20 Facts Fans Need To Know About All Girls Garage's Cristy Lee

Let's talk about one inspiring woman, Cristy Lee from All Girls Garage.

The world of motorcycles and cars is usually a field dominated by men, where women rarely seem to appear. Often the minds behind vehicles, those in charge of designing and creating them, throw beauties in the market by thinking of men. It isn't only about offering greater power, better motor engineering and greater comfort in the driver's seat, the market leaders know to which target their vehicles are focused and they focus on offering experiences beyond the mechanics and behind the design of their vehicles. Again, big brands think about the experiences they can offer to men because we're talking about a market dominated mostly by them.

But luckily, times have changed, women are not only an accessory for the home, nowadays we have the right to study, to express ourselves and to do what we like, because over the last few decades we have shown that we are as capable as men and that we can perform any task that they perform equally well. And now that we live in an era where people talk about gender equality and respect, listening and seeing women who are leading in areas formerly dominated by men, it is something inspirational for the new generations. For this reason today we will talk about one of those women who inspire, Cristy Lee, known for being one of the hosts of the Tv Show "All Girls Garage," who shows us that you can have a pretty face and also know about motor engineering.

20 She attended Daytona State College

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Cristy was always the type of woman who dreamed big and loved a challenge. So, when she graduated from High School, she decided to enroll in Daytona State College, a state college in Daytona Beach, Florida, and a member institution of the Florida College System. This decision allowed her to obtain a higher level of educational training, but at the same time, it helps her to be able to continue working with her dad in the garage and continue improving her skills in mechanical engineering.

By that time, Cristy was already obsessed with motorcycles, and that was when the idea of pursuing a career in motorsport journalism began to grow in her mind because in that way she could mix her two great passions.

She could have the opportunity to meet with the best people in the field and have the opportunity of learning new things that would help her in her professional growth. But what Cristy did not know at that time, is that all the knowledge she acquired working with her dad in Florida along with what she learned in college, would help her years later to get jobs as a reporter for media such as ESPN and Fox Sports. Besides, at one point in her life, her background would help her to establish herself as a hots in different events and television programs dedicated to the motorcycles and automotive field.

19 Detroit Is Her Motivation

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At first glance, in cases of women like Cristy Lee, it is common for people to underestimate them. There is a stigma that beautiful women look good next to cars and drivers, but it is not so common for people to associate women like Cristy as real enthusiasts of the automotive world. And although for some people it is difficult to understand it, thanks to women like this television celebrity, who are breaking paradigms in that field women have begun to be respected and considered in this niche because, women can also be good behind the wheel and can understand how the engine in a vehicle works.

And then, some people may wonder how a young woman who graduated from Daytona State College and who used to work in the garage with her dad has achieved the success she currently has in a field mostly dominated by men. Perseverance and passion are the answers. Cristy has also explained that a great factor that has helped in her career and has helped her to achieve the success she currently enjoys, was the moment when she made the decision to pack her things and move to Michigan, Detroit.

During an interview with WorkShop Hero, Cristy explained her reasons for moving to another city “I relocated to Detroit for business opportunities investing in real estate because, at the time, the market was booming for investors in the Detroit area.”

18 She Used To Be A Dancer

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When we like or we are passionate about something, we always hope that our first works would be related to what we are passionate about, but many times this is not the case. In general, we all go through different jobs in different fields until we can get to our dream job, and that was the case of Cristy.

Initially, she began working as a model and dancer. And on her blog, Lee explains how her beginnings were. "This [Detroit] city would prove to offer much more than I could ever expect! With many years of experience as a trained dancer, I auditioned and made the Detroit Pistons Dance Team ‘Automotion’ in 2006. Soon after my stint with the NBA, I also performed for the MISL Dance Team, began emcee work as a game show host at a local Detroit casino, managed a small talent agency, and joined the Autoshow circuit as a Narrator for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. My next big break was around the corner, when I won a contest and landed a gig as a traffic reporter and DJ for 101.1 WRIF FM Radio in 2008."

During an interview, Cristy also shared “I started out in radio as a DJ, then did a lot of MC work.”

