19 License Plates People Actually Got Away With At The DMV

In the United States of America, in order to obtain a driver’s license or a registration for your motor vehicle, you have to pay a visit to the DMV, which stands for the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a government agency on a state level, which means that each US state has its own version of the DMV. The full name of this agency may vary from state to state. While some states, such as California, New York, and Nevada, use the term "Department of Motor Vehicles," other states, such as Colorado, New Hampshire, and Idaho, use the term "Division of Motor," whereas in New Jersey. the agency is known as "Motor Vehicle Commission." It's also worth noting that in some states, these typical DMV functions aren’t always handled by one single agency. However, regardless of all these differences, the term "DMV" is colloquially used in every state as a generic term, and everyone knows what it means.

Since America is a huge country, it's perfectly acceptable to have personalized license plates. Personalized license plates are a fun and easy way to customize your car. While some people will stick to harmless nicknames, others will try to get anything past the DMV’s standards. From word plays to immature jokes and even some homophobia and racism, let’s take a look at 19 license plates that managed to get past the DMV screeners.

19 Odd Priorities

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The state of Virginia offers a certain kind of specialized plates that are popular with families who have small children. These plates will have "Virginia" written at the top, "kids first" written at the bottom (both phrases written in bright colors and in a font that appears to be Comic Sans MS), and two red handprints on the left (which are meant to look like handprints left by children who previously dipped their hands in red paint). In between "Virginia" and "kids first," you can write anything that you want. These license plates are meant to be a fun way to indicate to other drivers that there are children on board. One parent thought it would be hilarious for the middle part to be "eat the" because when you say it all together, it says, "eat the kids first"! A lot of parents will harmlessly joke about eating their children; it’s a joke that’s been around for many decades–our parents joked about it to us, their parents joked about it to them, and we’ll joke about it to our kids. It’s also possible that this could be a message for the zombie apocalypse–odd priorities, don’t you think?

18 Insult Plates

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Here, we have someone who uses his license plate to insult hundreds, maybe even thousands of people anytime they hit the road. Whoever this person is, he's obviously quite the misanthrope if he loves the idea of insulting every person who drives directly behind him. We have to admit, this license plate is pretty hilarious, so while he's clearly someone who hates people, he has a pretty good sense of humor about it! This is something that you could imagine a grumpy, misanthropic character, such as Larry David’s character from the hit TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm, doing.

The hilarity of this plate could be the main reason why it got past the DMV screeners–they probably laughed so hard when they saw it and decided it would be a shame to reject it!

It’s hardly surprising that DMV screeners have this kind of sense of humor, as they probably don’t really like people all that much. And who can blame them? They have to deal with all kinds of people coming in to get their license plates approved. Many of these plates are just disgusting, and not everyone takes it well when told that a license plate has been rejected!

17 PMS All The Time

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Anyone who has a uterus has experienced the joys of PMS, and those who don’t have a uterus have definitely experienced these joys by proxy. And by "joys," we actually mean the horrors of PMS, of course. When ‘’that time of the month’’ is approaching for someone, she can become really irritable and emotional. However, this particular driver obviously feels like that all the time, so she decided that her license plate should let everyone know that she's constantly PMS-ing, thus warning other drivers that she has no patience for their mistakes. It could also be an excuse for her bad driving–she's feeling terrible due to PMS, so she's driving like a crazy person! The more likely explanation for this license plate is that it shouldn’t be taken literally–PMS doesn’t last all the time; she probably just has a difficult personality, and this is just she and her friends and family joking that she's PMS-ing all the time! If you find yourself behind this person, you should think twice before overtaking her, and if she overtakes you and yells at you for being too slow while she's doing it, just look at the license plate, and you’ll understand why!

16 When Memes Are Life

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We live in an age where social media is everything, and no matter which social media’s feed you decide to scroll through, you’ll be able to see a vast number of memes. And if you don’t know what memes are, then you’ve probably been living under a rock! This particular license plate was clearly inspired by one of those many memes captioned "Deez Nuts." According to the website Know Your Meme, "Deez Nuts" surfaced online in 2015 in a series of video remixes consisting of a short clip of internet personality WelvenDaGreat uttering the phrase during a phone call to his friend. This clip was then added as a punchline in numerous videos that were then uploaded to Instagram and the now-defunct Vine. Whatever video, movie scene, TV show scene, or news clip you can think of, there's probably a "Deez Nuts" remix of it.

The meme became so popular that in July 2015, news outlets reported that someone had applied as an independent candidate for the then-upcoming 2016 Presidential Election under the name "Deez Nuts"!

This candidate was later revealed to be a 15-year-old boy and thus an ineligible candidate. The owner of this license plate was probably gutted that people couldn’t vote for him!

