20 Celebs Who Drove While Intoxicated...And Got Busted

There's nothing cool about getting a DWI. In fact, it's one of the dumbest things that anyone could do. Getting behind the wheel when you've had too much to drink is simply idiotic, and there are no two ways about it. It really isn't safe to drive when you've been drinking, and it certainly isn't cool, so you know... don't do it, under any circumstances. Your life, as well as other people's lives, are worth more than that. Even with that said, there are a lot of celebrities who get busted for DWI. Maybe they think they're better than anyone else, maybe they think the rules don't apply to them, or maybe they're just partying too much. After all, when you're a big celebrity, it's easy to buy your own hype, and when you do that, bad things tend to happen.

What follows is a list of some of the most famous celebrities that have gotten busted for driving while intoxicated. One has to hope that they all learned their lesson and won't do anything that stupid again because driving a vehicle when you're wasted is never a good look - whether you're famous or not.

Here are 20 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Arrested for DWI:

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20 Justin Bieber

There's only one thing in the entire world that sounds worse than a sober Justin Bieber, and that's a drunken Justin Bieber. I mean, seriously... this guy is hard enough to deal with when he isn't totally hammered. Can you imagine what he's like when he actually is? He was busted a few years back for drag racing a yellow Lamborghini while intoxicated after partying way too hard. Seriously? Sometimes, it seems like he's trying to be a total idiot. Or maybe I'm being a little too harsh on him; maybe he actually is a total idiot and isn't trying to be one at all. With Justin Bieber, it's always hard to tell.

19 Khloe Kardashian

We all know who Khloe Kardashian is. There's pretty much no way that you couldn't, but do you remember that she was busted for DWI? She said of this, “What I could have done is just unthinkable. I will never, ever do that again.” Hey, Khloe... let's hope so. You already are making a ton of money to be on TV and act like an idiot - do you really have to act like one in real life, too? Well, at least when it comes to her saying that she'd never do it again, she was arrested in 2007 and hasn't done it since, or at least she hasn't been caught for it. How do we really know what actually goes on behind the scenes? But we'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

18 Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart got busted for DUI a few years back, and he wasn't playing around. According to a TMZ story, "Hart was arrested for DUI almost two weeks ago after CHP spotted him speeding and driving erratically on an L.A. freeway. We're told cops clocked Kev at 90 MPH and watched as he almost collided with a gas tanker truck. Our sources say Hart blew almost DOUBLE the legal limit -- .15." Kevin may be a comedian, but there's nothing funny about acting like a total idiot. Being drunk on the highway and driving around at 90 miles an hour is no way to go through life. Grow up a little maybe?

17 Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one of the most successful American Olympic athletes ever. He's piled up a ton of gold medals over the years. Sadly, another thing he's been piling up are arrests for driving while totally wasted. The last one he received was in Maryland in 2104. He's kept his nose clean since then, but he has all the marking of someone who really has a problem with this type of thing. Just to be clear - if you want to drink, even if you want to drink a lot, that's up to you. If things get bad, you're only hurting yourself. Just stay off the road so the rest of us don't have to worry about you. Thanks.

16 Amanda Bynes

Poor Amanda Bynes... For a long time, everything was going okay for her. She was a star and becoming a bigger one, and then, she literally lost her mind and turned into a national joke. She was arrested a few years ago for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. To her credit, over the past few years, it's been clear that she's working really hard to get herself back together and is keeping a really low profile. Maybe this will be one of those stories that have a happy ending, although can you ever really have a happy ending when your life has imploded in such an enormous way?

15 Buddy Valastro

Buddy is a celebrity chef and the star of Cake Boss. He got a DUI in New York in 2014. He later pleaded guilty. “I thought I was fine to drive, but I wasn’t. I put people in danger. I am very disappointed in myself,” he wrote in one Tweet, adding, “I’ll never get behind the wheel of a car again, even after one sip.” It's nice to see people taking responsibility for what they did when it comes to drunk driving. It isn't that you're a bad person if you get behind the wheel when you've been drinking, but it isn't a joke either. If you're a celebrity and you get busted, it's a good thing to man up and say you're sorry for what you did.

14 Lamar Odom

While some of the people on this list are a bit of a surprise, you probably aren't totally shocked to see Lamar Odom's name on this list. He had a very good career in basketball and a less promising career hanging out with the Kardashians, but he ruined all of it because he was such a total mess. He was busted for drunk driving in California in 2013. When you think of it, in reality, it's kind of wild that Lamar Odom hasn't been busted for driving while intoxicated way more than he actually has. The word is that he's doing well in recovery, and that's cool. Lamar never seemed like a bad guy - just totally messed up.

13 Nicole Richie

Back in the day, Nicole Richie used to make a living acting like an idiot. As the totally spoiled daughter of singer Lionel Richie, she teamed up with Paris Hilton to star in The Simple Life, which was a show about two spoiled rich chicks acting like real people. I wish I was making that up, but I really am not. Anyway, Nicole went through a period where she partied way too much and, at one point, got busted for OUI in 2006. She also has been arrested for being a part of a brawl and for possession of heroin, so needless to say, she's had more than her fair share of issues, although as of late, she's been keeping it clean for the most part.

12 Flo Rida

Rapper Flo Rida got busted for a DUI back in 2006, and he did so driving a really expensive car. According to TMZ, Flo Rida, whose real name is "Tramar Dillard," was "arrested in Miami Beach at about 4:00 AM local time after police caught him driving erratically in his red and black Bugatti Veyron -- a sleek luxury car capable of reaching 255 mph (410 kph)." Way to go, Flo! If you're the type of guy to be driving around drunk like a total idiot, then you should do it in style, right? That would just look bad for your image if you got popped in a Prius or something like that.

