11970 Dodge Coronet ‘Mutant Bee’

Via Plum Floored Creations

The 1970 Dodge Coronet was a unique-looking beast from the factory, featuring its bee-wing grille and wraparound bumpers. This was likely an unpopular style when it was new, as it only lasted one model year. However, today this Coronet and its Super Bee variant are popular cars in the muscle-car

scene, mostly due to those unique looks. Arizona’s Plum Floored Creations has some experience with this particular model; the garage named itself after a Super Bee they built. However, the Mutant Bee is likely the best-looking Super Bee ever made. It’s a bright-green monster that sits low on black rims with evil-looking halo headlights. This car is also fitted with updated hardware, including a modern SRT Hemi to make it drive as good as it looks.

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