20 Famous Supermodels And The Sick Cars They Drive

While most supermodels such as Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss probably don’t spend too much time driving themselves anywhere, there’s no doubt hot supermodels and hot cars have a connection that runs deep. The allure of the supermodel holds universal appeal for both men and women - another thing the models and cars have in common. Let’s face it, a Corvette Z06, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 720s can all be described as the sexiest things on the road. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t get that both Brooklyn Decker and the Saleen S7 can bring the sexy to just about any scenario.

Photoshoots with supermodels have long been a staple of just about every sports car, luxury car and supercar manufacturer in the world. From Dorian Leigh to Cindy Crawford to Gisele Bundchen, the idea of a supermodel posing with a super car has been a natural, time-enduring standard that has sold more magazines, cars and pictures and launched more lifestyles than just about anything outside the fashion world.

In 2016 Fiat Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors combined to spend $7.8 billion in advertising. Exactly how much of that involved supermodels is hard to pin down, but you can bet the pinup gals got paid a significant slice of it. Without a doubt, the crossroads where supermodels meet cars is an industry all its own. From big paychecks to free cars, the supermodels themselves are benefitting from it in more ways than one.

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20 Elle MacPherson 

via thecarconnection.com

Part of Fiat Chrysler’s $2.2 billion investment in brand advertising came by way of giving Elle McPherson her very own Fiat 500c. It’s hard to figure out how Fiat managed to take these bloated Smart Car like rides and envision a world where they were viewed as sexy. But, having an ad campaign that featured a beautiful woman seducing a man with the car was a step in the right direction. Giving a world-famous supermodel her own 500c was a bigger step in that same way, which told the world Fiat was committed to seeing the “500 is sexy” idea through to the very end.

McPherson was quoted as saying “I love the Fiat 500c, it has that sexy, cool, Italian thing going on!" after taking delivery of the first car in the new model line. After tooling around in it for a time, she added “I like the way the car drives - it's perfect for cities with its small turning circle and the easy way it maneuvers through London.”

Now, a supermodel turning in tight circles near the downtown abbey is hardly the sort of thing most gearheads want to write home about, but sometimes reality isn’t as sexy as advertised.

19 Adriana Lima

via wordpress.com

Brazilian born supermodel and actress Adriana Lima is best known as the longest-running (still active) Victoria's Secret Angel. In fact, in 2017 she was named Most Valuable Angel in the company’s illustrious history. Considering the sheer number of beautiful angels the company has had, that’s quite an accomplishment. We’re not sure who Victoria was, but she certainly didn’t do a good job keeping Adriana a secret.

Like fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid, Lima is also listed among the “New Supers” by Models.com and it’s easy to see why. Her connections to cars started at the age of 15 when she won the “Supermodel of Brazil” contest before coming in second place in their ‘Supermodels of the World” contest the following year.

When she’s not running around in front of the camera in lingerie and angel wings, or working her other job as a Maybelline spokeswoman, Lima can be found doing her every day thing in her Porsche Cayenne turbo (sorry Ford…). If there’s such a thing as practical sexiness, the Cayenne might be it in SUV form. With 450-hp, it’s easy to entice the thrill of the road from the premiere European sports utility vehicle. Add a woman like Adriana Lima to the mix and practical really does meet sexy on the highway to heaven.

18 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

via celebmafia.com

While every supermodel needs to know how to walk better than just about any other human in existence, unless you’re Jodie Kidd or Danica Patrick, knowing how to drive might not be quite so important. With that in mind, it’s actually surprising we don’t see more visual evidence of supermodels in car accidents. While Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is famous for a lot of things, such as her affiliations with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Bradley and Paige, and her movie roles in films like Mad Max: Fury Road and two of the Transformers flicks, having the distinction of first supermodel to get in a car accident in front of the paparazzi probably isn’t the one that will make its way onto her professional resume.

Not to be outdone by fellow Los Angelino Kendall Jenner, Huntington-Whiteley opted to follow in Gisele Bündchen stiletto healed footprints and buy herself a Land Rover. Notice the trademark black body that has that “I’ve seen too many movies where CIA agents roll up in black SUVs” look, which adds an air of mystery and danger to the Rover’s appearance. If only she didn’t have that “oh crap!” look on her face when the picture was taken, she might have retained that mysteriousness.

