20 Images Of Motorcycles That Actually Got Stuck

People who buy motorbikes do so to circumvent the traffic or to reach blistering speeds without breaking the bank at the gas station. Some people buy bikes to enjoy both of the perks. While some bikers enjoy reaching unfathomable speeds with bikes, other riders like the macho feeling that a bike grants them. Society perceives bikers to be masculine due to handling a big machine while exposing themselves to harm. Most drivers are unwilling to take the risk of riding a bike and miss out on the thrill of the ride. While a bike may allow you to circumvent the traffic and possesses inherent masculinity, it won't allow you to enjoy those benefits if it cannot move. After all, what it's the point of owning a Ducati when you cannot ride the fast machine?

Some riders have been in sticky situations, literally, and were embarrassed by being unable to maneuver their motorbike. To find out what messy situations bikers get themselves into with their bikes, we gleaned pictures from all terrains. We discovered that regardless of the skill that the biker possessed, inhospitable terrains will leave you stranded. To find out who experienced the most torment, we obtained pictures of riders who had to leave their bikes behind, as they were incapable of moving their precious rides and felt embarrassed for being stuck.

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20 Dakar Rally

via The Dark Room

The Dakar Rally is an annual event held in South America. The race is an off-road endurance event that comprises eighty percent, amateur riders and the rest, professionals.

The terrain that competitors have to traverse is much tougher than the conventional rallying, and the vehicles that racers use are true off-road vehicles rather than modified on-road vehicles.

Despite this rider having a bike built for inhospitable terrain, it didn't help him as he managed to get stuck so deep that a team had to use a rope to get him out of the mud.

19 Submerged

via Kickstart Cambodia

In some situations, when you're stuck, getting out can be almost impossible. That's the scenario that the owner of this bike faced when he got his back tire stuck in the mud. The problem with this situation is that the longer the bike stays in the mud, the more difficult it'll be to get it out of there. Although an unfortunate incident, the biker should've seen that the muddy water would prove to be a tough challenge. The biker will have a tremendous task to face if he wants to get the bike out of that mess. Sometimes, the best way to get out of a mess is to avoid it.

18 Unnecessary Risk

via YouTube

The point of off-roading is to challenge yourself while enjoying the ride. Riders who get stuck don't enjoy the ride off-road, so they should carefully choose their battles. Bikers shouldn't explore all terrains, especially when the challenge is overwhelming. The back tire of this bike is so deep in the mud that the owner struggled to haul it out of the sticky situation.

Although the point of off-roading is to challenge yourself, you should also not take unnecessary risks, as they'll provide you with headaches, not fun.

The rider should also wear the appropriate attire, which will help to keep his jeans clean.

17 Avoid The Mud

via ww.rangkaineletrokonika.ca

You don't need years of experience in off-roading to know that you should avoid the mud. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the mud isn't your friend. Although most riders know that, they cannot help but explore inhospitable roads to see if they're stronger than the mud. The owner of this dirt biker has gotten himself into the deep and sticky water after he traversed over mud. While attempting to get out of the situation, the biker has revved the bike so much that it's emitting a lot of smoke. Doing that could result in the ceasing of the engine.

16 The Sand Isn't Your Friend

via Pinterest

While exploring the off-road, riders need to be careful about the terrain they select. One of the problems that riders may encounter is getting stuck while off-road. Storing several bags on the back seat didn't help this rider to escape tragedy.

He got the rear tire stuck in the sand, and the heavy bags contributed to the submerging of the bike.

Instead of looking disheartened, the rider should take the bags off the bike and attempt to haul it out of the sand. That's just a suggestion, but something tells me that it might work. Doing something is better than staring at the problem and hoping to discover a solution.

15 Quicksand

via Life's Waiting To Begin

Bad situations can happen to the best of us. Regardless of how many precautions you take, some things are out of your control. This racer discovered that the sand next to the track could be your best friend and enemy. While the organizers have speckled sand next to the track to prevent riders from bashing into the walls at high speeds, the deed has left some riders stuck. Once this rider went off the track, there was no going back. His back tire sunk into the sand, and the more he revved the bike, the deeper the tire sank. Maybe the best strategy in the case is to reverse the bike.

14 Deep Trouble

via YouTube

One of the problems that bikers face off-road is that they cannot judge the surface. What appears to be a small puddle of water can have devastating consequences for the rider.

While riding, this biker thought that he could get over a small puddle without any problems.

Once he rode over the puddle of water, he discovered that the surface was deep. To make matters worse for the rider, he got his rear tire stuck in a deep puddle of mud. The puddle was so deep that it absorbed his entire wheel. The longer the bike stands in the puddle of mud, the more difficult it'll be to haul it out.

13 Covered In Mud

via A Singaporean Decathlete

If you thought that riding a motorbike on the road was challenging, then you should try it off-road. Riding a bike on a dirt road can be challenging, but traversing over wet sand can be impossible. The rider of this bike discovered that you should stay clear of wet sand, as it may prove to be like quicksand.  When the rider reached the wet spot, the sand swarmed the bike and refused to let go. What made the situation worse is that the rider tried to get out of the mud by revving the bike, resulting in him digging a deeper hole, literally.

12 Taking Chances

via Motorcycle Tyres | Continental

When the roads are covered with rain, you should avoid mobility. That pertains, especially, to motorbike riders. Judging the road that's submerged under the flood is almost impossible. Numerous incidents have proven the notion to be true, but some riders insist on taking unnecessary risks and end up stuck. This audacious rider thought that he could traverse without encountering any issues. He got his bike stuck in the deep flood and needed assistance from fellow riders. They were kind to stop to help but faced a tremendous challenge of getting the bike unstuck.

