20 Cars With The Most Despicable Paint Jobs

While judging a paint job is a subjective matter, there are people who obviously have zero taste, no matter how much they love their cars.

What would compel a person to get a new paint job if not upgrading the car to look way better than what it originally did or maintaining it altogether? However much you fuzzy dice it, a car paint job can make or break the vehicle’s overall look and your own reputation as a person.

The first thing everyone spots on a car is the paint color, and then the tires, and everything else after that. Whether you want to DIY or get some advice from an expert, there are things you need to consider, like if the paint job is really worth the expense, especially if it'll cost much more than what the car is worth. You also need to consider the color of the paint or wrap job you intend to use and where to get the job done. If your car is starting to show signs of aging or if it was in an accident that left the body looking bland, one way to breathe life into it is a paint job, so if you’re going to do one, get it right the first time because it’ll also cost you. While judging a paint job is a subjective matter, there are people who obviously have zero taste, no matter how much they love their cars. The cars on our list of 20 worst car paint jobs in the world are travesties–their owners should’ve kept their creativity to themselves because it pains us to see these cars on the road.

20 The Space Shuttle

via freakingnews.com

Neil Armstrong is one of those great humans who actually risked his life to make a difference in the world as an astronaut and engineer. Plus, he's the first person ever to walk on the Moon. This and many more of his involvements and contributions to the world of science and engineering won him many accolades and massive respect, and we still talk about him even today. But this car owner decided to go a notch higher in idolizing Armstrong by painting an image of a space shuttle and Armstrong’s face on the car’s bonnet. In all honesty, this is an outright mockery of the renowned astronaut and the worst way anyone could ever celebrate him. The owner of this car needs to paint it one color and leave it at that—or the car should be impounded and kept away forever.

19 Whiteboard Car

via mediavida.com

If you look closely at this photo, you’ll notice someone’s hand holding a black marker pen, continuing with what he had already started, and he’s halfway into it, so there’s no going back. The damage is already done. How do you wake up on a bright day and waste it coloring your car with a black marker pen, which looks permanent by the way, and then continue with life as though nothing terrible had happened? This is major torture! If only cars would speak! There’s so much cruelty happening to automobiles and someone needs to stand up for these machines. You can tell he tried to keep the strokes together in some kind of pattern just so it doesn’t look too messed up, but it already is. Give your car away if you cannot do something good with and to it—or get a proper whiteboard to scribble on.

18 Spidey-Mobile

via popularmechanics.com

We’ve seen some car owners do outrageous monstrosities of mod jobs to their cars, but some of the worst yet are those that took their childhood cartoon fads to the extreme, like this one. The car was painted in a sort of Spider-Man comic-book theme, spidey suit and all.

This car was actually part of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show, an annual gathering of car tuners and modifiers who show off their custom creations.

This is custom—but on the yucky extreme of it. In fact, it looks like a car got trapped in a spider’s web—like the owner drove right into the web and got stuck. This is downright awful for such a fantastic motor show, so someone should come up with a special show for such dubious customizations.

17 Alligatorcedes-Benz

via dangermain.typepad.com

There's something about cars whose owners have the worst paint jobs—and reptiles. This isn't the first time someone has tried to do a paint job with an alligator or a crocodile on the bonnet. There's no day an animal print or artwork of the actual animal will ever look good on any car. Even a 4x4 vehicle used for wildlife conservation doesn't have such ugly prints on it. What's worse is that this person got bored with the original paint on his Mercedes-Benz and decided to give it a weird look. Maybe it wasn't drawing much attention to himself initially, so this was supposed to be the game changer. Well, it did draw attention, but it landed him on all the possible lists of the worst car paint jobs in the world—including this one. Yuck!

16 Kiss Nickelback Cavalier

via yellowbullet.com

So, Nickelback have bounced back with a brand new album, and they’re going on tour very soon, but we really hope that when they land in the UK, they won’t stumble upon this car. Another starstruck freak decided to airbrush portraits of his favorite rock and roll bands on the hood of his car, and we’re not impressed. Who would be anyway? Look at all the sad faces and evil-looking ones mess up this car’s innocence. This must be the black lamb that was led to slaughter to atone for the sins of all other cars whose owners destroyed them with ugly paint jobs. It's so much easier to put it up for sale on eBay than do this and live with it for the rest of your life. Let someone else take care of what you’ve failed to maintain.

15 Forest Patrol

via eonline.com

If you’re thinking of driving into a national park and getting closer to the wildlife unnoticed, then this would be sort of okay. But it's totally obnoxious to do this to your car, including the tires, and then drive around the block or the busy city as if people can’t see you.

