet Rides The Kustoms Crew Restored

These are the 20 sickest rides the Counting Cars crew has restored.

Counting Cars is a television show that showcases some of the hottest cars that you can ever lay eyes on. These cars are restored and customized by their shop called "Count’s Kustoms." The owner of this shop is Danny Koker, who was also seen on another popular TV show, Pawn Stars. Most of the cars that are restored by Counts Kustoms are classical American muscle cars. These cars are given an overhaul from the ground up, making them extremely fast and extremely good looking. The engines are modified from scratch, but the emphasis is given to how the cars look from the outside. Some of the cars modified by them are drop-dead gorgeous just because of the way the styling is done on them. Apart from muscle cars, the crew also specializes in making some mean-looking hot rods, which make their portfolio even cooler.

Danny Koker loves cars so much that he has nearly 50 cars in his personal collection. Not only that—whenever he finds a car that he dearly admires, he'd do anything to get it, which includes buying the car on the spot. He likes to modify cars that are classical and doesn't take jobs that require him to modify new ones. To showcase some of the work they've put into their cars, we chose some of the best-looking ones from their collection and gave a little bit of a rundown on how these cars look. So, enjoy the 20 sickest rides the Counting Cars crew has worked on.

20 Danny's 74 RoadRunner

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Let's start things with a bang. This Dannys 74 RoadRunner is an absolute stunner. The way that the purple color merges with the streak of black that goes from the front to the back is just out of this world. The car looks even more stunning because of the way it sits on the road; you can see that the car is the proper height to convey a sense of mystery. The crew of the Counts Kustoms shop express their love for cars by working hard on the details that are added to each and every bit of them. In the case of this car, the intake scoop has these hand-drawn patterns that showcase the workmanship that goes into making these cars. Rating from 1 to 10, I would give this car a solid 9 because of the awesome paint job.

19 62 Karmann Ghia

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At first, if you look at this car, you'd kind of get the idea that if it weren’t for the paint job and those modifications, this car wouldn’t look good. This Karmann Ghia is from Volkswagen and was manufactured from the year 1955-1974. This car had nothing special about it. For example, the engine was only a 1.3-liter, making it considerably underpowered. To make it as special as something like this, the Count gave it the good old Counts Kustoms touch.

The paint job, styling, and workmanship are top notch on this one.

You can tell that just by the way it looks. That pearlescent color is striking to the eyes, so it grabs attention as soon as you look at it. The rims are a perfect match for the body and the bumpers, making it one heck of a beautiful car.

18 Kevin's 69 Cadillac

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What's light blue, has 4 wheels, and looks absolutely stunning? It’s this 69 Cadillac by Counts Kustoms. The thing about Counts Kustoms is that you can see that they put a lot of hard work into their cars to make them as beautiful as this. The way the light blue color is complementing the white streaks on the side is just amazing. Not only that—the rims with the white outline on the tires are perfect with the mentioned white streaks. As you already know, the crew of Counts Kustoms likes to add special touches to their cars, and there's a touch of that on this one as well. The hood showcases a tribal type artwork that's subtle to look at, but its presence is felt once your eyes catch it.

17 72 Monte Carlo

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A muscle car is the only type of vehicle that showcases its bravado openly.

This 72 Monte Carlo seems to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the muscle-car world.

This one looks awesome with the golden color and black highlights. The chrome rims are a nice touch because of the chrome bumper and front grille, but otherwise, chrome is a no-go for any vehicle. You can see the effort put into this vehicle because the paint job blends in so well with the car's overall design. Through it, the car is given a whole new life; the team has truly done such an awesome job on it. I wouldn't mind driving this car all day long just because it would “up” the cool factor considerably. What do you guys think about it? Would you take this car in a heartbeat? I know I would.

16 68 Charger

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We all know about this car from the popular movie franchise The Fast and the Furious. A similar car like this was used in the first part of the movie where Dom pops a wheelie on it. That's all that needs to be said about this car. It’s fast, powerful and looks bad to the bone. What the Counts Kustoms crew did with it is quite brilliant because they made it even more badass. It might look like the car was painted all black, but if you look close, it's more of a dark maroon. What I've always noticed is that the Charger looks amazing in a black color, but this makes it different and keeps the awesomeness levels high. With tires like this, combined with chrome hubcaps and black painted rims, the car is just drop-dead gorgeous.

