20 Images Of Cops Who Forgot How To Drive

Mistakes happen every day; this includes on the road and in cars. Drivers get into accidents because people are unaware of their surroundings or make rash decisions, or something out of their control could happen. We often hold police officers to higher standards, though, and we assume they'll be safer on the road than the average folk.

Because they enforce the law, we sometimes think that cops are untouchable and can do no wrong, but this is absolutely not the case. In fact, police officers are often more likely to be involved in accidents because they're frequently speeding off to emergency situations. Policemen (and women) are humans, too, but some of these accidents have us wondering if they should be driving at all, let alone be entrusted with saving lives.

Here are some prime examples of police officers who weren't paying attention and caused some major collisions. In other cases, cops were impatient and acted without thinking, causing an accident, or they made assumptions that were incorrect, which landed them in some sticky situations. As a result, people were harmed, cars were damaged, and the officers weren't able to get to the emergencies that they were originally driving to.

There are officers who are guilty of running pedestrians down in the street, others have failed to stop at red lights and rear-ended the car in front of them, and some have gone too fast in their cars, spinning out of control or flipping over in the road.

Here are 20 Images of Cops Who Forgot How To Drive.

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This Officer Who Straight Up Plowed This Pedestrian Over
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20 This Officer Who Straight-Up Plowed This Pedestrian Down

This Officer Who Straight Up Plowed This Pedestrian Over
via youtube.com

This policeman made the grave mistake of plowing this pedestrian down on the road. Granted, the man probably shouldn't have been walking across the busy street. In fact, the video recording of the accident shows that the guy was out of the cop's view and behind another car before he had stepped out and gotten slammed by the car. Regardless, it doesn't look good for a police officer to hit a person with his vehicle no matter the circumstances. In addition, the cop car's blinkers were flashing, so the officer was on his way to an emergency prior to the accident. Now, he'll have to tend to the pedestrian he just whacked instead of the potentially more threatening emergency he was originally called to.

19 This Female Cop Who Had No Clue How To Ride A Motorcycle

This Female Cop Who Had No Clue How To Ride A Motorcycle
via youtube.com

This female police officer had one job, and that was to ride this motorcycle up onto the bed of the tow truck. If she didn't know how to drive a motorcycle, she probably should've just said something instead of deciding to just "wing it." At first, she struggled to turn the bike on and revved up the engine a few times. Then, once she was sure the bike was on, she attempted to ride into the ten-foot truck but instead teetered and toddled back and forth until she eventually fell right over. The handful of men around her jumped to her aid and assisted her up, but the officer seemed more concerned with the hat that had fallen off of her head than any damage she had possibly caused to the motorcycle.

18 This Officer Who Left His Car In Neutral On A Hill

This Officer Who Left His Car In Neutral On A Hill
via youtube.com

All people learn how to shift their cars into different gears—park, neutral, drive, etc.—during basic driving courses. For sure, this police officer had no excuse for leaving his car running in neutral on a hill. Onlookers from a building rooftop nearby recorded as the emergency vehicle slowly but surely made its way down the hill. The SUV eventually ended up crashing into some cars parked on the side of the road. Not only has this officer caused damage to his police vehicle, but he's also damaged innocent citizens’ property. Needless to say, he probably had a lot of explaining to do when his commanding officer asked him what happened. Unfortunately, the people who documented this incident didn't capture the officer seeing what happened to his car because that would've been a sight to see.

17 This Cop Who Went Flying Over This Speed Bump

This Cop Who Went Flying Over This Speed Bump
via youtube.com

Speed bumps are designed to keep drivers within the speed limit, causing damage to vehicles that travel at speeds that are too high. If anyone should know this, it's a police officer. However, this officer seemed to get caught up in the fact that he was rushing to an emergency and didn't slow down as he approached the speed bump in the road. For this reason, with a group of officers behind him, he flew over the bump and into the air. His bike fell to the side of the road while he toppled over in the middle. He caught a decent amount of air, so the fall was probably pretty hard. Luckily, the officers in tow realized what had happened and slowed down immediately, so there were no other speed bump victims.

16 This Officer Who Drove Right Into A Building

This Officer Who Drove Right Into A Building
via youtube.com

Police officers drive fast when they need to get to an emergency quickly. It's helpful that they have the sirens to warn other cars to get out of their way, but that doesn't mean the officers are completely safe driving at such high speeds. Vehicles can often spin out of control when people are driving extremely fast. For this reason, although cops can go fast, they still need to drive at a controlled pace. This officer must not have gotten the memo. He was in such a rush to respond to a call that he forgot to slow down or stop altogether, running directly into a storefront window. Fortunately, he didn't hit any cars in the parking lot, but the store surely suffered significant damage.

