20 Images Captured By Cops On Duty

Nowadays, things have gone so out of hand that police officers on the field are met with some of the worst situations one can find himself in. Most police officers face situations where things go a bit out of hand, and due to that, critical decisions have to be made in split seconds. Yes, there have been controversies about police officers being blamed for taking drastic measures, but sometimes, the only option left is to use extreme force.

Apart from that, we get to see some extreme car chases that often lead to spine-chilling crashes. Oftentimes, the dangers are so great, such as those involving people with machines guns robbing banks, which leads to scenes straight out of a movie. In whatever case, the lives of police officers and innocent bystanders are at risk of being caught in the crossfire.

Images of such events are captured by police who wear portable cameras so that everyone can bear witness to the events that unfolded during a confrontation. So, it's better to listen to the officer and try to keep a cool mind because situations tend to get worse when there's violence involved. So, sit back and enjoy the ride on 20 of the most spine-chilling images captured by cops on the duty.

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20 It's Better To Just Raise Your Hands

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If you think about it, the police have the toughest job when it comes to making split-second decisions. That's exactly what happened in police footage that was captured by a helicopter. There isn’t much background on what went down here, but we do know that the police was called to a home after a domestic-abuse call was made. The suspect fled the scene of the crime in his SUV, and after trying to throw the cops off his trail, he stopped and got out of the car. Afterward, the suspect pulled out a firearm and started shooting at the police, which caused the police to return fire, injuring the suspect. More specifically, the suspect was shot in the back but was stable enough to run on foot before falling to the ground afterward.

19 No Amount Of Money Is Worth Your Life

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The year 1997 was a dark day in the history of Hollywood. Two robbers named "Larry Phillips" and "Emil Mătăsăreanu" were obsessed with the movie Heat so much so that they planned an armed robbery themselves. The duo made armored suits knitted with bulletproof Kevlar and armed themselves to the teeth with assault rifles and pistols. The shootout took place as both of the criminals entered the bank and opened fire in there. As the police responded to the situation, all hell broke loose. Both the criminals opened fire on the police, and as a result, 18 officers were injured. The officers were using pistols to take the gunmen down, but it had no effect due to the armor that was protecting the criminals. Luckily, in the end, the only casualties were the shooters.

18 Should've Dropped Your Weapons

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This incident took place when two suspects were reportedly robbing a place and the police showed up. The two suspects were a man and a woman who were fleeing in their stolen white van for nearly 10 minutes until the duo stopped the van and started to walk on foot. The male suspect was holding a bag in his hand with a weapon inside, and he started to fire at the police, and the police retaliated by returning fire. The suspect is seen getting shot in the back, and he starts to bleed from his arm while falling to the ground. As for the female suspect, she was arrested shortly afterward, ending the intense chase. It’s always better to face prison time than to be killed and be lowered six feet under.

17 Lilly And Jennifer Car Crash

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This still is from spine-chilling footage that was captured by the police. A red car was seen crashed in the Spanish Fork River on March 7th after a car had hit a sloped concrete barrier and had fallen into the river below. The car was discovered by the police after nearly two days, as no one was aware of the crash. The passengers were 25-year-old Jenny Groesbeck and her daughter Lily. Lily was the only survivor of the crash, as sadly, the mother didn't survive. This incident was especially emotional for the first responders because the car was crashed in such a way that there was no way anyone could've survived. Lily was considered lucky to have survived, but it's tragic that her mother didn't. Groesbeck was a loving and caring mother as stated by her family.

16 Run For Your Life

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This image is taken from a police footage of a chase by the Tulsa Police Department. It shows the police taking down a suspect known as Madison Dickson. Madison was the most wanted suspect in the state as she was reportedly involved in multiple killings, she was also accused of killing a man by shooting him right in the head. This scene is shown when Madison was seen fleeing the police, after which she was surrounded. Seeing no other way out, she pulled out a firearm and pointed it towards the cops. The police shot at her several times but failed to take her down. One of the officers saw the opportunity and rammed his cruiser into her which ended badly, as she was run over and later on died.

15 Stockholm Robbery

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One fine evening, things start to heat up when gunfire surrounds a small town of Stockholm after criminals try to rob a convenience store. The footage shows how the criminals enter the store with guns drawn, and after doing their deed inside, the police arrive at the scene, guns drawn. The criminals and the police exchange fire, while one of the culprits gets shot in the back and is seen lying on the ground. Afterwards, the criminals attempt their escape, leaving their injured comrade at the scene of the crime. The astonishing thing is that the people over there are seen standing beside the road looking at the scene like nothing is happening. The police handled the situation neatly as they took down the bad guy, and everyone else remained safe.

