20 Cars That Should Be Made Illegal (Because They Aren't Any Good)

The manufacturers should've been able to avoid the egregious mistakes that they made.

We all love cars for many different reasons, be it their speed, their looks, or their practicality. Brands and vehicles build fervent cult followings based on these criteria, and some endure such persistent love and adoration from their fans and drivers that they stay in production for decades. While most of the manufacturers of these poorly made cars have made and continue to make great cars, these are still bumps in the road in the scheme of their production, which don't necessarily reflect poorly on the brand itself. Besides, when you're producing such a wide breadth of vehicles, it's impossible to nail them all.

The cars featured here suffer for many reasons. Some of them are pointless in their design and don't serve any purpose or market and, therefore, are just a blob of unnecessarily assembled metal and plastic. Some are just plain ugly and, therefore, are useless to buy because why would you want to park an eyesore in your driveway and look at it every day? Such a decision is bad for you and for the eyes of all other motorists who are forced to look at your poor decision.

Many of these cars could've been improved. In fact, many of them have very similar models that are vast improvements over these atrocities, showing that with a little common sense and another brainstorming session, the manufacturers should've been able to avoid the egregious mistakes that they made.

20 BMW X2

via Kelly Blue Book

Let's start off with the BMW X2. The main problem with this car is that it exists to fill a market that doesn't exist. For people who want a small and sporty hatch, there's the X1. For people who want a small crossover, there's the X3. But who has needs so particular to need something that's a bit bigger than a hatchback and a bit smaller than a crossover? Quit waffling, and pick one or the other! In addition to this, the X2 is ugly to look at. The windows are far too narrow, making the body look bulbous and disproportionate. Unnecessary two-tone cladding makes the expensive car look cheap.

19 Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV

via Carbuyer

The Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV suffers from the same problem that the X2 does. It doesn't serve a market. Is there a market for cars with the body lines of sedans with the proportions and ground clearance of SUVs? No, so stop making these ugly things! The mailbox slot windows make the body of the GLE look bloated and heavy, not at all sexy like a Mercedes should look. This low and sloping roofline doesn't do the practicality of the GLE any favors either. It robs the trunk and rear seats of headroom and space for cargo, negating the usefulness of this vehicle.

18 BMW X6

via Motor1.com

The BMW X6 isn't quite as ugly as the aforementioned GLE Coupe SUV, but that isn't saying much. It's billed as a sporty SUV, with a body that resembles that of a stretched sports sedan. However, reports state that the X6 still suffers from body roll and all the other classic attributes of SUVs that try to be sporty. In terms of utility, the X6 suffers just like the GLE does. Most SUVs have a boxy roofline, which creates more volume within the rear seats and trunk. In a normal SUV, you'd be able to fit tall people and all of their cargo. In the X6, that isn't very likely.

17 Pontiac Aztek

via YouTube

The Pontiac Aztek is just plain ugly. No matter how cool Walter White makes this... thing... seem, it will never be well proportioned or attractive. The design department appears to have taken a day or even months off and left the design of the Aztek to a small child.

It's incredibly slow, taking 8.5 and 9 seconds to reach 60 mph with the FWD and AWD versions respectively.

It isn't geared for off-road adventure as its marketing team would have you think. A poor fit and finish, a sluggish ride, and a lack of capability make the Pontiac Aztek a car that we're glad has gone out of production.

16 Chrysler 200

via YouTube

The Chrysler 200 is a somewhat failed attempt to revamp the Sebring. It has a number of issues, starting off with the styling. The front of the car could've been muscular and handsome, but instead, it's thin and dainty. The car looks like an amalgamation of delicate lines that don't lend themselves well to a commuter sedan. The transmission shifts roughly, and the car is generally lacking in speed. Most drivers would want something a bit more interesting to drive than this numb vehicle. The interior design of the cabin leaves much to be desired, and thankfully, production of the 200 has ended.

