20 Lamborghini Owners Who Took Their Supercar For Granted

Some of the best cars in the world are from Italy; cars such as the Ferrari F350 and the Lamborghini Diablo are some of the examples. These car manufacturers have made a name for themselves in our current times and made their products so awesome that everyone who loves cars wants to buy them.

I want you to think of your childhood and remember the car that you wanted the most—the majority of you would say a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. The reason behind it is that these cars have everything that a sports car is supposed to have: looks, style, speed, power, and, most importantly, personality. Lamborghini is one of those Italian carmakers that have stood the test of time and have gifted us with cars such as the Diablo, the Countach, and the Gallardo. The Lamborghini brand with the raging bull as the logo has captured our dreams and desires of owning one of their cars at some point in our lives. So, if anyone owns a car like this, we expect them to keep it the way it was intended to be kept. Sometimes, that's not the case, and people start to make fake ones to show off to their friends or have their legit ones painted in such a way that the car becomes unappealing. So, to showcase some of the “works of art,” we've gathered the most bizarre images of Lamborghinis that are just plain wrong. Sit back, and try not to cringe at this one because it gets seriously bad.

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20 Fake Blue Lamborghini

via Businessinsider

Now, this one has had me stumped for quite a while now because if you look at it the first time, you might be fooled into thinking that it’s an authentic Lamborghini. But something about this one doesn't feel right.

The car seems a bit bulky from the rear, and you can tell that something is wrong just because this one has a freaking sunroof on it.

Apparently, this car was found in China, and it was being sold for a marginal price. The police caught the seller of the car and later found out that the car had a replicated body of a Lambo and inside was a normal, cheap sedan. So, the lesson we learned from this picture is to never buy a Lamborghini from China.

19 The Dwarf Lamborghini

via carfanaticsblog

From the side view, you can guess what kind of car this is because some of the features match that of the Lamborghini, but there are a lot more things about it that are just plain wrong, and they're sad to see. First of all, the car looks like it was made for a celebrity smurf that hit it big in his world. Secondly, the car has wheels that are fit properly in the front fender, but from the rear, it looks as if there was a shortage of width for the tires. It's kind of like putting on some really tight pants, which have a hard time holding on to the goods. Now for the icing on the cake, the rear spoiler is crooked as heck, and it seems as if it were fitted by a cross-eyed monkey. Everything about this Lambo is bad, and it gets worse the more time you spend looking at it.

18 Spot the Mistake

via drivetribe

The last one really made my head spin for a moment, so I thought I should lighten the mood a little bit. For this one, I'd like for you to concentrate on this image a bit and find out what's wrong. Well, this Lamborghini Countach isn't fake; nor does it have the worst paint job on the planet. But if you look at the front, there's something odd about it. Yes! You guessed it! The front has a spoiler on it just like the rear does. Now, I know that this car is fast, but I don’t see the reason for having another spoiler on the front. Even worse is that the lights are completely useless since they're being blocked by that useless spoiler.

17 White “Lamborghini”

via gtspirit

Now, I have to say, I appreciate the work on this one because it's not a very bad replica; the front does look somewhat like a Lambo. However, the rear of the car is a totally different thing. The Gallardo has a unique feature that makes it stand out from any other sports car out there. The rear of the car is wider than the front because it's a mid-engined car, so the engine occupies most of the space in the rear. And to make the room for the tires, they have to be spaced apart. However, this car is clearly a fake because the front and the rear wheels are the same widths apart. The air scoops are also a dead giveaway of how it's not a Lamborghini.

16 Pickaghini

via drivetribe

Now, I don’t want to sound like someone who would assume things, but this dude is surely from Japan. Why, you ask? Well, it has nothing to do with Pokemon being popular in Japan. It's because the van in the background has a Japanese license plate. Also, Pokemon ARE popular in Japan, and I couldn’t think of anyone who would have an expensive Lamborghini with a Pikachu paint job. This car is a pure abomination, and I honestly feel bad about it. Sure, the paint job sucks, but there's something even worse about this one. The way “Lamborghini” is painted on the side of the car is sad because I don’t think it was necessary to mention what this car is, and even worse is the color of the text.

15 Lambo in Flames

via circlesix

This one is a bit hard to explain, but I'll try my best. This awesome-looking Lamborghini is on fire, and the front lights have the same glow as the glow from the fire on its rear, which gives it a menacing look. From this picture, I learned that Lambos look good in any condition, even if it’s on fire. I don’t know who the driver of this car was, but he sure sucks at handling a performance vehicle. It seems that the driver was speeding and hit the pole  first, causing the car to ignite. It’s sad and intriguing to see a work of art in a condition where it spilled all its guts out on the road, its rear on fire. It still looks good, though.