15 It's Not Me; It’s The Menopause!

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Ah, menopause. After several decades of suffering through PMS, period pains, and heavy bleeding, there comes a time in your life (if you have a uterus, that is) when your periods stop. This usually occurs in your late forties or early fifties, although there's such a thing as premature menopause, and there have also been cases of people getting their periods well into their sixties. Your body stops producing the volume of hormones (namely progesterone and estrogen) that it used to produce, and you’re no longer able to have children because you can’t produce any eggs. This can also lead to symptoms such as hot flashes (lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to ten minutes and include both shivering and sweating–lovely!) and mood changes. All in all, it's not exactly a walk in the park, and most elderly women will definitely confirm that. Clearly, the owner of this license plate has gone through menopause, and she wants everyone to know—either because she likes oversharing or because she wants to jokingly use it as an excuse for her bad driving. That's fine—as long as her driving isn’t so bad that she's endangering herself and others.

14 Ms. What???

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Joking about bodily functions is an old and immature type of humor, but people are always going to joke about it. No matter how old you are, occasionally, one of those jokes will make you laugh. And we have to say, this license plate is actually pretty hilarious! What makes us laugh even more is the fact that the particular DMV screeners who approved this license plate obviously care so little about anything that they saw this license plate and thought, "Yeah, whatever... let’s just approve this. What do we care?" Thanks to them, we now have a woman from California driving around with this bizarre title that she gave herself! To be honest, it’s actually quite refreshing to see that someone has a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.

Many people wouldn’t be able to make a joke like this at their own expense because their fragile egos just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

This woman clearly doesn’t care what others are going to think of her. Her priority is to make anyone driving behind her laugh, even if she embarrasses herself in the process. So, just keep up the good work and stay true to yourself, California Poop Girl!

13 Blame It On The Alcohol

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Here, we have a certain driver from Virginia who wants everyone else to know that he loves alcohol. Here’s hoping that it’s just a young adult who loves to party just making a bit of a joke and that it’s not a drunk driver and/or someone who's genuinely an alcoholic! For any kids reading this, drunk driving is never actually okay. It’s one of the most dangerous things that you could do because not only are you endangering yourself; you’re also endangering everyone else who’s on the road while you’re driving under the influence. You may think that you’re fine, but alcohol messes up your reflexes and perception in ways that you’re not even aware of. So, just find a designated driver or order an Uber. Also, Virginian Alcohol Lover, we hope you’re someone who just enjoys occasionally getting drunk on weekends with friends and that you don’t have a substance-abuse problem. Now let’s get back to a more light-hearted tone. This license plate really is quite funny, and clearly, the DMV screeners agree; otherwise, they wouldn’t have approved it. It goes to show that DMV screeners are way funnier than people give them credit for! Keep it up!

12 How To Attract A Cop

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Boy, cops must love stopping this person! Let’s be honest—with this license plate, this driver’s just made himself an easy target for when the cops have no leads in a hit-and-run case. When in doubt, you might as well just go and pay a visit to the person who has "hitnrun" written on his license plate! Here’s hoping that this person always has a rock-solid alibi whenever the cops visit him.

It would be really awkward if someone got into serious trouble with the law simply because of a slightly tasteless joke!

And another thing—let’s hope that this license plate is genuinely just a slightly tasteless joke and not a confession in the form of a license plate! It would be anything but funny if the owner of this license plate has more than a few hit-and-runs on his conscience. Of course, this could also be a tactic to deliberately attract a cop’s attention. After all, there are many people out there who have a thing for people in uniforms. That’s probably why there are a lot of ‘’hot female cop’’ Halloween costumes! And it goes the other way–many women love dating guys in uniforms!

11 When Rich People Love To Brag

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Well, this is certainly one of the most obnoxious ways to let everyone know that you’re a rich person! Simply driving a Mercedes is more than enough evidence of your material status–have you ever seen a poor person driving a Mercedes? Therefore, if you’re seen in a Mercedes, people will automatically assume that you’re, in fact, not poor, not even in the slightest. However, this person decided to take it one step further and ordered himself a vanity plate that informs everyone on the road that he's definitely not poor. This just screams, "Hey, everybody! Pay attention to me, a super-rich person! I drive a Mercedes, and I can afford a vanity plate, so I’m probably richer than you! Also, I’m better than you because I’m rich! Bow down, peasants!" Well, he's probably getting all that attention that he so desperately craves—but for all the wrong reasons. He's probably one of the most hated drivers on the road, especially if he treats other drivers on the road as second-class citizens because they’re not as rich as he is. It wouldn’t surprise us if his car gets keyed on a regular basis. Well, at least he can afford it!

