20 Exclusive Cars Featured On What's My Car Worth?

The show has been around for almost a decade at this point, and there have been some truly unforgettable moments aired over the years.

The cult hit television show What’s My Car Worth? is a great car show that looks at all types of automobiles around the world. The show has now gone through four seasons, and they have made well over 20 episodes all featuring different vehicles.

If you have never seen What’s My Car Worth?, it is hosted by the lead singer of AC/DC, Brian Johnson. In each episode, the show explores a different type of car. The show’s formula never really gets boring because the show gets varied. For example, one episode is titled “The Sports Car Craze,” and another episode is called “From Paris to Monte Carlo.” Regardless of the types of vehicles the show explores, it is always worth watching an episode.

Part of what makes this show stand apart from other car shows is the fact that they seem to really explore the vehicles featured deeply. Not only does this program showcase amazingly rare and ridiculously expensive cars, they also bring out an expert to evaluate all of the vehicles. As an audience, we don’t just see cool cars. We also get to learn about their history and find out why they happen to be worth so much now.

This is a list of some of the coolest and most exclusive cars featured on the show throughout its run since 2009. The show has been around for almost a decade at this point, and there have been some truly unforgettable moments aired over the years.

20  1967 Toyota 2000GT

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This vehicle is known in some circles as one of the most valuable cars to come out of Asia ever.

The 1967 Toyota 2000GT is one of those rare vehicles that is way more than just a beautiful looking sports car. It’s got one of the best looks of all time for a sports car, but when you look inside the interior alone is enough to drop jaws.

This car was manufactured with a rosewood veneer that makes it stand out from other vintage vehicles. One of the cool things about this vehicle is how rare it is: only 351 of them were ever made.

19 Steve McQueen's Ferrari 275 GTB/4

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The title of this one alone should tell you everything you need to know: does it get any better than a car actually owned by a cinematic legend who also happened to be a skilled driver? Most people would probably associate the Ford Mustang with Steve McQueen due to Bullitt, however, McQueen was a die-hard car enthusiast. He did not necessarily have loyalty to one single car manufacturer.

His Ferrari is reportedly worth at least $12 million. Part of what makes this car so special is the fact that it has McQueen’s personal style all over it: the Ferrari was customized with a paint job the actor and professional driver chose himself.

18 The Saleen S7

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The Saleen S7 may not be as rare as a vintage celebrity-owned vehicle, but that does not take away anything from it at all. This is a ridiculously cool looking sports car: when you picture a high-performance vehicle built to drive fast in, this is exactly what it should look like. This is another rare car to appear on the show: it was only in production for about seven years.

Even though it is now considered an older car, it also has a top speed of 399 km/h.

It is capable of faster driving than the average supercar being manufactured today.

17 Lamborghini Countach

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Even though the Lamborghini Countach remained in production for 16 years, it is still an extremely rare vehicle because only 2049 were ever made. On What’s My Car Worth? the car was featured on the episode titled “Million Dollar Cars.” In the episode the vehicle was actually the 25th Anniversary model, which is even rarer to find: only a few hundred were made.

The Lamborghini Countach is a car that clearly favors speed over comfort. On the episode this car was in, passengers in the car commented that the car was made to be driven intensely, not for an average, daily car.

16 Shelby 427 Cobra

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Ford’s Shelby 427 Cobra is an original looking coupe that has sold for as high as approximately $935,000. What makes it so difficult to find is the fact that it was only in Ford’s product lineup for about a year before they discontinued the car for good. Although they would later make 50 of the cars to celebrate the vehicle’s 50th anniversary, 427 Cobra is still a special car to find.

This iteration of the Cobra was available with either a 4.3 or 4.7-litre V8 engine, and it is just as powerful as it looks.

Ford has become known for experimentation over the years, and this is a great example of that.

15 Willys MB Jeep

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This is definitely the type of vehicle you won’t be seeing driven anytime soon. The Willys MB featured on What’s My Car Worth? is a rare vehicle that was actually used in World War II. While this jeep isn’t really known for its ability to drive at fast speeds (it has a top speed of only 105 km/h), it has proven to be an incredibly durable and reliable vehicle.

