20 Cars That Are So Strange Looking, We Wish They Were Banned

Have you ever seen an ugly car that made you feel like giving a call to the automotive designers and tell them to quit their job? A car that's so ugly, if you were given it free of charge, you'll just turn down the offer? First impressions do matter, and this is why no matter how powerful an ugly car is, it cannot be worth possessing just because of its inner capability. Once you see the outward appearance of an ugly car, you'll just put some defenses against it. Imagine if these sports cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris had an ugly body, by now, the production would've ceased because of the low demand.

If you take a look at these listed cars, you'll either drown yourself in laughter or sorrow. I'm sure even some of the drivers of these cars feel as if they're driving a joke. The ugliness differs from one car to another. Some of the cars just have a bad shape not suited to incorporate into a car's body. Other cars have funny-looking and ugly headlights that are enough to make the drivers in front of them not even dare to take a look at the rear mirror. That's how bad and frustrating an ugly car can be; I'm pretty sure even the drivers feel embarrassed about the cars. Well, here are the 20 cars that are so ugly, we wish they were banned and they never existed at all.

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20 Fiat Multipla

Via commons.wikimedia.org

Wow! Whoever designed this car must've been into pregnant women. The windshield is bulging out, and it makes the appearance of the car very annoying and ugly. To add to that, the lights are just out of this world. Small and round lights are just irritating. Do they really give ample lighting? The other supplementary lights that are just below the wipers make the car look less appealing. This is the kind of car that no driver wants to be associated with. Even though a Fiat Multipla driver possesses this car, he/she will try to justify the situation by claiming that the car is rented. Yes, this car is ugly to the point that no one wants to take responsibility for it. The side mirrors are also so big for such a car, they look as if they're out of place in it.

19 PT Cruiser

Via uglycarpictures.com

In addition to being a small car, the PT Cruiser is also an ugly car. Small and ugly are a bad combination. The stereotypes would agree that driving such a car will make your respect become undermined. If you take a closer look at the car, you'll notice that it looks like an inverted bathtub with a bonnet.

This car was supposed to have that stylish look of the 1930s Chryslers, but it turned out that the modern look doesn't agree with the past.

Instead of appearing classic, it became uglier than those cars that you've seen from time to time on the black-and-white movies from the 1920s. This car is also criticized for being very ugly to the point where it looks like a ‘baby hearse.' Well, the front side of PT Cruiser looks like a hearse, and its back is small and compact with no space.

18 Reliant Robin

Via historics.co.uk

Well, anyone with a three-wheeler motorcycle license is considered worthy enough to drive this car. It's the equivalent of a three-wheel motorcycle in a car's body. The ugliness brought about by three wheels is also accompanied by technical issues. This car can easily roll while maneuvering a corner. Moreover, this car has ugly headlights, and its body is too small. If it happens to roll over, you can just walk out and tip it over and continue with your journey. Some motorists who saw this on the road didn't believe that such cars were in production. If by any chance you happen to have this ‘shoe-shaped' car, driving should be done in a straight path, and if you're on a bent road, walking would be preferred. To make matters worse, the interior is also very compact. Suggestions have been made to have a small conference table at the back to discuss on how to drive this car without toppling.

17 Pontiac Aztek

Via autotrader.com

You wouldn't believe that the automotive designer of the Pontiac Aztek designed the 2014 Corvette Stingray. It looks that he wanted some liberation from designing this ugly car. The rear back is just unacceptable since it's very space-consuming. Furthermore, the rear has a very disgusting shape, which most likely puts off the drivers tailing such a car. Still, at the rear, one can put a tent; it has a cube-like shape. If you happen to know what the Honda CRX looks like, you'll agree with me that this car is a version of a Honda CRX on steroids. The unfit shape is just frustrating. This explains why the designer of this car took his time off to look at this ugly car and come up with one of the finest-looking sports cars. Maybe the guilt of designing an ugly-looking car haunted him. It's ironic that its shape relates to that of Prius.

16 Chevrolet SSR hardtop

Via Pinterest

A closer look and analysis of this car will make you realize that it looks like a VW beetle with a rectangular rear attached to it. In addition to that, the fact that it’s a two-seater truck makes it look uglier. It's just long with too much unoccupied space in the back. A pickup truck isn't just the type to be designed as a convertible. To add to that, people would rather go for a classy-looking sedan than a convertible pickup truck.

There just isn't that much pride in driving an ugly-looking car such as this.

Yes, it looks kind of classy, but the ugliness is just too much to even consider yourself behind such a car's steering wheel. Chevy admits that this car is one of the ugliest productions it's ever done; a look at it is just humorous and frustrating. Yes, the car is that ugly.

15 Nissan cube

Via autoexpress.co.uk

The name of this car gives you the impression that it has a very disgusting shape. The shape incorporated into this car shows no creativity at all. I'm pretty sure even the pedestrians who walk past it keep on wondering what's wrong with whoever bought this car. Likewise, this car is also compact and small; maybe that's why the ‘c' in the ‘cube' is written in lowercase. The rear lights of this car have also been positioned in an ugly place. If you happen to see this car, even if your knowledge about cars isn't that deep, you'll just laugh. The side windows on all the doors worsen the situation; their shape suggests that less time was taken to design them. This car is just ugly; everything on it just gives you that impression, especially its shape, which is very irritating. It looks like a cube with a bonnet.