17 She Got Her First Bike When She Was 18

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Cristy's true passion began when she was helping at her father's garage, and they started receiving motorcycles. From the moment she saw the first bike she was hooked instantaneously and she started to feel excited to know more about the two-wheeled vehicle. But it was not all about having the mechanical knowledge, no experience in the automotive field is complete without driving the vehicle and going on the track. Which is why we should not be surprised that Cristy had her first motorcycle at a young age.

She bought her first motorcycle at the age of 18 and it was there when she began to test herself while she was driving.

“I got my first bike when I was 18 and since then, I’ve probably bought and sold a couple dozen. But I originally began riding on the track to pursue motorcycle racing, and even got a racing license - which was a huge deal.”

In fact, in her blog, she confesses to having crashed her motorcycle several times but then she explains that it was part of learning to become a better driver and get the most out of the experience. During a fragment from Speed Academy, Cristy explained that even placing our shoulders in a different position while we are driving our bike can cause an impact on our performance.

16 She Was Also A Sports Reporter

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Leaving behind her days as a dancer and model, Cristy got her first jump in her professional career, later this work would take her to perform the job she wanted. Just 3 years after arriving in Detroit and having continued her passion running motorcycles and repairing them, in her free time, Cristy would discover that all the knowledge she acquired since moving from town would help her to obtain a position as a DJ informing traffic, sports for FM radio WRIF 101.1.  Lee got the vacancy after winning a contest for the position in the radio station that had a rock style format.

Cristy stated during an interview what she thought about that first work experience, more related to the field of sports “The WRIF was a turning point for me, it really opened up my interest and excitement within the broadcasting world, and also gave me some great experience – it felt like the stepping stone to my career now!”

It wasn’t long before she transitioned from the studio behind a microphone to announcing on camera in front of a live audience. In 2009, Cristy Lee began her stint as the In-Arena Hostess for the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings and host for Red Wing’s TV.

15 She Is Single...Supposedly

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We already know that Cristy is a motorcycle enthusiast and that her love for mechanical engineering and racing has taken her far in her professional life, but what many fans have been wondering is about her relationship status, is married? has a boyfriend? is she single?

The truth is that very little is known about her romantic life. In fact, if we inquire into her social networks all we can see about Cristy is her work, her motorcycles, and her professional achievements, but she never shows up accompanied, which is why many media networks and fans have assumed that this motorcycle enthusiast is single. But I must emphasize that it is not something that we can 100% guarantee because Cristy has proven to be a very private person in regard to her family and love life, preferring to leave the cameras, the scandals and the public scrutiny away from the people who matter most to her.

In fact, according to The Celebs Info, "Though she is seen sporting an Atlas ring on her middle finger it has nothing to do with engagement or marriage. As long as Cristy don’t want to share about her personal life we can not say if she is married to a husband or even has a boyfriend. We totally respect her privacy."

14 She's Trained In Speed

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If you are in the business of cars, motorcycles, racing, and everything related to mechanical engineering it is rare to find people who do not enjoy testing their vehicles on the road and test their skills behind the wheel. Speed is the vice of many in this industry and Cristy is no the exception to the rule, in several interviews she has declared to be addicted to speed.

In fact, Cristy participated in the Speed Academy program, where she learned new techniques about driving motorcycles to achieve a better performance on the track and achieve higher speeds without losing control.

And this is something that Cristy has done thousands of times because she enjoys being updated in everything related to the motorcycle and automotive industry. Additionally, the adrenaline segregation in our body allows us to experience strong emotions that make us more motivated and react more quickly to alert circumstances, which is why many drivers become addicted to this feeling.

Cristy also said in her blog: "One thing that will never change is my addiction to adrenaline, I can’t get enough! There are so many other hobbies I have besides being an avid motorcyclist on the track, street, and dirt like mountain biking, mini-moto racing, rock climbing, snowboarding, I’ve even spent time behind the wheel at racetracks, Autocross events, and performance driving schools!"

13 All Girls Garage Reality Show

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During an interview, she shared how she got her big opportunity as one of the three hosts for the tv show "All Girls Garage." Apparently, she got the opportunity while she was working for Jeep; “One day, I was just randomly approached by a producer for a show and I thought, yeah right - everybody’s a producer. But it ended up being legit and they were casting for a new motoring show. Next thing I knew, it was like boom! And was cast for “All Girls Garage.'"