17 Theresa Longo

via theresalongo.com

Unlike Raquel Pomplun, super model turned super actress Theresa Longo is quite the hit north of the border. No, we’re not talking about San Diego, Longo is a Canadian sensation who just so happens to love her Lincoln Continental. But, just like most of the other entries on our list, Longo is a seriously diversified talent. Having been selected to represent all of North America in the Miss Italy of the World pageant, Longo wrote the soundtrack to that part of her life, and the rest of it, literally by herself.

From modeling, to acting, to pageantry to music composition, Longo also adds Fitness Expert to her list of available attributes. On occasion, she’s managed to mix her passions, playing a guitar solo in the movie The Cocksure Lads.

How many supermodels can make that claim? Seriously, how many non-supermodels can? She also appears in indie rock band Avenue of the Giant’s video for their single FTW. That’s certainly enough evidence to claim the win for Longo when it comes to rockin’ supermodels who love hot cars and great music. Now, if you’ll excuse us we have to get back to screening The Cocksure Lads on the hi-def DVD system in our Lincoln Continental.

16 Gisele Bündchen

via popsugar.com

One thing we’ve seen so far is that a select few supermodel superwoman have managed to turn themselves from just another pretty face into a multi-million dollar brand. It’s hard to argue that anyone has been more successful at that than Brazil’s Gisele Bündchen. By 2004 she ranked among the highest paid models on earth. In 2007, she took that outside the modeling box and landed as the 16thrichest woman in the entertainment industry according to Forbes Magazine – you know the list that includes Oprah Winfrey J.K. Rowling, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Lopez. Who landed after Bündchen you ask? Just a few mildly successful women like Ellen Degeneres, Nicole Kidman and Christine Aguilera. Oh, and she’s married to some guy named Tom Brady, you might have heard of him from such things as the NFL Super Bowl and arguments debating the greatest professional quarterback of all time. There’s a family that won’t be applying for food stamps anytime soon.

So, with all that cash, what does Bündchen drive you ask? Why a Land Rover of course. While Rolls Royce might say “super rich” in Europe and old money circles, the Land Rover and Range Rover brands have become the SUV of choice with America’s new super-rich.

15 Kendall Jenner

via teenvogue.com

Speaking of the newly super-rich, supermodel Kendall Jenner found herself catapulted from the level of child to average rich to independently superrich practically overnight. The daughter of former Olympic superstar Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner and Kris (Kardashian) Jenner, Kendall’s middle name Nicole is in honor of her mother’s former best friend Nicole (O.J.) Simpson. With such an unorthodox background, it’s no wonder Kendall found her way to the top through the ranks of the “Internet Famous” with a wildly popular social media presence.

Before she turned 20 Jenner was generating over $4 million a year in income through her modeling career. When she was only 22 years of age, Kendall was named Forbes highest paid model of the year. By April of 2017 she was one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram.

As with most everyone else on this list, Jenner could have any car out there. But she chooses to cruise in an Audi roadster when she’s not hanging with her highly controversial parents or running with her ultra-famous siblings (re: Kim Kardashian anyone?). For a company trying to position themselves on the cutting edge of modern day cool, there’s not much more Audi could ask for than to have someone like Jenner as a living, breathing testimonial to what the cool kids drive these days.

14 Candice Swanepoel

via youtube.com

The 6.3L engine under the hood of the Mercedes Benz SL convertible tells the story of someone who demands style and power. The fire engine red paint job speaks to a desire to grab attention everyone one drives. If you’re essentially South African royalty, and one of the top ten highest paid supermodels on earth for the last eight years, those traits have certainly served you well. For Candice Swanepoel all those things are true, whether you’re speeding down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or tearing down the Phakisa Freeway racetrack in South Africa.

Voted #1 hottest woman in the world by Maxim magazine in 2015, it’s no wonder ex-ballet talent turned supermodel Swanepoel likes to drive fast as she’s lived in the fast lane since her teenage years. Prior to this, she appeared in HM magazines 100 sexiest women for four times from 2010 to 2015.

Earning more than $15 million through her modeling work since 2010 while devoting a fair amount of time, money and energy to the charity Mothers2Mothers- an organization dedicated to creating an HIV-free world of mothers and children throughout Africa, here’s to hoping her charitable efforts are as successful as her modeling career.

13 Lara Stone

via pinterest.com

Hanging out in the subway tunnels below Paris hardly seems like the ideal way to go about launching a modeling career but that’s exactly what this entry on our list did. In 1995, when she was only 12-years old, Lara Stone walked in front of a member of Elite Modeling Agency and soon after she was on her way to modeling stardom. In 2007 Stone was the subject of a media buzz that began in Vogue Paris then to New York Magazine and New York Fashion Week. It wasn’t long before Stone joined the list of multi-millionaire supermodels.

