20 Least Expensive Trucks To Insure In America

Unless you are swimming in cash and don’t fear a financial disaster, you may want to consider insurance premiums that you can pay for different models of trucks. This may be a major determining factor in deciding which truck is ideal for you. Once you get your truck, you will finish paying for your vehicle loan, but you will never stop paying insurance premiums until you sell your truck. If you consider this, you will need to determine what trucks are within your budget for insurance before you make a purchase decision.

If you are on a budget, you may be tempted to go for a cheaper truck in the mistaken belief that this will cost you less to insure. Generally, that might be accurate, but there are other factors that can drive down insurance rates for a higher end truck.

An upscale truck may be cheaper to insure since because of low claim rates made by others with a similar truck. As well, buying a second-hand truck will not necessarily result in cheaper rates. A truck might be prone to breakdowns, or the model may have a bad record of frequent accidents.

It would be unwise to get a cheaper truck only to end up spending so much more on insurance and other costs as compared to someone with a pricier truck. We decided to profile the cheapest trucks to insure in America to help your decisions. Check out the list here.

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20 2017 Chevrolet Colorado

via caranddriver.com

The Chevy Colorado truck has a place on our list as the cheapest to insure. This truck is also top of the reliability ratings amongst trucks. Talk about a good thing!

Insuring the Colorado will cost you less than the national average for insuring trucks. A Chevy Colorado will cost you on average $1,138 in annual insurance premium payments. The national average for trucks’ insurance nationally stands at $1,474. The difference is quite significant.

The Chevrolet Colorado, extended cab truck sets you back $1,066 in yearly payments for insurance. The smaller vehicle, the Chevrolet crew cab will cost you about $1,121. The smaller vehicle is costlier because, in the case of a collision, passengers in the smaller car are likely to get more hurt.

The Colorado’s impressive lower premium rate is also affected by its very high safety and theft ratings. According to trustedchoice.com, this vehicle has been awarded 4-5 rate standing on almost all safety features. Insuring this vehicle is cheaper because should it crash, the occupants are likely to come out safe, or with few injuries. The Chevy Colorado Crew Cab has been awarded a rating of "Good" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This is the highest rating that can be awarded to any vehicle by the institute.

19 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

via car and driver

Anything from Chevrolet is usually an all-around leader in almost every aspect. The Silverado 1500 has won many awards and continues to do so. The best part of owning a Silverado is its affordability, even with its excellent quality. Insurance premiums of the Chevy Silverado 1500 are quite low and very close to the cheapest in the United States.

The average insurance rate you will pay for the Chevy Silverado 1500 is $114 every month. The lowest insurance premium per month for the Silverado 1500 is $109. The highest rate for this truck is $119 for the LTZ trim, according to cheapcarinsurance.net. Such a price seems very reasonable for this hard working truck.

Some states seem to view the Silverado as totally indestructible. What else could you say of Maine, where the average insurance rate for a Silverado is $76! Louisiana is slightly different, and it is the state with the highest average at $206 per month.

The Chevrolet Silverado is an elegant truck to own if you just prefer the pick-up style or you need a workhorse. It works hard but has great fuel efficiency. It retails at a starting price of $27,785, which many American consumers can afford. Couple this with low insurance costs and there is no reason not to get one.

18 2017 GMC Canyon

via caranddriver.com

GMC specializes in creating the best trucks you can find anywhere. Their trucks are not easily distinguished from those of Chevrolet and are of very high quality. The only thing average about GMC trucks is their pricing, and especially that of insurance premiums.

GMC vehicles are ranked at #17 cheapest to insure out of 36 different car models. You spend on average $1,513.75 to insure a GMC truck. Apparently, its top of the range standing on quality has impacted insurance premiums that you pay for the trucks. GMC is a division of General Motors, as you may already know. They are well known for never compromising on exceptional quality and upscale features.

GMC trucks have a very excellent record in regards to theft. There is not a single GMC vehicle on the list of top ten most frequently stolen vehicles in the United States, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Nationally, GMC trucks are not easy targets for thieves. This is what keeps the insurance rates low for GMC Canyon.

Another reason why GMC Canyon is so affordable to insure is their pocket-friendly prices. The Canyon has a starting MSRC of $17,490. Although not a budget truck, it is in the right price range, which makes insurance premiums low.