"All Girls Garage" is a reality show that aired for the first time in March 2012. The program is based on showing the experience of 3 women who work behind the gears in a car shop. And in each episode, they tackle complex projects, from upgrading the RAM Air in a rare Pontiac GTO Judge to installing an exhaust system in an Audi V10 while competing with their male counterparts to prove that women have what it takes to run a car shop and show that they know what they do. The stars of the program are certified mechanics who have years of experience in the automotive field. Sarah Lateiner, who receives the nickname "Bogi"; television presenter and motorsports journalist, Cristy Lee; and the producer of automotive programs and executive producer Rachel De Barros. They are currently broadcasting the seventh season.

12 She Built Her Own Fan Base

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Besides spending her time driving bikes at high speeds or working on them to improve them, Cristy has invested time in her fans, from her beginnings in FM radio WRIF 101.1 and working as a reporter, the television celebrity has been creating her club of fans and she tries to keep them updated in each of her work projects through her blog Cristy Lee.tv, her Instagram where she has more than 73.4k followers, while on Facebook she has 139 thousand followers.

Cristy has proven to be a self-sufficient woman so she manages her career on her own and stays in contact with her fans because she understands the importance of them. “I’m a one-woman show.” She says during an interview. “A lot of people have PR agents, managers and other promoters, and I just kind of go for it on my own. Keeping the deal together."

She said on her blog "I can say now is thank you to YOU, the fans, for all of your support along the way, and especially for visiting my website! One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to meet and greet with so many awesome people from around the country and around the world at car shows, at events, and through social media – hearing about your car stories, or sharing what’s in your garage. I also have to thank my family and friends for their continued love and support over the years."

11 She Turned Her Hobby Into Her Dream Job

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Cristy has had the fortune of being one of those people who managed to make an activity that they enjoy and turn it into a job that generates money for them and at the same time they continue to enjoy it. From her beginnings helping her father to fix vehicles in the garage until becoming a TV host, Cristy has achieved what we all always want to obtain in our professional life.

Every day is a learning experience, and she and her team have created an excellent dynamic among them as well as a good bond, so they feel like sisters and support each other every time they take a new project such as filming the Edelbrock Supercharger installation on a 2016 Camaro. “To myself and other girls on the show, the biggest question always is: Do we do the work? Yes, we really do the work! With a two-day period for a twenty-minute show, we have a trouble not putting the tools down. It’s a quick process!” Cristy said.

She also added, “As soon as the cameras are off we’re still joking, hanging out, and even go out after the show quite a bit.”

10 Cristy Has Huge Respect For Motocross Racers

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Of course, when we talk to someone who is a complete motorsport enthusiast and understands mechanical engineering like Cristy, their vision would be totally different to the one that appreciates these sports or activities without really knowing how the whole process works.

During an interview with Jason Weigandt for racerxonline.com, Cristy expressed her respect about motocross racers saying: "I have definitely gained a huge, huge respect for motocross racers in general and certainly the guys that run arena cross over the past couple years. Obviously, motorcycle road racing is a pretty extreme sport—any type of racing at that—but these guys are really grinding it out week after week. They’re tough on the bikes; they’re tough on themselves. It’s a really fun, but sometimes-brutal type of sport. And arena cross really takes that to the next level because you’re cramming what should be this giant outdoor motocross track into this tiny little space that’s basically equivalent to a hockey rink or a basketball court. It’s pretty crazy being out on the floor there sometimes with some gnarly roost and some crazy crashes. The excitement level never really drops at arena cross, that’s for sure. For Cristy and the team, she feels the best part is the friendships and relationships this career has opened up for her. Which is a great reason for any motorsport enthusiast to become part of the action!"

9 She Believes AIMExpo Provide A Great Opportunity For People And Dealers

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In 2014 the AIMExpo was still a relatively new proposal in the market, this show sought to grant in the same space the opportunity for dealers and people to discover what were the new and popular products in the market, offering a heterogeneous environment where the common theme out was motocross, road races and much more.

"AIM’s really found a great way to provide that opportunity for both people and dealers. There’s a plethora of dealerships out there, and of course, there are so many motorcycle enthusiasts. AIM’s really stepped it up and lent the opportunity for both. So it’s really cool for vendors because they have the chance to showcase their stuff earlier in the week, all their 2015 product, what’s new, and up and coming, to dealers, which is obviously how they sell their product. And then in the latter half of the week on Saturday and Sunday, they get a chance to showcase all their cool new stuff to the fans and the patrons and the people who are going to be buying these products. AIM’s really found a very good balance between the two, combining the best of both worlds. A little bit of dealer show, a little bit of fan fest. It’s definitely exciting. I was there last year. They really did a great job pulling off their inaugural year, and I’m really excited to see what they come up their second year in the game," Cristy said during an interview.