15 This Cop Who Drove Into A Trolley Train

This Cop Who Drove Into A Trolley Train
via youtube.com

Some officers really don't get that going fast isn't always better. Sure, if you're going straight the whole way, it can get you somewhere quicker, but if you have a lot of turns in the road, you've got to slow down, or the car will get out of control. This officer was speeding down this road and going so fast that he could hardly see where he was going. As a result, he didn't see that he needed to slow down in preparation for a turn, and the car sped right into the division railing, slamming into the front of a trolley train. Now, the officer won't be able to get to the emergency, and there's a cringe-worthy amount of damaged property that he's responsible for.

14 The Officer That Caused This 3-Car Pileup

The Officer That Caused This 3-Car Pile Up
via youtube.com

Just because police officers have sirens on top of their cars doesn't mean they can drive erratically and expect other cars to stay away. Cops still need to be mindful of the other drivers on the road and assume that they're not expecting the vehicle to approach them at such high speeds. This officer decided he needed to make a left turn when he was over on the far-right side of the road. He quickly shifted his wheel but failed to realize that there was a minivan next to him. The side of his car rammed into the van, which caused it to stop. The abrupt halt was obviously unexpected, and the driver in the sedan behind the minivan was unable to hit the brakes fast enough. As a result, the officer caused a three-car collision.

13 This Officer Who Blew Through This Intersection

This Officer Who Blew Through This Intersection
via youtube.com

When officers are on their way to an emergency, they often have a one-track mind and are just focused on getting where they need to be. However, this can sometimes be a problem because they're not as aware of what's happening around them. Cops put their sirens on as a warning to other cars to make room and allow them to pass through, but officers should still always consider the fact that not everyone can hear their sirens blaring or see their lights flashing. Of course, it's expected that an intersection would be cleared for an oncoming emergency vehicle, but that's not always the case, which is why officers should always attempt to briefly glance at an intersection to make sure the coast is clear before speeding across. In this case, another car didn't see the police vehicle and sped through the intersection, causing the police van to crash directly into the driver's side.

12 This Policeman Who Went Too Fast In His SUV

This Policeman Who Went Too Fast In His SUV
via youtube.com

Other drivers getting in the way isn't the only problem that police officers encounter while driving at high speeds to emergencies. Vehicles can get out of control when they hit speeds that are too high for them to handle. This officer was speeding along down a highway in his SUV with another police car following closely behind. Without warning, the SUV spun out of control, causing it to flip over in the road a few times. The car ended up landing flipped over on its side in the middle of the road. Not only could the officer be seriously hurt, but now, they'll need to call for additional help to their location instead of focusing all of the attention on the emergency they were called to.

11 This Impatient Motorcycle Cop

This Impatient Motorcycle Cop
via youtube.com

Sometimes, patience is key. This officer riding a motorcycle through some bumper-to-bumper traffic got impatient and decided to ride between the cars to cheat the system. However, not all of the cars were perfectly lined up, and the driver was going too fast to weave in and out in a controlled manner. They ended up crashing into the back of the white sedan ahead of them because the motorcycle's front wheel collided with the car's back tire. The cyclist toppled over on the road, getting pretty scuffed up in the process. The bike also flew into the car to the left of it, undoubtedly causing some damage. People jumped out of their cars immediately after the crash to assess the damage and the officer's condition.

10 This Cop Went In Reverse Without Looking

This Cop Who Decided To Put His Car In Reverse Without Looking
via youtube.com

This cop could've probably benefitted from having a backup camera in this situation. He clearly wasn't paying attention to his surroundings and must've forgotten to look behind him before putting his car in reverse. Perhaps he thought he was alone in the seemingly empty parking lot because the officer drove the car around the lot really slowly—as if he were patrolling the area—before the incident occurred. Without warning, the cop switched gears and went in reverse, which would've been fine except that another car had pulled up behind him. The officer slammed into the sedan and immediately hit the brakes. He was driving slow enough that there probably wasn't any major damage to either one of the cars, but it was still pretty embarrassing!

9 This Cop Who Turns Whenever He Wants To

This Cop Who Turns When He Wants To
via youtube.com

This officer clearly didn't get the memo that he needed to look both ways before pulling out into the middle of the street. This officer decided to try and make a left turn, but there were cars coming, so he was forced to wait in the opposite side's lane. Unfortunately, there were cars coming from the other direction, too, and the driver who recorded this video was headed straight for the cop car. Luckily, the police officer was able to pull into the other lane just before the oncoming car was about to clip the bumper. The people in the car that almost hit the police car were furious that an accident had almost occurred because of the officer's stupidity and yelled profanities out of the window.

8 This Policeman Who Forgot How Traffic Circles Work

This Policeman Who Forgot How Traffic Circles Work
via youtube.com

Traffic circles are just a nightmare in general. It's not uncommon for traffic circles to be the cause of collisions. However, we would at least expect that officers of the law would know what they're doing when it comes to driving in them, but that's not always the case. This officer had his lights flashing because he was headed to an emergency. After speeding past two SUVs and driving right out into the traffic circle, the officer crashed directly into the passenger side of a red sedan. The officer had the right of way in the emergency situation, but the red car was already driving in the circle and couldn't stop in the middle. Regardless, the officer should've been looking around before entering the traffic circle at such a fast speed.