And, with that newly achieved elevation came the inevitable Land Rover that so many supermodels seem to covet. More specifically, Stone’s ride of choice is the luxury model Range Rover that’s far more luxury than sport.

Maybe they should invent their own market segment known as the LUV – Luxury Utility Vehicle? Or not. But, it is obvious supermodels LUV their Rover branded SUVs, particularly the ones in black. Perhaps they’ve become the automotive equivalent of the little black dress? The color is very flattering, no matter what you wrap it around, but especially when that something is someone who falls into the “supermodel” category.

12 Alessandra Ambrosio

via justjared.com

While not quite as embarrassing as being caught by the paparazzi in a supermodel rear-ender fender bender, getting your picture snatched while a Santa Monica traffic cop puts a parking ticket on your Range Rover can be quite the embarrassment. Unless that is, you’re Alessandra Ambrosio, who is virtually Teflon when it comes to embarrassing situations.

Honestly, when you have the sort of money Ambrosio does, a parking ticket is actually almost an embarrassment for the City of Santa Monica. I mean, what’s the fine? $50-100? To someone who makes millions, as do many of those living in and around the Los Angeles suburb, it’s like fining the average America a dime.

While most average people fuss over having to feed a parking meter or pay the attendant at a parking garage, for super-rich supermodels, the traffic police are reduced to the level of “parking meter with a pulse”.

While the Santa Monica police force may not be able to balance their budget with the fine levied against their resident runway royalty, at least the officer will have a fun story to tell his friends at the next poker game or youth sports outing he attends.

11 Doutzen Kroes

via fashionweek.com

Another of the Victoria’s Secret Angel alumni to join our list is Dutch demi-goddess Doutzen Kroes. Unlike her peers, Kroes seemingly prefers the Mercedes Benz line of SUVs to the blasé Land Rovers her America co-workers gravitate towards.

When she’s not walking the runway or cruising in the sophisticated luxury of her Mercedes Benz, Kroes is busy basking in the glow of her less than traditional other role as an Amazon warrior. While the island of Themyscirais hardly the place to cruise around town in your SUV, fighting alongside Gail Gadot in the recent blockbuster superhero hit Wonder Woman is certainly worth bragging about. Sure, some of the other ladies on our list are filthy rich, have married future hall of fame athletes or live with people whose last names rhyme with Fardashian, but there’s only one who can say she helped Wonder Woman beat the Nazis.

When she isn’t fighting on sun dried beaches lining the coasts of paradise, Kroes is far more down to earth, dedicating her efforts to Dance4Life, a charitable organization tasked with eradicating HIV through the education of youth worldwide. From supermodel to super hero to super benefactor, it’s hard to top what the impact Doutzen Kroes and her Mercedes are having on this world.

10 Lily Aldridge

via celebmafia.com

From the shores of Wonder Woman’s mythical Themyscira back to the not-so-serene streets of Santa Monica, California we go for our next supermodel: Lily Aldridge and her Lexus RX350. Daughter of Playboy Playmate Laura Lyons, Aldridge’s entire family is firmly entrenched in the fashion and modeling worlds with the exception of husband Caleb Followill, front man for the Nashville TN based rock band Kings of Leon.

While Aldridge ranks among the super-rich supermodels of our time, the fact she stills drives a modest SUV (well modest in context of her peers), speaks to her down to earth nature one might come to expect from a woman who left LA to live outside of Nashville with her husband to start a family.

While Aldridge isn’t cruising in her Lexus, or making her way down the runway, you can spot her in a variety of music video featuring Dr. Dre, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Snoopdog, Limp Bizkit and her husband’s Kings of Leon. While this isn’t the sort of place we might expect to find a multimillionaire super model, you can bet her and fellow lister Theresa Longo have a lot to chat about when they work the same show.

9 Jasmine Tookes

via celebmafia.com

Inspired by childhood hero and former supermodel Tyra Banks, Jasmine Tookes went from gymnast to model in the blink of an eye when one of her mother’s clients first laid eyes on her. After that fateful meeting, any idea of Olympic Gold went out the window as Tookes took to her calling with aplomb. She broke onto the scene in 2010 advertising Ugg boots and the Gap store brands before really taking off. Another multi-millionaire model on the list, Tookes share the same annual income and down to earth essence as fellow lister Lily Aldridge.