8 She Used To Work With Grant Langston

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Motorsport enthusiasts will recognize Grant Langston's name immediately. Langston, originally from South Africa, and he began competing in the world championships between 1998 and 2000. Later, he began to be recognized after winning the F.I.M. 125cc World Championship as a member of the KTM factory racing team. Later in the A.M.A. national championships, winning the A.M.A 125cc outdoor title of 2003 and the 2003 AMA Supermoto Unlimited Championship, in addition to winning other titles. Unfortunately, his professional career was affected when he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his eye in 2008.

Although he later tried to return to the sport, he did not achieve the expected results. So, he decided to start working as an announcer for several motorcycle networks.

Moreover, Grant Langston used to work with Cristy Lee while they were covering the TORC: The Off-Road Championship (an American national short course off-road racing series) for NBC Sports, and during an interview Cristy shared how was her experience working with him " It’s been great working with Grant the past couple seasons." then she added "He really has a lot of experience and know-all of the industry. A lot of people remember him and look up to him. It’s really cool to have him on board with arena cross, and I did get to work with again in four-wheel off-road truck racing with the TORC series this summer, also. It was pretty cool. I did get my maximum Grant Langston time in during 2014, and those are definitely good times."

7 She Is Not a Professional Racer

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Cristy has been riding bikes since she was 18 years old, and although at an early age she already seemed to know how two-wheelers worked, throughout the years Cristy continued to invest her time in improving as a driver, attending various driving courses that would allow her to improve her technique in the track and obtain a better performance at high speeds. In addition to applying the advice from experts in the field. But, as we explained before, Cristy is addicted to speed, and even when she participated in some races, she never wanted to dedicate 100% of her life to being a professional sports driver  because she preferred to enjoy her hobby as a TV hots, traveling the world thanks to her job, and riding her bikes freely.

"So I’ve been on a bike now for quite some time. Actually over the past ten years, I’ve been track riding only and turning some laps at racetracks across the country on several different sport bikes. Definitely a sport I love. I’m certainly by no means looking to move into becoming the next greatest thing in racing any time soon, but it’s just a hobby; it’s something I love. My personal experience can lend to my first-hand knowledge with the industry, which is probably what led me to become involved in motorsports so much," she stated during an interview.

6 Her Net Worth Is $13 Million

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And then, the question may arise, for someone who has been working so long in the media, how much money will she have made up at this point in her professional career? Well, let me tell you that enough, Cristy has more than 15 years of experience working with motorcycles, the automotive area, and as an ambassador of different brands in this field, that's why it should not be surprising that her net worth it is around $13 million.

This should not surprise us because Cristy has a resume that supports that income and makes her the right candidate for companies that focus on the sports and automotive field. So, let's review her resume: she first worked on radio 101.1 WRIF Greater Media Detroit, then worked at Olympia Entertainment as Red Wings In-arena host, TV host, and reporter; later as a narrator at Gail & Rice. And after that, she got jobs as a Host for networks like Discovery Inc. and ESPN. Although of course, we must emphasize that since Cristy began working as one of the hosts in the show by Velocity Network "All Girls Garage," her professional career has been notoriously boosted. But the best part is that when we work doing what we like it does not feel like work anymore, and that's Cristy case.

5 She is An Ambassador for Different Brands

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After years of effort working in the field of motorcycles and automotive, Cristy seems to have forged a name for which she is currently an ambassador of various companies and brands related to this market niche. And without a doubt, the great impulse that has had her career has been thanks to her new status as a television star with the reality show "All Girls Garage" starring along with Rachel De Barros, and Sarah Lateiner. The reality show has been on the air since 2012 and people seem to remain hooked.

"As a recognized figure in the automotive and motorcycles industries, I’ve had the opportunities to represent some big companies and brands within the industry as a spokesperson and brand ambassador. I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies like Kawasaki Motors, Dodge, Ford Performance, Triumph Motorcycles, Toyota, Pirelli Tires, and many more aftermarket performance companies and high-performance gear manufacturers," she stated on her blog.