15 BMW 5 Series GT

via Evo

The BMW 5 Series GT looks bad. The otherwise graceful and stately lines of the classic 5 Series have been thrown off balance with the addition of an ugly raised hatch. The idea here is to increase cargo space and make the 5 Series more of a "trip based" car, but if buyers wanted that, they'd look to the X1, the X3, or the X5. The 5 Series is supposed to be the car of the well-to-do, sleek, speedy, and stylish. The GT is none of these things. Although it drives well, as a BMW should, the ungainly looks diminish whatever value would be added by the driving experience.

14 Scion xB

via Car and Driver

Have you ever wanted to drive something that resembles a cardboard box or maybe a toaster? Do you find cubes to be the epitome of style? If so, then the Scion xB is for you, and unfortunately for you, we want that car removed from the roads. It's an ugly, boring car that lacks power, speed, and aerodynamics. The interior feels cheap, and perhaps that could be overlooked if this car were at all fun to drive. Perhaps all of these letdowns could be overlooked if the design was the least bit interesting, but unfortunately, Scion failed to deliver on that component.

13 Nissan Cube

via Wikipedia

The Nissan Cube suffers from the same problems that the Scion xB does. It's boring to drive, is low on power, and feels cheap. However, it's worse than the xB, and we want it banned just a bit more than we do the Scion. The xB, while styled as boring as possible, is at least upfront about what it is: a utilitarian, no-frills people and cargo transporter. The Nissan Cube tries way too hard to be more than that. It's overstyled, and if Nissan's design department was willing to put so much effort into this car, surely, they could've done better than a simple cube.

12 Fiat 124 Spider

via New York Times

The Fiat 124 Spider is a competitor to drivers' cars like the Miata and the FRS but falls flat on its face in just about every category.

The Fiat is unreliable, as all Fiats are, and will leave you stranded while the dependable Japanese competition runs rings around you.

Styling-wise, the 124 is simply too gaudy. This is a member of the cheap sports coupe segment, so why is it trying to be any more than that? The ugly aluminum windscreen border ruins the flow of the lines, making for a chunky-looking car. The body is not very sleek, especially with the stubby grille, which makes the poor car look fairly ungainly.

11 Nissan Altima Coupe

via Reddit

The Nissan Altima Coupe begs the question, who is it for? What market demand is this car built to meet? That answer is still untouched. If someone is looking for a coupe, they'll go for Nissan's sporty 350Z or 370Z. If someone is looking for a practical sedan, they'll go with the Maxima or the Altima. If they're looking for something in between, there are plenty of other options that drive like sports coupes and look like sports coupes. The Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Acura RSX, the Audi TT, and the Infiniti G35 are all excellent alternatives that are more at home with two doors than this thing is. Uninspiring looks and poor performance make this car, designed for no one, useless.

10 Cadillac Escalade EXT

via Reddit

The Cadillac Escalade EXT is one of the most worst things on the road and should be banned. It serves absolutely no purpose. Customers who are looking for a Cadillac want comfort, quality, and refinement. Customers who are looking for pickup trucks want ruggedness, capability, and something that can get dirty. There's no overlap between these two types of customers, so it's baffling as to why Cadillac made a pickup. Not only that, but why did they make it so ugly? No one who buys a luxury pickup is going to use it for serious work, and if they do, they're pretty stupid. Risk scratching the paint or tearing the leather on a Cadillac? No thank you!

9 Mercedes CLA AMG

via TopSpeed

The Mercedes CLA AMG is somewhat of a poser car. Yes, it's a Mercedes, and yes, it's an AMG, but that's mostly in badge only. While it has the comfort and looks of a Mercedes, the CLA AMG is front-wheel drive. This drive configuration, as we all know, drives fine but doesn't deliver the same sporty feeling that AWD and RWD do. As such, the CLA is undeserving of the AMG badge, as it doesn't make the car capable of insane drifts and stunning burnouts. Buyers are better off getting a real AMG or sticking with the lower models of the CLA.

8 Nissan Juke

via Wired

The Nissan Juke should be banned from the road in order to save all of us the anguish of looking at such a poorly styled car. This is widely regarded as one of the ugliest cars out there—and for good reason. The Juke doesn't appear to have a cohesive design language; rather, it seems to lack one all over. Driving the thing doesn't fare much better. The Juke is low on power, and the FWD drivetrain coupled with a raised ride height doesn't make for much fun in the corners. Buyers would do well to stay far away from this atrocity at all costs.