This stopped being a car the day the owner painted ugly green scales and a leopard on the doors.

It's now a ranger’s patrol car, though a wildlife journo could still go with it to the Amazon and create stunning wildlife series while in it. The owner completely messed up the tires and the rims. Plus, he even added some branches to complete the camouflage look. This is so gross!

14 Patched-Up Beater

via pinterest

Poor car! This must be a family car because you cannot do this to a car that’s owned by a single person. There have got to be some kids around. If you look at each part of this car—the doors that have different colors, the yellow bonnet, the light blue trunk, the fuel door with a heart shape painted on it, and some flower stickers around the rear window—it cannot be one person’s idea. This car was done as a family project, and everyone contributed what each wanted to see on the car, so the only way to make everyone happy was to incorporate all the ideas, and voila! It's even hard to tell which car this is with all the noise it makes just from the shoddy paint job.

13 Rust-Freeze

via autofunia.com

Perhaps the only things about this car that look close to new or current are the tires, bumper, and the license plate. Everything else from the windows to the body looks utterly disgusting.

What happened here doesn’t even look like a paint job; it looks like a sick case of car wrapping that went totally wrong.

There are elements of rust, dirt, and some weird paint that got mixed up in all the confusion. How this person even leaves the house is beyond us, but what’s worse is how to tell whether the car is clean or not because it just constantly looks dirty. Car manufacturers may have to start teaching car-style awareness to their customers or giving extra manuals for possible paint ideas because this just cannot go on. It's unacceptable.

12 Burberry Wrap

via pokujaj.si

Does this car’s paint job (or car wrap–we’re not sure) ring a bell? It has an uncanny resemblance to the packaging used for the Burberry brand, which is a high-fashion market product. By the way, the distinctive checkered pattern on Burberry is one of the most copied trademarks, and British comedic rap group Goldie are overdoing this one as they drive around in this Vauxhall Cavalier painted in Burberry tartan. Surprisingly, Burberry distanced itself from the stereotype of the Cavaliers—people known to be aggressive teens and youth of working-class background who are rowdy and engage in street drinking and drug abuse—by scaling back the use of this tartan design such that it now only appears on the inner linings of their baseball caps (because Cavs like baseball caps) and very low-key positions of their clothing. This paint job is a crime, to say the least.

11 Snake Whisperer

via architecturesideas.com

This is an Audi TT, in case you’re wondering what kind of car it is. The owner seems to be a lover of reptiles, judging from the kind of unseemly paint job done on the car, which resembles the skin of a snake or an alligator. Never have we seen such ugliness slapped onto a car; it actually hurts on a deeper level.

Why would one go to such lengths to destroy an Audi’s beauty, elegance, and sleekness?

The owner of this sports coupe probably wanted to feel like he’s slithering around the city silently, but the car screams, ‘Look at me!’ Or maybe he or she's just a fan of reptile hide and has some matching accessories, so the car had to fit in. It’s a cruel world.

10 Psychedelic Mini

via mydirtyjeep.com

This is the Mini of former Beatles lead guitarist, George Harrison. If you know Harrison, he was a culture freak often referred to as the ‘quiet Beatle’ but a lover of the Indian culture. So in love was he with Hinduism that he gave himself to broadening the scope of pop music through incorporating Indian instruments and spirituality into what the Beatles were doing.

So obviously, he’d want his car to reflect his daily life, which is why he decided to give it a paint job with mystical Indian scenes picked from the book Tantrum Art.

It was his expression of his holistic approach to the universe. In fact, even his own house is painted the exact same way.  In Harrison's words: "I'm the biggest lunatic around. I'm completely comical, you know? I like craziness." Enough said!

9 The Surprise Gift

via magford.ru

Someone wrapped up a car as a birthday gift, and the recipient forgot to remove the wrapping paper before using the car–at least it looks that way to us. When you want to make a car look different or exotic, don’t just pick inspiration from anything you find around the house. Check for other cars similar to yours—whether it’s the same brand name or different—and see what others have done to their own cars. This looks like a car whose owner loved a particular print, took a photo of the same, went to the car-wrap shop with it, then asked the dealers, “Can you make something exactly like this?” Unfortunately, business is about money, and the customer is king, so the car turned out this way. What a waste!

8 Sticky Notes Mobile

via illustrate.ch

What would compel someone to wake up, go to the stationery store, get different color sticky notepads, and then stick them on a car? That’s exactly what's happening here. So, there’s pink, orange, yellow, light blue, and purple all over and white on the headlights. He even completely covered the windscreen, so we’re wondering how he's going to drive this thing. Or maybe, it was meant to be a surprise gift as well, but there wasn’t enough gift wrapping paper left to cover it all up. If you come across this car and you have a pen with you, leave a note–there’s so much you can say, at least one word on each sticky note that should put the owner in his place.