Not one to put on airs, Tookes had no problem arriving at a big event in a retro-cool Jeepster Commando. Offered for sale from 1966-1973 the Jeepster Commando was the direct descendant of the Jeep Cherokee and consider by many as the grandparent of the entire modern Jeep family of vehicles. Wildly popular in many circles, the Jeepster encompasses the retro mid-century rugged appearance many relate to African safaris and other such off-road adventures.

If anyone is game for adventure, it’s Jasmine Tookes, who hasn’t hesitated to travel the globe in search of modeling magnificence on her way to landing on Forbes list of Top Ten highest paid models.

8 Kate Upton

via justjared.com

This wouldn’t be much of a list of supermodels if it didn’t feature Kate Upton. While many of the others on this list have had some really impressive exploits, having your wedding proposal as part of the World Series Post Game show tops them all for fans of cars, sports and sports cars. For those who missed it, Upton’s fiancé World Series Champion pitcher for the Houston Astros Justin Verlander, got down on one knee while his teammates celebrated the realization of their childhood dreams after defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the seven-game series.

To add to her cool factor, Upton is the only one on this list minding the planet and its future by driving an electric vehicle. Not to mention just how cool the Tesla is all by itself, saving the planet notwithstanding.

Now, maybe if she had Gale Gadot dress up as Robert Downey Jr. dress up as Iron Man to chauffeur her around town the cool meter might go even higher, but in the meantime, Upton wins the “Supermodel with the coolest car” award from HotCars.com for this go around. However, it goes without saying that all the ladies on this list put the “Hot” in the cars whenever they’re around them.

7 Jodie Kidd

via automotoportal.com

English born supermodel Jodie Kidd takes her passion for cars to a whole new level as a race car driver. The notion that Americans believe England is a bit backwards (they do drive on the wrong side of the road) is further reinforced when you consider American NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, who started out as a race car driver before becoming a model of sorts for internet web domain giant GoDaddy.

Kidd’s initial entry into the modeling world at the age of 16 set off a firestorm of criticism due to her ultra-thin physique. Many blamed Kidd’s appearance for a rash of self-induced bulimia in teenage girls striving to look just like Kidd by starving themselves.

However, she soon filled out and went on to become one of the most successful supermodels in modern history with an estimated net worth of over $3 million, according to celebritynetworth.com.

While not all of those Benjamins come from modeling (she has parlayed her success into a career in television), it’s a safe bet that Kidd can drive just about anything she wants. Rumor has it her favorite ride is the Maserati Gran Turismo but the Telegraph has her quoted that the Ferrari 250GT is truly the car of her dreams.

6 Xenia Tchoumitcheva

via luxuryforplay.com

Like her name might imply, Xenia Tchoumitcheva is anything but your normal, run of the mill supermodel. Born in Russia before emigrating to Switzerland, then the UK, Xenia is a linguist (fluently speaking six different languages), an economist (who was heavily recruited by JP Morgan Chase after interning there and Merrill Lynch) and an extremely sharp businesswoman. Not to mention the obvious: she’s every bit as sexy as the Ferrari she’s in.

Oh, and she’s been modeling professionally since she was 12-years old, creating a national controversy in Switzerland at the age of 18 when she won runner-up in the national beauty pageant and the general public vigorously disagreed with the judging panel.

Soon thereafter, she was voted “most eligible single woman in Switzerland.” It’s a wonder any of the other women in Switzerland – or the rest of Europe for that matter – could compete with her at all.

Since then, Xenia has gone on win Maxim Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” award in 2012, to running her own successful business, and giving a Ted Talk about female leadership. If she keeps up at this rate, most of the men in Europe, no make that the world, won’t stand a chance either.

5 Raquel Pomplun

via topspeed.com

Trying not to be left in the dust by the Porsche crowd, Jaguar (another entity with former ties to Ford – but currently owned by India’s Tata Motors), has entered the super sexy world of top models with their 2014 F-Type roadster. This one is reportedly the first choice of Raquel Pomplun, 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Year. Having a prestigious playboy bunny hot rodding your red ride all over town is better advertising than Jaguar could ever hope to buy.

Pomplun, the first Mexican-American Playmate of the Year, has managed to leverage her success in front of the camera into a growing Hollywood career. Born in Tijuana prior to emigrating to the United States in Middle School, Pomplun has made the most of her shot at the American Dream. After successfully leaving her mark on Playboy history, she advanced her career further with roles in shows such as Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Rockin’ Rounds (a show she hosts).