15 Rat Rod

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Some people don’t appreciate hot rods, but there's something about them that's unique and creative. While hot rods are cars that are modified whereby the engine puts out insane amounts of power and the linear speed of these machines grows immensely, rat rods take it a step further and exaggerates the customizations that are typically done on hot rods. This rat rod might look incomplete, but it's ready to roll. The car is awesome because of the way all the mechanical parts are exposed to the elements, including the engine, which is out in the open, the gas tank exposed in the rear. The radiator grille has a skull on it as a final touch, making it a sight to behold.

14 Vamp Rod

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This hotrod seems to be the daily drive of Count Dracula himself. It's extremely well made and well designed.

This hot rod is fitted with what seems to be a V8 engine with the exhaust from each cylinder moving forward and getting merged at the end.

If you visualize how the exhaust manifold is made, you can almost guess how this bad boy would sound like. The paint job is black, obviously, since a vampire loves to hang out in the dark. However, red is used in some places, and it signifies the blood that vampires are so keen to drink. On the sides of the car, there are custom-painted spiderwebs in a red color that really gives it a vampiric touch. This one might be the coolest hot rod I've ever seen.

13 Hearse

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You might think that this car is a little too weird to be on the list, but think about it. It's a freaking hearse with a souped-up engine and custom modifications done to it. There aren’t many details about this car apart from what we can tell from observing it carefully. The engine seems to be a V8 with an awesome exhaust system that's sticking out of the front. Imagine revving this bad boy so that it shoots flames out of the pipes. This hearse seems to be converted into a limousine with a red interior and red accent lines on the hood to complete the design of the car. When I die, I'd like my body to be taken on a bad boy like this.

12 Ford Hot Rod

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Usually, hot rods are the kind of vehicles that aren't that elegant looking when it comes to overall aesthetics, but there's something about this one that's just pleasing to look at. Maybe it's the bright red color that's showcasing power, authority, and elegance, or it may be the fact that it's an open-top car. Whatever the reason, it’s a damn beautiful car. There aren't many details about the engine on this one, but it's not important if the car looks this good. Especially eye-catching are the wire rims that make the car stand out. The front chrome grill and the chrome headlights combined with the chrome rims make this car a sight to behold. I would trade my car for this one any time of the day.

11 86 Chevy Pickup

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You might think to yourself that a pickup can only be used to do heavy-duty work and that no one in their right mind would want to modify it. Count on Counts Kustoms to make a work of art from any kind of vehicle, though. This 86 Chevy Pickup doesn't resemble any car that can be called a pickup. The car has a beautiful black color combined with a blood-red paint job. In addition to that, the point where both colors merge is separated by a white line that makes both colors stand out on their own. Yet again, the usage of chrome is just perfect; the chrome on the borders of the rims combined with the chrome on the bumper and front grille are just perfect. I haven’t smiled this much while writing about a pickup truck.

10 67 Mustang

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What comes to your mind when I ask you to think about the greatest muscle car ever made? Chances are, you might be thinking about a 67 Mustang. This car defines what a muscle car should be like.

These cars are called "pony cars" because of the extended front hood and a small boot.

For the cherry on top, Counts Kustoms decided to shower this car with their magic, and the result is this beautiful 67 Mustang. The color combination is top notch yet again, and the black strips on the sides with orange as the primary color hit the spot just right. However, the choice of the rims could've been much better—imagine less rim and more tire with the same style. Even so, this car is in a league all its own.

9 70 Coronet

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You might say that the color purple isn't a very good choice to paint your car with, but I would counter your claim with an image of this car. There's something about this paint job that just clicks with the overall styling of the car. With those mean-looking front headlights combined with the chrome outline, this beast sure would catch the eye of anyone who looks at it. The engine is also painted with a sharp orange color, which accents the purple color of the surroundings pretty well. There's a pretty neat drawing of a bee on wheels with a V8 engine attached to it, and it kind of gives the car a life of its own and makes it unique from any other Coronet out there.

8 72 Cutlass

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Our upcoming work of art from the talented crew of the Counts Kustoms is this stylish and beautiful 72 Cutlass. I might seem like a broken record now with all the appreciation of the colors of all the cars, but the paint job on this one needs to be pointed out. Most of the cars we've seen have colors that are vibrant, but this one is a special case.

The paint job on this one is a pearlescent-white primary color with streaks of the golden complementary color.