17 2017 Toyota Tundra

via the drive

This vehicle sells fast in America. This full sized truck is extra capable off-road and has a very roomy back seating. It is now in its second generation, after the first release in 2000. The average cost of insuring this vehicle varies but averages at $135 per month or $1,620 annually nationally.

The Toyota Tundra has top of the range safety features, which puts it ahead of many of its class members. The NHTSA gave the Toyota Tundra a rating of 4 for overall safety. In the NHTSA tests given, this truck earned the top rating of 5 for the side crash test. It also did impressively on the rollover and frontal crash test in which it received a 4 stars rating. IIHS gave Tundra the highest rating on all tests performed, except the moderate overlap front test which got it a marginal score.

With its two powerful V8 engines, the Toyota Tundra can do what you want done. Some critics complain about what they perceive as its poor towing and hauling abilities. It is worth a look at, that is if staying safe is crucial for you. It is yet another one from Toyota, an automaker well represented in the top ten cheapest cars to insure.

16 Toyota Tacoma

via pinterest.com

This vehicle from the Japanese automaker is always on a glory list. The average insurance rate nationally for this truck is $142 each month. This figure translates to $1704 per year. These are average rates though because the actual premium you end up paying is determined by so many factors.

Monthly premiums for this vehicle vary widely across the states. According to cheapcarinsurance.net, the state that has the lowest average monthly insurance payments is Maine at $69. Michigan has the highest average standing at $202. If you live in Maine, this is a vehicle you could consider buying.

The Tacoma has impressive road capabilities and admirable payload capacity. No wonder it is a top seller in America. It comes fully loaded with safety features. It has seatbelt pre-tensioners, airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft system. No wonder that the insurance rates are rather low for such a good truck.

The Tacoma has received high ratings on its safety from the NHTSA and IIHS. The NHTSA gave the Tacoma an average rating of 4 on overall safety, which is the second highest rating of what they give.

It seems like the Tacoma is a good vehicle if you want a truck that is versatile, hardy and inexpensive to maintain.

15 Nissan Frontier

via nissan.ca

The frontier pick-up truck from the Japanese manufacturer, Nissan makes it on our list. On average, it costs about $147 per month to insure this vehicle. This figure translates to about $1,764 every year.

It comes packed with safety features that make it quite safe to travel in, and a delight of insurance companies. It has airbags, stability control, Anti-theft system and anti-lock brakes. This vehicle was in the last year given a 4 star rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA) for overall safety. This is no mean achievement, which makes insurance companies love this vehicle.

The NHTSA did the frontal and crash tests on this frontier and the vehicle came out excellently. It got 5 stars for two tests, the highest rating by NHTSA. The frontier was given 4 stars for the rollover crash. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also gave the Nissan excellent ratings after testing it for some crash situations. The institute awarded the frontier ‘good’ in the side crash and the moderate overlap front crash test. Good is the highest rating by the institute. The Nissan frontier earned "acceptable," the second highest rating from IIHS, for the rear crash protection test.

The Nissan frontier is certainly a crash-resistant vehicle, which is good news for insurance payments.

14 2017 Ram 1500

via motortrend.com

Ram 1500 is a truck model from an award-winning brand. Ram trucks were first created in 1981. Because of their excellent construction, Ram 1500 was the winner of the Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, 2014 and 2015.

The truck is built by people who strive to build trucks for "real truck customers." You can be sure that when you get a Ram truck, you are getting the best value for your money. They cut no shortcuts. US News & World Report recognized the superiority of Ram trucks and awarded them the Best Full-size Truck for the Money.

The 2017 Ram 1500 comes well equipped with safety features that help you save cash on insurance. They have airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, stability control, Anti-theft system and anti-lock brakes. Your ram should have these features if you do not want to pay too much for insurance. You pay an average of $1776 annually in insurance premiums for this truck.

Most insurers will insure your ram truck for you. The Ram 1500 is also very well constructed and features a turbo diesel engine that is very fuel efficient, a premium cabin and provides an excellent ride. The base price of a 2017 Ram 1500 is $26,495.

13 2017 Ford F-150

via caranddriver.com

Ford F 150 is a hardworking and very durable truck. It has some of the highest safety records amongst trucks. In the event of an accident, it may greatly damage the other vehicle, while keeping the passengers within quite safe. This vehicle has excellent construction using top quality materials.

It seems like more people value safety above other considerations because the Ford F-150 is the most bought pick-up truck in America. So common are these pick-up trucks in the USA, that if a thief makes away with your truck, they are likely to just melt into the crowd. According to carinsurancecomparison.com, Ford F 150 is the fourth most stolen vehicle in America.