7 This Cop Who Flew Over This Curb

police driving fail
via youtube.com

This officer was driving to respond to an emergency call and was speeding through the city. He might've been going a bit too fast, though, because as he attempted to round a corner, the car caught on the curb, and it spun out of control. The wheel grazed the street corner and might've even punctured the tire upon impact. The cop car ended up facing the opposite direction. Luckily, the officer was able to gain some control of the vehicle and stopped it just before slamming into a public transportation bus. If the tires were alright, the cop could've gone on his way, but by the looks of it, he'll have to call for another squad car to pick him up for him to get to the emergency.

6 This Officer Who Didn't Make The Turn

This Officer Who Did Not Make The Turn
via youtube.com

This emergency SUV didn't appear to be in a hurry when this incident occurred because the sirens weren't on. This driver just had an extremely bad judgment of depth when it came to making this turn. The car was waiting at an intersection for a space between the traffic to turn left. This officer must've thought that he had enough room because he went to make the turn but was met with a hard crash of an oncoming vehicle slamming directly into his vehicle. Either the officer didn't have enough time to turn or the oncoming car was headed toward him at record-high speeds, but either way, both of these drivers are just lucky to have made it out of this crash alive.

5 This Policeman Who Couldn't Even Drive This Scooter

This Policeman Who Couldn't Even Drive This Scooter
via youtube.com

This police officer takes forgetting how to drive to a whole different level. We've seen car fails and even motorcycle fails, but this policeman couldn't even figure out how to work his Segway scooter. How hard can it be to balance on something with three wheels? The video recording showed the officer wobbling on the scooter as he attempted to make it go faster and slower. He seemed to get the hang of it for a minute and was riding around alright, but then, he decided to get fancy and try to make a few turns. As a result, the cop went flying off his scooter as it toppled to the ground. He bounced up pretty quickly, but the same can't be said of his Segway.

4 This Cop Who Only Had A Few Inches To Spare

This Cop Who Only Had A Few Inches To Spare
via youtube.com

This officer was riding along this one-lane highway behind a tractor-trailer. He likely got impatient because the truck was driving too slow or antsy. The officer couldn't see ahead of him over the trailer but still decided to try and get ahead of him. Worse, the lines on the road weren't dashed, meaning it wasn't safe for cars to pass at that point on the road. Scarily, the officer drove around the tractor-trailer and was met by an oncoming black SUV. Luckily, the driver of the SUV saw what was about to happen and moved over to drive on the side of the road in order to avoid a collision with the cop car. If the driver of the SUV hadn't had such quick moves, he likely would've been involved in a head-on crash that could've ended deadly.

3 This Cop Who Tried To Turn In Front Of A Moving Trolley Train

This Cop Who Tried To Turn In Front Of A Moving Trolley Train
via youtube.com

This is another example of a police officer who wasn't paying attention to his surroundings and caused an accident as a result. This cop was speeding along when he realized he needed to turn. Because the emergency lights were on, the officer assumed that all oncoming vehicles would yield and that it was safe to make a left turn. What he didn't realize was that headed right in his direction, there was a trolley train that couldn't possibly stop in time to yield to the officer. The cop car still attempted to turn and crashed directly into the trolley. The car ended up getting stuck on the tracks and was damaged too severely by the train to drive to the emergency call.

2 This Officer Who Forgot To Stop At A Red Light

This Officer Who Forgot To Stop At A Red Light
via youtube.com

Police officers often think of themselves as being above the law because they're the ones to enforce it. However, this can often end up causing them more trouble. This officer appears to have forgotten to stop at a red light. If it's an emergency and the sirens are on, a policeman isn't required to stop at a red light, but this officer was just driving down the road in a non-emergency situation. While all of the other cars came to a slow stop at the red traffic light, the police officer continued to drive right into the crossover vehicle in front of him. The cop car rear-ended the vehicle and most likely didn't cause a great deal of damage, but both drivers still needed to pull over and exchange information after the crash.

1 This Cop Who Tried To Go Through The Railroad Gate

This Cop Who Tried To Go Through The Railroad Gate
via youtube.com

Although police officers are able to run through red lights and avoid traffic during emergency situations, there are some things that cop cars just cannot do—like have the ability to drive through a railroad gate. This officer in a police van attempted to plow through a gate that had been lowered to warn drivers about an oncoming train on the tracks. This officer assumed he could drive right through the gates but didn't consider the fact that it was extremely heavy. He could've even caused some damage to the front of the car during the process. He would've been better off just driving around the gate, but then the car would've been at risk of getting hit by a train.

Source: youtube.com

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