14 Chevy HHR

Via michiganradio.org

This car has an ugly rear that can just spoil the mood of the driver tailing behind it. Not to forget, this car looks very similar to the PT Cruiser, which tops this list when it comes to ugliness. If you, unfortunately, get behind the wheel of such a car, you'll just feel cheap. Ugliness won't give you the pride to admit such a car is in your possession.

It's better just to say it's a Chevrolet rather than naming the actual model. 

However, is the pride attained in the brand worth the ugliness in this car? The exterior is an example of a joke. It makes you feel as if the car was built from the unwanted parts of another fine-looking Chevy. It looks like the sibling to the "Chevy beetle," the PT Cruiser. Surprisingly, Chevrolet decided not to add any attractive features to such a design.

13 Nissan S Cargo

Via ranwhenparked.net

One glance at this car will make you feel as if it's crying for justice to be done. Yes, cars cannot express their feelings, but the headlights of this car would make you think twice. The headlights seem as if they've undergone serious weeping. The body of this car is also in another level of ugliness. It looks like a snail trying to hide in the shell for being embarrassed. Wow! This ugliness is way too much to be considered funny anymore. To make matters worse, the car is so small, people consider it as a toy with an engine. Driving it most likely feels embarrassing, especially if you need to create that perception that you're a serious person. As a motorist, you should never picture yourself on a road with such an ugly car; you can easily throw it off by linking this car to snails.

12 Bicentennial AMC Pacer

Via oldparkedcars.com

The rear windows of this car are curved in a very ugly manner. This car is also very wide, and the wheels are bigger than usual; that's why it's mostly used in snow roads. This isn't the type of car to pick up a girl in; walking is better than embarrassing yourself in such a car. The ugliness is also boosted and made worse by the different sizes between the passenger door and the driver door. Ironically, the passenger door has more length than the driver's door. It seems that the automotive designer assumed the drivers of such cars were small whereas the passengers should be given credit. The headlights and the front bumper give this car a mean look. It's like the car is saying ‘no' in a very ugly and sad mood. Well, no one wants to surround himself/herself with such a mean and ugly-looking car.

11 GM EV1

Via autocar.co.uk

If you take a closer look at this car, you might get the idea that it was designed by someone who hasn’t had a good night's sleep in months. The headlights seem as if they're sleepy. Like that wasn't enough, the headlights are too close to each other, making them look weird and ugly. It gets uglier when it comes to the rear part.

The rear wheels have been swallowed by the car's body.

Almost half the height of the rear wheels cannot be seen. If you take a side glance at this car, you'll notice that it has the shape of a flying saucer. The thought of the flying saucer just links to a kind of alien ugliness, which is so terrifying. That's exactly what you feel while looking at this car since the front and the rear are too long whereas the middle part is small. It can only accommodate two people at a time, which makes it very inconvenient.

10 Lada Nadezhda

Via Pinterest

Ironically, "Nadezhda" means "hope." Well, the appearance of this car looks as if it needs help, and it's hoping for it. Being the first minivan to be produced in Russia, it would be inhuman to blame the designer for at least trying. However, the appearance should still be appealing; it doesn't matter if you're new to the game. This minivan is way too big to own that name. Lada Nadezhda is the kind of a minivan that would be suited perfectly to be used as a crime-escaping car in a movie. Imagine the police asking for evidence amongst the witnesses, only to end up at a dead end since the car was "too ugly to be remembered." It's reached that point where seeing it for the second time would just be traumatic. 'Hopefully,' the succeeding versions look much nicer than this car, which shouldn't have been named ‘hope.'

9 Mitsuoka Viewt

Via carthrottle.com

This car was designed to suit a Jaguar's style, but the ugliness became too much. In this case, what the automotive designers thought they could accomplish became a hilarious act. The front part, especially the headlights, just look out of place. They're too close to each other, just spoiling the view. In addition to that, the car's body looks unfit and unbalanced. The roof is too curved to be attractive. Additionally, the rear of this car is just a joke. It's so disgusting to the point that you might cover it up just to avoid seeing it. Have you ever seen an ugly car that made you think that if you were given the task to design it, you'd do better? This car falls into that category. It has an ugliness that makes you wonder, "What were the designers smoking while they were making this?"

8 Corbin Sparrow

Via sparrowcar.com

Once again, here's another three-wheeled car that's very ugly. On a serious note, this car looks like a toy. I'm pretty sure even a 10-year-old kid would be very confident to do a test drive in this car. The design itself is just a joke since it resembles a giant nose with three wheels. Should it be categorized as a car or a tricycle? The rear of this ‘car' looks like a motorcycle since it has one taillight. Once or twice, other motorists have confused this car for a motorcycle with the funny-looking rear it imposes on the road. If you've done fishing, you'll agree with me that the rear of this car looks like a tailfin. This car is just very pissing and discouraging; you cannot even pick up a friend with it. Even if it had the capacity for two, no one would get in.