Considering the frequency of theft of this vehicle, you can expect the comprehensive coverage of this truck to be just a little costly. However, the Ford F150 has the lowest number of medical payment and personal injury claims of any pick-up in its class.

The premiums paid for this vehicle average at $1,884 per year nationally. Many other factors do affect the actual costs of premiums paid per year for this vehicle. Some factors regarding the driver’s record, the required amount of coverage you need, and the vehicle’s trim come into play. It retails at a base price of $27,110.

12 2008 GMC Sierra

via car and driver

The GMC Sierra is a working man’s vehicle despite its obvious bend to luxury. It is constructed by GMC, a division of General Motors, and has been around for quite long since 1960. The figures you part with to insure your GMC truck are determined by a number of factors including variables such as demographics, driving record, the number of miles you intend to drive in a year, trim and model package of your vehicle, and others.

A 2011 GMC Sierra can set you back $1,250 to $1,670 in insurance payments depending on the model you buy. A 2008 Sierra can cost you much less at about $1,120 to $1,460. The older GMC costs less because of depreciation in value. The national average per month to insure a GMC is $165.

GMC vehicles are rarely stolen and this makes them relatively cheap to insure. Some also have excellent ratings for safety. GMC vehicles are insured by most auto insurers. The Denali, the hybrid and the 1500 are the three models of the Sierra that are in production today. Insurance rates are different between the three models.

The Sierra is the most affordable with a base price of $28,000, and Denali goes for at least $55,000. Insurance rates will be higher for the more expensive vehicle.

11 2017 Honda Ridgeline

via honda.com

The Honda Ridgeline stands out amongst classmates because of its roomy cabin, smooth ride, plenty of storage space and innovative touches. It is a mid-sized pick-up so top of the range that it makes classmates appear like they are from a while back. Its unique construction has earned it back to back 10 Best Awards from caranddriver.com.

This truck has been created with the best balance between everyday usability and practicality. Considering this kind of attributes, the Ridgeline is certainly a vehicle to go for.

But how much insurance can you expect to fork out for this much-acclaimed truck?

As stated previously, many factors contribute to amount that you will pay for insurance. You might not think that your marital status matter to insurers, but it does. As well your credit score will matter, as will how far you live from your workplace. Some insurers will even give you a discount if you have other policies with them, or are a student. You should check what qualifies you for a discount from your insurer.

All that being said, you can expect to spend on average $2,292 per year for basic coverage for your 2017 Honda Ridgeline. This translates to $191 per month. The base price for this vehicle is $29,475.

10 2018 Toyota Tundra

via motor1.com

This is one of the more recent trucks that stands out as rather cheap to insure. But for such a relatively new entrant into the market to be noticeably cheap, it must be a most basic model. The more upscale the truck, the more you will have to pay for insurance coverage.

The 2018 Toyota Tundra has a nice advantage over other pick-up trucks in its class that are inexpensive to insure because it has a body that has a crew-cab set-up. The Tundra has top of the range safety technologies as well as serious capability.

This vehicle can tow a maximum of 6,800 lb thanks to its powerful V8 engine. For safety features, it is equipped with rearview camera, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert, pedestrian detection, pre-collision system and automatic emergency braking.

It has a 6.1-inch touchscreen with a standard infotainment system. You certainly will not be short of features with this Toyota just because you are looking for a truck with lower insurance. The full-size Toyota pickup is a bit less expensive to insure than its mid-size sibling. The vehicle retails at $28,286, or more for the least expensive trim, according to cargurus.com.

9 2018 Ram 1500

via car and driver

Just like the 2017 Ram 1500, the 2018 model is also on our list of least expensive trucks to insure. The presence of this truck on our list has something to do with its dated platform, even though this pickup is quite modern. This Ram, however, is not as inexpensive to insure as the Tundra.

It features an award-winning V6, 3.6-liter engine combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission as its powertrain. It also has 269 lb-ft of torque and 305 hp. This engine is quite fuel efficient and travels 25mpg. It has the ability to tow up to 7270 lbs. It also has a regular cab base body style, a six-speaker audio system, air conditioning, and standard rearview camera.

The ram is described as a good truck, according to US News. It has a better interior than all full-size pick-up truck classmates. It is also quite roomy and provides an enjoyable smooth ride. Its only major drawback is it is below average hauling and towing capabilities. Others in its class outperform it in this area.