In fact, this jeep was such a success it was also a major influence on vehicles similar to it in later decades. The engineering of SUVs and jeeps in the same class have come a long way, but this jeep was one of the first.

14 '57 Chevy Bel Air

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The Chevy Bel Air has an unmistakable iconic look. Very few cars have the immediate American style this car gives off; when you look at a '57 Chevy you might be reminded of several times it has been depicted in pop culture over the years.

Prices for this type of vintage car vary, but in an excellent condition, this car can go for as high as $120,000.

Although the Bel Air had different versions, there are some car collectors that still swear by the ’57, which was originally part of the car’s second generation.

13 Kaiser-Darrin 161

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On the episode titled “Post-War Wheels,” the '57 Chevy Bel Air was featured prominently, and the other famous vehicle explored was the Kaiser-Darrin 161. This is another important car in American history: in 1954 this would have been one of the best vehicles money could buy.

Not to mention, there were only ever a couple hundred ever produced. The coupe was unfortunately discontinued after its short run due to Kaiser Motors’ financial problems, despite the fact the vehicle was a favorite with car enthusiasts. The vehicle originally retailed at just under $4,000, and today it has a potential value of around $100,000.

12 Yenko Super Camaro

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The episode this car was featured in was simply titled, “Yenko Super Camaro.” It makes sense because this is the type of car that is the main star wherever it goes. Named after the racecar driver Don Yenko, the Yenko Super Camaro took the already cool Chevrolet Camaro and gave it some muscle.

The 1980s edition of this car was originally valued at $15,000. Today this vehicle has actually been auctioned for well over $300,000.

Out of all the cool vehicles Chevrolet has produced over the years, the Yenko Super Camaro might be one of the hardest vehicles to find.

11 1973 Trans Am Super Duty 455

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In the episode this vehicle was featured in, the car’s owner Dave Hill discusses how valuable the car is. This cool ride was apparently 1 of only 180 cars produced, and it is clearly in excellent condition. The Pontiac sports car was sold for $115,000, and it has actually been sold for as high as $200,000.

Aside from how limited the run for this vehicle was, what makes this car so special is what it represents for muscle car culture. It is known as one of the last true muscle cars of the 70s, and it’s symbolic of a time when these types of vehicles were a little more widely accepted.

10 1961 Maserati 3500 GT Coupe Speciale

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In the show’s episode titled “The Great Coupes,” they explored classic vehicles like the 1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT. One of the other fantastic vintage sports cars was this stunning Maserati.

This car is so sought after it has actually been sold for a jaw-dropping $660,000.

This particular offering from Maserati was only manufactured from 1957 to 1964, but it remains one of their most successful vehicles in terms of sheer innovation. It is considered one of Maserati’s first major entries into producing high-performance cars capable of driving quite fast. It also has the clear mark of a classic European vehicle: its stylish looks still hold up today.

9 1968 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage

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This is the third car that was featured on “The Great Coupes” episode of What’s My Car Worth? It is simply just an absolute beauty. The host of the show called this vehicle “effortless to drive,” and mentioned the fact that out of all the vintage Aston Martin vehicles, the DB6 may be the best one.

When this vehicle was evaluated on the show, the hosts revealed that the car has the potential to sell anywhere from $115,000 to $425,000. Only about just over 1000 were ever built, making it another rare collector’s car. A small detail worth noting: this is one of the few classic cars from the era that actually has air conditioning available!

8 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

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This is another immensely rare and costly collector’s car.

In past auctions, it has actually been valued at prices ranging from $400,000 to even $500,000.

What makes it such a rare commodity is the fact that it was a highly experimental car for its time, and it was not manufactured for very long. In addition, sources report different figures, but it is commonly believed that just under 2000 Superbirds were ever created. This vehicle has also been compared to the legendary Dodge Charger Daytona due to that fact that both vehicles had only one year of being manufactured before they were discontinued.