You have to admit that this color combination is unique and looks great. The hood of the car has two massive air scoops painted with that golden color, making both the colors merge quite well. Now we know what to wish for this Christmas.

7 Sparkles 2

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I'm pretty sure you haven’t seen a dune buggy this modified in your life. This dune buggy was specially designed and styled to look as badass as possible. The color combination is the best I've ever seen. If you take a close look at the car, its a combination of 3 types of blue color; there's a dark blue color with streaks on the relatively light blue primary color. All of these color combinations blend extremely well together, and all these blue color combinations are well matched with the interior of the buggy as well. The exposed engine is painted all chrome so that it shines when you take it on the beach. The rear of the buggy has lights similar to those seen on a 67 Mustang. Count Kustoms sure knows what it's doing when it comes to styling cars.

6 73 Buick Riviera

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This Buick Riviera, at first sight, might look like any of the other cars from Count Kustoms with a paint job of two or more colors, but this one is a bit special from the rest. This Riviera has the most detailed paint job of any of the other cars. The type of design this paint has is more or like a tribal-style design with lines flowing in a flaming pattern and with a grey paint in them. There isn’t much time or space for me to explain the beauty of this paint job. To summarise it, the car can be a heavy-metal guitarist's dream car. The interior is fitted with what seems to be fluffy velvet, making it more comfortable than the bed you sleep at night. This car is a piece of art on its own, and we love every bit of it.

5 Danny Van

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I'm pretty sure you weren’t expecting to see a van on the list of the sickest rides from The Counting Cars crew, but here it is. This van might just be the most badass looking out there. The paint job is a combination of the color red and a dark-red accent color. The flames seem to be hand drawn by one of the crew members, but you never know.

The most awesome thing about this van is that the two colors are separated by chrome linings, which make both the colors stand out independently.

To make it even more badass, the doors on the rear of the van have skulls painted on the bottom of them. This van would be the perfect ride for the devil if he wanted to go on a world tour.

4 66 Mustang

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This 66 GT350 Ford Mustang looks like it came straight out of the factory because of the awesome job done by the Counts Kustoms crew. The restoration job on this car is phenomenal because it looks exactly the same as the original.

To share a little background, this car was the lightest of the GT350 models out there, and these cars were given the title of “Cobras” since they were manufactured by Shelby American.

I'm not sure about any of the engine modifications, but since this car is a restoration job, it's safe to assume that it has the same engine specs as the original. The engine most probably is a K-Code, which produces nearly 270 hp, making it pretty fast. Cars like these are worth selling a kidney for to be able to afford it.

3 George Lynch 65 Buick

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This car might be the most menacing thing I've ever witnessed with my eyes, which is a good thing. The color of this vehicle is just gorgeous to look at. The dark matte-black color and the rims with the same color are aesthetically pleasing to look at, and they radiate a vibe of pure awesomeness. The hood of the car is even more impressive. There are streaks of pure red that originates from the air scoops of the car, and all the way to the front and right in the middle of the hood is an artwork of two skulls of animals that you might see in the hot desert. The tires match the styling of the body, and the size of the rims are just perfect. Whoever did work on this car should be given a pat on the back.

2 78 Lincoln

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Honestly, at this point, it's hard to decide which car is the best looking one of them all because nearly all of the cars are just a pleasure to look at. This 78 Lincoln is another one of the masterpieces from the talented people at the Counts Kustoms. This 78 Lincoln looks like something a superhero from the '70s would use.

The front grille and the hood area is painted with a type of ivory-white paint, which is complemented by the side paint.

The side paint is blood red, and it seems to be in matte finish but with a little more shine to it. If you look closely, you can tell that there isn’t much going on with this car, but that's what makes it special. The work on this car is as elegant as it can be.

1 79 Camaro Z28

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This 79 Camaro Z28 might be the most badass Camaro out there. The flames on the vehicle aren't just for show. This beast is ready to take on the road because of the powerful V8 under the hood from blueprint engines. The exterior of the Camaro is even more impressive than what it's capable of doing. The primary color on it is a shade of red with orange flames on it. These flames are running from the front all the way to back, which showcases how fast this car is once you put your pedal to the metal. The choice of the rims on this car is amazing. These hallowed multi-spoke chrome rims are just what the paint job was demanding, and the crew nailed it right.

Source: countskustoms.com

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