11 Lindsay Lohan

Obviously, Lindsay Lohan is on this list. She's on pretty much any list that has to do with people doing messed-up things that have to do with substance abuse. Is there anyone who's been more messed up than she used to be back in the day? And I'm not even talking about celebrities. Lindsay was messed up even for a regular person that lives on your block. Back in 2007, she was arrested for DUI and also got charged with possession of cocaine, and she's been in and out of rehabs and in and out of trouble ever since. She's been somewhat quiet as of late, but her career is in the trash, and she's turned into a punchline.

10 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is now the epitome of class, but back in the day, she was a white girl wasted pretty much all the time. She got a DUI in 2007 but called it "nothing," saying she was possibly "speeding a little bit." That's one thing you have to give Paris some credit for. While just about anyone else on this list might have freaked out and acted really guilty about getting popped for driving drunk, Paris just didn't seem to care a whole lot. She's pretty much above it all - or at least she acts that way. And as much as I hate to admit it, she usually gets away with it, too. When it comes to Paris, you have to hate the game, not the player.

9 Bella Hadid

You think that only people who seem like they have substance abuse problems get busted for driving drunk? Well, think again. Bella Hadid was busted for DWI near Los Angeles when she was just 17 years old. This lets you know that when it comes to drinking and driving, there's no type that fits the stereotype. Bella is about as hot as they come and is still only 21 years old. She's one of the top models in the entire world, and yet, she still got in trouble when she was a teenager for driving when she had too much to drink. Hopefully, she's learned her lesson and will stay out of trouble from now on.

8 Michelle Rodriguez

We all know Michelle Rodriguez for her roles in The Fast and The Furious movies, which makes it disappointing that she once was busted for DWI. The thing is, when you watch a movie like that, you might start thinking that driving around super fast is really cool, and the fact that Paul Walker, one of the stars of the movie, died while he was in a car kind of puts a damper on how cool something like that is. Cars are cool, and having fun driving them is cool; putting your life and other peoples' lives at risk while you're driving isn't cool at all.

7 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon sure is the cutest! Well, except for when she's driving around totally hammered - then, not so much. She was arrested in 2013 for driving under the influence and then told the press that she had "a complexity that people didn't know about." Okay, Reese, I have to break this to you - driving around when you're drunk isn't complex, not at all. In actuality, it's really stupid. In fact, you thinking that you're complex and all is probably what made you think it was okay to get behind the wheel when you were drunk in the first place. Reese, when you're drunk, don't drive. Is that too complicated for you to figure out?

6 Debby Ryan

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 21: Actor Debby Ryan attends Marie Claire's 'Fresh Faces' celebration with an event sponsored by Maybelline at Doheny Room on April 21, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Marie Claire)

Debby Ryan is oh-so-adorable as a Disney star, which is what made her getting busted for driving under the influence such a drag. At least she addressed it by saying, "I recognize that I am a role model and have always worked hard to set a good example for my millions of fans. I am so sorry to disappoint everyone." She ended up getting probation. The thing is, though, how hard are you actually working to set an example for all your fans if you end up driving all around Los Angeles totally hammered? I think if you really wanted to set a good example, maybe you wouldn't do that? But hey... she's adorable, so she gets a pass.

5 Chelsea Handler 

Some of these stars really walk it like they talk it They do something really stupid when they're young, admit that it was wrong, and then go on with their lives. One of these people is Chelsea Handler, who was arrested for driving under the influence when she was just 21 years old and hasn't been in any sort of trouble like that since. Anyone can get caught doing something stupid, especially when young. What's more important is whether or not you learn something from it. Chelsea obviously has, as she's stayed out of trouble. And not only that - she's become a role model to women all over the world.

4 Chris Pine

Actor Chris Pine was arrested for driving under the influence in New Zealand. According to a story, "New Zealand Police said in a statement that a 33-year-old American was charged March 1 with driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit, which is .08 percent. They did not identify the man, but said he was stopped during a routine early-morning check near the South Island town of Methven." You have to like how the story says that Pine is unidentified while at the same time identifying him. That's the thing about being a celebrity - if you mess up, everyone's going to hear about it sooner or later.

3 Dr. Dre

Now everyone knows that Dr. Dre is cool. His cred is unreal. He was in NWA and was instrumental in breaking both Snoop Dogg and Eminem, among many of other rap stars. What isn't cool is leading cops on a 90 mph drunken chase through Beverly Hills in a Ferrari in 1994. He ended up being sentenced to 8 months in jail in large part because he already was on probation at the time. Back then, Dre was all about the thug life, but as most of us do, he's mellowed with age. His reputation is still there, but now, people remember him more for his music than his actions, which is how it should be.

2 Mel Gibson

Hey, remember when Mel Gibson was cool? Well, he was. For a long time, he was one of the most famous actors in the world and was thought of as handsome and charming by all. And then, all of this stuff came out about he was a misogynistic, racist, drunken bully, and then he kind of stopped being cool. The beginning of the end for him was when he was stopped in 2006 for drunk driving and then screamed anti-Semitic slurs at the officers who arrested him. At that point, the whole world kind of started to realize what a total jerk Mel Gibson was. And not only that, but he was a drunk one who puts lives at risk as well.

1 Robert Downey Jr.

A lot of people of a certain age don't remember that Robert Downey Jr used to be a complete and total mess. He was arrested numerous times for drug charges and for violating probation when he was young.  He also was arrested in 1998 for driving under the influence in Los Angeles. As opposed to many stars with substance abuse issues, Downey Jr actually totally cleaned up and turned his life around, becoming a bigger star sober than he ever was when he was partying. Drinking and driving isn't cool, and neither is getting arrested. But what's cool is not giving up and pulling your life back together.

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