14 Police Chase Leads To Car Crash

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This next image leads us to Oklahoma City, where a suspect was wanted by the police for murder. The suspect was identified as Christopher Lamont Carter, who was 23 years old and was thought to be involved in a murder that took place a year earlier. The suspect is seen fleeing from the police in his SUV when he loses control and smashes into a pole, ending the chase. The 2-ton SUV was traveling at nearly 80 mph, and the crash was intense enough to break with ease a wooden telephone from its base. The suspect escaped the crash unharmed and was later arrested by the police present there. Carter was later sent to the Oklahoma County jail on accounts of murder and resisting arrest.

13 Gun To The Temple


Sometimes, things go so out of hand that only a few people can handle the situation. One such case happened when a person stole a car in Arizona, which started a high-speed police chase. After the suspect started to realize that nothing could be done, as the police were closing in, he started to shoot at them. It seems that he realized that shooting at someone would be considered attempted murder and that doing that would land him in jail for the rest of his life, he did something that astonished everyone: the suspect got out of his car and started to find another way out of there. Not finding any possible path, he pulled out a firearm and pointed it towards his head and pulled the trigger, ending the ordeal right there and then. This scene was broadcast all over America by a popular news channel.

12 Bike Chase Ends Badly


This is one of the most intense and quite possibly the most interesting bike chases I've ever seen. In this helmet-cam footage, we see a police officer who's in high pursuit of a suspect on a motorcycle. The suspect is trying to evade the cops by entering lanes and riding erratically. Eventually, at an intersection, the motorcycle is hit by an oncoming car from the side, throwing him off the bike and sending him flying. The most interesting thing happens next: the guy falls to the ground and starts running immediately, confusing the cop at that moment. The cop starts to look for him but in vain. The footage seems to be from the good old country of Brazil. This is the only footage I've seen where the suspect is successful in evading the police.

11 Deadly Shootout

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People criticise the police for having a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality, but after doing my research for this article, I got to realize how dangerous the job of a police officer really is. In this image, you can see the policeman shooting the man in his car, but you might not realize that the cops spent a good 20-30 minutes just to get him to get out of his car. His behavior started to seem more suspicious as he constantly reached for something in the passenger seat. As the police were talking to him, he then pulled out a firearm and started to shoot at the officer, while the officers shot back. The shooter died in his car, while one of the officers took a hit to the chest. It was later reported that the officer survived and was back on duty. Glad to hear it.

10 Mayhem On The Road

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Here's something to lighten the mood after all the spine-chilling footages of police shootouts and killings. This might be one of the most useful things the Coca-Cola trucks have ever done besides transporting the drink. The police were chasing a car with 4 suspects inside on the highway. The police were trying really hard to put the suspects in cuffs, but they were evading the police every time. The Michigan State Police were about to give up on the chase, but there was a higher power at work to stop the bad guys. When the suspects entered the intersection, a Coca-Cola truck crossed the road at high speed, slamming the suspects' car and bringing the chase to an end. However, the suspects got out of the car and started to go on foot. The police got the chance they needed, though, and they later captured the bad guys, ending this ordeal.

9 The Infamous OJ Simpson Chase

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OJ Simpson was a well-known and acclaimed athlete who played as a running back. In addition to being a running back, he's also a broadcaster and an actor. OJ Simpson stirred one of the most prominent trials in American history when he was accused of the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman. Ron Goldman was a waiter and a friend of OJ Simpson's wife. As Simpson was the person of interest in the murder, the police tried to confront him, but he escaped in his Ford Bronco. This led to a slow-speed chase, which went on for quite some time. This chase was watched by everyone since at that time, the 1994 NBA Finals were being broadcast, and everyone was glued to their TVs. The chase came to an end, and OJ Simpson was taken into custody.

8 Getting Shot While Cuffed

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A word of advice for anyone who's unfortunate enough to face the police: never try to resist arrest, or you'll get shot. That's what happened to Victor Gonzalez, whom we see in the image. Victor Gonzalez was accused of being involved in attempted murder and carjacking on March 9th, 2017. The police were waiting for the accused to show up in an alleyway and were shouting commands at Victor. However, Victor came out with the intent to harm, and as the police tried to take him into custody, he started to resist violently. The police, fearing for their safety, had to do the one thing that would ensure their safety: they had to disable him by putting a bullet in him. This ended the struggle with Victor being injured. Later, the paramedics arrived and gave Victor the first aid that was needed. Victor is currently alive and is probably in jail.