If something has taught us, Cristy, is that she has taken advantage of each of the opportunities that have been presented in her life, expanding her networking and combined all that with her knowledge in the area have made her a respected figure in this field, and we should definitely say, that it has helped her to increase her net worth.

4 She Still Covers A Variety Of Racing Events

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Let's be honest! many people after having Cristy's income would probably not push for more. Cristy has shown that she really is a true motorsport enthusiast because she remains active working as a host for various events and competitions. Demonstrating that when you do what you like is not considered a job anymore. Cristy is happy to participate in all these events, surrounding herself with celebrities in the area and learning new things from the experts. In addition to enjoying first, all the updates and developments in the world of motorcycles and automotive.

Since joining AGG, Cristy hasn’t stopped working, in fact, she is more active in the field than ever. Not only is she co-hosting the “All Girls Garage,” but she hosts an array of Barret Jackson auto auctions and juggles a matrix of other projects including working with RedBull X Games, AMA race events and dozens of regional car events across the nation. Besides she still works as an ESPN Sports reporter.

During an interview she shared “It has been an awesome ‘ride,’ it is a lot of work but work that I consider it a privilege to be a part of.”

3 Motorcycles Don't Define Her

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For someone who has spent so many years working in the world of motorcycles and race cars, we would expect Cristy to tell us that this is what defines her as a person, but she seems to think differently. “I love my work, but it is not who I am, it is what I do.” and then Cristy Lee recited one of her favorite quotes: “What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it,” she added “I love this quote because the moral or my biggest take away from it is, ‘make everyday count!’” She said during an interview with the website Workshop Hero.

Practicing an activity that we are passionate about, even if it's our job, can only define an aspect of us as individuals, but we cannot miss mentioning that women like Cristy Lee have set a pattern demonstrating that women can know about mechanics, can be excellent behind of the steering wheel and at the same time they can know how to work with nuts and get their hands dirty just like guys.

This was a market that was once only dominated by men, but thanks to women like Cristy, who show us that you can work on what you like regardless of any stigma, it's making that more women feel secure following their dreams in this field.

2 She Is In Her 40s

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Yes! Even if it is hard to believe, Cristy is in her 40s. Although she looks like she's in her mid-20s, the truth is that this beautiful blonde who enjoys driving at high speeds, is already a mature woman who already has time on the road driving on two wheels and teaching the world her talents and everything that she has learned in her professional years about the automotive world.

Cristy Lee, was raised in Daytona Beach, Florida by her parents and was born on October 21, 1977, so this year she will turn 41, but that has not stopped Cristy from turning heads, especially from curious and attracted men by her beauty and skills in the field of mechanical engineering. After all, Cristy has dedicated her whole life to driving and learning everything necessary about that field, and we must also emphasize that there is nothing sexier than a woman who enjoys driving motorcycles at high speeds and knows how to repair vehicles. And Cristy is the proof that you can have a pretty face and can still be a badass in a field dominated by men.

Among other curiosities, we can mention that Lee is only 5 feet 2 inches tall, and her zodiac sign is Libra. While regarding her family, the television star usually keeps her personal life outside the cameras and social media.

1 She's Been A Car Enthusiast Since She Was Young

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At what moment did Cristy become a car/motorcycle enthusiast? According to the television star's blog and what she has shared in some interviews, Cristy explains that her passion for vehicles was not love at first sight, in fact, it was more a situation of love at second sight.

Cristy's father had a local shop located in Daytona Beach, and he was also a mechanic. So, cars, races, and even field-related magazines were always present in her life, and although at first, she was not so interested, she started to spend her free time after school and part of her weekends at her father's garage watching and helping, and at some point the interest in this world awoke in her. During an interview with The Speed Girls, Cristy explained that although cars were present, at the time she was not into mechanics, not until a few motorcycles showed up. Then she added, " I actually started wrenching to have a track bike."

"I spent my days lusting over pricey sports cars and flipping through automotive magazines, helping my dad with his garage projects here and there, but I didn’t really get into wrenching until later down the road, when my garage started to fill-up with a motorcycle of my own growing up in eastern Florida" she explained.

Sources: cristylee.tv, thespeedgirls.com, eceleb-gossip.com, aimexpousa.com

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