7 Auto-mater

via pinterest

It’s not mating season, and the summer bunnies are definitely not out, so this car is totally out of place. Judging from where it's been parked, it's like the owner is hiding it from people, but there’s no place to hide these days, and there’s no room for ugly things like this on the planet. This is perhaps the most disgusting paint job on this list. Some people just don’t know when to stop! Before you see the ugly color on the car and the ugly car itself, there are the white bunnies that are getting busy before our eyes. This is a case of a DIY paint job gone wrong, and the owner should be arrested for infringing on animal rights!

6 R8 Leopard

via pinterest

This $180,000 leopard print Audi R8 is owned by Justin Bieber. We cannot understand what led him to do such an outrageous thing to such an expensive and respected car, but that’s what happens when you have so much money—you have no idea what to do with all of it. it also explains why the pop star has a whole collection of cars, most of which he doesn’t drive every day.

This particular car is what Bieber drove Yovanna Ventura, his former squeeze, on their way to pick up some fast food.

Whether she was impressed or not is yet to be known, but we’re not impressed. However, he later got rid of the print exterior and got a formal black design done by West Coast Customs, but he kept the leopard print on the interior.

5 Lumber Jalopy

via emgn.com

We’ve seen some of the most horrible car paint jobs, but wooden? This is a first. It’s like the guy took his little car and tried to convert it into a pickup. Plus, he used wood instead of metal, maybe as a cheaper alternative in case of an accident–wood is much easier to replace. If this is a couple, then the lady isn't amused. Most likely, they had this conversation, but the man just had to have his way, and so she sat in the passenger seat embarrassed as hell, not ready to step out. He even added police-car lights on the top and a wooden front bumper. We don’t have an issue with the tires, but this shouldn’t even be allowed on the road in the first place–it’s no longer a car.

4 Bewitched Corvette

via youtube

Who bewitched you? This car reminds us of those creatures in cartoons that are so ugly but have the kindest of hearts. Maybe the evil witch cast a spell and turned the poor creature into a little car, and he was banished from the enchanted forest and relegated to life on Earth with humans. But seriously, why would someone kill a great car in such a cruel way?

What was once the grille is now the monster’s mouth.

Plus, there’s a little hand stuck somewhere between the sharp teeth–we’re not sure what the owner had in mind. But this is sick and very disturbing, to say the least. Everything was bearable until he added the weird spikes and teeth–such an ugly mess.

3 LV Living

via complex.com

This car’s owner gushed about her creation on a whole blog post. Apparently, a hippie who lived just next to her apartment misplaced his car, and when the cops informed him it wasn’t lost but parked on the next block, he decided to sell it to her for $250. So, she started the makeover with a heavy coat of chocolate glitter, then painted the trim, steering the wheel, the dashboard, and the wheel holes, and then applied gold enamel on the interior. Finally, the car was in the garage for a whole week. Guess why. For stenciling the Louis Vuitton logos on with gold spray paint and gold leaf – OMG! How she proudly talks about this paint job is unbelievable. It's ignorant. How do you roll around with such a monogram plastered all over your car? It looks so wrong, regardless of the car.

2 Rubix Cube

via omniauto.it

Wow! This car is both hilarious and offensive all at the same time! If you thought your car was ugly and way out there, then this Rubix cube might change your feelings a little. This is the type of car mod that if you shared with your partner that you’d do it to your car, divorce papers will be on your table the next morning. What comes to mind, though, is the Partridge family’s bus, a 1957 Chevrolet Superior bus that was driven on the streets and gave the family its visual identity because of its unique paint scheme. Its indelible mark became a cultural icon that’s been replicated on many items and toys—and now, this car. While it looked groovy back then, it doesn't now. We've moved on.

1 Aztectrocious

via jalopnik.com

The atrocities done to this banana yellow 2003 Pontiac Aztec should be declared illegal. It has Lamborghini scissor doors, primate-themed murals with chimps (carrying guns) and Homo sapiens, and we cannot forget the lady posing next to and in the car. Where did she get the change to buy the vinyl for this whole ensemble? Or is it latex? Whatever the case, this is what happens when you don’t use a spray booth while painting. It's ugly, nauseating, vulgar, and nowhere close to tasteful. The owner even had the audacity to put it up on eBay for $18,500, with $35,000 in receipts to prove it's such a steal! This has got to be the worst paint job ever done on planet Earth.

Sources: complex.com, pinterest.com, coolestcar.net

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