10 Digestive Problems?

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Al Bundy, is that you? Have you traded in your beloved Dodge for a Chevrolet minivan? Anyone who’s seen an episode of the hit FOX sitcom Married… With Children is aware of the fact that the main character Al Bundy spends a long time on the toilet, leaving a foul stench behind. This license plate seems exactly like the kind he would get—if he could afford it, of course. You see, another running joke on the TV show was that Al Bundy made very, very little money working as a shoe salesman. That’s why he drove a really old Dodge that was in terrible condition, and it was actually pretty dangerous to drive. By the way, here’s a fun fact: Al Bundy was portrayed by Ed O’Neill, whom most of you know as Jay Pritchett from Modern Family. Anyway, back to the license plate. If this driver has to make two-hour restroom stops at gas stations on the highway, it must take him a really long time to reach his destination! Also, a moment of silence for all the poor people who have had to use that restroom after him–gas-station restrooms are pretty disgusting as they are!

9 Vegan Driver

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If there’s one thing that you can count on, it’s the fact that all vegans you come across will let you know that they’re a vegan within seconds of introducing themselves. Okay, that’s a bit of a generalization. There are plenty of vegans who aren't in your face about it, and veganism certainly is a noble lifestyle choice, but there are far too many vegans who have a holier-than-thou attitude, which makes them, quite frankly, insufferable. Some of the more extreme ones will compare eating animals to some of the biggest crimes against humanity such as the Holocaust, while the most extreme will physically attack anything and anyone associated with the meat industry. They're hated so much that other people constantly make jokes about them. Scroll through any social media feed, and you’ll see plenty of memes about vegans telling everyone that they’re vegans, even when that information is completely unrelated to the topic of the conversation. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that there’s a vegan out there who decided to order himself a license plate that lets everyone know that he's a vegan and that he hates meat. Maybe the DMV screeners hoped that a meat eater would key this vegan's car if that carnivore saw this license plate.

8 Snakes In A Car


This license plate is, quite frankly, a stroke of genius. Here, we can see a yellow Ford SVT Mustang Cobra. "SVT" stands for "Special Vehicle Team," which is a division of the Ford Motor Company. The SVT Cobra was produced from 1993 to 2004 and, during that period, was considered a top-of-the-line vehicle. It's also considered to be a muscle car, which is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as being "any of a group of American-made 2-door sports cars with powerful engines designed for high-performance driving." Basically, a muscle car is the American term for a high-performance vehicle. The owner of this particular SVT Cobra clearly has a brilliant sense of humor, given that he decided to get a license plate that has "hissss" written on it! If he also happens to be a Harry Potter fan, it goes without saying that the official online Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz most likely sorted him into Slytherin, given that serpents are the symbol of that particular Hogwarts house. Who knows—maybe he's also a Parselmouth, meaning that he can talk to snakes, just like Harry Potter and Voldemort (sorry–He Who Must Not Be Named)? Hopefully, he's not one of the Death Eaters!

7 Thank Your Parents

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You know, it’s really sweet when children appreciate what their parents have done for them, and it’s also really sweet when parents are willing to do anything for their kids. Buying a car isn’t cheap, especially when you’re a teenager still living at home with your parents. Most 16-year-olds can’t get a job that pays a lot of money because they still go to school. Therefore, it really is a huge help if their parents get them their first car. It seems that the owner of this particular license plate was so grateful that his dad bought him his first car that he decided to express his gratitude even on his license plate. On the other hand, the license plate could've been the dad’s idea–the dad might've only agreed to buy his son a car on the condition that his license plate said: "IOU DAD." This is perfectly possible–after all, dad jokes are a well-known thing, and this particular dad could love taking his dad jokes to the extreme! We’re sure that the DMV screeners had a good laugh when they saw this license plate–some of them maybe even sympathize with the dad!

6 Better Safe Than Sorry

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You know what they say–fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me! Clearly, the owner of this particular license plate has been through a particularly messy divorce and hadn’t signed a prenuptial agreement. He might've even lost a beloved car to his former spouse!

Clearly still reeling from that experience and eager to learn from his mistakes but also willing to joke about it when he bought a new car for himself, he decided to cover his bases with this license plate and let any potential future spouse know that a prenup is a must-have for him.

Fair enough—these things should be discussed beforehand anyway, so he's probably saved himself a few awkward arguments and breakups with a woman unwilling to sign a prenup. And since he's driving an Audi, he probably has a lot of money, so it’s important for him to sign a prenup if he doesn't want to give away half of his assets to his former spouse. Of course, when you’re deeply in love, you think that the marriage is going to last forever and that a prenup is unnecessary. Clearly, this driver discovered that not every marriage will last!