7 Studebaker Avanti

Via thestar.com

The front part of this car is what you can refer to as desolate. The headlights look so sad, they look like they’re about to cry. You almost feel pity for it and want to get your handkerchief to cry along with it. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, you see the rectangular-looking indicator lights. Or are those stickers? It makes you think, "What were they thinking while designing this car?"

The front bumper is just the spoiler that makes you go ‘ugh!’

Ironically, this car is also referred to as beautifully ugly. It's good and wise in situations like this to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. The ugly truth is, the car is ugly. Even the rear part supports the front part in boosting the ugliness. It has a curved edge as if it had an accident from the back. Furthermore, the rear lights aren't big enough to even signal the driver behind such an ugly car.

6 1958 Aurora ESV

Via neautomuseum.org

There's a particularly good reason why this car wasn't put into production. The prototype was far too ugly to be mass produced. Coincidentally, this car was designed by a priest who, at that time, was thought to be very weird. If it wasn't for the headlights, it would be easy to confuse the front for the rear. This car was developed for safety purposes, but its look is scary enough to make you scream. It's near impossible for you to feel safe in such an ugly car since its insecure doubts will linger in your mind. The windshield is far from ugly; it's out of the ugly vocabulary. The fact that the windshield is curved outwards is just irritating. Can the wipers work on such a car, or does it have a prototype part for that purpose? Maybe, just maybe, it was designed by aliens.

5 Sebring Vanguard Citicar

Via eBay

Even though it's amongst the first electric cars, shape and appearance do matter. You cannot just purchase it because it runs on electricity. One look at this car will make you think that it was designed for comical purposes, not for the improvement of technology. It looks like a prism; maybe the designer thought that as long as the improvement in technology was done, people would like it. But before you even get deeper into a car's specs, the appearance must satisfy your eyes. This car doesn't have that attractive capability; the only good thing it has is humor. I doubt if it can survive a long journey without breaking down. As a driver of this car, the challenging part wouldn't be surviving a long journey but keeping off-road to prevent unnecessary attention. Although it incorporated the latest technology, its shape is outdone even by the ancient carriages.

4 The Davis D2 Divan

Via hemmings.com

This car looks like an inverted boat fixed with wheels. The front wheels are even hard to notice. If you're a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, you'll think this is exactly what those little cartoons drive around in. This car was developed one year after the World War II ended, and it seems that the designer gave this car a kind of a war-machine ugly look and appearance.

Only 13 models were developed before the designers noticed that this car was just too ugly a car to be worth their efforts.

This is the kind of ugly car that you cannot even consider hijacking if you're a character in Grand Theft Auto. If you happen to hijack it, the game would probably freeze and shut down immediately to signal its disapproval. Yes, this kind of ugliness isn't something to be taken lightly.

3 Brütsch Mopetta

Via Pinterest

Does driving such a car require a license? It doesn't even have to be categorized as a car since it's too small for even an adult. This car looks more like a computer mouse or maybe it inspired the designing and the production of the mouse. Only 14 cars were produced in total, and maybe the remaining memory of this car is being used as a baby walker by an unfortunate kid somewhere on this planet. What's just embarrassing about this car is the small and ugly size. Well, size can be ugly. Driving in such a car can be very tiresome and clumpy. It gets to the point where you can just drag it along a sidewalk just like a bicycle. If you want to make another motorist laugh till they cry, this is the perfect car to drive. It'll be a road comedy show all along.

2 Tata Magic Iris

Via livemint.com

This is one of the saddest and ugliest cars ever made. It shouldn't have been named ‘magic’ because that gives it a little bit of pride; the name should've been just "ugly van." Perhaps, the only magic trick the Tata Magic Iris can pull up is making people disappear because they don’t want to see it. No doubt, that's how it got its name. The shape is very unbalanced; it looks as if it needs some weight cutting.

The body appears too big to be accommodated by such small wheels.

The rear is uglier than the front; it's fortunate that drivers don't have to view the whole exterior while driving their cars. If that was the case, nobody would ever volunteer driving such a car. Vans need to be a little bit bigger than this; maybe the inadequacy in space made the designers give it a design as ugly-looking as this.

1 Suzuki X 90

Via Pinterest

This car was too ugly that it was pulled out of the U.S. automobile market after two years. It seems that the public couldn't put up with such a pain in their eyes. The sales were very down since no one really wanted to be involved with such a car. Additionally, the designers thought it would look great with the backseats missing. Little did they know this was an ugly car in the making. If you take a look at the spoiler, you'll just feel like pulling it off. The spoiler is just big for no reason; it doesn't even match with the size of this car. This is the kind of confusion that made this car ugly; it has no idea of what it really is. Part of it looks like an SUV whereas another part looks like a simple sedan. The laughable combination of those two styles gives birth to the word ‘ugly' itself.

Sources: Pinterest; Wikipedia

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