14 Scratched-up Lamborghini

via driven

The reason why this one is seriously hard to talk about is that there are scratches on a car that's extremely good-looking, and anyone who can think about ruining it must be a madman!

It's kind of like having a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, which is rare and expensive and having your kid draw on it with a crayon.

Even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. Anyway, this Lamborghini was reportedly scratched by a bunch of hoodlums on the street and the only reason they had to do something so sinister was that they were jealous of someone's fortune and couldn't digest seeing the guy happy. I wish they caught those punks and had them pay for the paint job on this beauty.

13 Toyota Murcielago?

via ytimg

This one's my favorite pic. The reason is that the car was spotted in London by a YouTuber, and things start to go south from there. You might be thinking that this car made the list because of the tacky paint job on this Murcielago, but there's something much more cringe-worthy behind this one.

The car immediately stood out once the guy saw it on the street, and when they approached the car, their suspicions were confirmed that the car had a body kit installed on it.

The original car seems to be a Toyota MR2, which is blasphemous if you ask me. The tacky paint job was there just to hide the mild imperfection of this replica. However, I have to give props to the guy who owns this one—the car is extremely well built and could pass as a Lambo to an inexperienced eye.

12 Bosozoku Lamborghini

via ytimg

I really despise paint jobs that have more than 2 or 3 colors, and even worse is when those colors have no contrast with each other. One such fine freaking example is this Bosozoku Lamborghini, which hails from the land of Japan. Let me break it down for you how bad this Lamborghini is. Firstly, the car has a golden primary-color paint with a tiger print pattern on top. Then, the car has these streaks of red lines going all over the freaking place without any direction. But wait! There's more! The hood and the air scoops on the front of the car have these pointed studs, which are usually seen on a rock star's jacket. THERE'S STILL MORE! The rear of this poor Lambo is fitted with a huge-ass spoiler that's usually seen on ricer cars. The owner of this car should get sued by Lamborghini for treating their car like this.

11 Ferrari-Lamborghini??

via motor1

Let's get one thing straight because I have some issues with this one that I want to showcase to you guys. This car is a replica; you can tell that by the way the front bumpers are and how the air scoops are placed. This seems to be a replica of the Murcielago, and in that car, there are no air scoops in the middle—there are only the ones on the sides. The real issue is with the stickers on the freaking car! First of all, there aren’t supposed be any stickers on an actual Lambo. Secondly, the car has a bull inside the badge of a Ferrari logo! Even worse is the text on it! “Mercy 4-U,” as if the owner wanted anyone who looks at the car to wish mercy on its poor soul.

10 Supreme Lamborghini

via Reddit

You guys must be aware of the huge influx of memes that started popping up about the Supreme brand and how they've started to overtake everything with their brand name. The Supreme logo started to pop up on shirts, hoodies, skateboards, Instagram photos, etc.

It's quite understandable to have the logo printed on shirts and hoodies, but I don’t think anyone in his right mind would want to have his expensive sports car be painted in Supreme's color scheme and logo.

Although the paint job isn't that bad for a Lamborghini, which is popular and a status symbol on its own, the terrible logo is just insane. I hope the paint was a wrap-on so that once the insanity wears off, the owner can bring the car back to its original color.

9 LeBron James Lamborghini

via motor1

Well for starters, at least it's an authentic Lamborghini, so that's something good about this car. However, the rest of it is quite questionable. Lebron James is a world-renowned basketball player, and he's also known for venturing into the realm of merchandising his success.

He launched his line of signature sneakers from Nike, which has this pattern that resembles pine-tree leaves that are intertwined with each other.

That pattern might look good on a pair of shoes, but they look abysmal on a car such as this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. LeBron roams around in this Lambo to promote his line of shoes, which is already demeaning for a car that's prestigious in every sense. Hope the paint job is actually a wrap so that, one day, he can remove this skin of embarrassment from the car.

8 Motorcycle Lamborghini

via ytimg

I don’t know what to make of this fake Lambo, but it seems that the car was intended to be a Lamborghini Aventador. So, let's get started with the overall body. The car is short in terms of length, and the overall design is somewhat lacking. The original Aventador comes with a huge V12 engine, but I was reading that it has a motorcycle engine in it, so it won’t deliver the same amount of power as the real thing. Let's hope that motorcycle engine is that of a Hayabusa; otherwise, this thing won’t even have the power to just move. The car is miniature in terms of the actual Aventador. You can get a sense of the size from the waste bin in the background.