5 How Not To See It?

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When you first glance at this license plate, the phrase "not see" seems pretty harmless. Grammatically incorrect, yes, but other than that, completely harmless, innocent, and inoffensive. However, life has taught us that things aren’t always what they appear to be at first glance, and this license plate is definitely a good example of that. Just say the phrase ‘’not see’’ out loud, and say it quickly, and you’ll realize that it sounds just like the word "Nazi"! This license plate doesn’t seem so harmless now, does it? Now, no one’s suggesting that the owner of this license plate is an actual Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer, especially because there don’t seem to be any accompanying swastikas anywhere on the car. He could just be someone with a dark and twisted sense of humor. Regardless, a lot of people would probably agree that this joke is definitely a bit on the tasteless side, and if the owner actually is a Nazi, then it’s a horrific thought to know that you’re driving behind one! One thing’s for sure—he actually did a pretty good job of fooling the DMV screeners, as the penny obviously didn’t drop with any of them when they were reviewing this license plate!

4 A Racist Northerner

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When you think about it, it seems really surprising that this license plate got past the DMV screeners. Either the owner of this license plate took advantage of their lack of attention due to them dealing with too many people that day, or the DMV screeners somehow managed to miss this one. It could be just a tasteless joke, but a lot of people with a dark sense of humor would agree that the line should be drawn at racist jokes! In fact, some would say that only racist people are capable of making racist jokes. Anyone who has even the most basic knowledge of the English language and American history knows exactly what and who slave traders were. It’s a horrific part of history that should never, ever be repeated again. It’s probably a pretty safe bet to assume that the owner of this license plate is one of the most hated drivers in Montana, which is a Northern state (and we all know which side the North was on during the Civil War). However, one way or another, there's no excuse for the DMV screeners to actually allow something like this to appear on the roads.

3 Pirates Of The Highways

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Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum, a pirate’s life for me! Though hopefully, the bottle of rum isn’t consumed by the driver before getting behind the wheel. This is one of the most amazing entries on this list, hands down. On the Jeep’s spare tire, you can see the typical pirate’s flag that contains an image of a skull and crossbones. To top it all off, the Jeep also has what's probably one of the most awesome license plates ever–it simply says: "Arrr!" As we all know, that phrase is a staple in every respectable pirate’s dictionary. Both of these things would be pretty cool on their own, but when put together, you get what could possibly be one of the coolest drivers in Virginia. There are several important questions that need to be answered. Do they have a ship’s wheel inside instead of a steering wheel? Is there always a parrot in the passenger’s seat? Is it awkward driving when you have an eye patch, a hook for a hand, and a wooden leg? Whatever the answers are, we'd like to offer the owner of this amazing ride a captain’s salute–he sure deserves it!

2 Self-Awareness

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Self-awareness certainly isn’t a bad thing–in fact, it’s really good when you’re aware of your flaws! The owner of this particular license plate is obviously perfectly aware that he's not exactly the fastest driver on the road. Since he also seems to have quite a good sense of humor about it, he decided to put it on his license plate to let other drivers know that he's aware of how slow he is and that other drivers can honk all they want but it won’t do anything to make him drive faster. In fact, it would be better for other drivers if they just overtook him, provided that the road conditions are safe enough in order for them to do so. That’s totally understandable–sure, it’s annoying to be stuck behind a slow driver, but it’s just as annoying when someone keeps honking at you while you’re trying to drive. That'll just make you nervous, and nobody wants nervous drivers because they're the ones who make the most mistakes. It’s better if drivers drive at a speed that they're comfortable with instead of trying to go way too fast and then losing control and getting into a car crash!

1 Whovians Unite!

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Now, here’s a license plate which will be greatly appreciated by any major fan of the British SF TV series Doctor Who! What started out as a children’s TV series in the sixties soon gained a huge following around the world, with fans aged from five to sixty-five. Although it went off the air in 1989, it was revived in 2005, and instead of being a reboot, which is mostly the case when vintage TV shows and movies are brought back, this was instead simply a long-overdue continuation of the classic Who series. The main character is known as "The Doctor," a humanoid alien who regenerates into a new person after a fatal wound. This allows the program to continue after the main actor decides to leave. Arguably, the most beloved Doctor of the new Who series is the Tenth Doctor, who was played by David Tennant. One of his catchphrases was "Allonsy!" which he would usually utter while doing something dangerous. Let’s hope that this particular Doctor Who! fan doesn’t engage in similarly dangerous situations while behind the wheel! One does wonder, is this car, much like the Doctor’s beloved time machine known as the "TARDIS,"  bigger on the inside?

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