Fiat Chrysler has added Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a rearview camera as standard. The 2018 Ram 1500 is surely a prize, and you don’t have to break your bank to afford insurance premiums for this full-size pick-up truck.

8 2018 Chevrolet Silverado

via pinterest.com

Chevrolet seems very well represented on our list. With their trucks, however, you will find you pay much less insurance for larger trucks. If you go for a starter model of the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado that is a workhorse and that puts functionality above fanciness, you will get a good deal for your insurance.

The 2018 Silverado has key advantages over its competition and thus a place in our list. Its cabin is unexpectedly well-connected and has the My-Link system as standard. This system merges Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration with a mobile WiFi hotspot, which is also standard, and a 7-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is for voice recognition, audio-streaming, and hands-free calling.

And if all that is not pure value for your money, the Silverado has a forceful V6, 4.3-liter engine that provides 285 hp, and 305 Lb-ft torque. It has a capacity to tow three tons. US News has ranked the Chevrolet Silverado at #3 in its class of full-size pickup trucks. Its positives include predictable reliability and upscale interiors. Its hauling and towing capacities are top of the range.

It has commendable performance off-road and excellent maneuverability. It is laden with tech features such as forward collision warning and lane keep assist. It competes well with rivals in its class and has a base price of $28,000.

7 2018 Chevrolet Colorado

via hiconsumption.com

If you want to get the lowest insurance cost from this top performing truck, you will have to go for a base model that is low feature and high function. Yet even with that kind of truck, this Colorado does match its full-size siblings in some features. It has an all-inclusive infotainment system that has a rearview camera, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a mobile WiFi hotspot and so on.

This basic Colorado beats the competition in fuel economy and power. It is equipped with a four-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine that provides a horsepower of 200 and 191 Lb-ft torque. It has EPA ratings of 22mpg combined, 26mpg highway, and 20mpg city. It also has a decent tow rating at 3,500 lbs.

US News gives it a decent #3 amongst compact trucks. Even at its most basic, it is one of the most capable compact trucks available, according to US News' website. It has a rather cozy cabin and rides comfortably.

This truck is much capable and will tackle almost anything you want it to. Its price is also a deal compared to others in its class. Its starting price starts at slightly above $20,000 which is the lowest in its class for a pickup of its capability.

6 2018 Ford F-150

via caranddriver.com

Another entrant from Ford Motors makes it to our list. The 2018 model of the F-150 has body and bed panels that have Aluminum of military-grade, but this is still a damn cheap truck to insure. The new model truck has improved capability and fuel efficiency thanks in part to the lightweight Aluminum construction. The entry level F-150 has undergone a major upgrade from the 2017 model including receiving a brand new engine.

It is equipped with a V6, 3.3-liter engine that supplies horsepower of 290 and 265 lb-ft torque. Fuel efficiency has also increased by 10% over the previous year’s ratings. Its tow rating also has increased to 5000 lb. This entry level F-150 also features a removable tailgate, air conditioning, and a rearview camera.

The F-150 truck has been Ford’s best seller for decades, and thus the manufacturer’s cash cow for so long. It is also America’s top-selling truck model. This truck is pretty good looking and can accomplish almost any task you may want done.

The F-150 for 2018 is redesigned with new wheels, tailgates, exterior lighting, bumpers and grille designs. As well, the 2018 F-150 powertrain that includes the new base V-6 3.3 liter engine has auto start/stop technology.

5 2018 GMC Sierra

via caranddriver.com

This is a rather upscale entry into our list of least expensive vehicles to insure. But there are only 11 pickup truck models in the market for now, so it is not like we are spoilt for choice. This is why the rather luxurious GMC Sierra has a position in our list. But, even with the GMC Sierra, only the most basic work truck will allow you to get pretty low insurance rates.

This truck features infotainment technologies that are now standard and big-time. When you get this truck straight from the factory, it has a rearview camera display, 7-inch IntelliLink touchscreen display, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a mobile WiFi Hotspot. This is the basic truck that will get you insurance that is on the cheaper side.

As well, just like with the Silverado, it has a tailgate that can be considered high-utility. This standard tailgate is accessible through the CornerStep rear bumper and is lockable. It also has a V6 torquey engine that provides a 305 lb-ft torque and a horsepower of 285.

This base Sierra that will allow you to have this top range truck for a low insurance rate come ready for job sites and have rubberized coverings for the floor.