11 Stay On Land

via Address DB

One of the major benefits of riding a dirt bike is that it can handle almost any terrain, 'almost' being the operative word.

Although manufacturers have built dirt bikes to tolerate a tremendous amount of abuse off-road, the bikes can take only so much.

Besides having a tolerance level, dirt bikes also need to be on the ground to be mobile. The rider of this bike found out that the hard way, as he thought that it would be fun to ride his bike on water. The only problem is that water and sand mixed resulted in a stuck rider.

10 Washed Up

via BBC

Residents in Asia have to deal not only with bad riding terrains but also with bad weather. People in Thailand had the unfortunate experience of dealing with floods. Besides causing a tremendous amount of havoc, floods can also be the cause of your stuck bike. The riders of these two bikes discovered that you don't have to look for trouble, as it can find you. The floods swept sand close to the doors of Thailand residents, resulting in bike owners being unable to use their rides. The amount of sand that swept over the two bikes is astonishing.

9 Safe Nowhere

via loveit.pw

To ensure that their vehicle maintains its value, owners service it and park it in an enclosed space.

While parking your bike in a garage can prevent damage from the sun and increase its safety, it cannot protect it from floods.

The water will get in regardless of the precautions you've taken. I commend the effort of this owner to keep his bike safe, but his efforts were pointless when the flood swooped into his garage. Not only can he not get the bike out, but he'll also have to face possible repairs to the bike. It seems that a good deed never goes unpunished.

8 Dampen The Mood

via Carandbike

Most people enjoy sunny weather and feel that the rain can dampen one's mood. That's true but not only because the sun isn't shining. Occasional rain is good and necessary, but too much of it can result in havoc. This city got too much rain and felt the devastating consequences. The rain incessantly poured for several days, resulting in a stuck car and Honda motorbike. Apart from the motor vehicles being stuck, residents also felt the consequences of the flood in their homes. That's unfortunate.

7 The Police Need Help

via Cyclevin

While the police are the ones who serve and protect, sometimes, they're the ones who need protection. Many countries in Asia have felt the devastating consequences of floods. The natural disaster that covers vehicles and houses with rain has a great impact on the country's economy. The unfortunate part of this flood is that police bikes and cars were trapped.

Citizens who needed rescue during the flood were helpless, as the police struggled to maneuver their vehicles.

The police couldn't do anything to ride their bikes, as the deep flood reached the level of bike seats.

6 Choosing The Wrong Spot

via The World News

Of the entire vicinity that the biker had to park his ride, he chose the most awkward spot. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the best place to park your motorbike is on asphalt, not on the concrete that the workers laid to dry. The owner of this bike didn't assess the situation when he chose to park his bike into laid concrete that's drying. To ensure the situation doesn't deteriorate, the owner should haul the bike out immediately before the concrete dries. If the concrete dries before the bike is out, the owner can forget about riding this bike again.

5 Camouflage

via Eastern Daily Press

Riding a superbike at blistering speeds gives speed junkies a massive thrill. What could be better than experiencing the open road while the wind pushes against your body? Many things are better than having your bike stuck in a tree. That's the unfortunate circumstance that this rider had to deal with after attempting a trick that went wrong.

The biker was riding uphill when he decided to give the bike more gas.

When he came to the edge of the cliff, the bike leaped and ended up in the tree. The bike's color fades into its environment.

4 Head First

via Hegylakok

The road is deceiving when covered with rain. Most motorbike riders and car drivers think that they can guess the depth of the road while traversing it. The one thing that most commuters fail to consider while moving over muddy waters is that the road has potholes. The rider of this bike had to find out the difficult way that you shouldn't commute when the rain has covered the road. Unfortunate circumstances can happen like the one pictured, but road users are at fault for unnecessarily exposing themselves to such conditions. Leave your bike at home when it rains.

3 High Time

via stuff.co.nz

You can find bikes almost all over the world. Whether it's the asphalt or the dirt road, bikes are ubiquitous. One of the places that you wouldn't think about looking for a bike is in a tree. Sometimes, when you push the limits of the bike, you end up in a place that you wouldn't imagine.

The owner of this bike enjoyed high speeds and decided to push the bike to its speed limit.

When the bike ended up on the tree, the biker was scratching his head about how to retrieve his ride. To help the biker, the man in the picture had to saw the branches to get the bike onto the ground.

2 Stuck Underwater

via Ninjajournalist

Getting your bike stuck on land is understandable, but having it stuck underwater is unfathomable. This bike ended up underwater after the second world war. While some ships that were transporting cars and bikes sank, others were underwater because the navy had no use for the vehicles after the war and didn't want to deal with the burden of transporting the massive cargo. What I love about the photo is that the bike is in an upright position although submerged underwater. Whoever attempts to get the bike out of the wreckage will face an arduous task.

1 Blending Into The Environment

via Saigoneer

Many gurus have stated that your environment influences you. Surrounding yourself with successful people will help you to reach their status. If you're exposed to harsh conditions, then you'll have a difficult time accomplishing success. You're a byproduct of your environment.

This bike has blended into its environment, as it was leaning against the tree.

The bike got wrapped into the growing tree, and the bike owner will have to chop down several branches to retrieve his ride. The color of the bike contributes to it blending into the tree.

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