7 Vandalized Lamborghini

via top10cars

What would you do if you bought an expensive Lamborghini Aventador with your favorite color and you parked it outside just to find out that a bunch of vandals had spray-painted on your car? This seems to be the case with the guy standing beside the car. Apparently, someone had a grudge against this dude, and that rival took his chance when he spotted the car unattended. Or maybe this dude cheated on his girlfriend and had it coming to him because you can see the word “cheater” written on the door. It turns out, though, that this car belongs to a guy named "Jason" and that he spray-painted this car himself. I don’t know why a sane person would do such a thing, but it's his property, and all we can do is make fun of it.

6 Nyan Lamborghini

via youredm

I think most of you would've seen this Lamborghini a few years ago when memes started to blow up. This meme was supposed to feature a cat that has the body of a pop tart, and it flies away in a rainbow. This became a staple among memes back in the day, and everyone was following it. However, I don’t think anyone would want to have it wrapped on a Lamborghini Aventador. That's not the case here—this particular car belongs to an extremely popular DJ called "Deadmau5," who had his car wrapped with the popular meme. I don’t know what was going on inside his head when he had the idea to have it wrapped like this, but it doesn't look good!

5 The Dragster Lamborghini

via ytimg

This one boils my blood just because of the way the car is modified to be a dragster. Lamborghini makes their cars with certain criteria in mind. The criteria basically require that the car should look beautiful, should be powerful, and should handle like a dream. However, I don’t know if this thing fits any of Lamborghini's criteria.

This Countach has been modified to the point where it's almost unrecognizable.

It's hard to decide where to begin, but let's start with the massive supercharger in the front. Lamborghinis are always mid-engined, but this one seems to have the engine in the front, and even more absurd is that it's powered by a V8. You can see that because of the 4 exhausts that are protruding behind the front wheels. The car is an abomination, and it needs to be put down.

4 Limo Lamborghini

via ytimg

Whenever there's a need for a limo, usually, the first car that comes to mind is the Hummer, but if you want to get there fast, then there's something for you out there. Introducing this white Lamborghini Limousine, which is obviously fake, and we can’t be more thankful for that. A Lamborghini is supposed to be a supercar, not a car where you pick up drunk people and drive them around to their parties. Even the thought of having an actual Lamborghini stretch is enough to make me sick. I’m not even sure if it's a good idea to drive around in this thing because everyone will instantly know it's a fake, and nobody thinks fake cars are cool. So, anyone thinking about hiring a Lambo stretch should maintain their dignity and hire a Hummer like everyone else does.

3 This Thing!

via definitivelist

You might be wondering why there's an SUV in this list when we're clearly talking about Lamborghinis. You might not be aware of this vehicle, but it was one of the first Lamborghini SUVs out there. You have to keep in mind that this car was available when the Countach and the Diablo were already out. After designing some of the most beautiful and legendary cars out there, how did they come up with something like this? It seems to be a mixture of a Humvee and a Land Rover. The look of the SUV might not be as good, but the car is much better in terms of performance when compared to any of its competitors. Sometimes, the appeal lies in the looks, not what's inside.

2 Destroying a Lamborghini

via crazywolfy

This one is the most painful one to write about, and it's from our friends over at China. The main reason behind this was that a Chinese businessman was having trouble getting his car fixed because of the lack of care from the workers at the car dealership, and in order to showcase his anger and frustration, he ordered a bunch of workers and armed them with sledgehammers. Afterward, they were told to smash the cars to bits! After the workers were tired of smashing this Italian beauty to pieces, the spectators had a go at it. I understand the frustration with not getting the car fixed, but why have it destroyed and lose any value the car had? Anyways, it's the rich guy's car, and he can do anything he wants to it.

1 All-Steel Lamborghini

via complex

Our last one is also from our friends over at China who are really good at replicating things. I'm honestly not sure if this is a Lamborghini or not, but it seems like the guy who was trying to build this one had a Lambo in mind. Anyways, this car is in all-steel construction from what it looks like in the image, and the size of it makes me think how an engine that's powerful enough is going to fit inside. Lamborghinis are made from lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber so that they weigh as little as possible, but this dude took it up a notch and strapped on some heavy-duty steel! The best part of the car is the seats—they're also made of steel, and they don't look comfortable at all. Well, whatever makes that guy happy—it's all good.

Source: Google Images

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