7 Shootout at close range

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Our next spine-chilling image captured by police involves South Carolina police officer Quincy Smith. This video was captured by the officer with his camera glasses. He's seen confronting a man who was suspected of an armed robbery in a nearby store. As the officer approached the suspect, he was on a call with another individual and ignoring the commands of the officer. As the officer was getting more persistent with his commands, the suspect put his hands in his jacket after which Quincy ordered the suspect one last time to get on the ground. As he said those words, the suspect pulled out a firearm and started firing at the officer. Quincy was shot 4 times, and he ran towards his cruiser for safety. After waiting there for some time, the backup arrived and transported Quincy to the hospital where he made a full recovery.

6 Thought It Was A Taser

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Every action that's taken can have serious consequences. To prove one such case, I present to you our next spine-chilling image. Eric Courtney was suspected of providing weapons to the gangs in the neighborhood, and the police wanted to investigate that. The police sent an undercover cop to Eric in hopes of catching him selling the weapons and arresting him right then and there. Things went as planned when Eric sold the weapon to the undercover cop, but Eric made a run for it as the police arrived to arrest him. Everything was still going fine, as the cops easily detained the suspect. However, as he was detained, an officer pulled out what he thought was a taser but was an actual gun and pointed it towards the detained man and pulled the trigger. This killed Eric on the spot, and the case file on Eric was closed forever.

5 It's Just Not Worth It

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Sometimes, things take a turn for the worst because the suspects are usually the ones that resort to violence, which ends badly for them. A police officer was called to take a look at a report of a disturbance at a condo complex in Lauderdale Lakes. The officer confronted the suspect by asking him about what was going on, after which the suspect became aggressive and tried to attack the police officer unarmed. The police officer kept on shouting for the man to cease and desist, but all was in vain. The officer somehow called for backup as he was trying to handle the situation safely. However, as the backup arrived, the suspect became even more aggressive and tried to attack the second officer. As the man came close, the officer opened fire on the suspect, killing him on the spot. The suspect was reportedly named "Jean Pedro Pierre," who was 42 years old at that time.

4 Intense Car Chase Leads To Crash

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The police encounter some extremely dangerous suspects that might resist arrest. These suspects do this by either shooting at the police or just flooring it and making a run for it. This particular situation started to go bad when cops tried to arrest a guy named "Travis Castro," who was 30 years old at the time. Travis was accused of possessing stolen, illegal firearms and also the sale of said firearms. The weapons were stolen from a Guns N Gear store in Idaho. The police faced Travis to arrest him for his crime, but Travis refused and tried to escape. As he was escaping the police, Travis tried to cross a signal, which was closed for his lane, and he smashed into another car, ending the chase there. The police pressed charges for eluding police and possession of stolen property.

3 Drunk Driver Crashes Car

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Sometimes, things aren't that serious, to begin with, but it doesn't take much time for them to turn for the worst. A Norwood police officer was enjoying one pleasant evening in his cruiser when an SUV passed him and almost collided with his car. The police officer started to chase the SUV, thinking that something serious was about to happen. The person driving the car was a gentleman named "Ryan Brown," who had had a few too many drinks that evening. Ryan was traveling at nearly 80 mph when he first hit a parked car then later crashed into a pole. The car was engulfed in flame as the car hit the pole. The police officer dragged Ryan away from the wreck. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this ordeal, but it sure made for a spine-chilling moment to witness.

2 Walmart Shoplifter In Deadly Crash

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Our next image is quite sad, as it could've been handled peacefully without any loss of life. Instead, it took the life of 20-year-old Shane Warren. Shane reportedly stole something from Walmart, prompting employees to call the police to take care of the situation. Shane was stopped by the police as he exited the parking lot, but he disobeyed their commands and made a run for it. The car driven by the suspect was a Volkswagen Beetle, which was also stolen a day before the incident. As Shane was driving away from the police, he reached speeds of 130 miles per hour. Shane crashed the car at those speeds, which ultimately killed the 20-year-old instantly, ending this tragic chase.

1 Fatal Shootout Between Police And Suspect

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Encounters between the police and suspects usually end badly when there are firearms involved. Malik Carey was an 18-year-old male who was sitting in the back of his car when the police arrived. Malik was needed by the police because he had been reported missing from his school for a few days, which the school reported to the police. The police came looking for him in his car. They found Malik in his car’s back seat, and the police started a nonchalant conversation with him so that there wouldn't be any rash behavior from him. After the conversation ended, though, Malik pulled a firearm from his waistband and shot four times at the police, which prompted the police to return fire, killing Malik as he ran away.

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