7 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk Coupe

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The episode this vehicle was featured in was titled, “Mastering the Hawk.” This automobile has a similar look to the Chevrolet Bel Air, another expensive collector’s car featured on What’s My Car Worth? However, where this car differs from the classic Bel Air is its reputation as one of the earliest examples of what a muscle car looked like.

This was a few years before the famous Ford Mustang, and the Pontiac GTO; in 1956 the Studebaker Golden Hawk Coupe would have been one of the most heavy-duty vehicles you could purchase. This car arguably set the precedent for coupes that followed like the Dodge Dart and the Plymouth Fury.

6 1956 Oldsmobile 98 Starfire Convertible

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Another vehicle that is a clear example of classic Americana and vintage car culture is this 1956 Oldsmobile. The early 1950s was a period of great experimentation for the vehicle; after the Oldsmobile had already been around for just over a decade, General Motors felt it was time to give the popular car a complete overhaul.

By 1956 the vehicle was in its fourth generation, and although the vehicle would go on to experience eight more editions (all the way to 1996, a full four decades later) there are some car enthusiasts who will always swear by this particular version.

The Oldsmobiles that followed in later generations would never have the same look or feel the 1950s cars had.

5 Ford Super DeLuxe Woodie

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This is the type of novelty vehicle most people have no idea actually existed at one point. The Ford Super DeLuxe is definitely not the type of car you see every day. It has one of the strangest looks for a car: even if you might be familiar with the station wagons with wood paneling Ford would produce in later years, it does not really prepare you for the oddity that is the Super DeLuxe.

This is a vehicle emblematic of Ford’s consistent habit of experimenting with their designs over the years; the 1946 Super DeLuxe was basically the same as the vehicles they produced in the early 1940s, the main difference to the earlier models was the wood used for the body.

4 1960 Jaguar XK150 S Coupe

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This classic offering from Jaguar was featured on the episode of What’s My Car Worth? titled “From Paris to Monte Carlo.” The hosts explored and appraised different types of European vehicles, including a 1963 Ferrari and a 1987 Porsche.

The 1960 Jaguar is an absolutely gorgeous car. It’s got the classic British design cars from this era have that favors luxury overlooking too sporty.

However, that’s partly what makes this vehicle such a masterpiece of engineering: although it looks like a laid-back vehicle, it is actually capable of some aggressive, sporty driving. This is another costly dream car valued at approximately anywhere from $85,000 to $425,000, depending on the condition of the model.

3 1956 Austin-Healy 100-4 BN2 Le Mans

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This is another fantastic looking vehicle hailing from England. It has one of the coolest looks ever for a vintage coupe, and it is a highly sought after vehicle by car collectors.

It has been sold for $337,000 in almost perfect condition and $127,000 in fair condition.

This vehicle can reach a top speed of 160 km/h, which explains the “100” in the vehicle’s moniker (160 km/h is 100 mph). This is such a perfect example of a vehicle that is heavily inspired by racecars and racing culture: it was clearly built to drive around quickly in.

2 1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

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The classic 1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible was featured on the episode titled, “Nifty Fifties.” The episode featured cars like the 1952 Fiat 500C Belvedere and the 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. The Lincoln is another great car that remains one of the best cars from the decade.

Despite the fact that this convertible was only made for a couple years, it was still manufactured over 19,000 times. Nevertheless, that has not impacted the value of the car in a substantial way: the value of it can go as high as just under $41,000 in the right condition.

1 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

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This rare vehicle was part of the show’s episode called, “Priciest Rides,” and that alone tells you a lot. It has the perfect look coupes from this period used to have: it’s a small two-seater meant to cruise around in.

With design work by Franco Scaglione (the same creator to work on other famous vehicles like the Maserati 3500 GT coupé Bertone and the amazing Ferrari-Abarth 166 MM/53 sports racing Bertone), the car has a distinct look.

It may not favor comfort over presentation or speed, but that may be a fair trade-off: this sports car is just beautiful to gawk at.

Sources: hagerty.com, caranddriver.com, rmsothebys.com

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