4 2018 GMC Canyon

via nydailynews.com

US News website gives 2018 GMC Canyon a rating of 9.2 out of ten for safety and ranks it at #3 in compact pickup trucks. Perhaps its high score on safety is its big advantage when it comes to insurance rates. The 2018 GMC Canyon is the cheapest mid-sized pick-up truck to insure in America.

It has tons of ideal features as is the case with everything GMC. Its towing ability is at the top of its class, and it also has great fuel economy. It is also a leader in its class in regards to hauling. Its cabin is rather appealing and made from top quality materials. Riding in the Canyon is rather enjoyable as it provides a very smooth ride. It also retails at a very reasonable price compared to class members.

The basic model that will get you low and affordable insurance comes powered by a four-cylinder, 200 hp engine. It also has bumper steps integrated for easier access to the bed. This base model also has basic GMC signature features such as carpeted floormats, a power-adjustable four-way seat for the driver, and halogen projector-beam headlights. For all this top of the range features, the GMC Canyon has a base price of slightly above $21,000.

3 2018 Honda Ridgeline

via caranddriver.com

Insuring this truck is slightly pricier than insuring most others in the mid-size class. But most of those other trucks are available at their lowest cost when you purchase their extended cabin or smallest regular configurations. This Honda is different in that it has a roomy rear setting and a standard crew cab.

It has a standard V6 engine that provides 262 lb-ft torque and 280 hp. It has a base towing capacity of up to 3,500 lb. According to US News website, the 2018 Ridgeline outperforms all other compact pickups in its class. It has a high safety score of 9.7 out of ten in its class.

It provides an extra smooth ride and has a better cabin than most of its competition. Its bed is versatile and laden with safety features. Maybe this is what makes the ridgeline pretty cheap to insure, especially if you get the base model.

The Ridgeline has a decidedly upscale interior, great driving dynamics, and ample engine power. But all this comes at a price. The base price for the 2018 Honda Ridgeline is almost $30,000 which is the highest in the compact truck segment. However, if refinement is something you love, get the Ridgeline and pay reduced premiums for so much class.

2 2015 Nissan Frontier S King Cab

via antelope valley volkswagen

This Nissan Frontier is a pretty good mid-sized pick-up truck, even with its low insurance premiums. Nissan lovers view this pick-up as tried and tested, and would not choose any other model. This frontier sells at $17,990 and features a four-cylinder, 152 hp engine, 6.1-foot bed, a manual transmission and two-wheel drive. It has an optional V6 engine that is perhaps more powerful and provides 261 hp. It has five-speed and six-speed manual transmission depending on the engine. Most models have a five-speed automatic transmission.

It is ranked #1 by US News under 2015 compact pickup trucks. This truck has excellent off-road capability, but it has to be well equipped to perform. This vehicle provides a smooth ride over smooth surfaces but not over bumpy roads.

This 2015 Nissan Frontier has the best safety rating amongst class members. Perhaps this is what makes this Nissan very cheap to insure, even though it does not feature many advanced safety features. IIHS, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave this Nissan the highest rating of ‘Good’ in three out of four crash tests done. For the rear crash test, the Nissan scored a rating of ‘Acceptable’.

This sure is a good vehicle model for someone who does not care about super modern features.

1 2015 Toyota Tacoma 2WD Access Cab 4-cylinder

via carconceptz.com

This pickup had the lowest insurance rates paid for any truck in America in 2015. Not only are the insurance premiums paid for this vehicle low, it also has an affordable price of $20,965 MSRP.

The base Tacoma comes with a manual transmission, rear wheel drive, and a four-cylinder, 2.7 liters, 159 hp engine that has good fuel efficiency. It has good numbers for fuel efficiency for a pick-up, with 25mpg on highways and 21 mpg for cities.

For this Tacoma, Toyota offers "its family of Eutune touch-screen infotainment system" according to jdpowers.com. It comes with Eutune App Suite Technology upgrades, premium audio, navigation and reversing camera.

This 2015 Tacoma has excellent off-road ability. It comes in a convenient size and has excellent resale value. It has a good safety record and earned a ‘Good’ rating from the IIHS for three out of three tests performed. This is certainly the reason this Tacoma has such a low insurance rate. It is a safe vehicle and if that should mean anything to you, you should go for one.

It has enough features and if super modern features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay do not mean so much to you, this could be a vehicle for you.

Sources: caranddriver.com, usnews.com, jalopnik.com

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