With all that going on, it’s no wonder tourists looking for a glimpse of Hollywood starlets are increasingly spotting Pomplun around town in heart racing red Jaguar. She’s also shared the silver screen with Mark Wahlberg in his crime drama The Gambler.

4 Bar Refaeli

via VanityFair.com

While Jodie Kidd has driven her cars from the catwalk to the racetrack and beyond, Israeli born supermodel Bar Refaeli might wish she never got behind the wheel at all. In 2015, Israel’s version of the IRS started digging into Refaeli’s finances and before long both the supermodel and her supermom were detained by Israeli authorities regarding possible tax evasion for over six months. A portion of the investigation revolved around for vehicles given to Refaeli by Land Rovers and Lexus. We’re not quite sure either of those companies makes anything worth going to jail over, but we’ll leave that question to Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie and the Gone in 60 Seconds crew.

Aside from the aforementioned legal troubles, word on the street is that Refaeli prefers her BMWs to the Lexus and Land Rover set. Since Rafaeli had her first modeling gig at only eight months old, it’s hard to imagine she’s ever had to slum it driving anything less than the Lexus that landed her in hot financial waters. In fact, for a woman of her stature, you have to wonder why she would even want a car from Lexus, when her tastes for the finer things in life were cultivated well below the minimum driving age in Israel.

3 Amahlia Stevens

via motorcitymusclecars.com

If you not only design the swimsuits, but get to model them for big bucks, you might be Amahlia Stevens, owner of Vitamin A Swim, one of California’s latest entries into the beach fashion world. With the long-term success of surf brands like Ron Jon, Maui Jim, Quicksilver and Billabong, Stevens was onto something when she launched Vitamin A Swim. At the time, it wasn’t her favored Mercedes SL63 AMG, but the folks at Mercedes didn’t worry about fuel economy when they sped her way to put the AMG on her radar.

When you think of California beaches, the idea of sun-kissed bikini bods, muscle beach bicep blasters and no end of expensive cars cruising down PCH comes to mind – maybe even as you hear the Beach Boys playing in the background. While all of that might no longer be an accurate representation of what goes on in the sand on the left coast (raise your hand if you ever thought Baywatch was a realistic show – or if you just watched it for the description above), what it is known for is motivated, innovative people who aren’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to business endeavors. Vitamin A Swim and Amahlia Stevens fit into both of those scenarios.

2  Gigi Hadid

via pinterest

Speaking of models of middle eastern descent with a taste for the finer things, American born Gigi Hadid was born to model. Her mother, Yolanda Hadid is a successful model in her own right and a star of the reality tv show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Gigi’s brother Anwar and sister Bella are also models. After graduating from Malibu High School in Malibu California, Hadid move to New York City to put her modeling career in high gear. By 2014 she made the Top 50 Models list and was named part of the “New Super(models)” in 2017 after making $9 million in 2016.

Just like Bar Refaeli, it’s hard to imagine how Gigi Hadid couldn’t own any car she wants. From a Bugatti Veyron to the Ferrari 250GT Jodie Kidd covets, Hadid really can have anything (and everything) she wants in terms of automotive excitement. However, at only 23-years old, living in her own $4 million apartment, Kidd might simply prefer to be chauffeured from place to place instead of doing such mundane things as worrying about the price of car insurance, who has the best premium octane and where exactly anyone can park in New York City near the hottest night life spots.

1 Rebecca Traub

via freshfinishmedia.com

From the already made it world of Adriana Lima to the still making it world of Theresa Longo to the haven't-quite-made-it-yet existence of up and coming supermodel to be Rebecca Traub, the world can certainly look vastly different. While Lima enjoys all the finer things life has to offer, and Longo lives every minute with a creative fire that keeps her alive, Traub is busy racing the mountain roads outside Vancouver, taking pit stops long enough to model with the car before burning rubber on her way back to the city.

But, just because Traub isn’t the top number of every advertising exec's “Must Have Supermodel” phone list doesn’t mean she isn’t a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Founder, owner and head creative force behind Vancouver’s The Populist, an online publication aimed at showcasing all that is fun and cool about the city of Vancouver, Traub has a history in all things exciting. Having grown up in the film and TV industries, following in her parents footsteps, Traub is also the head of the Canadian division of England’s Straywave Media. In the midst of all that, it’s great to see she still has time to drive hot cars and model in front of them.

Sources: Forbes, Vogue, Maxim

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