7 Subaru Tribeca

via Wikipedia

The Subaru Tribeca is one of the most "bleh" cars on the road, which is one of the reasons why we want it banned for good. The three-row Subaru isn't much of a Subaru. While perhaps not known for their sporting credentials, Subarus are known for being solid and rugged vehicles that can trundle you from point A to B with little fuss.

The Tribeca, unfortunately, lacks the confidence-inspiring capability that most Subarus have due to its large and cumbersome size.

If the Tribeca were smaller, it would be an Outback, which is as big as Subarus need to be. The more nimble Outback is a much better choice than this, and just about anything would be more attractive to look at.

6 Mitsubishi Mirage

via Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Mirage is, shall we say, interesting. It comes from a manufacturer that used to have a serious name in the United States, but they've unfortunately fallen by the wayside, and the only good thing about them is their used cars. The Mirage is a little tin box that masquerades as a real car and should be tossed off the production line to save all drivers. The tiny car is bad to drive, offering a measly 78 horsepower and absolutely no engagement. The cabin is filled with cheap materials, and road noise abounds, screaming incredibly poor build quality.

5 Plymouth Prowler

via Wikipedia

The Plymouth Prowler is poorly designed. It's a combination of a hot rod and a regular car, and this isn't a combination that anyone ever wanted. Hot rods are a niche market of old men living in the hottest possible areas of the United States. The Prowler was discontinued, which fulfills our wishes. It has no speed, no sporty driving capabilities, and no storage. The wide-open front wheels leave mechanical parts vulnerable to tinkering, damage, and wear, and this faulty design should encourage you to park far away from meddlesome teenagers. Luckily, this car isn't one that you often see on the road.

4 Fiat 500 L

via YouTube

The Fiat 500 L is a mess of a car. Beginning with looks, it's quite poorly styled. The headlights make it look like some sort of bulbous spider. The two-tone cladding looks cheap and plasticky, which aren't two attributes that anyone wants attached to his car.

The grille is a jumble of over-designed plastic and doesn't do the looks of the 500 L any favors.

It also suffers from Fiat's notorious lack of reliability, which hampers the driving experience when you have to spend every other evening at the dealership getting problem after problem on the car fixed.

3 Fiat Multipla

via Wikipedia

If Top Gear's torture of the Fiat Multipla wasn't enough to turn you off this car, just looking at it should do the trick. On the show, the car was billed as perfect for retirees and was fitted with wing mirrors, foam bumpers, and an ejector seat. Jeremy Clarkson's monstrosity, which was a true mess, is better than the stock form of this car, which is tough to do. The awful styling couldn't possibly be appealing to anyone, and it's a wonder that any iterations of this car were sold. Just one look at this car makes us want to gouge our eyes out.

2 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

via Nissan

Trashed in many of my articles, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet is plain awful. It looks bloated and grossly out of proportion. The convertible top robs rear-seat headroom, cramping passengers. It also takes up a large amount of trunk space, taking the "utility" straight out of "sport utility vehicle." There isn't much "sport" to go along with it either, with a raised center of gravity and a heavy body to weigh you down around corners and take all the fun out of driving. Not to mention, the CrossCabriolet could cost you upwards of $45,000, which is FAR too much to pay for a vehicle that does absolutely nothing right.

1 Reliant Robin

via Historics.co.uk

Perhaps the worst car of all that we're incredibly thankful is no longer in production (and should be booted from all roads) is the quirky Reliant Robin. It was originally developed as a cheap alternative for motorcycle-riding miners when there was snow on the ground.

The biggest problem with the Reliant Robin, as highlighted by Top Gear, is that it can easily roll over on its side if pushed too hard around corners.

This is due to its low weight and having only three wheels, which come together to create a lack of balance. This poses a danger to the driver, other motorists, and pedestrians. This bad car should be banned from all roadways as soon as possible.

Sources: Wikipedia, YouTube, Car and Driver

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